Friday, August 12, 2016

96 Percent Of Hillary’s Charitable Donations In 2015 Went To Clinton Foundation

Via Billy

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Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill deducted $1,042,000 in charitable contributions last year — $1 million of which went to their own family non-profit, the Clinton Foundation. Clinton released her tax forms on Friday in a move that is seen as a way to pressure Donald Trump to release his taxes. The GOP nominee has refused to release the records, saying that he is under a routine audit.


  1. Even the 96% is a lie. I heard on the radio less than an hour ago that the $42,000 to Desert Classics Charity was returned by an equal check from Desert Classics to the Clinton Foundation. Where I come from they call that money laundering. CH

    1. Yes, it was mentioned in the link.

      Desert Classic Charities effectively returned that donation back into the Clinton orbit. Its 2015 tax filing shows that it contributed $700,000 to the Clinton Foundation for work on obesity programs. The group handed out $1.6 million in grants that whole year.