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This Is Entertaining:) : Video of Student Who Voted to Ban Flag @ UC Irvine

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Iraq Arrests ISIS's US, Israeli Military Advisors in Mosul

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 Iraq Arrests ISIL's US, Israeli Military Advisors in Mosul


 Iraqi Special Forces said they have arrested several ISIL's foreign military advisors, including American, Israeli and Arab nationals in an operation in Mosul in the Northern parts of the country.

The Iraqi forces said they have retrieved four foreign passports, including those that belonged to American and Israeli nationals and one that belonged to the national of a Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC) member-state, from ISIL's military advisors.

The foreign advisors were arrested in a military operation in Tal Abta desert near Mosul city.

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Florida city wages soviet-style crackdown on churches

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A government crackdown on churches has Christians in Lake Worth, Fla., wondering if they live in the United States or the former Soviet Union.

Churches in Lake Worth, population 36,000,  have been ordered to acquire a business license. As if the church has to get the government’s permission to preach and pray?

But wait. It gets worse, folks.

City officials were so concerned about one congregation that they dispatched a code enforcement officer cloaked in a hoodie to spy on a Southern Baptist church that was meeting in a coffee house.
Folks, it’s like the plot of a Cold War spy novel.

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Boston High School Dean, Reverend and Anti-Gun Activist, Arrested For Dealing Drugs and Shooting Student Dealer In Head “Execution Style”

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This story is beyond incredible, yet it obviously doesn’t fit the MSM narrative – hence it doesn’t make the news cycle.

A black Boston Public School Dean, Reverend Shaun Harrison (55), is arrested for shooting a student in the head execution style. Apparently Reverend Shaun Harrison, in addition to being a Dean at the school, was the primary drug dealer and the student he shot was one of his hires paid to sell marijuana.

The “Rev” Harrison was also a well known anti-gun/violence activist in the community.

 You can’t make this stuff up folks…. move along, move along…

Brady Campaign’s Brilliant Strategy To Stop School Shootings

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Gee, why didn't we think of that........

Appearing on KATU’s “Your Voice, Your Vote” program to discuss the topic of guns in schools, Brady Campaign representative Erin Thomas suggests “non violent vocabulary training” as a way to stop school shooters. This, after she laments the “militarization of the world” and lack of a “full time psychologist” at her child’s school.

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Islamic Punishment For Man Who Threw Acid In Someone’s Face

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Iran Has SICK Punishment For Muslim Who Threw Acid In Someone’s Face

Middle Eastern nations often have harsh punishments under Sharia law for crimes committed, and this was demonstrated on Tuesday when the brutal Islamist government in Iran carried out punishment on a man after he threw acid in someone’s face.
The prisoner, only identified as Hamid, threw acid into the face of another man in August 2009 after being hired by the victim’s wife, and he was recently sentenced for his crimes, a sentence which was carried out on March 3.

The form of punishment carried out on Hamid is called qesas, or “retribution in kind,” and as a result, he was forcibly blinded in his left eye. Hamid was reportedly sedated at the Rajai Shahr Prison in Karaj, then doctors proceeded to gouge his eye out, according to MailOnline. Hamid also had an ear cut off after he attacked and horribly disfigured Davoud Roushanaei.

Hamid is scheduled to have the same done to his left eye, but it has been postponed. In addition to losing both of his eyes and an ear, the man will also have to pay “diyah” (blood money) and serve a 10 year prison sentence.

NC: Down East family shutters businesses

                             Driftwood Motel and Restaurant closedCruise Mart closed
I can't figure out why they closed and put them on the market instead of selling as going businesses.  Strange.  We always stop at the store as it is just before the ferry to Ocracoke.

Two longstanding Down East family businesses – spanning five generations – are closing for good.
Clay and June Fulcher say they are ready to retire and are closing their businesses, the Cruise Mart II – also known as the Red & White, a grocery and hardware store at 755 Seashore Drive in the Atlantic community, and the Driftwood Motel and Restaurant near the state ferry landing on Highway 12 at Cedar Island.

“We have been trying to decide what we were going to do for a couple years now, but our business advisers said it would be the best thing. We didn’t want to do it but we have to,” Mrs. Fulcher said Thursday.

The Fulcher family’s keystone business, Clayton Fulcher Seafood of Atlantic, was established in the late 1920s by Clay Fulcher’s grandfather and was once one of the state’s largest fish houses. It was also part of an extended family of Fulcher-run seafood operations, including Garland Fulcher Seafood in Oriental, until it closed in 2007.

Soldiers from Norway's Punishers battalion head to fight ISIS

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ISIS Had BEST Be Scared After Finding Out Who Norway Just Sent To Fight Them

Norway is apparently fed up with the Islamic State terrorist group (ISIS) and will be joining several other nations in sending forces to combat them, but they’re not just sending regular soldiers.
Dozens of soldiers from the Norwegian “Punishers,” a battalion so fierce that even an American veteran said they’re a force to be reckoned with, have been mobilized to head to Iraq and take on ISIS in their own territory, and they’re not playing around. According to MailOnline, the Telemark Battalion is a mechanized infantry unit of the Norwegian Army known for using the comic book “Punisher” symbol to strike fear into their enemies, and they have seen many battles against the Taliban since 2003 as a part of NATO security forces.

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Obama in Selma: America’s racial past ‘still casts its long shadow’

Blah, blah blah.  Keep inciting hatred, why don't you.

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the bloody civil-rights march in Selma, Alabama, President Obama said Saturday that America’s history of racial conflict “still casts its long shadow” and he called on Congress to strengthen voting-rights laws for minorities.

Speaking to a crowd of about 40,000 at the Edmund Pettus bridge where marchers were attacked by state troopers in 1965, Mr. Obama said it’s a “common mistake” for Americans to believe that “racism is banished.” He pointed to this week’s Justice Department report that found widespread patterns of racial bias in the Ferguson, Missouri, police department.

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Amnesty Advocates Looking to Co-opt ‘Bloody Sunday’ Selma Commemoration

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“Regardless of his political position on this issue, Lewis will always be a hero to this Democrat,” Collins recently wrote. “But the catastrophic impact of his Open Borders position on the upward mobility of so many young African-Americans, especially the 25% of young African-Americans who are unemployed in the District of Columbia, cannot be justified or permitted.”


Pro-amnesty advocates will try to co-opt Sunday’s commemoration of the “Bloody Sunday” march in Selma–one of the most seminal moments in the civil rights movement and the history of the country–to again push the false narrative that amnesty for illegal immigrants is the new civil rights movement.

The Alabama Coalition for Immigration Justice is mobilizing and will bus amnesty advocates for the march, which will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the seminal march for voting rights for black American citizens. According to, the group reportedly declared that, “throughout the weekend, immigrants will stand with thousands of others converging in Selma at this historic moment to affirm their role in the struggle against racism and oppression.”

As Breitbart News has emphasized, “the civil rights movement of the 1960s was about ensuring that black Americans received all of the rights they were due as citizens of the United States while today’s pro-amnesty movement is about demanding full rights for non-citizens who entered the country illegally.”

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To Obama with love, Ukraine Rebels

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ISIS hang bodies of 'soldiers' from entrance to the city where Syrian troops were paraded through streets in cages

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Eight dead bodies hang from a metal frame in the Iraq's Kirkuk province in Islamic State's latest public display of barbarity.

The gruesome images which emerged on social media show the men's limp bodies suspended from their feet off a tall structure in the town of Hawija.

The notorious black flag used by Islamist groups like ISIS is displayed above them as horrified onlookers inspect the scene.

Some of the deceased men appear to be wearing military fatigues but it is not known if they were Iraqi soldiers.

An ISIS fighter believed to be Abu Al-Rahman poses triumphantly in one of the pictures - giving the one-fingered salute in front of a bloodied victim's corpse.

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Imam Who Said Ayaana Hirsi Ali Deserved Death Penalty Was Hired By DOJ To Teach Muslim Classes To Federal Prisoners

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An Egyptian-born imam who in 2007 said that Somali-born activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali should receive the death penalty for her criticism of Islam is now a Department of Justice contractor hired to teach classes to Muslims who are in federal prison.

According to federal spending records, Fouad ElBayly, the imam at Islamic Center of Johnstown in Pennsylvania, was contracted by the DOJ’s Bureau of Prisons beginning last year to teach the classes to Muslim inmates at Cumberland Federal Correctional Institution in Cumberland, Md.

The records show that ElBayly has two contracts worth $12,900 to teach the classes and to provide the inmates “leadership and guidance.” One of the contracts is dated Feb. 20, 2014, and the other is dated Dec. 8, 2014.

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Mapping the Left in NC: Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation: Roots of Radicalism

 Z. Smith Reynolds: Reynolda House Museum of American Art.

The Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation hasn’t always been the largest funder of liberal activist organizations in North Carolina. But just as the Reynolds family moved away from the legacy of its founding patriarch, in time the foundation abandoned its roots in free-market innovation and success to embrace an array of left-wing causes and dogmas.

The Foundation began as a tribute to its young namesake. In the early years, the Foundation was best known for its philanthropy in traditional areas, such as education, historical preservation, the arts, and building hospitals.

The transition the Foundation made to becoming one of the nation’s elite funders of the Left, and the dominant funder of North Carolina’s liberal and radical causes, began slowly and seemed to pick up steam in the mid to late 1900s, culminating in an announcement in 2002 that the foundation was going to “make sweeping changes in grant making.” The announcement made it clear that the new focus would be on the buzzwords of social, economic and environmental “justice” and backing progressive public policy.

Obama 2012: Massive fraud brought against American citizens during his campaign.

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Retired Army Lt. Gen Michael Flynn, a highly credible leader who served as the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency after being nominated by President Barack Obama in 2012, has exposed a massive fraud the president brought against American citizens during his campaign.

Speaking with Fox News Channel’s Brett Baier, Flynn revealed that the year Obama ran for re-election on a platform that included his assertion that he had Al Qaeda “on the run,” the story he told America contradicted the actual facts presented by intelligence agencies.

They knew, without a doubt, that Al Qaeda was actually strengthening.

“You could not look at the facts as they were with the size, scale, numbers of organizations, the network that we saw, the thickening — the thickening of lines between different groups, groups in Pakistan, groups in Yemen, groups in East Africa, groups in the Maghreb, the Mali area,” Flynn said.
“Factually, we knew that those lines were thicker and those organizations were more robust,” the general added.

Show me the way to go home........

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2 Month Notice: 7th NC PATCON May 6th - 11th 2015

Right chere'

Hear! Hear! Police allow armed activists on federal land despite ban


Gun rights activists host armed rally in front of Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash.-- Police with the Department of Homeland Security allowed armed activist on federal land Friday morning despite a recent order expanding weapons restrictions to federal grounds including the Thomas S. Foley.

The order and protest happened within the last week when an armed Iraq war veteran was arrested outside of the Thomas S. Foley Courthouse in Downtown Spokane. Anthony Bosworth said he does not believe he was breaking any laws by carrying an assault rifle outside the federal courthouse.

His arrest was caught on cell phone video.

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