Friday, June 24, 2022

RIP My Friend, NAGO Plus Drew Dix, CMOH Winner

                                                                          NAGO far left.

Pictures enlarge at link.

My Friend, NAGO And Drew Dix, CMOH Winner



Duong Nhat Ngo

June 23, 1939 - June 24, 2022

Service: Parlor at Johnson Funeral Home
Sunday, July 3, 2022, 11:00 am - 2:00 pm


  1. RIP Warrior.
    Glad you are still with us Brock. Keep posting as often as you can.
    Your friend in the Old Dominion -
    Red in Ole Virginny

    1. Thank you Sir and Drew Dex mentioned this (Warrior)
      in his words at link/s

  2. Great men, both, when men were men. We have rampant communism
    going on in the US but if one stands up against it, you become the
    criminal. The only good communist is a dead communist.
    This situation in Camp Lejeune has been ongoing since 1953 but
    finally being pushed aggressively for reparations as in Agent
    Orange. All the lives lost d/t their lack of humanity:

    1. Great men, both, when men were men.
      Amen, Amen!

      I've been following this as I'm just down the block. :)