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$outhern Poverty Law Center – Manufacturing Hate for Fun and Profit

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  The Despicable $outhern Poverty Law Center

The $outhern Poverty Law Center, always seeming to hover in the shadows whenever honest citizens and organizations try to stand up for this country, is at it again. In addition to the usual suspects – which includes pretty much anyone who disagrees with the American radical Left – $PLC has been increasingly attacking people and groups who express concern about Islamic terrorism –adding them to $PLC’s infamous “Hate Watch” list.

This now includes the Washington, DC think tank, Center for Security Policy. Widely respected in defense circles, the Center has been warning us for years about the subversive tactics being employed by the Muslim Brotherhood and its proxies to destroy our nation from within. Its veteran analysts from the defense and intelligence community seek to warn the country of the existential threat we now face from Muslim terrorists.

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Former Chicago Community Organizer Attacks Multi-Billionaire Businessman on Sketchy Resume to Be President

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pbama community organizer

The audacity!

Barack Obama came into office with the shoddiest resume of any American president in history. If he would have been a white politician he never would have been considered for the job. His expertise was race protests, agitation and community organizing.

Today Barack Obama attacked multi-billion dollar businessman Donald Trump for not have the proper resume for the office of President of the United States

Elephants in Dixie


The origin of the elephant as a symbol of the Republican Party occurred in 1874 after a political cartoon by Thomas Nast appeared in the popular New York newspaper, “Harper’s Weekly.” It was during the congressional elections of that year when Nast, a renowned Republican satirist, drew a picture of the Democratic donkey dressed in a lion’s skin frightening away all the animals except one, an elephant that Nast dubbed “the Republican vote.” The cartoon was an instant hit with Republicans who quickly adopted the mighty animal as the party’s emblem.

The Democratic donkey was also popularized by Nast in his cartoons, but its genesis dated back to the presidential elections of 1828 in which the National Republican Party labeled Democrat Andrew Jackson as a jackass. “Old Hickory,” however, turned the slur against his opponents by adopting the the image of a feisty, stubborn donkey for his own campaign posters, and went on to swamp President John Quincy Adams by winning over 56 per cent of the popular vote. Both party symbols have continued to the present day, with the ebullient equine still braying its opposition to the ponderous pachyderm.

Prankster redirects JebBush.com to Donald Trump’s campaign website

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 Republican U.S. presidential candidates former Governor Jeb Bush © Jim Young
Since the Republican presidential race began, Jeb Bush has been dropping in the polls. Now, to add insult to injury, someone has registered JebBush.com and redirected it to Donald Trump’s website. 
Typing “JebBush.com” in your URL field will give a jarring result – it takes you straight to Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s website.

It turns out that the Bush campaign never used the JebBush.com URL, opting to use Jeb2016.com instead. But candidates typically buy unclaimed websites, since leaving them up for grabs has proven to be a liability to candidates in the past. TedCruz.com has been by pro-immigration activists, and CarlyFiorina.org was used to show how many people the former CEO laid off during her tenure at Hewlett-Packard.

The Trump campaign denied any involvement in the prank, according to CBS News.

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China deploys missiles on contested island

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Hmmmm, Vietnam v China

Black Lives Matter Protester Warns of Coming ‘Race War’

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Trump Invites Supporters On Stage for Handling Protester–

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You can’t plan something like this…

At a Trump campaign rally in North Augusta, South Carolina on Tuesday, Donald Trump was interrupted by a protester who was screaming profanities and raising his middle finger to the crowd.
Two Trump supporters “took action” against the radical obscene protester – and Mr. Trump called them up to the stage to share a few words.

The Right To Keep & Bear Arms Is A Natural Right


  art-remus-ident-04.jpg The Maryland Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals's decision ordering the lower court to apply strict scrutiny to an "assault weapons" ban has heartened Second Amendment defenders. They see it as the first light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. I see it differently.
It's generally accepted that people care less about how things are than whether things are getting better or worse. Politicians also know the appearance of improvement and actual improvement need not be the same thing. Successful gun control relies on appearances, facts do not support it. Looked at unencumbered by particulars, this court decision reveals itself for what it is, an appearance of improvement and nothing more.
The right to keep and bear arms isn't reviewable by any authority or subject to any decision by any court. This decision, welcome as it appears to be, is merely part of a continuing transgression on that right. The right to be armed is not a legitimate concern of the judiciary, or the legislature or the executive. There are no valid arguments for or against it, it's neither diminished by opposition nor improved by support. Like all natural rights, the right to be armed is free-standing, there's no second party. Nor is it pendant to any other right or purpose. Natural rights are not subject to popular approval or exceptions or statistical analysis or notions of a greater good or veto or repeal, nor do they incurr any unique obligations or consequences. A natural right just "is".
The right to keep and bear arms is neither granted by nor guaranteed by the Constitution. The Second Amendment merely names and acknowledges the right and confirms government pledges not to infringe on that right. Just as we don't gain the right to be armed by any document, nor do we keep it or lose it by any document, nor does any document confer validity or any other particular quality to it, nor can any document expand or reduce it. A document is an incidental artifact, it may be reinterpreted or altered or even withdrawn, but the right it attempts to describe remains.
Natural rights are not dispensed by men. One man can't give another man permission to be armed, it's not his to give. Permission schemes are worse than invalid, worse than fraud, worse than "pre-crime" star chambers, although they are all of these. Permission schemes are a denial of personhood itself. The right to be armed does not rest on its acceptability to others. No legislative or judicial body can claim authority to dispense the right to keep and bear arms and also claim legitimacy, and no person can apply for permission and see himself as, or be seen as, or be, a free man.
Illegitimacy has brought down governments all by itself, and where it hasn't, it's been the one indispensible ingredient in doing so. Suppressing the right to keep and bear arms demonstrates illegitimacy in a particularly stupid way, it "makes trouble where there wasn't any." It harasses and enrages the citizenry for no practical gain and leads them to conclude there is no purpose to it other than preparing the ground for further subjugation. Opposition commonly focuses on intent, presumed to be equally illegitimate, which ripples through society's larger equations, reinforcing related fears and existing suspicion. Nations and empires have fallen in just this way.


  US World Report - Norway recently decided to deport 824 Muslims with ties to radical Islamist groups. Violent Crime has dropped by 30%.

  SHTFPlan - The Reality Of Saudi Arabia Going To War: “They Will Lose 50% of Their Forces In The First Engagement”

 Crusader Rabbit - I once believed that there were limits to the depth and breadth of the lies the media and the government could tell. That if, for example, 100 women were assaulted in the middle of a busy city on new years eve then the progressive media would be forced to admit that they had supported in good faith a terribly flawed plan that demanded remedy. I understand now that they will step over the corpses of a thousand Christian and Jewish children to interview a single muslim who “faces new fears of bigotry”. The elephant in the room is this. We need to stop talking in public and start talking in private.

  The Sun - A gang of Asian paedophiles who beat and raped a white girl of 13 was jailed yesterday for a total of 143 years. The terrified victim was repeatedly abused at various locations for over a year — despite being reported missing to cops 71 times. They ignored her family’s desperate pleas for help and instead told her anxious mum to keep a diary of her movements. Victims support groups claimed police failed to act over fears of being accused of racism.

William Mack Lee -- Body Servant of General Robert E. Lee

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  William Mack Lee 


He stayed with General Lee throughout the war and until the day Lee died in 1870. Mack said of General Lee after his death "I was raised by one of the greatest men in the world. There was never one born of a woman greater than General Robert E. Lee, according to my judgment. All of his servants were set free ten years before the war, but all remained on the plantation until after the surrender."

General Lee left Mack $360 in his will, which Mack used to go to school and started 14 churches. He became an ordained Missionary Baptist minister in Washington, DC

Hillary Clinton And Cheryl Mills Did Not Sign Mandatory Agreement to Return Classified Materials

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Scott Olson/Getty Images

Breitbart News has obtained confirmation on State Department letterhead that Hillary Clinton did NOT sign a mandatory OF-109 “Separation Statement” when she left the State Department.

That statement would have required her to affirm that she had returned all classified materials in her possession. Clinton’s top aide Cheryl Mills also avoided signing a separation statement.

Additionally, Clinton never certified that she went through a mandatory security debriefing to learn how to handle classified information. State Department officials, meanwhile, admitted that they “mistakenly” mailed out sensitive information involving the Clinton case.

Citizen researcher Larry Kawa has provided to Breitbart News the most clear-cut evidence to date that Clinton avoided going through mandatory channels to return classified government information.

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Whoa! Paging Zoomie

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Madness of the West, or Please, Rape Me Again.

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Изнасилованная "беженцами" ультралевая немка извиняется

On January 27, 2016, three Muslim immigrants attacked and brutally raped in Manheim  a 24 -year-old woman,  speaker for the  Lefitst German “Left Youth” Party.

The reaction of the victim came just 3 days later, on January, 30, and  was quite special.  The raped woman WROTE AN APOLOGY on Facebook, addressing it to the immigrants who raped her.
Below, there are some excerpts from her passionate letter.

Burns Chronicles No 8 Active Patriots v. Passive Patriots


“…As to the history of the revolution, my ideas may be peculiar, perhaps singular. What do we mean by revolution? The war? That was no part of the revolution’ it was only an effect and consequence of it. The revolution was in the minds of the people, and this was effected from 1760 to 1775, in the course of fifteen years, before a drop of blood was drawn at Lexington. The records of the thirteen legislatures, the pamphlets, newspapers in all the colonies ought to be consulted during that period, to ascertain the steps by which the public opinion was enlightened and informed concerning the authority of parliament over the colonies”.
John Adams to Thomas Jefferson      August 24, 1815.

I believe that Adams’s description of the Revolution, being the period in which the populace transitioned from faith in government to distrust of government, is probably appropriate for the 18th century as well as today.

Since Ruby Ridge, Idaho and Waco, Texas, we have seen a very substantial change in the attitude of large portions of our people, with regard to the government. The recent murder of LaVoy Finicum, with the full knowledge that those who murdered him will have absolute and complete protection from the government, is indicative of that distrust. The question, however, is not about that distrust, rather, which of us are truly Patriots, and which are only pretend patriots?


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Leave the Scalia Chair Vacant

 Image result for scalia
Republicans should tell our "transformative" president that his days of transforming America are over, that he will not be remaking the court into a bastion of the left after his departure, and that, while he has the right to nominate whom he wishes, the U.S. Senate will exercise its right to reject any nominee he sends up. If the court will then face many 4-4 decisions for the next year, so be it.  

If the GOP can't win this argument, they have lost the country.


It is a measure of the stature and the significance of Justice Antonin Scalia that, upon the news of his death at a hunting lodge in Texas, Washington was instantly caught up in an unseemly quarrel over who would succeed him.

But no one can replace Justice Scalia.

He was a giant among jurists. For a third of a century, he led the conservative wing of the high court, creating a new school of judicial thought called "originalism."

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Jeb hit between eyes with sensational allegations

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Just as the Bush family is about to put on a full-court press to save the failing presidential candidacy of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, former Nixon confidant Roger Stone and co-author Saint John Hunt, son of Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt, have published an exposé titled “Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family: The Inside Story of an American Dynasty.”

“Virtually every one of Jeb’s failed business enterprises is a carried interest in which he put up no cash but used his family name and connections to secure loans, financing, waivers, or other financially significant benefits,” Stone and Hunt write. “No less than five of Bush’s former partners in these endeavors are in jail.”

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Donald Trump sends out response to lies of Senator Ted Cruz

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Ted Cruz is a totally unstable individual. He is the single biggest liar I’ve ever come across, in politics or otherwise, and I have seen some of the best of them. His statements are totally untrue and completely outrageous. It is hard to believe a person who proclaims to be a Christian could be so dishonest and lie so much. Cruz said I would be appointing a liberal judge when in fact I will appoint a great conservative and I am the only candidate who has gone so far, at the debate, as to suggest two individuals I feel would best represent the conservative values we need to protect: William “Bill” Pryor Jr. and Diane Sykes.

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Via comment by Quartermain on Finicum Shooter Protection Bill Points to Wider Is...":

 Meanwhile in a related development, anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson was attacked and knocked unconscious by unknown assailants during an incident on Saturday night which also took place in Luton.
These activists just got slammed by their government for speaking out against Islam and are now being threatened big time.

Britain First activists were reportedly threatened with a dawn raid and later arrested by police after they published a viral video which showed members of the group being confronted by Muslims in the town of Luton.

The original video, which attracted tens of millions of views on Facebook, shows Muslims embroiled in heated arguments with Britain First activists, vowing to “take over,” as well as making violent threats and at least one physical assault.

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Alan Dershowitz: Obama Would Not Get Away With Recess Appointment

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Prominent American lawyer, jurist, author and political commentator Alan Dershowitz joined Steve Malzberg Monday on Newsmax TV to discuss the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia and the resulting court vacancy.

Dershowitz believes Obama will not get away with a recess appointment to the Supreme Court.“Can’t do it. Can’t do it. A recess appointment won’t apply. Because the senate, A, has to be in recess and, B, it has to be a very short term appointment. Justice Brennan was appointed initially as a recess appointment because the person he succeeded died during the summer and the senate was not in session. But, he can’t do that now… he wouldn’t get away with that. I think the public wouldn’t hear that.

FAMOUS MARINE VETERAN Beaten By Black Lives Matter Mob Blocks From White House

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No Man Left Behind Inspiration

A vicious racist attack took place in the Nation’s Capital last Friday night just blocks from the Obama White House.

A decorated Marine veteran who served in the Iraq war was savagely beaten and robbed by a mob of Black teenagers who repeatedly yelled at him “do you believe Black lives matter?” as he ate dinner at a McDonald’s restaurant located at 911 E Street, NW, a mere six or seven blocks from the Executive Mansion.

 Obama has supported the Black Lives Matter movement, inviting its leaders to the White House while siccing the federal government on local police departments. Obama was recently called out for his anti-police attitude by a Maryland sheriff upset Obama had not addressed the killings of eight law enforcement officers in the past week.

Christopher Marquez told WJLA-TV:

Remembering Antonin Scalia




Thank God we had him for these few years.  Amen.


When I found out about Scalia’s death on Saturday, I yelled “No, No, No, No,” fifteen or twenty times at the top of my lungs.  Much badness will follow.

While Mitch McConnell has said that the vacancy will be filled by the next president, he is a traitor like Paul Ryan.  The Senate and House have given Obama everything he’s asked for seven years.

They won’t stop now.  Ted Cruz has promised to filibuster any nominee, and good on him for planning this ahead of time.  I predict that the other senators will hang him out to dry like the worthless, quisling traitor, spineless crap weasels they are and like they did on his filibuster of Obamacare funding.

Finicum Shooter Protection Bill Points to Wider Issue of Government Distrust


 Lavoy executed
Protecting the identity of the officer who shot LaVoy Finicum is evidently more of a priority to Oregon State Police and politicians than ensuring unfettered public scrutiny.

“State Rep. Jeff Barker has introduced a bill that would temporarily delay the release of the name of the officer who shot [LaVoy] Finicum,” KOIN 6 News reported Sunday. “House Bill 4087 already unanimously passed the Oregon House Judiciary Committee.”

The bill, which will allow law enforcement to petition a judge for a 90-day stay on releasing the name of an officer, was introduced after the Oregon State Police said it had “received death threats from all over the U.S.” Barker, a Democrat, said he took the action after being convinced by OSP Superintendent Rich Evans that ‘there is a real safety concern.”

Perhaps. But if that’s the case, it’s fair to ask if there are alternatives in terms of investigation and protective custody options that would make it unnecessary to suppress information that’s in the public interest to know. Plus, how do we know the “threats” are even real and not coming from provocateurs or other interested parties?

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George Washington's Three Month Southern Tour


The three-month Southern Tour, contemplated by President George Washington in May of 1789, began on 9 April 1791.  Inaugurated president in late April 1789, he had already visited the northeastern States by September 1790, but delayed his visit southward as North Carolina did not ratify the new Constitution until November 1789 -- and this was not certified until May of 1790. While 11 States had already seceded from the Articles of Confederation with their ratification of the new Constitution of 1789, North Carolina and Rhode Island both remained under the Articles of Confederation union.   After The Old North State’s ratification, Washington journeyed to the Carolinas and Georgia to State’s he had never visited.

His entourage consisted of his senior secretary, Major William Jackson, and some servants in a carriage and a wagon.  The President arrived at Halifax, North Carolina on April 16, then journeyed to Tarboro, Greenville on April 19, thence to Col. John Allen’s home at Fort Barnwell on April 20, and the following day as the guest of John G. Stanly in New Bern.

Leaving New Bern in the morning of April 22, Washington quartered at Shine’s Inn near Trenton in Jones County; the night of April 23 he stayed the night at Sage’s Inn just south of today’s Holly Ridge in Onslow County.

President Washington arrived in Wilmington on April 24, 1791 after being escorted from today’s Hampstead area by the Light Horse Guards, Wilmington’s military company.  They met him at the Rouse House, an inn about fifteen miles north of town on the New Bern Road, today’s Highway 17.

After an artillery salute of his arrival, many residents turned out to see the General. The next day saw a procession through the town and a great dinner in his honor, and in the evening Wilmington was illuminated by bonfires and a grand ball at Assembly Hall on Front Street between Orange and Ann Streets.  This hall was also known as “Old ‘76” as it was built in 1776 – and was described as a large two-story brick building, stuccoed white, and operated as a sailor’s boarding house and political hall with wide piazzas all around.  It sat upon the run of Tan Yard Branch with its first floor several feet below Front Street.  It was demolished in the 1840s. 

While in Wilmington, Washington resided at the residence of Mrs. John Quince at the southeast corner of Front and Dock Streets, which she had vacated during his stay.  A stone monument now marks the location of the residence.

Leaving Wilmington early on April 27 after a two day visit, a vessel carried him and Wilmington town leaders across the Cape Fear River to Col. Benjamin Smith’s “Belvidere” plantation in Brunswick County.  Col. Smith had been a young aide-de-camp to Gen. Washington during the war and a firm supporter of North Carolina’s ratification of the new Constitution.  At the Belvidere landing, according to tradition, Washington was met by thirteen young ladies representing the thirteen former colonies.

The President left Belvidere with the Light Horse Guards after breakfast, heading south on the Georgetown Road (Highway 17 South). He stopped for midday dinner at home of William Gause, Jr., near today’s Ocean Isle Beach (Gause Landing Road), then continued to the indigo plantation of Jerimiah Vereen on King’s Road in today’s Atlantic Beach, just below North Myrtle Beach.  There he enjoyed supper and spent the evening.

On April 28 Washington arrived at Brookgreen Plantation, below today’s Murrell’s Inlet, the home of Revolutionary War surgeon Henry Collins Flagg and his wife, Rachel Moore Allston Flagg.  Leaving early the next morning, the President breakfasted in Georgetown at Capt. William Allston’s Clifton Plantation.

After stops in Charleston, Savannah, Augusta, Columbia and Camden, he returned to NC on May 27 when the Salisbury Military Company escorted him to Charlotte.  He met with Gov. Alexander Martin at Salem on May 31, then toured the Guilford Courthouse battle site the next day.  This ended his Southern Tour and he arrived back at Mount Vernon on June 12.

Compiled by Bernhard Thuersam, Director, Cape Fear Historical Institute.  www.cfhi.net

Sources: NCPedia; Chronicles of the Cape Fear, Sprunt.