Friday, January 15, 2021

Vox Day: CNN Was In On It

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300K of 9MM Ammo sold in 15 minutes

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If anyone wants to know what the temperature of the country feels like at the current moment, we just sold 300,000 rounds of 9mm ammunition in less than 15 minutes.
ALL of which was sold directly to American citizens. Not dealers, wholesalers, law enforcement, or government agencies. To the public. The People. Individuals. The folks who the Second Amendment was written for.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

A Domestic Terrorism Bill Only Antifa Could Love

Via "These communist bastards are targeting our sheriffs and deputies. Their targeting our men and women in uniform as well. Mister, we have GOT to make a big ass stink over this. I've a feeling a lot of folks won't be happy about THEIR sheriffs being called white supremacists and terrorists. Spread the word and let folks know what's happening and maybe post this one your blog if you think it will help."

Trump, Lacking Clear Authority, Says U.S. Will Declare Antifa a Terrorist  Group - The New York Times

This legislation is less about securing Americans from domestic terrorism, and more about propagandizing a dangerous narrative and enforcing a political bias in our counterterrorism efforts.

Moving swiftly on the wings of the violent disturbance on Capitol Hill on January 6, the newly sworn in Democratic-controlled 117th Congress is pushing a radical domestic terrorism bill that singles out “right-wing” terrorists and labels local law enforcement officials as potential terrorist threats. 

Introduced by Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) S.894 “The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act” is a companion bill to House bill H.R. 1931 sponsored by Representative Bradley Schneider (D-Ill.). A version of that bill in the previous congress raised Republican ire after Democrats refused to accept any amendments that made reference to Antifa and left-wing terrorism.

The bill includes a long list of findings that reference terrorist acts allegedly committed by white supremacists or other “far-right” actors. It includes no reference to any other threats. 

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The Pentagon Speaks

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The Joint Chiefs of Staff have released an extraordinary memo on the US presidential elections. As Jacob Hornberger writes at the link, "It’s time for Americans to do some serious soul-searching and to ask themselves some penetrating questions: Is a root cause of America’s many woes the fact that it is a national-security state, just like China, Russia, and North Korea? Is it time to restore America’s founding system of a limited-government republic? Which governmental structure is more likely to lead to liberty, peace, prosperity, and harmony?

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You might call it propaganda, state lies, fraud, illusions or delusions. I prefer pretenses which afford the peddler thereof and the hapless fool who buys into them just the degree of deniability so that they can pretend that what is represented or misrepresented is respectable and a touchstone for the common weal.

1. America was founded: The country which we call “America” was not “founded.” It was an organic expression on a new territory of the values and virtues as well as the flaws and vices of Western Civilization, but particularly the British Protestant version thereof with later quickening from immigrants from Catholic Europe. A country is the unique relationship of a people or people with a space or territory. It is, in and of itself, not a nation nor a state. What we call the “founding” is actually the second attempt of the American republics who called themselves “states,” i.e. sovereign entities, to form a general government. They seceded from the union under the Articles of Confederation and acceded to a new union under the document which we continue to call the Constitution.

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UPDATE: He has been Charged: Antifa Protester John Sullivan Brags About Posing As Trump Supporter, Breaking Window At US Capitol Building During Riots

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Footage obtained by the Gateway Pundit from militant Black Lives Matter and Antifa activist John Sullivan’s Discord server shows the so-called “civil rights activist” reveling inside the U.S. Capitol on Jan.6 as he damaged federal property.

Sullivan has maintained in multiple interviews that he regularly attends protests only to record what’s going on, but did not actively partake in the insurgence in Washington.

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BLM activist charged for participation in storming of Capitol

Secession, North and South

Virginia in the American Civil War - Wikipedia

Address by Col. E. Polk Johnson at U.D.C. Convention in Louisville, April, 1919 (from Confederate Veteran magazine, Vol. XXVII, No. 5, May, 1919)

[Publisher's Note: It was this time of year, one hundred and sixty-one years ago, that seven Southern states, believing with every ounce of their being that "Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed," seceded from the old Union and formed a new nation on this earth: the Confederate States of America.

For over a decade, those seven states along with the rest of the South, had endured abject hatred and violence encouraged by a political party that was determined to rally its voters in the populous North. They wanted political control of the country so they could continue to enrich themselves with high tariffs, bounties, subsidies and monopoly status for their businesses (not unlike the tyrannical monopoly status Google, Facebook and Twitter enjoy today).

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The Tarnished Tarheel

Harriet Beecher Stowe’s 1851 phantasmagorical image of slave life in the South has long been regarded as one of the sparks that ignited the War Between the States.  However, a now almost forgotten anti-slavery polemic by the North Carolina abolitionist Hinton Rowan Helper did far more to inflame the nation at that time than did “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.”  In fact, Helper even poked fun at Stowe’s work in the preface of his book “The Impending Crisis of the South : How to Meet It” when he quipped that while “Yankee wives have written the most popular fictions of slavery, men should give the facts.”  In its day, Helper’s book was also effectively employed by the Free-Soil Republicans as a propaganda piece in Lincoln’s 1860  presidential campaign.

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Federal Investigators Think The Riots In The Capitol Were PLANNED

FBI released statement that the Trump Rally on the 6th of January, was infiltrated by the group Antifa from Baltimore. Several buses delivered the group to verge and blend in with the MAGA rally. Then entered the capitol building.

Federal investigators are now conducting the investigation on the basis that these riots were planned, and not caused by the President's speech.

A lot of people have been talking about the mysterious bus of ANTIFA infiltrators which arrived in the capitol before the 6th. Notable ANTIFA members were even photographed at the protests.

In other words the violence has ANTIFA written all over it…..this is not the first time they have done something like this, and even fake news CNN has begun to report that the violence was PLANNED.

President Trump did not incite anything, these riots were PLANNED, and I am extremely confident that they were planned by ANTIFA infiltrators…….not our own people. 

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Brant Griner: "This is exactly what the Pfizer Covid19 vaccine did to my mother"

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