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Pilot Dies, Passenger Lands King Air . In Memory of Retired Air Force Colonel Joe Cabuk (Vietnam)

NEW 2020 EDITION Pilot dies in flight. ***DISCLAIMER*** The Hero passenger who lands the King Air Turbo Prop and saves his family had earned a Private Pilot's License 18 years prior to this incident.
He quit flying shortly after with only 80 hours total time logged. On this "Commercial Charter" flight Doug White is flying home after attending his brother's funeral with his wife and daughters on board. The Charter Pilot dies suddenly within minutes after takeoff. Doug is forced to take control of the complex high performance turboprop aircraft with zero experience in a King Air and with zero notice. Dead pilot slumped over the controls and distraught family in the passenger cabin. If you are in anyway offended by these circumstances please do not watch this video. ***END OF DISCLAIMER*** . 
Previously released in 2015, this new edition includes new content, behind scenes information, interviews with air traffic controllers, super-titles of ATC communications, and more. On Easter Sunday, April 12th, 2009, Doug White and his family chartered a Beech King Air B200 N559DW for a flight from Marco Island, Florida bound for Louisiana with 5 souls on board. Soon after takeoff, the pilot, 67 year old retired Air Force Colonel Joe Cabuk loses consciousness. creating an emergency situation that required extraordinary measures by the planes passengers and Air Traffic Controllers. This video is a recreation of that flight and is intended to honor and pay tribute to the pilots and air traffic controllers. 
I have used actual published radar tracks and numerous published interviews and news reports to determine as close as possible the flight path, altitudes, headings, and other pertinent details of this flight. Due to a relatively erratic flight path following the emergency, some airspeeds, altitudes, and headings, may vary slightly from the actual flight. The actual ATC recording of the communications with the King Air are included in their entirety. YouTube Audio Library Music: "Under Cover" by Wayne Jones. "Progressive Moments" by Ugonna Onyekwe. The King Air used for this flight is by Carenado. The Fort Myers Scenery is by LatinVFR. Please refer to the "About" tab on our home channel page for more information on hardware and software specs.

True Appalachia Hills People and Places! Sunday Church Dinner


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Man Arrested With a Firearm, Drugs and Thousands of Ballots for the California Recall Election

Man Arrested With a Firearm, Drugs and Thousands of Ballots for the California Recall Election

The big picture: California Governor Gavin Newsom faces a recall election on September 14 and ballots are currently being distributed to California residents. This raises the question as to whether the mail and driver’s licenses recovered in the Torrance arrest may be linked to attempts at voter fraud in the upcoming election.

Last week in Torrance, California, police arrested a man in possession of thousands of pieces of mail that appear to be California mail-in ballots.

In detail: Last Monday night, Torrance police responded to complaints of a male passed out in a vehicle outside of a 7/11 convenience store.

After verifying that he was a felon and finding Xanax pills in his possession, police searched the vehicle and found a loaded gun, a bag of methamphetamine, a scale, multiple California driver’s licenses, credit cards in other people’s names, and thousands of pieces of mail.

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Watch: Judge Jeanine Goes Off Script on Biden, Fox News Stops Broadcasting After It

Jeanine Pirro torched Joe Biden Saturday on “Justice with Judge Jeanine” for “fumbling” the troop withdrawal of Afghanistan, claiming the “so-called commander in chief” was a “fumbling, lying, idiotic fool incapable of extricating innocent Americans and Afghan allies” from behind enemy lines.

Apparently, this caught the network off guard, causing Fox to reportedly interrupt the broadcast a few moments later.

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Perfection: (VIDEO) Mach I Shelby Gt500 Restomod Progress Update 8-20-21

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Those Americans

There are no longer any excuses. Fraudulent elections, dangerous mandated injections, a president with known bribery charges and records of it linking to a major enemy of the United States, arms and equipment left to our enemies in an active war on terror due to a fantastically mismanaged withdrawal from a conflict is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. If our leaders were enemy combatants against the people of America, I don’t know how they could do a better job of debilitating and demoralizing them.

It doesn’t matter whether the endangerment to one’s life is a matter of intentional harm or incredibly stupid management. Through either treason or incompetence, it is the people themselves who are being threatened on all levels, some of it from our own police and bureaucrats, whether out of evil intent or incompetence, and some of it from foreign nations either actively engaged in a war with us or threatening war on the United States and/or its allies.

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 Via David "This is purportedly a copy of the agreement between the Israeli government and Pfizer.  Supposedly, per Dr. Malone repeating what he was told by an Israeli scientist, there is in there a clause that no adverse effects are to be disclosed for a minimum of ten years. Now I'm not a lawyer, certainly not a contracts lawyer.  But regardless of that specific allegation, which my read does not show in text, IMHO there's an awful lot of redacted text for an agreement between a government and a pharma company - something that SHOULD be on the up and up and open.  Now, if that allegation is false, it should be simple for either the government or Pfizer to unredact and let people see.  Right? More to the point: You are a pharma company.  The product you're making is being injected into people.  If it turns out there's a danger, don't you want to have that known so people can say Wait one minute!"


DATED: CDC on Coronavirus

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British Parliament Unloads On Biden: ‘Biden May Have Condemned The World To Chinese Domination In Future’

British Parliament Unloads On Biden: ‘Biden May Have Condemned The World To Chinese Domination In Future’

This is not like Saigon; it is far worse. First, the retaliation against the population by Islamist fanatics is likely to be far greater than what the North Vietnamese did to the beaten south.  The Viet Cong had no agenda outside Vietnam but Afghanistan is now under the control of Islamist fanatics who want to wage war on every western democracy. …

Numerous members of the British Parliament slammed President Joe Biden this week in response to the catastrophe the president created in Afghanistan with his disastrous pullout and handling of the situation.

The remarks came on Wednesday from members in the House of Lords, which is one of the two chambers in the British Parliament.

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Why did US/Intel/NSA allow sensitive military equipment to be transported to Pakistan w/o doing anything?

On Thursday, award-winning investigative journalist Lara Logan fired off a challenge to the mainstream media regarding the United States’ pullout from Afghanistan, stating that the Haqqani network — which according to the United Nations is comprised of “the Taliban’s most combat-ready forces” — had “taken over Afghan intel services,” allowing the Taliban to know “which houses to hit in first 12 hrs, almost impossible in a city w/o exact addresses.”

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Robert O'Neill: Joe Biden needs to be impeached for what he has done in Afghanistan.

Disturbing Video Report Reveals Violence Outside Kabul Airport

Marjorie Taylor Greene Tells Biden in Video, ‘You’re Not a President, You’re a Piece of Sh*t’



Flu/Covid Outbreaks Surge in Mass-Jabbed Israel and Elsewhere

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Israel is one of the world’s most highly jabbed countries for protection against flu/covid — not gotten.

On Monday, Haaretz reported that over 78% of Israelis were jabbed.

Yet outbreaks in the country are surging, mostly among jabbed Israelis.

The number of serious cases is at six-month high.

Efforts to contain outbreaks by booster jabs made a bad situation worse.

Jabs greatly increase the risk of contracting the viral illness, not the other way around.

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BROCK: LOOKS LIKE DON BOUGHT THE RANCH. We lost another great one, Don Everly this weekend.

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