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Walmart Shakes Up Primary Care—and the Whole System


Walmart has a new take on retail clinics. These newly launched clinics will charge patients $40 for a visit—but only $4 for Walmart associates. Anybody, with or without insurance, can go into one of these clinics and be seen by a qualified health professional, without the usual paperwork. Although the mega-retailer has operated clinics in its stores for a few years now, the new ones are different in a couple of ways.

Goodies from Ol' Remus


1939. Vivien Leigh, publicity photo for Gone With The Wind.
From when style was in style, leading ladies were beautiful, and photography was making a bid to be art rather than "an art"—and not falling short by much. The master of vintage Hollywood glamor photography was art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif George Hurrell.


*1939 - Molotov then said in a speech, “Tomorrow we will dine in Helsinki!” After Soviet bombs began to fall on Finnish troops, Molotov insisted that the Soviets were dropping food and drink instead. Exhibiting a keen wit, the Finns thus dubbed Soviet cluster bombs “Molotov bread baskets” and named the improvised weapons that they were using against Soviet armor “Molotov cocktails".
--Josh Kovensky at

  * This is new to me.  I had no idea of the Finnish origin.


Ebola and quarantine - I notice an overwhelming presence of White American and European medical professionals. This must be that White privilege the Tumblr kids mention. Get an MD, volunteer in Africa, get Ebola. Privilege... *An honest media and academia would critique decolonization as much as colonialism. The opportunity for grandstanding is there since preventable deaths are occurring, and these nations cannot put into effect a quarantine.
Ryan Landry at

*Surely, you jest........ 


Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, who was put in charge of the police response in Ferguson, Missouri, said, at a service for Michael Brown:
*"I wear this uniform, and I should stand up here and say that I'm sorry. And I needed today. I needed today to get back in the water. And I'm gonna tell you I'm gonna be here as long as it takes. My words will be honest. If we talk about it behind closed doors, I'm gonna tell you. So if you don't want me to know, don't tell me behind closed doors. When this is over, I'm gonna go in my son's room - my black son, who wears his pants saggin', wears his hat cocked to the side, got tattoos on his arms, but that's my baby.
And we all ought to be thanking the Browns for Michael, because Michael's going to make it better for our sons, so they can be better black men, so they can be better for our daughters, so they can be better black women, better for me, so I can be a better black father, and we know they're gonna make our mommas even better than they are today.
Let's continue to show this nation who we are, continue to show this country who we are, but when these days are over, and Mike Brown's family's still weeping, and they're still on their knees praying, no matter what positive comes in our lives, we still need to get on our knees, and we need to pray. We need to thank Mike for his life. We need to thank him for the change that he is going to make and to make us better."
*Pathetic is about the best I can describe his ingratiating words for a thug. BT


art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg Global warming may go on trial
This, if Steyn is successful, could be the moment the dam bursts: the one where the global establishment is finally forced to acknowledge the fraudulence, the corruption, the mendacity, the trickery, the deception, the junk science, the big money and the official complicity which for the last two or three decades have been underpinning the Great Climate Change Scam, says James Delingpole in this article, Mann v Steyn: If This Trial Ever Goes Ahead Global Warming Is Toast, at Breitbart.

art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif The Day Ferguson Cops Were Caught in a Bloody Lie, by Michael Daly at The Daily Beast.

Ferguson - Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Mo., police officer whose fatal shooting of Michael Brown touched off more than a week of demonstrations, suffered severe facial injuries, including an orbital (eye socket) fracture, and was nearly beaten unconscious by Brown moments before firing his gun. “The Assistant Chief took him to the hospital, his face all swollen on one side,” said the insider. “He was beaten very severely.”
Hollie McKay at

Activist - If you want to call me an activist attorney general, I will proudly accept that label. Any attorney general who is not an activist is not doing his or her job... An activist civil rights division and this is an activist attorney general—I’d say I agree with you 1,000 percent and I am proud of it.
Attorney General Eric Holder, via Juan Williams at
Remus says - Mr. Holder believes any outcome favorable to "his people" is justice by definition. Facts which do not support such an outcome are taken to be evidence of, if not the product of, a deeper injustice. This is what he means by "an activist attorney general," and what his "comprehensive investigation" will be all about.
Oppression - We are told that of six members of the Ferguson city council only one is black, while two-thirds of Ferguson's population is black. Yet, last week, we learned that the black voter turnout in local elections in Ferguson in 2013 was 6 percent.
Patrick Buchanan at

IQ and civilization - It seems like there is a point, somewhere around 97, above which a modern civilization can be maintained and below which things abruptly begin to fall apart.
Staffan at 

Two Americas - Those who achieve are to be punished as enemies of society and those who fail are to be rewarded as wards of society. Entitlement has replaced effort as the key to upward mobility in American society. America is not divided by the differences in our outcomes, it is divided by the differences in our efforts. And by the false philosophy that says one man’s success comes about unavoidably as the result of another man’s victimization.
Bob Lonsberry at

art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif Food as a weapon - There is historical evidence that food vulnerability may have been planned for a long time by elements of the U.S. government... “Would food be considered an instrument of national power? Is the U.S. prepared to accept food rationing to help people who can’t/won’t control their population growth?” Kissinger has answered these questions when he stated that he was predicting a series of contrived famines... I defy the reader to not be concerned about long-standing pattern of this government in acquiring vast amounts of food.
Dave Hodges, Common Sense Show, via Mac Slavo at

The Revolt of the Middle Class: Ol' Remus at his best


It's time for ol' Remus to give viewing with alarm a rest, it's getting too crowded to be heard. He's going back to the "what's coming" part, taking up the trail where he left off, with the most potent economic and political force ever created: the middle class. 

Remus can do this with some objectivity because he isn't middle class. He's lower class. Better said as working class. Worse, he's not even "fly-over country" working class but Appalachian working class, something instantly obvious and inexpressively offensive to the middle class. Perhaps it's because the media savages us at every opportunity. Appalachian working class people are the only Americans that can be insulted by name without consequence. It's no wonder the middle class is amazed we can read without moving our lips, let alone have a preference for Gatwick over Heathrow, say.

For his part, Remus is well impressed with the middle class. Their resourcefulness and gritty determination are all the more admirable for the beatings and disrespect they take from all sides. Think they don't? Preppers can't resist calling them sheeple—good luck with that "resilient self-sufficient community" when you'll really need them. Academia takes them to task for deferring present delights for future gain. It's racist, you see. The media assaults them relentlessly. Consider how shabbily they're portrayed in sitcoms, how they're the perp in every crime drama. We have to go all the way back to the Cosby show to see even-handed treatment of a middle class family and that was only because, well, you know.

By now you may be wondering why the middle class is the dangerous economic and political force. Remus has been rereading the usual academic sources, and of the Tea Party movement and Libertarians, &c., and he's come to the conclusion we'll likely see more economic and civil catastrophes, each one more incredible than the last, during which the middle class, present and recently former, will shake off its overburden perforce and step to center stage once again, its forbearance terrifyingly gone. There's likely to come a time when the coddled class will believe they have nothing left to lose, they'll be shown how wrong they are. The middle class could remake everybody's world right down to the hardpan.

What would happen if the middle class revolted? We're talking a real insurrection, not some clapped-out "victory" at the polls. And just so we're clear, the middle class we're talking about are airline pilots, geologists, professors, engineers, lawyers, architects, corporate middle management, military officers, economists, urban planners, financial managers, supervisory nurses, pharmacists and the like. They're neither wealthy nor independent, but they don't work under close supervision. They have degrees in the hard stuff. They plan ahead. They have assets and skills and connections. And what they don't know or don't have, they know people who do. 

We know what hasn't caused them to revolt thus far: being lied to, defrauded, insulted, taxed into penury, bullied and legally swindled. The system is arranged so they support the rich leeches and the poor-by-choice leeches, both of which openly loathe them, even while they loot their earnings. They and their kids are pushed aside so the unqualified can step in front of them in any line worth being in. It's the law. Government schools teach their kids to despise them and everything they value art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif. Even so, through it all, most of the middle class has accommodated their tormentors. 

The American middle class has been as stoic as the Russian peasantry. That's changing. And that's the point. There's a difference between abuse and betrayal. Where betrayal begins, stoicism ends. Where stoicism ends, insurrection begins. But the question was, what would happen if the middle class revolted? If there were an armed march on DC, or a wave of sniper attacks and political kidnappings, or Ayers-type bombings, it wouldn't be the doing of the middle class. It may be an actual revolt, maybe even a guerilla movement, but not a middle class revolt, and no insurrection can be successful without the middle class piling in. 

So, what would happen if the middle class revolted? Consider the nearly unfixable damage a few Edward Snowden-like IT managers could do. Or how freight trains loaded with, say, high energy chemicals could be misrouted. Or the well-equipped home workshops of engineers who design military drones. In some cases not doing something can be just as damaging. Think of the power grid, then imagine some overlooked maintenance with unexpectedly huge effects, or how a small misstep in charging a natural gas pipeline could detonate the whole thing. Count the number of bridges over the Mississippi, there aren't that many. Imagine what heavily loaded barges could do to the supports if mishandled. Consider something as simple as mislabeled fuel at a transportation center. Or an airport. All these things are under the direct control of the middle class. 

A middle class revolt would have a decisive political consequence as well: DC's legitimacy would drop to zero. It would become an occupying power and be seen as such, with ramped up repression typical of any banana republic where the will of the people is overridden—rigged elections, a captive press, militarized police, warrantless wiretaps and so forth. Just as predictably, the power of the parallel society would grow exponentially in response. 

The unemployed middle class would be just as dangerous as those in place, they're adept at networking informally, they know how things really work and they know critical vulnerabilities others may not fully appreciate. They also know disinformation when they see it, for many it was a routine part of their former job. 

The question of what would happen if the middle class revolted pretty much answers itself. Whether they will or not is another question, but if you need to know for sure when things have gone from serious to seriously ugly, if you're looking for the decisive moment, if you need a signal to Get Out Of Dodge, these are the kind of events to watch for. Beware, it won't happen with shrill outrage or manifestos on YouTube. The middle class goes for results, not publicity.

More British Muslims Fighting for ISIS Than Britain

Let this sink in for a minute: there are now more than twice as many British Muslims fighting for Islamic State than there are serving in the British armed forces.

That terrifying fact was reported by Newsweek and USA Today. According to British Member of Parliament Khalid Mahmood, at least 1,500 young British Muslims have been recruited by extremists in Iraq and Syria over the last three years.

More @ Ben Swann

The Confederate Powderworks and Colonel G.W. Rains

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School in Texas arms teachers to “use whatever force is necessary” to protect students

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Argyle ISD, a north Texas school, is taking matters into its own hands by arming some of its teachers.

More with video @ The Right Scoop

Nice shot

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1956 Chrysler Norseman - A Specter from the Wreck of the Andrea Doria


More than two-hundred feet beneath the Atlantic Ocean and deep within the darkened hull of the 697-foot long Italian ocean liner Andrea Doria lays the debris of what was once an experimental dream car. The ship sank several hours after being struck by the Stockholm on the night of July 25, 1956. As a result, the unique lines of the Ghia-built 1956 Chrysler Norseman were destined never to be seen by those who designed it, nor were the spectators of the coming auto shows going to have the opportunity to ooh and ahh at the stylish fastback.

The few people who did were the craftsmen at Ghia in Turin, Italy and possibly the people who loaded the car aboard the ship as well as some of its crew, or maybe not. That would depend on whether the car was crated or placed on a pallet as was customary for Chrysler’s other Ghia-built show cars. No one is absolutely certain of the method employed. It was probably in cargo hold number two, but even that is an uncertainty.

Burris MTAC Ballistic CQ 1-4x24 Riflescope

Via David "This is the scope that DanMorgan76 is recommending to everyone for their AR-15s."

 Burris MTAC Ballistic CQ 1-4x24 Riflescope  w/ Burris AR-PEPR Quick Detach Scope Mount 410342

$399 with free shipping @ *Optics Planet

*I've bought from them before.

2011 Shelby GT350 - Prototype Car #3 0-60 in 3.7 seconds

-1 of 3 Prototype Shelby GT350s
- Carroll Shelby's personal prototype
- 624 HP engine
- 6-speed transmission

More @ MECUM

Comment on 70th Anniversary of D-day

 I saw the 70th Anniversary post earlier and wanted to say that I too drove down from southern PA to attend the 70th Anniversary of D-day event at Conneaut, OH this past weekend on Lake Erie. While the event had the trappings of a fourth of July picnic,  I was concerned there was an EOD unit complete with bomb detecting dogs present at this small town setting. I asked a friend of friend who was on staff at the event if there was some sort of “bomb threat”. He said there was not. He did say the unit usually shows up to events with over 600 people as a precaution. Precaution to what I asked?

 He went to explain that after the Boston Marathon bombing this had become SOP for the tri-county team. I did an internet search and found this article and file photo above. I have to wonder how many of these trucks DHS has funded all over the country in small rural counties and small towns. I also wonder how much is being spent on payroll for employees, training, and other equipment. This is the kind of stuff that is tearing at our country both financially and politically. Besides being a waste of money, this other form of militarization is creating an “us against the civilians” atmosphere. Like the MRAP’s, M-16’s, night vision, drones, body armor, etc., this appalling behavior by the clowns in government needs to stop.


Freeloading dummie Goes Berserk When Dad Shreds Video Games!

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NC: ISIS Terrorism Supporter Threatens to Suicide Bomb a Shopping Mall

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Yesterday, we brought you the story of an ISIS (ISIL/IS) supporter threatening a terrorist attack against Chicago on Twitter. Now, an ISIS terrorism supporter has issued threats against an American city; this time Charlotte, North Carolina.

Twitter user John Osborne was tracking down and reporting Twitter accounts which were pushing ISIS propaganda, such as beheadings, designed to instill fear around the world. As Osborne points out, ISIS uses a series of Twitter bots to amplify its ability to get its message out and make its online presence seem much larger than it actually is.

Osborne stumbled upon yet another pro-ISIS account, @DrA12325665, promoting the beheading video of James Foley.

More @ IJ Review

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Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke: Eric Holder Needs to Apologize to Cops

Attorney general Eric Holder and Missouri Democratic leaders need to apologize to the law-enforcement community for impugning officers’ motives in light of the unrest in Ferguson, Mo., according to one prominent county sheriff.

Milwaukee County sheriff David Clarke, who gained notoriety last year for encouraging gun ownership within his Wisconsin community, said Holder, Governor Jay Nixon, and Senator Claire McCaskill made the situation in Ferguson worse with their “irresponsible, inflammatory” comments about the city’s police force and its supposed problem with race relations. Clarke argued on Fox News on Friday that the trio was “insinuating that our law-enforcement officers across the United States engage in some nefarious or systematic and cultural attempts to violate people’s civil rights.”

More with video @ National Review

Ben Carson Clashes With Jesse Jackson Over Ferguson: ‘Has Nothing To Do With Race’

Neurosurgeon Ben Carson challenged civil rights activist Jesse Jackson to defend his contention that the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson was a racist “state execution,” declaring that the 18-year-old’s death has “nothing to do with race.”

Carson and Jackson appeared on “Fox News Sunday” to discuss the ongoing dissatisfaction within the black community over the death of Brown, which many see as a symptom of systematic discrimination against blacks — particularly by white police officers.

“It’s a pattern,” Jackson contended. “Whether it was the killing of Trayvon Martin, the killer walked away free, the killing of Diallo in New York, shot 41 times by police, they walked away free. The Oscar Grant case in Oakland, or the case of Rodney King in L.A.”

“At some point, we require and need to have a sense of justice,” he continued. “All we do know about Mike Brown is, really, he was shot unarmed six times.”

Carson pushed back against Jackson’s portrayal. “If you take race out of the issue altogether,” he explained, “and you take a group of young men and you raise them with no respect for authority, not learning to take on personal responsibility, having easy access to drugs and alcohol, they’re very likely to end up as victims of violence and incarceration. Has nothing to do with race.”

More with video @ The Daily Caller

Black-on-white beating revenge for Michael Brown?

 Police Chief Tim Brinkley of West Point, Miss.

Police are investigating a brutal beating at a Mississippi restaurant that some are calling an attempted revenge killing for Michael Brown

A verbal alternation between two white men and up to seven black men began at a West Point Waffle House shortly after 1 a.m. Saturday.

The restaurant’s management warned the two groups to “take it outside” and the two whites, Ralph Weems and David Knighten, left the scene after some words were exchanged. About an hour later, the men stopped at a Huddle House and realized they had been followed by “about 20 people,” according to a local TV station. The verbal confrontation resumed and, this time, it turned violent.

More @ WND

70th anniversary of D-Day honored this weekend

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Finally receiving all of his awards and medals for his service in WWII, including a Bronze Star for his heroism after being pinned down by the enemy outside of Bellstein, Germany in 1944, Arthur "Pat" Engelberg sat under a period-correct, drab green tent under a hot Conneaut Park sky with seating for WWII veterans only.

Engelberg was the oldest in attendance.

"I'm 99. The oldest guy here," said Engelberg with a grin.

More with video @ ABC

Authority & Stereotypes Post Collapse

 Stereotypes Post Collapse

I know man who is cop and he is not officially prepper, but couple of times I talked with him and „spotted“ his philosophy. Because nature of his job he knows whats going on in town, where he can probably find drugs, weapons, prostitutes, everything.

He mentioned to me couple of times that if something bad happens, something like war, he would get together with some 15 of his buddies and take over pretty big part of the town while everything else is collapsing around us.

Of course he would not do that in order to help people, his plan is to gain power, in order to gain more power, and so on. He did not mention it, but what he wants is be gangleader after collapse and he is simply ordinary cop today.

But he has plans, skills, resources and wrong (or right) mindset for achieving this.

More @ SHTF School

Andrew and Silas Chandler

Silas was considered a servant by the other men and blacks in the unit, he was very much an equal, displaying just as much hatred for the Yankees as anyone in the whole unit!
- Andrew Martin Chandler, 1912 

One of the most famous accounts of a close master/body servant relationship was of Andrew Martin Chandler and his servant Silas. Chandler, 15 years old at the time, joined the confederate service and was put in Company F of the 44th Mississippi Infantry. His 17 year old formal slave accompanied him as he always had done.

Silas Chandler just received his free papers just before the war began but chose to stay with his friend and followed him off to war. After the Battle of Shiloh, Chandler was thrown in a Union prison in Ohio. Silas ran various errands back and forth from the Chandler homestead back in Palo Alto, Mississippi to the prison, seeing to Chandler's essentials. The boy was soon released and the two were very excited to rejoin their outfit.

During the fighting at Chickamauga, Andrew Chandler suffered a great wound to the leg which the surgeons were ready to amputate off. But Silas pulled out a gold coin that the boys were saving to buy some whiskey. Bribing the doctors to let Chandler go, he then carried the injured boy on his back to the nearest train. They rode all the way to Atlanta in a box car. Once there, the hospital doctors saved the boy's leg and life.

Soon after, they returned to home to Palo Alto, where they continued their friendship until their deaths. Chandler gave Silas land to build a church for the black community and saw that his friend got his confederate veteran pension in 1878.

His grave was adorned with a Confederate Cross of Honor that was placed there in 1994. Shortly after that, the great-grandsons of Silas and Andrew met. Traveling from Washington DC, Bobbie Chandler introduced himself to Andrew Chandler Battaile who still lives in Mississippi. They both maintain a long distance friendship that was rooted over a hundred years ago.

Silas Chandler has recently become a celebrated black confederate having his story recognized by the media. The picture of him and Andrew Chandler is the best well know photograph of a master and his body servant and is one of the only photos of it's kind to hang in a museum.

Gadsden Flag could end up on Alabama license plates

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License plate

Alabama vehicles could soon be sporting license plates featuring the rattlesnake emblem and “Don’t Tread on Me” warning popular with tea party groups.

A Montgomery-based organization founded by Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, the Foundation for Moral Law, is trying to get 1,000 people to pre-order the tags at a cost of $50 each. The state Revenue Department requires 1,000 pre-orders before it will manufacture a specialty tag like the one sought by the foundation.

A similar tag in Virginia generated nearly 21,800 sales in the first 20 months. Arizona, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas have similar tags.

More @ Times Daily