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A Return to Absolute Power?



Few Americans spend much time thinking about the vagaries of administrative law—the rules and procedures our government uses in formulating and enforcing regulations—let alone its effects on our lives and liberties. Anyone warning of the imminent demise of Americans’ liberties is likely to be dismissed as a kook. Anyone claiming to find such dangers in the actions of fussy little bureaucrats toiling in the bowels of federal agencies most likely would be simply laughed at.

Philip Hamburger, a distinguished legal historian teaching at Columbia Law School, has no alarmist, overwrought story to tell. Nonetheless, his latest book is intended to spark reconsideration among lawyers, political scientists, and educated citizens about the effects of administrative law on American government and on Americans’ rights and liberties. His central point: Administrative law is—not tends toward, not encourages, but in itself is—a form of arbitrary power inconsistent with our traditions of ordered liberty.

Southern Accents, pay attention Yankees......:)

Comment by JEFFREY HARDIN on A Quick Lesson on Southern Linguistics

 I never would had thought this....Awesome Post!~

When Poppa was stationed at Quantico Va. and then Paris Island Beaufort SC while in the Marine Corp, they, the schools, tried to forced me and two other siblings to go to speech therapy classes because they claimed our deep NC accents couldn't be understood!

Momma's people the McBees, McBeths and Dedmon's Scot-Irish who came out of the Appalachians, have a deep blend of Southern & Gaelic accents, and Poppas folks, have rich Southern Appalachian accents, they came from out of Tennessee and Smokey mountains, finally settling in York SC in the mid 60s...

Try as these schools might, they finally gave up on us, how could they possibly think to strip us of something that we heard day in and out in our homes, and when Pops was on tour, we spent most of our time with Grandparents in York SC and Kings Mountain!

What they actually were attempting to do was, to take the Southern out of us, and are to this day attempting the same!

Our NC accents today aren't as thick as they once were, especially compared to the accents of our NC kin folk, we have been in SC now for 38 years now, so our NC accents have some what been watered down, but what tickles us is, when we are around Kin folk from back home, our accents pour out from within us as thick & sweet as bees honey...

Its always there within our hearts man, and ain't nobody ever going to take that part of us away!

Its who we are, our accents and heritage define us, and the Yankee's and Westerners will never ever understand how dear we hold onto such things!

Southerners are proud of their States and their fellow Southerners, and they are making a grave mistake threatening to take those traditions away from us!

We'll kill for their trying it!

The defeat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the settlement of Stepanivka and Marinovka

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Hessian Hirelings of the United States Government

The writer below was the son of planter/physician Dr. John D. Bellamy of Wilmington, who owned several plantations in that region.  John D. Bellamy (1854-1942) was a young boy when Sherman’s bummers ransacked their refugee home near Lumberton; he was leader of the Cape Fear Academy cadet corps in April 1870 when General Robert E. Lee visited Wilmington on his return to Lexington after viewing his father’s grave in Georgia.  Bellamy was a childhood friend of Woodrow Wilson, was elected to the North Carolina Senate 1892-93; and elected to the United States Congress 1899-1903.
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Hessian Hirelings of the United States Government

“My father had two sons in Virginia, in the [Confederate] Army and Navy, and the next one to go was I.  So during the winters of 1863 and 1864, and the early part of 1865, although he shod his Negroes with good shoes, he made me, and also my younger brother, go barefoot during the winters.  He said it would toughen and harden us, and that when my time to go to Virginia, I would be able to stand the exposure of the battle fields; and the result was that I never had, from that day to this, any serious illness – owing much of my longevity to this enforced practice in my rearing.

I can recollect, while going out in winters with my feet bare, in the snow and ice, that I always went on the side of the fence where the sun shone through the cracks of the rails and melted the snow!  It was warmer!

With great vividness I remember, also, how in March 1865, after Sherman had burned Columbia . . . General Francis P. Blair, of Sherman’s army, came with his corps, consisting of General Hicklenlouper’s Brigade and other troops, through Robeson County, where we were refugeeing.  The corps that came immediately around our home consisted of Germans of Hicklenlouper’s Brigade, who could speak very little English, and German officers were in command. 

They were hirelings of the United States Government to assist in fighting the South, very much as the Hessians were hired during the Revolutionary War.  

It had been rumored that my father was a very wealthy man, and immediately the Hessians drew their steel ramrods out of their muskets, and began to pierce the ground all around our home and other places on the premises, to find what treasure they could unearth. They found the silver my oldest sister had buried under the steps. They also discovered a valued deposit in which was my father’s valued diploma from Jefferson College, of the University of Pennsylvania.  [The bummers] had gone through our home and cut open the locked bureau drawers with axes and stolen every valuable they could find . . . .

[An officer,] with three or four Germans, came into our home . . . and demanded that my mother give them the contents of her safe, which contained milk, butter and other food. Of course she had to comply! Immediately, they started to drink the milk, and remarked, “Mrs. Bellamy, is this milk poisoned?” So, my mother drank a cup of milk, before they would drink the remainder.

They left us without food and penniless for nearly a week, after the troops continued their march to Fayetteville and Wilmington and through Bentonville.  [While] a boy, two bummers seized me, held me, and took off a nice pair of shoes, which I had put on to prevent them from being stolen!  I was left in my stocking feet, in the cold rain, in the back yard!  And that Yankee had my shoes!

[Someone told the Yankees of a] certain lady living in the neighborhood had money and jewels, which she had hidden in the mattress of her bed.  [They] found her sick in bed [and] asked for her money and she denied having it.  They pulled her out, raised up the mattress, found her valuables, and took them! As a punishment, they knocked in the top of a hogshead of molasses, which they found in her barn, and dipped her, head and all, into the barrel! 

(Memoirs of an Octogenarian, John D. Bellamy, Jr., Observer Publishing, 1941, pp. 23-25)



Comment by Mike Lamb on Ukraine: We all went crazy [18 +]

Here is a video of the Ukrainian Military in Eastern Ukraine fighting not just the separatists, but also committing acts of brutality and terrorism against civilians. The video is extremely graphic. But there is something I want you to note and think about. In the video, about half way through, you will see the Flag of New Russia, which is to be their National Flag. However this flag is also the Confederate Battle Flag, minus the 13 stars. They are aware of the semblance of their flag to the Confederate Battle Flag. It is no accident...

But there is something else I want you to think about while viewing this video. In place of those ethnic Russians you see blown to bits, children burned and torn apart and the dead old people, I want you to ask yourself; Do these ethnic Russians really feel as being countrymen to those Ukrainians who have butchered them? Would you feel like countrymen to a people who done that to your family and culture of people? For all practical purposes, the Ukrainian military has committed genocide against the ethnic Russians.

Now I want you to think of this very carefully and thoroughly. Just replace those ethnic Russian with Southerners from 1861-65 who wanted their freedom from a government that had turned against them and was denying them their Inalienable Rights. Replace the Ukrainian military with that of the union military of 1861-65. The Ukrainian military is doing the exact same things to the people for the exact same reasons that the usa military went to war against the South in 1861.

Just replace those dead ethnic Russians with Southerners from 1861-65 and replace the Ukrainian military with that of the US military, 1861-65. Now let me ask you; And we or I am supposed to call these murderers and terrorists my countrymen? I am supposed to respect these people, the Ukrainians as well as the US military? I am supposed to just go on as if nothing had happened? I am supposed to not only forgive but forget? And forgetting would be the same as allowing my ancestors to be discredited and vilified as having mad fits of derision.

So, today I am supposed to be a happy US citizen and support the government that committed the acts you see in that video against my very own people? If any one person thinks that about me, that I should just forget the whole thing, that the war is over, we lost, so get over it... I'll tell them they haven't seen anything yet..... I won't forget, the war is NOT over and I am NOT about to get over anything, as any wrong committed, a price must be for it at some point, and with interest. The collection notice is now in the mail, arriving at the appropriate residences who must foot the full bill....

I wish my friends the separatist ethnic Russians all the best and hope we can take our country back and join them some day, in freedom.

Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

Gun Play

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States’ Rights and Civil Rights


The 1954 Brown vs. BOE decision by the Supreme Court was clearly the result of the Court usurping legislative powers; Barry Goldwater saw the Court guided not by the ideas of the men who wrote the Constitution, “but engrafted its own views onto the established law of the land.”  By the Constitution, the Court legislating from the bench was and remains an impeachable offense, as well as treason as defined by the Constitution.  Bernhard Thuersam

States’ Rights and Civil Rights

“An attempt has been made in recent years to disparage the principle of State’ Rights by equating it with defense of the South’s position on racial integration.  I have already indicated that the reach of States’ Rights is much broader than that – that it affects Northerners as well as Southerners, and concerns many matters that have nothing to do with the race question.

[The] country is now in the grips of a spirited and sometimes ugly controversy over an imagined conflict between States’ Rights, on the one hand, and what are called “civil rights” on the other.

I say an imagined conflict because I deny that there can be a conflict between States’ Rights, properly defined – and civil rights, properly defined.  If States’ “Rights” are so asserted as to encroach upon individual rights that are protected by valid federal laws, then the exercise of State power is a nullity.

Conversely, if individual “rights” are so asserted as to infringe upon valid State power, then the assertion of those “rights” is a nullity. 

States’ Rights are easy enough to define. The Tenth Amendment does it succinctly: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution nor prohibited by it to the States are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Civil rights should be no harder. In fact, however – thanks to extravagant and shameless misuse by people who ought to know better – it is one of the most badly understood concepts in modern political usage.  Civil rights is frequently used synonymously with “human rights” – or with “natural rights.” 

As often as not, it is simply a name for describing an activity that someone deems politically or socially desirable.  A sociologist writes a paper proposing to abolish some inequity, or a politician makes a speech about it – and, behold, a new “civil right” is born!  The Supreme Court has displayed the same creative powers.

A civil right is a right that is asserted and is therefore protected by some valid law. It may be asserted by the common law, or by local or federal statutes, or by the Constitution; but unless a right is incorporated in the law, it is not a civil right and is not enforceable by the instruments of the civil law.

There may be some rights – “natural,” “human,” or otherwise – that should also by civil rights.  But if we desire to give such rights the protection of the law, our recourse is to a legislature or to the amendment procedures of the Constitution.  We must not look to politicians, or sociologists – or the courts – to correct the deficiency.

[The] federal Constitution does not require the States to maintain racially mixed schools. Despite the recent holding of the Supreme Court, I am firmly convinced – not only that integrated schools are not required – but that the Constitution does not permit any interference whatsoever by the federal government in the field of education. 

It may be wise or expedient for Negro children to attend the same schools as white children, but they do not have a civil right to do so which is protected by the federal Constitution, or which is enforceable by the federal government.  The intentions of the founding fathers in this matter are beyond any doubt: no powers regarding education were given to the federal government.” 

(The Conscience of a Conservative, Barry Goldwater, Victor Publishing Company, 1960, pp. 31-34)

1969 Dodge Hemi Super Bee 426 CI, 4-Speed 

The Coronet-based Super Bee was every bit the muscle car the Road Runner was, including under the hood, for buyers could choose the 426/425 HP Hemi and match it to a heavy duty 4-speed. That did not happen often, however; only 38 Hemi 4-speed Super Bees were produced in 1969, making them exceptionally rare today. One of those exceptional machines is offered here in this low-mileage (42,147) 2-door coupe, which was restored in 2004 and remains immaculate today.

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Billionaire Allen backs gun control while trying to buy German tank

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Seattle Seahawks owner Paul Allen got his hands on the Lombardi trophy, but he wants a Panzer tank.

The San Francisco Chronicle today is reporting what must qualify as the zenith of “let me see if I have this straight” situations when it revealed that Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who donated $500,000 to the Initiative 594 campaign on Aug. 11, is now in a legal battle over possession of a – are you sitting down? – WWII German tank.

According to the story, which also appears in the Seattle, Allen apparently paid $2.5 million for the tank two months ago, to a group called the Collings Foundation, which allegedly has declined to turn it over, and reportedly claims the tank was never for sale in the first place. One report said there was an attempt to return the money. Maybe Allen didn’t pass California’s “universal background check.” Is there a waiting period on tanks under California law?

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Robber With Fake Gun Attempts Robbery of Store Owner with Real Gun

 Fernell Pelzer is homeless no more, having qualified for govenment housing at at the Grey Bar Hotel.

Dim-witted criminals are increasingly turning to realistic replica firearms to carry out armed robberies, but haven’t seemed bright enough to pick up on the fact that concealed carry is rapidly growing in most states. The resulting conflicts are putting more criminals in hospitals, morgues, and jails, even in areas that aren’t typically viewed as Second Amendment-friendly, such as Springfield, Massachusetts.

A man armed with a fake gun was unsuccessful in his attempt to rob the Walnut Convenience Store after the owner drew a real gun on Wednesday night.

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Fighter Pilot Was Tasked With Taking Out United 93 By Crashing Into It


On September 11, 2001, Lt. Heather “Lucky” Penney had one harrowing mission: bring down United 93. She took off from Andrews Air Force Base, but without weapons. No missiles, machine guns, etc.; she would have to ram into the commercial airliner to save American lives.

“I would essentially be a kamikaze pilot,” she said. The 13th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks has come and gone; we will always remember those who have died. But this story of a fighter pilot who was willing to sacrifice herself to save others is surely worth the read. For years, she never gave her account of what happened; she later escorted Air Force One back to D.C. Now, she’s a mother of two daughters and the head of the F-35 program at Lockheed Martin (via Washington Post):

Because the surprise attacks were unfolding, in that innocent age, faster than they could arm war planes, Penney and her commanding officer went up to fly their jets straight into a Boeing 757.

“We wouldn’t be shooting it down. We’d be ramming the aircraft,” Penney recalls of her charge that day. “I would essentially be a kamikaze pilot.”

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Military surplus? 'Send it to border'


The United States has an abundance of surplus military equipment, as evidenced by the guns, grenade launches and specially built military vehicles being distributed to police departments across the nation.

And there’s the well-documented problem of a porous southern border, through which tens of thousands of illegal aliens are sneaking into the country.

So why not send one to the other and solve two problems, asks a privacy activist who has written about the militarization of police forces.

“Here’s a better solution for this cast-off and transferred military equipment: Let’s put it at the border,” said Cheryl Chumley.

“Why not put this military equipment to good use and go after those trying to enter our country illegally – those who actually pose a risk to our nation?”

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The Racial Violence Epidemic in Milwaukee that the Local Media Dismiss

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Nothing is more obnoxious than calling someone a liar just because they disagree with you.

Unless of course, it is true.

And it is getting harder and harder to describe the recent black mob violence near Milwaukee without using the word L-word aimed directly at reporters and public officials who ignore, deny and try to wish it away.

The latest case happened Saturday night in the Milwaukee suburb of Wauwatosa. Every year, they have a Tosa Fest, complete with ring tosses, pretzel booths, and this year, a free outdoor movie, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs II.

It is supposed to be a family affair. Not this year. A large group of black people were milling around, then attacking people, then throwing things.

It got so bad they cancelled the movie.

The Mayor said “several” people had a brawl. An “isolated” case of violence. Jim Stingl took to his column at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to let everyone know this was not a case of black mob violence — the kind they had at the Wisconsin State Fair a few years ago.

“As you can guess, the concern over TosaFest is partly about skin color,” said Stingl. Both black kids and white kids were causing the disturbance. “They were all hanging out together.”

Isn’t that a nice lie.