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[Photos] A Study of Saigon's 1970 Street Style


 Saigon Restaurant 1970
 Saigon Skyline 1970
You might never be as cool as the ladies on Saigon's streets in 1970.

Mentions of the 70s today might conjure up images of chunky accessories, puffy hairdos and synth-laden music. Looking at these photos of 1970 Saigon taken by American shoulder Dick Hughey proves that the southern metropolis is not immune to global fashion influences. However, local fashionistas also incorporated Vietnam’s traditional costume – the versatile and elegant áo dài – into their daily streetwear, in addition to  typical 70s styles like short dresses and bold patterns.

Have a gander at Saigon’s street fashion in 1970 below:

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Devin Nunes reveals no ‘official intelligence’ was used to start Mueller investigation. That’s a problem.

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Special counsel Robert Mueller is a Bogus Investigation King sitting on a throne of lies. That’s what Congressman Devin Nunes suggested when he revealed that there was no “actual intelligence” that spawned Mueller’s investigation into the fruitless Trump-Russia probe.

“We now know that there was no official intelligence that was used to start this investigation,” Nunes told Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo. “We know that [Hillary ally] Sidney Blumenthal and others were pushing information to the [Obama] State Department.”

Orange County, CA School District Forbids Parents From Opting Kids Out of LGBT Lessons

Allow me to be blunt – the idea that parents do not have the constitutional right to determine what is best for their child is downright evil. Yes, evil.
Parents in Orange County, California may not opt their children out of lessons related to gender identity or sexual orientation, according to a memorandum written by the school district’s general counsel.

“Parents who disagree with the instructional materials related to gender, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation may not excuse their children from this instruction,” read the memorandum from Ronald Wenkart to the Orange County Board of Education.

A school district spokesman confirmed the authenticity of the memorandum sent to us by a parent.

“However, parents are free to advise their children that they disagree with some or all of the information presented in the instructional program and express their views on these subjects to their children,” the attorney wrote.

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Ray: Nice Colt 1911 shipped April 18, 1917 from Colt's Manufacturing to CO, Ordnance Depot, Manila


This Colt 1911 was shipped on April 18, 1917 from Colt's Manufacturing to the Commanding Officer, Ordnance Depot, Manila, The Philippines. Part of a shipment of 1000 guns, serial numbers 144051 to 145050. 

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Unlearning “Fake History”


An African-American columnist at the Richmond Times-Dispatch has opined that it is time to unlearn the “fake history” of slavery and “The Lost Cause” that ostensibly has been taught in schools in Virginia and the South. I am an advocate for the Truth in all things, and I am not opposed to his premise, although much “fake history” comes from the sins of omission in order to confirm one’s credentials as a victim in today’s progressive identity politics. As by far the majority of our African-American citizens are the descendants of slaves imported into the United States, we might find of interest the testimony of the last known individual in the United States who had been smuggled here in a slave ship just prior to the War Between the States. The noted African-American anthropologist, Zora Neale Hurston, recorded the testimony of Cudjo “Kossola” Lewis, near Mobile, Alabama, in her book Dust Tracks on a Road.

Lewis had been a member of the Takkoi nation. One morning they were attacked by the fearsome Amazon women warriors of Dahomy, who burst through the gates of the compound while the male warriors waited outside to seize those who fled. The old and infirm were beheaded and their heads carried off as trophies. The rest were marched in a slave coffle to the Kingdom of Dahomey and the barracoons on the beach at Dmydah. On the second day of the march, the Dahomians halted to smoke the severed heads, which had begun to rot. Lewis reported that they had to watch the heads of their friends and relatives turning on the long poles in the smoke.

Stirring The Debate


How many wars against Israel do the Palestinians and by extension the Arabs have to lose before they will except that Israel and the Israelis are not going anywhere? Each succeeding war or infatada has only made their plight worse than before and hardened the resolve of the Israelis.

Let's be clear it is the Arabs that declared war against Israel in 1947 not the other way around. Although the Arabs feel they can tacticly lose repeated wars and still triumph in the end, the Israelis implicitly understand that they cannot lose even one. To think that if they were to lose, that the Arabs would not commit another horrific genocide is to deny history and their own declared intent. One virtual constant of history is that people who wage war against their neighbors and lose is that they lose territory as well. The shifting map of Europe over the centuries is ample proof of that. Who among us would propose that the Germans have a "right of return" to those territories east of the Oder river that now comprise nearly a third of Poland? It absurd on its face.

Courtship - Puffer Fish

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Kent State student group hosts panel asking 'Is Christianity the white man's religion?'

 A student organization at Kent State University hosted an event titled "Is Christianity the White Man's Religion?"

"The problems of Christianity" and "white Jesus" were on the agenda during a controversial panel discussion at Ohio's Kent State University - but the people behind the event say their intent is being misconstrued.

Over 100 students attended the “Is Christianity the White Man’s Religion?” event last Tuesday. KSU spokesman, Eric Mansfield, told Fox News the panel was sponsored by a student organization that chose the speakers on the panel and followed all university guidelines.

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Educational Fraud Is Rampant:: Terrible among whites, worse among blacks, says Walter Williams.

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Earlier this month, the 2017 National Assessment of Educational Progress, aka The Nation’s Report Card, was released. It’s not a pretty story. Only 37 percent of 12th-graders tested proficient or better in reading, and only 25 percent did so in math. Among black students, only 17 percent tested proficient or better in reading, and just 7 percent reached at least a proficient level in math.

The atrocious NAEP performance is only a fraction of the bad news.

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Samaritan Tackles Armed Robber in Mexico

Alan Dershowitz: Trump foes seek to take away his legal rights -- endangering everyone's rights

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Many traditional civil libertarians have allowed their intense hatred of President Trump to erase their longstanding commitment to neutral civil liberties and equal justice for all – a dangerous move that threatens the rights of us all.

The anti-Trump forces are now so desperate to get the president convicted of a crime or impeached that they are prepared to compromise the most basic due process rights of the president and people associated with him who are caught up in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s ever-widening Russia probe and a related investigation of the president’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen.

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Google Search Manipulation Can Swing Nearly 80 Percent of Undecided Voters


By inserting negative search suggestions under the name of a candidate, search engines like Google can shift the opinions of undecided voters by up to 43.4 percent, according to new research by a team at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology and reported exclusively by Breitbart News.

The lead author of the study, Dr. Robert Epstein, has previously conducted research into what he calls the Search Engine Manipulation Effect (SEME). This research showed that the manipulation of results pages in search engines can shift the voting preferences of undecideds by anywhere between 20 and 80 percent, depending on the demographic.

His latest research looks at how search engines can affect voters by suggesting negative or positive search terms when a political candidate’s name is entered into the search bar. Dr. Epstein’s research found that when negative search terms are suggested for a candidate, it can have a dramatic effect on voter opinion.

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Video shows ex-Clinton aide in profanity-laced confrontation with cops

Sen. Mitch McConnell Kills President Trump’s Plan to Cut $60 Billion in Spending

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R, KY) has torpedoed President Donald Trump’s plan to cut $60 billion in federal spending, despite a promise to open a “discussion” on the cuts.

Even after supporting and passing a $1.3 trillion increase in spending, McConnell said he would talk about a rescissions package that had the support of the president. However, McConnell has ultimately refused to support the plan, Conservative Review noted.

McConnell appeared on Fox News with host Neil Cavuto on April 17 and as the interview ended, the Sen. insisted that he could not make such an agreement to rescind any of the massive spending he supported during the budgeting process.

Cavuto noted that President Trump expressed shock that his cuts in spending were not added to the bill and said he would never sign such a bill again. The Fox host then asked if McConnell would try to rescind any of that spending.

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UK: STATE-MANDATED DEATH: Baby Alfie's Dad Giving Him Mouth-To-Mouth In Hospital To 'Keep Him Alive'


"We were doing what a nurse should have been doing to sustain his life."

The horror out of the U.K. concerning sick 23-month-old baby Alfie Evans continues. Earlier on Tuesday, Alfie was effectively sentenced to death yet again by the U.K. court system after a judge denied the the parents' request to travel to Italy to seek further treatment.

Now, with the child off of life-support since Monday evening and battling for his life, the baby's parents have been forced to give Alfie mouth-to-mouth while sitting in a hospital.

Toronto van attacker bald in arrest photos yesterday, has full head of hair in court sketches today

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Yesterday, when Toronto van attacker Alek Minassian was arrested, he was bald:


Today, in court sketches, he has a full head of hair. Here he is in a sketch published by the Associated Press and run by the New York Daily News: