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Video shows L.A. County sheriff's deputies fatally shooting man in Lynwood

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Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell has scheduled a news conference Sunday to discuss the fatal shooting by sheriff’s deputies of a man wielding a gun at a busy Lynwood intersection, an incident caught on a dramatic video that has sparked protests in the neighborhood.

The sheriff and homicide detectives will discuss the shooting at a news conference at 11 a.m. at the Hall of Justice downtown. A group of civil rights organizations are planning their own news conference and are calling for a meeting with McDonnell.

The activists they want the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the shooting and launch a broader probe into the use of force by the Sheriff’s Department.

The video showed deputies repeatedly firing at the man, even after he fell to the ground. The Sheriff's Department said the man had fired shots into the air and pointed the weapon at the deputies before they opened fire. Officials also said they recovered a loaded .45-caliber handgun at the scene.

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#BlackLivesMatter Protest Leader Gets 13 Years in Prison for Torching/Burglary of QuikTrip

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ferguson arsonist

In late December 2014 St. Louis County prosecutor’s office filed charges against 19 year-old Ferguson protester Joshua Williams for setting fire to a QuikTrip in Berkeley, Missouri.

Arsonist Joshua Williams was wearing a red sweatshirt when he was filmed setting fire to the Berkeley QuikTrip

Williams was a popular figure at the Ferguson protests.

The Ugly Truth Donald Trump Has Exposed With References To Vietnam

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The fear in both the GOP and Democratic party is visible at the surface when it comes to Trump, and it's not that he's any of what they've accused him of.  No, it's really much simpler than that, and both Republican and Democrat parties, along with the mainstream media, are utterly terrified that you, the average American, is going to figure out what underlies all of these institutions in America.

No, it's not that they're evil.

It's worse, for evil frequently is recognized and fought back yet for decades America has not awakened to what has been going on in the political and media establishment.  It was evident during the Vietnam war and has only gotten worse since.

For those who don't recall the Tet Offensive was an attack launched by the NVA and VietCong by some 70,000 troops in a coordinated series of attacks across more than 100 targets.  It was an attempt to foment rebellion among the South's population.

Tet failed in its military objective, in that there were too few troops spread too thinly, and once the US and South Vietnamese figured out what was going on they literally slaughtered a huge number of the attackers.  To put perspective on this at the Battle of Hue roughly 500 US Marines and South Vietnamese were killed but over 5,000 NVA and VietCong died in that one battle alone.

The story was repeated through the country; while the North managed to attack they lost virtually the entire attacking force, while not managing to take one mile of territory.  They also failed to incite rebellion, which was the primary goal of the offensive in the first place.

Our media, however, reported that we lost.  They were present and they lied, including Walter Cronkite. Cronkite reported in February of 1968 that the war "was a stalemate and probably unwinnable" despite knowing that the NVA had virtually been rendered soldierless in the Tet offensive as their casualty rate ran ten times the South's.

Tet was a desperation move; the North was in serious trouble. 

 They were failing to take territory and losing men and material at an ridiculous rate compared to the Americans and South.  Simply put we were the better fighting force and it wasn't a close call.  In the first few days of their "offensive" they lost ten 
thousand men against about 750 on the other side and it just got worse from there with total losses on their side being close to 50,000, or virtually all of their remaining fighting-age force.

Cronkite didn't care about the truth.  He wasn't evil, he was indifferent.  He didn't give a damn about the fact that a totalitarian government was being handed a victory over millions of citizens, he simply wanted to make a further name for himself and push his political agenda.

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RED ALERT: Paul Ryan Set to Hand Obama a Blank Check to Bring In an "Unlimited Number" of Islamic Refugees

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A Saturday report from Fox News’ Chad Pergram lends support to the repeated warnings of Alabama Senators Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) and Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is preparing to issue President Obama a blank check in the year-end omnibus to admit Muslims refugees from across the globe. 

According to Pergram, the massive trillion-dollar omnibus is expected to be made public Monday and voted on Wednesday.

According to Pergram, House Republicans are gearing up to attach a proposal to the omnibus that has been decried by Sessions and others as empowering Obama to bring in an unlimited number of refugees. Pergram writes that the omnibus may include: “some combination language which tightens up the visa waiver program and bolsters a review of Syrian and Iraqi refugees coming to the U.S.”

The language “bolster a review of Syrian and Iraqi refugees,” appears to be a direct reference to the Ryan-McCaul proposal which passed the House on November 19 and was rebuked as a “show vote” that accomplished nothing other than allowing more Muslim refugees into the country.

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NC: Insisting on gun-control laws that don’t work, then registration, then confiscation

 Protesters with the group “We the People for Sensible Gun Laws” rally for gun safety legislation in Washington.
Gun-control advocates should specify what laws would have made a difference in Colorado Springs and San Bernardino and let’s talk about them – nobody wants these tragedies to continue. But stop wasting our time on things that won’t stop mass murderers

The recent tragedies in Colorado Springs and San Bernardino have prompted more calls for gun control. But what controls? And will they work?

Gun-control advocates say we need universal background checks and bans on assault weapons and gun sales to those on the no-fly list. Unfortunately, these laws are not likely to stop terrorists or deranged persons determined to commit mass murder.
Both Colorado and California have universal background checks, which means they require a background check on every sale – retail or private. These checks did not stop the recent attacks. Yet President Obama, Hillary Clinton and other gun control advocates keep pushing such checks at the federal level.

France: National Front fails to capture regional office

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I was afraid this would happen.  With Socialists, Communists, Greens and the rest of France's leftist rabble joining together with les Juif Sarkozy's Republicans, it was a just bit too much for the FN to overcome.  It's now clear that French voters really have a choice between two options -- globalization and immigration on one side, and the FN on the other side. Charles

French voters turned out in droves Sunday to prevent a surging anti-establishment, anti-immigration party from capturing regional office, a week after the once-fringe group shocked many by leading the nationwide vote in the first round of elections.
As the votes were counted, the initial results made clear that the National Front had been barred from office, and they reinforced the party’s narrative that a sizable minority of France’s citizens are being shut out from power. The group, which has campaigned to stop immigration, slash benefits to non-citizens and restrict France’s ties to the European Union, has already shifted France’s debate around immigration, pushing mainstream leaders to take a harder line against refugees and non-citizens.

Trump SCHOOLS Pompous Saudi Prince: “Has YOUR Country Taken ANY of the Syrian Refugees?

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 arab refugees

On Friday Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal slammed Donald Trump for proposing a ban on Muslim immigrants in the US until the government could alleviate security concerns.

Prince Alwaleed called Donald Trump a “disgrace” for his popular plan.
On Sunday Donald Trump responded to the Saudi Prince in epic fashion.

"@Michael2014abc: @Alwaleed_Talal @realDonaldTrump Has your country, Saudi Arabia, taken ANY of the Syrian refugees? If not, why not?"

ISIS Captures Ancient Sabratha – 50 Miles from Tripoli – the Capital of Libya

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sabratha libya

ISIS took control of Sabratha, Libya on Saturday only 80 kilometers from the capital Tripoli.

The ancient Roman amphitheatre of Sabratha, one of Libya’s five Unesco World Heritage sites. 

Fears are rising that ISIS may destroy the ancient Roman ruins like they did in Palmyra, Syria.

Sputnik news reported:

Radical School Principal Bans Pledge of Allegiance, Christmas, Thanksgiving

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Santa Claus is banned. The Pledge of Allegiance is no longer recited. “Harvest festival” has replaced Thanksgiving, and “winter celebrations” substitute for Christmas parties.

New principal Eujin Jaela Kim has given PS 169 in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, a politically correct scrub-down, to the dismay of teachers and parents.

“We definitely can’t say Christmas, nothing with Christmas on it, nothing with Santa,” PTA president Mimi Ferrer said administrators told her. “No angels. We can’t even have a star because it can represent a religious system, like the Star of David.”

Kim, 33, did not return a call or e-mail seeking comment.

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Why Liberals Talk about Guns

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From Bill McGurn’s latest column in the Wall Street Journal, a truly brilliant insight:

Put simply, today’s liberalism cannot deal with the reality of evil. So liberals inveigh against the instruments the evil use rather than the evil that motivates them….

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Maryland Deputy Attorney General Busted on Video: “We Should Ban Guns Altogether, Period”

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Good luck, kiddie.

Maryland, the now ironically named “Free State,” has been through eight years under Communist Martin O’Malley’s governorship. 

 Now, it appears that the state’s Deputy Attorney General, Thiruvendran Vignarjah was busted by Project Veritas as he attended a national conference of state attorneys general in New York City and said that he was for a total ban of guns altogether.

Notice the disdain for the Constitution, the law and the God-given rights of the people he is supposed to serve in his comments when he was asked what kinds of illegal gun controls he would seek to impose:

Why Does Obama Call ISIS 'ISIL'?

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Many who closely follow the dueling Islamic terror narratives emanating from the White House are mystified by Mr. Obama's inability (or deliberate unwillingness) to utter the phrase "Islamic terrorists."  Many are curious, too, about why he refuses to call ISIS "ISIS," steadfastly insisting instead that everybody in his administration call the terror group "ISIL."  What's the difference, and why is it important?  The agendas behind each diverge widely. 

 In fact, the variance between the two is elephantine in scale. 

ISIS stands for the "Islamic State in Iraq and Syria," a terror group controlling a large swath of both Iraq and Syria in which the terrorists claim to have established a "caliphate," a state in which Islamic sharia law is imposed upon all living in the area, anyone who fails to adhere to strict Muslim guidelines has his head removed.  Obama's contrary assertions aside, ISIS is by no means contained.  In fact, the savage group (which prefers to be called the "Islamic State" or "IS") has metastasized on maps like immense pools of blood covering the ancient borders that once divided parts of Syria and Iraq.

Richard Petty’s 43JR at MACAN

 Richard Petty

As the 1965 racing season began, NASCAR rules had been changed to outlaw the HEMI-powered Mopars that dominated the winner’s circle in 1964. The Petty clan was still promoting Plymouth and decided to take some spectacular detours to drag strips nationwide with a new type of racing car.

Lee Petty and his then-young son Richard had not twiddled their thumbs waiting for NASCAR to change its mind. Instead, they built a HEMI-engined “fish bowl” Barracuda and campaigned it on demonstration runs throughout the South. This Petty Blue rocketship—completely restored and looking like new—recently showed up at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals in Rosemont, Ill.

The first time they took the car out, it ran in the 10.50-second quarter mile bracket and hit speeds up to 140 mph. Richard Petty was well known and he had already done some exhibition drag racing before he and his dad built the Barracuda. Drag race promoters were willing to pay him to run at their strips.

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No Charges for Paradise Police Officer Who Mistakenly Shot DUI Suspect (Graphic Video)

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 Patrick Feaster, a police officer of five years, was in pursuit of a DUI suspect when the vehicle crashed. As seen in the video above once Feaster stepped out of his car he withdrew his weapon from his holster and shot Andrew Thomas in the neck. According to Action News Now:


Valerie Jarrett: Imposing More Gun Laws will Make US a “More Perfect Union”

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The fact that anyone actually believes that gun control is a solution to criminal actions by individuals with guns is really laughable. Yet, the Marxists are always eager to take advantage of every crisis. 

This week, Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett attended and spoke at a vigil at Sandy Hook and later tweeted out the "ending gun violence" (aka imposing more gun restrictions) would lead to the united States being a "more perfect union." 

Jarrett, who spoke to those in attendance at St. Marks Episcopal Church on Wednesday, said that Hussein Obama was ready to act with illegal executive orders against the rights of gun owners and in defiance of the Second Amendment's protections if Congress was unwilling to pass more illegal legislation to restrict guns.

Blast destroys front of building in Belgian town home of leader of a terrorist cell in town.

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A powerful explosion has rocked a building in the Belgian town of Verviers, almost completely destroying its facade, local media report. It is not yet clear what caused the blast and if there have been any casualties. 
Witnesses have posted numerous photos on Twitter, which showed three floors of the building had been damaged. Some users suggested there might have been a gas explosion.

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Clinton Coincidence?



A Brave New World…in the South


“Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought?
George Orwell, 1984

The Abbeville Institute was founded over a decade ago to preserve and defend the South… her traditions, literature, history, arts, and faiths. 

Recently we came across the memorandum below from a student affairs office at a major Southern university. The officers who wrote it assume that the elements of culture we defend are inimical to community and destructive of human fellowship. They say that they champion “diversity” and “inclusivity” but this is a poorly disguised lie. For without heritage, culture, religion and tradition we are a monochrome society, the opposite of a diverse people. 

Without true culture we will become what they admit inadvertently in the memorandum to be their real true goal—a people of functioning “workplace relationships.” And don’t be fooled by the invitation to bring ethnic “food items.” Exotic meals and all other externalities of international culture are fine with these people so long as all of us are the exact same underneath it all. For who are you if you have left your metaphysics at the door? Calling the memorandum “suggestions” is another lie. Their do-s and do-nots are commands…they are commands to happy and mindless workers. If they have no teeth now they will soon. What is to stop them if the people have no faith, no heritage, or convictions?