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Gang Of Russian Thugs Pick On The Wrong Guy

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 Surveillance cameras have captured the moment a group of Russian thugs picked on someone their own size and sensationally lost.

Nicolai Vlasenko, a professional boxer and martial arts expert, didn't take too kindly to the gang harassing his wife to join them at their table at a bar in Starokorsunskaya in Russia's south.

When the 29-year-old told the men to leave his wife alone, the apparent leader, Leonti Yevdokimov, 33, suggested that they continue the discussion outside.

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Timber's deer (before and after)

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Renewable Energy: So Useless That Even Greenie Google Gave up on it

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Some people call it "renewable energy" but I prefer to call it "alternative energy" because that's what it really is: an alternative to energy that actually works (eg nuclear and anything made from wonderful, energy-rich fossil fuel.)

Now a pair of top boffins from uber-green Google's research department have reached the same conclusion.

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Door opens for scrutiny of Federal Reserve: Voters give GOP pathway for former Rep. Ron Paul's audit plan


The new Republican majority in the Senate opens a door for a new level of scrutiny of the Federal Reserve, the quasi-public organization that largely controls U.S. monetary policy behind closed doors.

“Will we finally get a vote on audit of the Fed in the Senate?” asked Julie Borowski in a column on the website of the conservative and libertarian lobbying group FreedomWorks.

“The GOP-led House overwhelmingly passed bills to audit the Fed in 2012 and 2014. Back in September, it passed with a bipartisan vote of 333-92. Yet, it was basically dead on arrival in the Senate,” she wrote. “For reasons unconfirmed, Harry Reid refused to allow a vote on the bill – even though he cosponsored audit legislation in the 1990s. The Senate companion bill, introduced by Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., has 31 cosponsors but never even made it out of committee.”

But with Harry Reid no longer in charge of the Senate, she said, “we’re far more likely to get a vote on audit the Fed.”

The fight for the audit dates back years. Paul’s father, Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, repeatedly introduced bills calling for an audit that were adopted in the House but went nowhere in the Senate.

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EPA Regulations To Raise Power Costs 37 Percent By 2020

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Electricity prices are already increasing at record levels and Environmental Protection Agency rules will only force power prices up even higher as the agency finalizes a slew of regulations aimed at the power sector.

A report by Energy Ventures Analysis found that the EPA underestimates how much its power plant regulatory regime will raise electricity and natural gas prices by imposing new regulations on power plants, most recently being the agency’s rules to cut carbon dioxide emissions from new and existing power plants.

These new rules to tackle global warming, combined with other rules to reduce more traditional air pollutants, will dramatically increase Americans’ utility bills by 2020, according to EVA’s report which was sponsored by the coal company Peabody Energy.

Ferguson Schools Closing Next Monday And Tuesday Before Wilson Indictment

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Schools in the St. Louis metropolitan area are closing their doors in anticipation of potential riots that could follow the announcement of results from a grand jury investigation in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

Controversy has swelled for months around the fatal shooting of the unarmed Brown, who was black, by Darren Wilson, a white police officer in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson. A grand jury is expected to announce soon whether Wilson will face charges for the shooting. There is widespread concern that if Wilson is cleared, it could lead to riots in the city. Gov. Jay Nixon has already announced a state of emergency in order to cope with any flare-ups.

Colorado School Changes Pledge to One Nation Under ‘Allah’?

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Todd Starnes of Fox News Reports:
A Colorado high school principal is defending his decision to allow students from a cultural club to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic — and denied that it was attempt to push an Islamic agenda.Tom Lopez, the principal at Rocky Mountain High School in Fort Collins, told Fox News he has received a number of telephone calls and emails from outraged parents – but he stands by his decision.

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American Reformers and Communists


New England reformers intent upon abolishing sin in all its forms were for the most part responsible for driving the South to seek independence. Despite their dislike for foreigners they needed immigrants for factory labor, western settlers, and to become dependable Republican voters. With those immigrants came revolutionary European socialism, future labor strife and a sea-change in American political traditions.
Bernhard Thuersam, Circa1865

American Reformers and Communists:

“From the colonists hoping to establish a Biblical commonwealth in New England, to nineteenth century reformers planning the abolition of sin, the Americans have always exhibited a strain of millennial thinking. During the [First] World War, dreamers who were busy reconstructing the social and economic order and the architecture of the Versailles Treaty aspired to inaugurate a “permanent and just peace.”

But during the decade that followed the Armistice the torch of idealism that had kindled the revolt of the American conscience at the dawn of our own century seemed to have pretty well burned itself. The returning soldiers were disillusioned about the crusade they had been sent off on.

The newly-formed American Legion became one of the chief exponents of the identification of patriotism with opposition to social, political, or economic reform of any kind. In some cases its members were even used against [labor] strikers. Foreigners began to seem a dubious lot anyhow; those from east and southeastern Europe were almost completely barred in 1924; American enthusiasm for the League of Nations petered out.

In the United States, there was neither a revolutionary movement nor a political party representing labor. The Socialist party, whose influence had been growing for years, notwithstanding the fact that it seemed foreign to the nature of Americans, suffered considerable defections when it decided not to support the war. The split with the Communists further weakened it. Eugene V. Debs, who was re-nominated for the presidency in 1912, gathered a vote of 897,000 and found himself jailed.

In 1919 the first serious strike in many years was launched to organize labor in the steel industry, which was traditionally anti-union….the [American Federation of Labor, the AFL] was poorly prepared [financially] to challenge this industrial giant whose treasury was filled to overflowing from far war contracts.

In order to cope with this situation, the Federation’s convention in 1918 passed a resolution introduced by William Z. Foster to form a steel workers organizing committee…One of the central body’s potent influences, [Foster], then posing as a regular trade unionist….went ahead with his plans [for a strike and] effectively shutting down the steel districts.

Ironically enough, management regarded the Federation as dangerously radical, along with the Communists and the “Wobblies” who were closely akin to the Russian Bolsheviks. They associated all unionism with collectivism. The object of all three, the Communists, the International Workers of the World, and the American Federation of Labor, was the over-turn of free enterprise. They believed the unions had no business in their plants.

As for William Z. Foster, he emerged shortly as a militant Communist leader, whose ultimate revolutionary objective tended to undermine the American labor movement as well as to discredit its leaders.

The steel and coal strikes….frayed the nerves of the industrial leaders, to whom the spectacle of the Bolshevist overturn of capitalism in Russia was frightening. Lenin and his fellow revolutionists were a far distance from American shores, but the basic theory of Marxism was one of world revolution and already there were stirrings of unrest on labor on this continent.

While communist Russia was relatively weak in 1919 and offered no threat to the United States, it succeeded in establishing a Fifth Column in the American trade unions and the United Brotherhood of Carpenters was not wholly immune from it.”

(Portrait of an American Labor Leader, William L. Hutcheson, Maxwell C. Raddock, American Institute of Social Science, 1955, pp. 118-123)

“Christmas in Fayetteville, 1864” Saturday, 13 December 2014 – 11AM-4:30PM; 6:30PM-9PM

“Christmas in Fayetteville, 1864”

A North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Observance

Saturday, 13 December 2014 11AM-4:30PM; 6:30PM-9PM

Celebrate Christmas in the Old South!

Historic Heritage Square

225 Dick Street, Fayetteville, North Carolina

$5 general admission at door; Children Under 5 free

        1864 Mayor Archibald McLean of Fayetteville will preside over the occasion.

        North Carolina infantry and artillery reenactors; period hospital display.

        “NC Christmas Traditions” tours with historians Kelly Hinson and Ben Eure. 

        “Life on the North Carolina Home Front” with author Brenda McKean. 

      Hot cider, eggnog, and warm cornbread available.

Please visit Hay Street restaurants/shops during our 4:30-6:30PM Supper Break

Special Narrated Evening Candlelight Tours 

of Historic Heritage Square.

General Admission: $5

All Are Encouraged to Wear Period Attire!

Corporate sponsorships are available – contact

Presented by the NC War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission

Special Thanks to:  The North Carolina SCV & Tarheel Civilians

All proceeds benefit the Woman’s Club of Fayetteville

For more information contact:

Erica Gates' first bow kill is special -- record-book special

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Taking your first deer with a bow is special.

Erica Gates first bow kill is leaning toward record-book special.

The 23-year-old dental assistant from Pickensville stuck a main-frame 12-point buck on Nov. 15 that will most likely place her name in the Pope and Young Record Book for deer killed by stick and string.

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Overwhelming Odds

Born in 1846, Major Walter Clark of the Thirty-fifth North Carolina was only nineteen at the battle of Bentonville in 1865, but was already a seasoned veteran. His unit was with Lee at Sharpsburg in 1862 while a young lieutenant of sixteen, helping Lee’s 35,000 men oppose Hooker’s 90,000. Wounded at Sharpsburg as he led his men, Clark “had experienced in sixty days of warfare more thrilling adventure and combat than most men experience in their entire lives.”
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

American Soldiers Face Overwhelming Odds:

“In this final carnage, [General Joseph E.] Johnston had at his entire command some fifteen-thousand available men, while Sherman opposed him with an army seventy-thousand strong, flushed with victory. On the morning of March 20 it was reported that the Federal right wing had crossed over to unite with the left wing which had been driven back and was coming up rapidly upon the left of [General Robert F.] Hoke’s division.

From noon to sunset Sherman’s army, now united, made repeated attacks upon Hoke’s division of six thousand men and boys, but were uniformly driven back. The skirmish line of the brigade and the center were commanded  by Major Walter Clark. The battle raged through March 20 and 21. The night of the 21st the Confederate army re-crossed the creek by the bridge near Bentonville [North Carolina]. The Federals made repeated attempts to force the passage of the bridge, but failed.  The Confederate losses in the battle of Bentonville were 2343, while those of the Federals were nearly double that number.

No bolder movement was conceived during the war than this of General Johnston, when he threw his handful of men on the overwhelming force in front of him, and when he confronted and baffled his foes, holding a weak line for three days against nearly five times his number. For the last two days of this fight, he held his position only to secure the removal of the wounded. The Junior Reserves lost a number of officers and boys in this battle. General Hoke later wrote of the Junior Reserves:

“The question of the courage of the Junior Reserves was well established by themselves in the battle below Kinston and at the Battle of Bentonville. At Bentonville they held a very important part of the battlefield in opposition to Sherman’s old and tried soldiers, and repulsed every charge that was made upon them with very meager and rapidly thrown up breastworks. It was equal to that of the old soldiers who had passed through four years of war. I returned through Raleigh, where many passed by their homes, and scarcely one of them left their ranks to bid farewell to their friends, though they knew not where they were going nor what dangers they would encounter.”

(Walter Clark, Fighting Judge, Aubrey Lee Brooks, UNC Press, 1944, pp. 20-21)

James Bond-inspired LASER WATCH will burn through objects from a distance


The Apple Watch is already obsolete and it isn't even in the shops yet.

The reason is simple – it doesn't contain a laser that can actually burn stuff.

If that's what you're looking for in a smartwatch, forget about Apple and look towards the work of hobbyist Patrick Priebe.

He's knocked together what he describes as the "Bond-inspired laser watch" and it might well consign the Apple Watch to the bin of history.

That's because this isn't just some laser pointer that has been encased into a box and had a wrist strap attached to it.

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It’s time to build camps! Dangerous illegal immigrants invading!

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In Grand Marias, MN, there is a Restaurant called, fetchingly, “South of the Border”.  Not a lick of
Tex-Mex in sight.  It’s pretty funny.

Apparently the Canadians up there in Canadia are having their own border problems.   A friend sent this from the The Manitoba Herald (sorry, no link):

The flood of American liberals sneaking across the border into Canada has intensified in the past week, sparking calls for increased patrols to stop the illegal immigration. The recent actions of the Tea Party and the fact Republicans won the Senate are prompting an exodus among left-leaning citizens who fear they’ll soon be required to hunt, pray, and to agree with Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck.

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NC: Warning Shot Works for Open Carrier

 Buncombe County SheriffNC

Warning shots are always controversial.   I generally caution against them, but I keep finding instances where they are used to good effect.  Here is one that was related on the North Carolina forum by tiggy1190.  It occurred in Buncombe County, NC:

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The Motives Behind The November Rogers/Ruppersberger “House Intelligence Panel” Report On Benghazi

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 Operation Zero Footprint

Those of you familiar with the Benghazi Brief will note the alignment and expectation of the Rogers/Ruppersberger report.  Their report is exactly as we anticipated it would be.

As you read the House Intelligence Panel Report on Benghazi it is important to note a few key aspects:
• Both Mike Rogers and Dutch Ruppersberger are members of the Congressional Gang of Eight.  They are the ONLY authors.
• Both Rogers and Ruppersberger would have been briefed on the CIA operations in Benghazi during 2011/2012 as the covert operation began.
• President Obama signed a finding memo in 2011 permitting Operation Zero Footprint to begin.
• Rogers, Ruppersberger along with Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, Saxby Chambliss and Diane Feinstein would have been notified of the presidential authorization. In 2011 they were the congressional Gang of Eight.
• In addition to the covert Zero Footprint Operation, the Benghazi CIA annex served as a rendition site. [We find this out in 2013 from Paula Broadwell, who was the pillow-talk recipient of information from 2012 CIA Director General David Petraeus. Broadwell and Petraeus had an extramarital affair.] 

No Gringos Need To Watch

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Well, Comrade Obama, the Washington Caudillo, has given his speech on how he plans to usurp the authority of Congress to allow 5 million illegal immigrants to stay in this country. It was full of flowery phrases about how he plans to only allow the brightest  and the   best of the illegal immigrants to stay, the ones that are prone to being future entrepreneurs and that will be major contributors to our society  and how he plans to deport those among the illegals that are part of the criminal class, and on and on. Based on the past veracity of this administration, it all sounds like a pile of West Texas cow chips in August–and probably smells just as bad.

As Ferguson Gets Ready To Burn: Six Black Teens Gang Rape 16-Year-Old

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Florida Black Teens Gang Rape

Every single day, I encounter an endless stream of articles and columns that go to great lengths to try and prove that black Americans face an endless onslaught of racism from the rest of the country. Why do so many blacks get arrested in Wisconsin? RACISM! Why do so many blacks in Ferguson get traffic tickets? RACISM! Why do some people support Officer Darren Wilson? RACISM! Why do some of us believe that blacks should stop proudly using the n-word? RACISM! Why did the chicken cross the road? RACISM!

The other constant, besides racism, is the stubborn unwillingness to confront (let alone acknowledge) black criminality. Just bringing up the fact that blacks commit more crime than anybody else is enough to get you labeled as a racist for life. Got to love it, right?

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Save a Life – Surrender Your Knife

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LANCASHIRE Constabulary has joined forces with the ground-breaking national anti-knife crime campaign ‘Save a Life, Surrender Your Knife’, as the force’s knife amnesty comes to an end.

Since the amnesty began at the end of August, more than 800 knives have been handed in across the county – including swords, machetes and commando knives. The amnesty was extended for a further week owing to its success.

Lancashire officers have now given their backing to a national initiative designed to raise awareness of *knife crime and encourage the surrender of dangerous weapons. *Dern, I knew that guns committed crimes, but didn't know that knives did also..........

School punishment by racial quota

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Years ago, there was a study of a working-class community where there were black, Hispanic and Italian kids, and where many of the cops were Italian.

When a black or Hispanic kid broke the law, the police took him down to the station and booked him. But if an Italian kid did the same thing, they reacted differently.

The Italian cop would take the Italian kid out into an alley and rough him up. Then he would take him home to his family, tell them what had happened and leave him there — where the kid could expect another beating, instead of the wrist-slap punishment of the law. * Reminds me when a kid was caught by the neighbors in Vietnam stealing something from my bike.  They took him down to the police station and presented him to the cop at the desk.  The cop asked if the boy had done it and when the boy replied yes, he was taken out back and evidently beat badly.  He was then thrown into jail for the night with no food or water and sent home the next day without his bicycle which the boy said was a fate worst than death.


If anyone still has any doubt about the utter cynicism of the Obama administration, a recent agreement between the federal government and the Minneapolis Public Schools should open their eyes.
Under the Obama administration, both the Department of Education and the Department of Justice have been leaning on public schools around the country to reduce what they call the “disproportionate” numbers of black male students who are punished for various offenses in schools.

Under an implicit threat of losing their federal subsidies, the Minneapolis Public Schools have agreed to reduce the disparity in punishment of black students by 25 percent by the end of this school year, and then by 50 percent, 75 percent and finally 100 percent in each of the following years.

In other words, there are now racial quota limits for punishment in the Minneapolis schools.
If we stop and think — as old-fashioned as that may seem — there is not the slightest reason to expect black males to commit the same number of offenses as Asian females or any other set of students.