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Insane: Schoolboard to erase traces of Confederate ties including Henry Grady & Sidney Lanier!

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Image result for Henry Grady Sidney LanierImage result for Henry Grady Sidney Lanier

The Houston Independent School District board of trustees voted Thursday evening to approve spending nearly $1.25 million taxpayer dollars to rename eight schools with politically correct monikers that erase all traces of their historical Confederate ties.

The board approved $1,245,197 of taxpayer funding to re-brand eight campuses and related items, which is less than the $2 million originally estimated by the school board last year. Those funds will cover, in part, athletic and band uniforms, plus temporary banners for those schools under reconstruction, the Houston Chronicle reported, noting the lower price tag a partial victory for community members who, in June, filed a lawsuit against the school board.

The lawsuit argues the school board’s action is illegal. The plaintiffs also seek to protect the schools as monuments under state law. According to the the Chronicle, Goforth law firm attorneys representing the plaintiffs indicated Houston ISD needs to obtain clearances from agencies which oversee historical preservation before they can change the school names. The district denies the claim.

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SHARYL ATTKISSON: I Saw Ex-Media Bureau Chief Urge Journalists to Defeat Trump

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Sharyl Attkisson: There’s definitely tilted news coverage. I can’t imagine any objective observer who would think otherwise. And, I tell you, I was in a room of journalists in which one of them encouraged the others quite publicly to step up and do something because he said the outcome of this election was so important. And the other thing he said led me to believe and others. He was talking about journalists stepping outside of their role to make sure Donald Trump doesn’t get elected. And he received applause for that. It’s fine for the pundits to do that but I think journalists are widely overstepping their roles.

Steve Malzberg: Obviously this was an organized event. Where were you? Can you tell us who said it?

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Hacker Publishes List Of Cell Phone Numbers, Private E-Mails For Most House Democrats

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After disappearing for a couple of weeks, the hacker “Guccifer 2.0” returned late this afternoon to provide a new headache for Democrats.

In a post to his WordPress blog, the vandal--who previously provided nearly 20,000 Democratic National Committee e-mails to Wikileaks--uploaded an Excel file that includes the cell phone numbers and private e-mail addresses of nearly every Democratic member of the House of Representatives.

The Excel file also includes similar contact information for hundreds of congressional staff members (chiefs of staff, press secretaries, legislative directors, schedulers) and campaign personnel.

In announcing the leak of the document, “Guccifer 2.0” reported that the spreadsheet was stolen during a hack of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “As you see I wasn’t wasting my time! It was even easier than in the case of the DNC breach,” the hacker wrote.

FIRST WOMAN to Medal in SIX Olympics Ignored By Media Because She is Pro-Second Amendment

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NBC wrote about the historic accomplishment – then bashed her.
Kim Rhode couldn’t lift her infant son, Carter, three years ago.

Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson’s Disease, Physician Confirms

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Photo published for Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson’s Disease, Physician Confirms

Hillary’s health is declining, as anyone who has looked at her can see. The question is: What condition does she have? A board certified Anesthesiologist has written a memo of Hillary’s health. Feel free to pass it along to doctors and to analytics and criticize it.

Hillary Clinton’s Probable Diagnosis


(Download the PDF here, share with doctors for their opinion.)



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AWESOME! RNC Chair Reince Priebus Introduces Trump at Erie, PA Rally!

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General: Afghan Islamic State Forced U.S. Troops to Abandon Weapons

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U.S. troops fighting the Islamic State alongside their Afghan counterparts in eastern Afghanistan were forced to leave behind military equipment and weapons, along with the identification cards of a fellow soldier, when they came under fire last month, according to Gen. Charles Cleveland, an American military spokesman.

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Election Fraud 2016: This RICO (Racketeering) Lawsuit is REAL Hillary DNC Corporate Media

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 Dated and didn't work out as he had hoped.

Published on Jun 9, 2016
UPDATE: Lawsuit FILED Monday, July 11th. See below or for details. Attorney Cliff Arnebeck explains the criminal lawsuit, including mainstream media's complicity in flagrant and widespread election fraud. Please share this as there has been a complete blackout of this story by all the major news networks, journals and newspapers.

07/13/2016 Update from

"I am thrilled to announce that Bob Fitrakis the lawyer and board member and writer of the Columbus Institute of Contemporary Journalism, has filed the first Ohio Election Integrity Lawsuit against Edison Media Research to release the raw data which shows such dramatic differences on exit polls and electronic vote totals in eleven states in the presidential primaries throughout the US. The file number and details of this lawsuit as transmitted to me are as follows:

Although I have presented the file number of the lawsuit at this time, as you may find out the contents are not available for viewing at this time. Nonetheless since so many of you wanted the file number, I am including it in this announcement for you. I will let all of you know as soon as the details of the lawsuit will become available. The biggest opportunity in informing you in detail about this lawsuit is the education that goes with informing you about our election systems.

The following transaction was entered by Fitrakis, Robert on 7/11/2016 at 5:03 PM EDT and filed on 7/11/2016

Case Name: Johnson v. Edison Media Research, Inc

Case Number: 2:16-cv-00670-EAS-TPK

Filer: Peter M Johnson Document Number: 2

Docket Text: COMPLAINT with civil cover sheet against Edison Media Research, Inc, filed by Peter M Johnson. (Attachments: # (1) Civil Cover Sheet) (Fitrakis, Robert)

The exit polls have been adjusted to fit electronic vote totals since 2004 when they appeared to show Kerry winning against Bush. Explanations were developed at that time to explain the differences between the exit polls and the vote totals which was that exit polls are generally unreliable. This assessment of exit poll reliability was developed by Karl Rove who was an assistant to George Bush. In order to keep the Media Consortium business money coming in, Edison Media Research has always edited, or “cleaned” as they put it their data since that time. The raw data exit polls are stored at the University of Connecticut. No one has ever requested them. We are requesting it for the first time.

People who want to see raw data are often labeled “conspiracy theorists”. We want to make sure you know that we will be described as such. Actually, we are just people wanting to see unedited exit polls and to learn what really happened during our primary elections. As you may know, the exit polls and the electronic vote totals are very different in eleven states. The Media Consortium and Edison Media Research canceled the exit polls for California, New Jersey, Delaware, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, New Mexico and Puerto Rico, after receiving a letter from Cliff Arnebeck, the other lawyer who works with Bob Fitrakis asking the Edison Research to put a hold on the raw data.

We are expecting the Edison Media Research to file a motion to dismiss. They have up to sixty days to do this. During this time, we need to spread the word about this lawsuit to as many people as possible. We also need to raise funds to address further legal costs. If you feel inspired to support us, please donate to this lawsuit on the Ohio Election Integrity lawsuit button on We really appreciate your help however large or small. Thank you!! Our costs are going to rise significantly now. If we raise money beyond our legal costs, we will be able to direct some of this money towards alternative media education so that many people in the US begin to know about the kind of election editing that goes on.

If we are successful with this lawsuit, we will then file another lawsuit to look at the paper ballots. Everyone will be educated throughout this process about the real role of Edison Media Research and the Media Consortium in presenting news about our elections. The Media Consortium consists of CBS, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, Fox News and the Associated Press (AP). Our examining the ballots will show us who really won the Democratic presidential primary. Although Bernie may have already conceded by that time or before then, at least he will know what the truth was about how many votes he really garnered. He can do with that what he wants. Additionally, voters will know the truth about the Democratic presidential primary and how votes were handled.

The results of looking at these ballots has substantial consequences for American people..."

96 Percent Of Hillary’s Charitable Donations In 2015 Went To Clinton Foundation

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Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 11.08.47 AM

Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill deducted $1,042,000 in charitable contributions last year — $1 million of which went to their own family non-profit, the Clinton Foundation. Clinton released her tax forms on Friday in a move that is seen as a way to pressure Donald Trump to release his taxes. The GOP nominee has refused to release the records, saying that he is under a routine audit.

Obama Admin Gives Green Light for Iran to Build Two New Nuclear Plants

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Ali Akbar Salehi

Iran is permitted to pursue the construction of two newly announced nuclear plants under the parameters of last summer’s nuclear agreement, Obama administration officials informed the Washington Free Beacon, setting the stage for Tehran to move forward with construction following orders from President Hassan Rouhani.

Ali Salehi, Iran’s top nuclear official, announced on Thursday that Iran has invested $10 billion into the construction of two new nuclear plants after receiving orders from Rouhani, according to reports in Iran’s state-controlled media.

The Appalachian Messenger August 12, 2016

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Sam Culper
SHTF Intelligence – Getting Started- Part 2

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Paul Rosenberg
What I Want From This Year’s Circus

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Zeroing Your Rifle


Hillary Strategist Calls for ASSASSINATING Julian Assange

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I got a lot of flak yesterday from readers for merely posing the question of whether Trump joked about assassinating his Democratic opponent. Of course, in the article, I had concluded that he didn’t, but I think most of the outraged readers didn’t make it past the headline. It was obvious that Trump’s comments were being blown way out of proportion by the media.

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GOP BLAMES VICTIM OF MEDIA RAPE & Apple, Twitter, Google, and Instagram Collude to Defeat Trump

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Image 1

Even having predicted that the media's attacks on Trump would be unprecedented, I'm still amazed. Every single news outlet is dedicated to hysterically denouncing Trump, every minute of every day, while cooing at Hillary.

Everything Hillary has ever touched has failed, been engulfed in scandal, resulted in massive investigations, litigation, financial ruin, prison or death. The final stage of any Hillary enterprise is a grand announcement that Hillary did not technically break the law. Or no one can prove she did. Or, even if she did, no one ever gets prosecuted for it.

She's prone to coughing fits and lapses of memory in the middle of speeches, and falls down all the time. But that's not nearly as important as the media's manufactured story about Trump throwing a baby out of a rally!

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My dad always told me that conservative candidates have to work twice as hard as their liberal opponents to win elections because they’re fighting two opponents: the Democratic Party and the media.

The usual suspects from left-leaning major media outlets like The New York Times, MSNBC, CNN and even entertainment networks are doing everything in their power to ensure a Clinton victory.
Look no further than to Wolf Blitzer mincing around and drinking wine at the Democratic convention, celebrating Hillary’s nomination. But the propaganda skewing this election runs much deeper than just the media: our iPhones, iPads, social media networks, Google and even video games are all in the tank for Hillary Clinton—and it’s chilling.

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FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton Received Secret Memo Stating Obama Admin Support for ISIS

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 Hillary Sec of State Richard Drew AP

Breitbart News published the following report on June 14, 2016. We are re-publishing it now to provide context amid national media controversy surrounding presidential candidate Donald Trump’s comment that President Obama “founded ISIS.”

WASHINGTON, DC — Hillary Clinton received a classified intelligence report stating that the Obama administration was actively supporting Al Qaeda in Iraq, the terrorist group that became the Islamic State.

The memo made clear that Al Qaeda in Iraq was speaking through Muhammad Al Adnani, who is now the senior spokesman for the Islamic State, also known as ISIS. Western and Gulf states were supporting the terrorist group to try to overthrow Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad, who was being propped up by the Russians, Iranians, and Chinese.

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Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton Can Get 5 YEARS IN PRISON for Lying to Congress About Syrian Weapons

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Voters believe the United States is coming apart.

Voters don’t share President Obama’s upbeat assessment of the nation and strongly believe the United States is coming apart. Even the majority of his fellow Democrats share that gloomy assessment.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 72% of Likely U.S. Voters believe America is a more divided nation than it was four years ago. Clearly voters think things are getting worse because that’s up 11 points from the 61% who felt that way just before Election Day two years ago.

Only seven percent (7%) say the country is less divided than it was four years ago, while 19% think the level of division is about the same. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Yes, the System Is Rigged

 Yes, the System Is Rigged

“I’m afraid the election is going to be rigged,” Donald Trump told voters in Ohio and Sean Hannity on Fox News. And that hit a nerve.

“Dangerous,” “toxic,” came the recoil from the media.

Trump is threatening to “delegitimize” the election results of 2016.

Well, if that is what Trump is trying to do, he has no small point. For consider what 2016 promised and what it appears about to deliver.

Obamaeconomy: Macy's closing 100 stores & Ruby's Tuesdays closing 95 restaurants

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Macy's closing 100 stores

 Macy's will close 100 stores in the coming year, shedding about 15 percent of its total footprint.  


 Ruby's Tuesdays closing 95 restaurants

Ruby Tuesday's will close about 95 of its restaurants, the company announced Thursday.
The Tennessee-based chain said the closures account for about 13 percent of all its properties. The chain operates 724 Ruby Tuesday restaurants in 44 states and 14 foreign countries.