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Lessons In Likeness

He was a talented portrait artist.
He designed the first Confederate flag and the military uniforms.
He resided in Louisville, Kentucky, during the last part of his life.
Marschall had a studio here and is buried in Cave Hill Cemetery.
Kentucky and Ohio Valley 1800-1920 Portraits

The Filson Historical Society at 1310 S. Third Street in Louisville, Kentucky, currently has an art exhibition that will be of interest to folks interested in the Confederacy.The exhibit is free of charge and will run through the summer. Their hours are 9-5 Monday through Friday and open on one Saturday a month.

As you may be aware, I have struggled to encourage several Louisville museums including the Filson to exhibit the wonderful works of Nicola Marschall, a Confederate from Prussia. It came as a surprise to learn recently that this portrait exhibition contains several of his works. The Filson actually owns ten Marschall portraits in addition to some four hundred works of art.

Four of Marschall’s portraits are included in this exhibition entitled Lessons in Likeness. A fifth is hanging in a research office and a member of the staff was gracious enough to let me view it. One portrait is in the second floor library and all the others are on the third floor. There is an elevator available.

Several pages from his sketchbook and a copy of a photograph of a young Nicola Marschall are displayed within a glass case. My personal favorite portrait is that of General William Preston.

Among the works by other artists are busts of General William Preston and our War Governor Beriah Magoffin, along with portraits painted in1864 of Colonel and Mrs. George M. Jessee.

The Filson Historical Society is housed in the original Ferguson Mansion and is a delight to behold both inside and outside. You will want to spend an hour or so to view the portraits. Donations are accepted and membership is available. For additional details: call (502) 635-5083 or go to the website

Nancy Hitt

Lessons In Likeness

CNN's 'Expert on Extremism': (Read $PLC) 'Radical Right' Bigger Threat Than Jihadis!

Damn, just keeps getting better!:) You know Collectivists, this is really, really getting old.
What a despicable POS.
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Mark Potok of the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center claimed on Monday's Newsroom on CNN that radical Islam wasn't "our biggest domestic terror threat," that instead, "that pretty clearly comes from the radical right in this country." Anchor Suzanne Malveaux touted Potok as "expert on extremism" from "one of the most highly regarded non-governmental operations that are monitoring hate groups." Heh!

MSNBC’s Cenk Uygur Won’t Read Chart That Says ‘Black Separatists’ Are A Hate Group

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And what's better is that the chart was given to him by the $PLC!:)

"It’s a cliche in American politics to attack the other side with some variation of “you can’t handle the truth,” but sometimes it’s hard to find any other way to describe moments when prepackaged political views and hard data collide. MSNBC host Cenk Uygur had one such moment today as he refused to read data on a chart by his guest’s institution that showed black separatists groups were in the top three kinds of hate groups in America today."

“It ain’t fittin’… it ain’t fittin’. It jes’ ain’t fittin’… It ain’t fittin’.”

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White people are completely foolish, even the conservatives, to feel an obsession with setting up darkies as exemplary of the American ideal. This proves nothing. But we realize, at this point, that the white conservative has only one fear in life: to be called a racist. To avoid such a terrible taint, the white conservative is compelled to parade darkies who are self-reliant, successful, and hold conservative values. This represents some ultimate triumph, some supreme justification of all that is American. The white man is satisfied.

But, may we ask, do white people have a people? Who are a white man’s people? Is he allowed to have any? This guilt-ridded, self-conscious white man is making a mess of things, it seems to me. There may be some deep sense of conscience that is assuaged when a dusky heathen is set up as a success. There may be some sense of self-justification of all the white man has achieved.

America as an idea is fast failing. America as a family needs fast redemption, if there is any hope left. Take if from an old Indian “stepfather”: the white man needs to tend to his own family.

The Barber Shop & Ice Cream Parlor

The first time I went to this barbershop in Swansboro and saw his sign, I stated to the barber that evidently he didn't like to cut long hair, to which he replied, no. When I asked him why he had "& Up" on the sign, he said that he put it there in case someone would actually agree, he could say that his hair would be more.:)

This ice cream parlor in Emerald Isle is a wonderful place to take pictures, because of the vibrant colors.

RECARVING RUSHMORE Ranking the Presidents on Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty

"Readers will be intrigued to discover why, of the four men given exalted representations on Mount Rushmore, only Washington deserves the honor. They will learn why Teddy Roosevelt has been overrated; why Jefferson hypocritically violated his lofty rhetoric of liberty; and why Lincoln provoked a civil war that achieved far less than believed.

Gold Medal IPPY Award Winner (May 2010)

Praise for Recarving Rushmore

“In the intriguing book, Recarving Rushmore, Ivan Eland reassesses the record of all U.S. Presidents based on the constitutional principles that each swore to uphold. While conventional accounts glorify the flagrant misdeeds of the ‘Imperial Presidency,’ this insightful and crucial book provides an inspiring vision for both conservatives and liberals on the crucial need to rein in White House power and restore peace, prosperity and liberty.”
Ron Paul, U.S. Congressman

Why We Need An Asterois Strike

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"I figure that what we need is to tear the whole sorry system down and see what comes next. The best hope is that a patriot will learn how to impel some unused interplanetary object, Phobos or Deimos or Ganymede maybe, into Washington at ninety percent of the speed of light. This would eliminate the teachers unions, the Pentagon, AIPAC, Fox News, Langley, the Washington Post, lobbies, and my mother-in-law. Cockroaches would doubtless survive, that being what they do best, and evolve into a civilization less degraded than ours, briefly."

Wild ‘60-Man Brawl’ Breaks Out At DC Hip-Hop Awards

"It was supposed to be a night to celebrate the best of D.C.’s hip-hop music world. It ended up looking more like a scene out of “Fight Club.”

During the intermission at Saturday’s DMV Awards, two rival “crews” began an all-out brawl. It wasn’t just an I-push-you-you-push-me type of thing. As the Washington Post explains, projectiles (including chairs) were flying:"

U.S. Taxpayers Furnish Aid To 150 Out Of 192 Countries Worldwide

Gee, why aren't we helping all of these deserving, America loving countries.......?

"If Obama Knew, Impeachments Proceedings Should Begin Immediately"

Guaranteed Holder approved and I don't doubt for a moment that Obama also knew.
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Sen. Grassley's Letter to ATF Acting Director Melson January 31, 2011
"Obstructing a Congressional investigation is a crime..........denying or interfering with employees' rights to furnish information to Congress is also against the law."

Monte isn't happy with the ATF (One Minute)

Via Sipsey Street Irregulars

Grant's Order # 11 Most Anti-Semitic In American History

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"On Dec. 17, 1862, then-Gen. Ulysses S. Grant issued Order No. 11, which expelled all Jews from the military district he serviced.

Jews living in areas of Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi, many of whom had previously served in the Union Army, were forced to leave their homes as a result of the order. Grant singled out Jewish people in his order in an effort to halt ongoing cotton trading between the North and the South."

Dixie: The Most Employed Tune In Movie History?

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"As we’ve already seen, Jeff Davis and Abe Lincoln both embraced Dan Emmett’s I Wish I Was In Dixie’s Land … the song most of us know as Dixie. Yet this musical treat of Americana is often vilified today. Dixie’s been yanked (yes, that’s a legitimate verb) from college marching bands and condemned as insensitive, politically incorrect, and even racist. Simply put, Dixie is rarely played anymore.

Or is it?"


Dixie: The Most Employed Tune In Movie History?

Daniel Harvey Hill, Practical Educator :)

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“D. H. Hill did not like Yankees. His fierce disdain for folks from the North and particularly from New England, where abolitionists abounded, even found its way into the pages of an Algebra textbook he produced in 1857. Indeed, some of the problems he devised were almost humorous in terms of how they castigated the people of the North.

1. A Yankee mixes a certain number of wooden nutmegs, which cost him 1/4 cent apiece, with a quantity of real nutmegs, worth 4 cents apiece, and sells the whole assortment for $44; and gains $3.75 by the fraud. How many wooden nutmegs were there? 33

2. In the year 1692, the people of Massachusetts executed, imprisoned, or privately persecuted 469 persons, of both sexes, and all ages, for alleged crime of witchcraft. Of these, twice as many were privately persecuted as were imprisoned, and 7 17/19 times as many more were imprisoned than were executed. Required the number of sufferers of each kind? 34

3. In the year 1637, all the Pequot Indians that survived the slaughter on the Mystic River were either banished from Connecticut, or sold into slavery. The square root of twice the number of survivors is equal to 1/10 that number. What was the number?”

Source: Daniel Harvey Hill, Dan L. Morrill, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmark Commission.
Daniel Harvey Hill, Practical Educator

PNV-57 Russian Night Vision Goggles $129.99 With Free Shipping


Via The Battle Of Atlanta

Hammertime: The New Tone is Finally Here


" shall obey her laws ........"

Screw you *Billy Yank, go back and play with your Collectivist friends and leave us alone. You've been banned numerous times from SWR, but persist on sneaking back in under a different name to sow discord.

Dump DC

Ron Paul: First President of New Texas?


*See comments

Taliban Runner

Babies who are born at 23 weeks should be left to die

"Babies born after just 23 weeks of pregnancy or earlier should be left to die, a leading NHS official has said."

Survivor: Molly Griffith, 11, pictured here with her mother Ursula, was born 17 weeks early and is healthy now (see below)

Survivor: Molly Griffith, 11, pictured here with her mother Ursula, was born 17 weeks early and is healthy now.


King George IV

(Pictures, kindness of my second daughter Virginia. My fourth daughter Christine's second child, George Leon Tharp IV. Delivered at seven months, and three pounds. BT)

(Makes you want to cry, which brings to mind, abortion. You don't have to be a Christian, in fact you can be an atheist, and still understand that it is murder. How anyone could look at those beseeching eyes, and abort their baby is beyond me. BT)

King to Begin Hearings on Muslim Extremism

1959 Maserati Tipo 60 Birdcage


12 Photos

Lincoln Mythology Is Born

"Republics are created by the virtue, public spirit, and intelligence of the citizens. They fall, when the wise are banished from the public councils, because they dare to be honest, and the profligate are rewarded, because they flatter the people, in order to betray them."
--Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833
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"March 4th, 2011 marks the 150th Anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration as President of the United States. Lincoln idolators and court ‘historians’ are certain to gush forth with fluff and flowery prose about how Lincoln “saved the Union” and “freed the slaves” when history shows that he did neither -- in fact, he did just the opposite, as we'll show below.

This date March 4th marks the beginning of the Lincoln Legend, the
mythology that was erected after his death and which has been compounded for over a century since in support of the ambitions of the centralizers, those who support the nationalist empire and the belief that all principles must be sacrificed on the alter of the elite's pursuit of wealth. Let’s review.

Many of the lies and distortions and omissions that form the Lincoln Mythology have been debunked and exposed in previous commentary on this site and in the work of others in books and periodicals. A list of worthy links, references and suggested reading will follow below. For our purposes here today, let's simply review the top Five Myths you're most likely to hear or read on the anniversary of the inauguration and throughout the sesquicentennial observances of the war that Lincoln started and carried out on behalf of northern special interests and the advocates of the centralized model of government.

Black Leaders Rip Obama Claim of Tea Party Racism

Adam Smith: "There is no art which one government sooner learns of another than that of draining money from the pockets of the people."
--Adam Smith
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Members of the Project 21 black leadership network strongly disagree with President Barack Obama's contention, as reported in the new book "Family of Freedom: Presidents and African-Americans in the White House," that the tea parties are motivated more by the color of Obama's skin than the content of his agenda.

"As a keynote speaker at numerous tea party events around the country which has allowed me to meet tea party activists from all walks of life, I know it is Obama's progressive politics and not his race that motivates these patriotic Americans to protest our nation's slide toward socialism," said full-time Project 21 Fellow Deneen Borelli. "By engaging in race-card politics, Obama shows he is willing to follow the lead of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to ignite racial tension as a means of maintaining power and furthering his agenda."