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Scotland police probe killing of Muslim shopkeeper who posted Facebook Easter message to Christians

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A popular shopkeeper who wished Christians a happy Easter on Facebook was stabbed to death in what police in Scotland say was a “religiously prejudiced” attack carried out by a fellow Muslim, it was reported Saturday.

A vigil was held Friday night in Glasgow’s Shawlands neighborhood in memory of Asad Shah who was killed the day before-- a few hours after he apparently posted messages on Facebook that said “Good Friday and very happy Easter, especially to my beloved Christian nation.”

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2 Belgian nuclear-power plant workers have joined ISIS: Leads to fears jihadis have intelligence to cause meltdown disaster

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Didier Prospero, pictured, who was a security guard at the Tihange Nuclear power plant, was found shot dead in his bathroom beside his beloved pet sheepdog Beauce. No gun was found at the scene of the crime 
Didier Prospero, pictured, who was a security guard at the Tihange Nuclear power plant, was found shot dead in his bathroom beside his beloved pet sheepdog Beauce. No gun was found at the scene of the crimeBelgian security services are fearful that ISIS operatives may have been looking to target a nuclear plant as it emerged two workers from a plant in Doel fled to Syria to join ISIS. 

One of the men, reportedly known as Ilyass Boughalab, is believed to have been killed in Syria, while the second served a short prison sentence in Belgium for terror-related offences in 2014. 

With an extensive understanding of nuclear facilities, the convict's short jail sentence has raised further questioned of the Belgian security services as well as fears he may have passed on important knowledge about the site's to the terrorist group. 

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As I suspiciously observe the current political rivalry, I see an eerie parallel in history.

Following their defeat in the First World War, Germany was a total wreck, forced to endure a ceaseless national humiliation, accompanied and aggravated by high unemployment, starvation, hopelessness, embarrassment, and shame, all conditions which were forced on the German people by the deliberate collusion of their European neighbors, particularly France and Great Britain.

Germans saw what transpired in Russia, and were terrified that a tragic Bolshevik triumph would also befall their own country.

It was under these conditions that Adolf Hitler and the German National Socialist Workers Party were FREELY and LEGALLY elected to power by a voting populace which could see no other way to stop the threat of violently lethal Bolshevism.

With the Nazis in control, there was employment, industry, money, and food.

After having endured so many years of terror, humiliation, poverty, and hunger, German people finally had a tangible hope for a bright and enlightened future.

They could hold up their heads and be PROUD of being German.

Of course, the German populace had no idea that, secretly, Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin were actually plotting and conniving as ALLIES in their nefarious schemes!

Indeed, the Nazis learned how to kill Jews by diligently studying how Josef Stalin killed Ukrainians.

What has this got to do with the current political scene here in our own beloved United States of America?

Are we not now, as a nation and a people, in more or less the identical situation that Germany found itself just prior to the Second World War?

Is there not an uncanny historical parallel, in that Donald John Trump is offering wildly enthusiastic American voters some hope, where before there was nothing but confused hopelessness?

He promises to build a wall on the Mexican Border, and to deport all of the illegal aliens.

He promises to have manufacturing industries restored to American soil.

I'm totally in support of those actions, IF he will actually do it, and not just make empty campaign promises, while failing to implement those policies.

As it now stands, we are continuously ensnarled in one war after another, all over the globe, in countries where we have no business even being involved.

Our national economy is doomed to collapse.

How did it even last this long?

If we are to survive, we must be willing to deal head on with our national racial hostilities, and abolish any and all affirmative action racial quotas, and benignly permitting voluntary racial segregation.

We must abolish the lies imposed by the foolishness of "politically correct" language and speech.

I'm really concerned that NONE of the candidates ever cites as a resource our divinely inspired Constitution of the United States of America and/or the Declaration of Independence (which is our authority for claiming unalienable rights for individual citizens).

I'm also concerned that NO candidate appears to make a distinction between a "Democracy" and a "Republic".

Donald Trump's opponent (as it currently stands) is Bernie Sanders, a confirmed Bolshevik (Okay, so he SAYS, "Socialist"!), determined to eventually create the bloody horrors imposed by a Soviet style police state.

So, now what?

I'm just one man, and I certainly don't have all the answers.

I sure as Sam Hill don't want to see the same ol', same ol' Republican Party and Democratic Party status quo being perpetuated in their ignorant insulation from their voting constituency.

No, I don't claim to know everything.

But - - - ,

I do think almost every contemporary problem in our beloved native land could be peacefully resolved by relying on a stalwart universally armed citizenry, and by relying on the contents found within the pages of our Holy Bible, our Declaration of Independence, and our Constitution of the United States of America.

Now then, which candidate is most likely to do that?

Or are ALL of them merely inveterate liars from the git-go?

Thank you.

John Robert Mallernee, Esquire
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Vernal, Utah  84078

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NC: Reiner Says He Won’t Shoot in North Carolina Because of Anti-Trans Law


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The real test for Reiner is besides pledging not to shoot movies in North Carolina, whether he will ask his distributor not to show his two new movies anywhere in the state. Is he willing to forgo ticket sales and revenue for the sake of men who think they are women?

Hilarious! Bill Maher Blasts Emory Anti-Trump Students: I WANT TO DROPKICK THESE KIDS (VIDEO)

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Poor Abused Muslims in Belgium Make up 5% of Population Yet Consume 40-60% of Welfare

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 muslims praying europe

Merkel wants more Muslims in Europe. reported:

Heavily subsidized by Belgium’s overgenerous welfare system, North African immigrants have little incentive to integrate. Instead they turn inward, creating Islamic no-go zones divorced from and hostile to Western society.

Sharia4Belgium is one of most popular youth organizations in the country. Its young Muslim bullies go around harassing non-Muslims to comply with Sharia law on the street, banning the smoking of cigarettes, the use of alcohol and the sale of pork. Women who don’t cover up get pawed, or worse, raped.

The problem isn’t intolerance. It’s the multiculturalist socialist paradise that the entire European Union affords Muslim immigrants

High School Mural Features Communist, La Raza Propaganda

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 Lincoln High School Principal Peyton Chapman
 Lincoln High School Principal El Wacko Peyton Chapman

Lincoln High School in Portland, Oregon, sports a series of murals painted in its main entrance that feature communist and La Raza/Aztlan propaganda. Take a gander at these! Note the American flag with the hammer and sickle in place of the stars, the white arms in shackles with what appears to be Fidel Castro with the Cuban flag behind him, men with guns, an image of Che Guevara, dollar bills, and what appears to be missiles popping up from silos. Perhaps this is some kind of imagery of strong border control?

 This next one features a bloody cross, and mocking of the constitution, with more border symbolism.

Global Elite, SJW and Trump

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"Today’s Symbol of Liberty Rising"

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 Opens HERE

(Couldn't get mine to work.)

The symbol above links to LaVoy Finicum; One Cowboy’s Family Stand For Freedom. Although new information concerning the suppression of evidence has come forward, the death of Mr. Finicum should not be forgotten. Whether of not, his death will be recognized as a rallying point for Liberty is up to us.
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Man loses leg by shooting lawn mower full of Tannerite

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Heroes at the gates of hell: A proud British regiment poses in the May sunshine of 1915.

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Standing proudly beside their friends and fellow soldiers, 46 men of the 8th Berkshire Regiment pose for a group photograph in May 1915.

The sun was shining, their training almost complete and many were keen to see action for the first time.

But within four months of this haunting picture at their training camp near Warminster, Wiltshire, they were fighting the Battle of Loos.

That one action left ten men dead and another seven wounded.

By the end of the war, 19 of the brother officers had been killed, nine seriously wounded and the group had been scattered.

 None were left untouched by the horrors they shared — and some carried those secrets to their graves years later.

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Democrat State Senator says “If I was a White Guy, I’d get my Semiautomatic Weapon and… Mow Everybody Down”

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Senator Ernie Chambers

Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers is getting closer to meeting his Maker and yet, he persists in his racism and the murderous intentions of his heart keep coming out in his statement.

His latest comments came during a debate on abill to prohibit job discrimination based on sexual orientation (we commonly call it deviancy). Apparently, Chambers became so frustrated with what was being said that he blurted out, "If I was a white guy, I'd go get my semiautomatic weapon and come down here and mow everybody down."

The Lincoln Journal Star reports:

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St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, the “Cathedral of the Confederacy” has begun removing Confederate images

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The historic St. Paul’s Episcopal Church known as the “Cathedral of the Confederacy” has begun removing all images of the Confederate flag from within its walls.

The measure includes 23 images in all, the most notably being six plaques with various versions of the Confederate flag, the church’s coat of arms with the flag on kneelers at the high altar, and bookplates in some books in the church’s library.

Gen. Lee and his family worshiped here during and after the War.  It was here that Lee took communion by a black man after the *13th amendment was passed, signifying that he viewed all men were equal.

The sanctuary has been used by decedents groups for memorial ceremonies for decades.
The plaques include tributes to Lee, Jackson and Davis (including Winnie and and Varina).


*Had nothing to do with the 13th.  The man went up first for communion, something never done before and when everyone hesitated to join him, Lee arose and knelt beside him.

Ted Cruz Cheating Scandal Rumors Started by Rubio Campaign

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It was discovered that weeks ago a large number of Marco Rubio operatives and supporters were trying to bring the sex scandal story to the MSM attention.
Under the open guise of #TheThing they were communicating via various twitter feeds and following along to see if the story had been picked up. Most of the activity was centered around March 10th – March 15th.
Yesterday the hashtag CruzSexScandal went viral. Today, many of those DC operatives, participants, supporters, consultants, Super-PAC’s and campaign advisors have spent a great deal of time deleting their (The Thing) participation. The peak of their scrubbing coincided with Senator Ted Cruz accusing Donald Trump of planting the story.
Obviously, the Rubio Clan didn’t want to see themselves outed as the originating entities.
Virtually everyone in the blog-o-sphere who supported Marco Rubio was active, tweeting, re-tweeting, or following the events related to #TheThing. Now they’re running for cover and trying to hide their fingerprints.

NC: San Francisco mayor bans city workers from traveling to The Tar Heel State

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San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee said in a statement Friday he doesn’t want any city workers to travel to North Carolina unless necessary in wake of its legislation which blocks anti-discrimination for gay, lesbian and transgender people.

“We are standing united as San Franciscans to condemn North Carolina’s new discriminatory law that turns back the clock on protecting the rights of all Americans including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals,” Lee said in the statement.

“Effective immediately, I am directing City Departments under my authority to bar any publicly-funded City employee travel to the State of North Carolina that is not absolutely essential to public health and safety.”

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory signed a bill this week to void a Charlotte ordinance that would’ve provided protections against discrimination in public accommodations.

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GOP Party Officials May Change Rules to Stop Trump at Convention – Open Door For Elites to Steal Nomination

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Ben Ginsberg, a Republican elections lawyer who was involved in rule-making process for the 2012 convention, said that Rule 40(b) isn’t transferrable to the 2016 convention. Ginsberg explained to the Washington Examiner that what was passed in 2012 applied only to 2012, and that the 2016 convention must pass its own rule determining nomination eligibilty.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus confirmed Ginsberg’s assessment on Sunday during a television interview. “There will always be a perception problem if people continue to miss — to not explain the process properly. So, the 2012 rules committee writes the rules for the 2012 convention. The 2016 rules committee writes the rules for the 2016 convention,” he told CNN.

"This is what national suicide looks like."


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A man who tweeted about stopping a Muslim woman in the street yesterday, challenging her to “explain Brussels”, and lambasted on Twitter for his comments, has responded to the criticism today, insisting he is not some ‘far right merchant’.
Matthew Doyle, partner at a south London-based talent & PR agency, posted a tweet on Wednesday morning saying: “I confronted a Muslim woman in Croydon yesterday. I asked her to explain Brussels. She said ‘nothing to do with me’. A mealy mouthed reply.”
He was later arrested.
At some point, people figure out that posting a complaint on twitter is the same as punching someone in the face so they will start doing the latter. In fact, this man should have just punched the woman and walked away. The chances of him being arrested would have been lower. That’s how things are under an anarcho-tyranny. The cops only reach for the low hanging fruit.

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Refugee Crisis: Using Chaos To Build Power


A European Union military force with power to intervene in member states. A new “Marshall Plan” to radically redesign whole regions of the world and impose regional government. A United Nations empowered to manage it all. Christendom under siege. And the end of nationhood as it is understood today. That is where the “refugee crisis” is heading, as the engineered disaster wreaks havoc across Europe and beyond. Despite the appearance of chaos, though, it is all by design, with a series of radical goals in mind.

While the establishment’s demands on Europe to accept millions of Middle Eastern refugees have been couched in “humanitarian” rhetoric, the real agenda is nothing of the sort. Rather than helping out their fellow human beings, globalist forces actually created the refugee crisis and the suffering behind it. And they are using it to advance multiple, related agendas — primarily globalism and statism. That the crisis is being exploited to undermine Western culture, national sovereignty, and even nationhood itself is now beyond dispute. Top globalists are openly bragging about it.

“I will ask the governments to cooperate, to recognize that sovereignty is an illusion — that sovereignty is an absolute illusion that has to be put behind us,” declared former Goldman Sachs chairman Peter Sutherland, an ex-member of the Bilderberg Steering Committee who currently “serves” as the UN special representative of the secretary-general for international migration. “The days of hiding behind borders and fences are long gone. We have to work together and cooperate together to make a better world. And that means taking on some of the old shibboleths, taking on some of the old historic memories and images of our own country and recognizing that we’re part of humankind.”

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