Friday, October 4, 2019

How the Neocons are Helping Destroy Western Civilization

 ...National Review contributor David French on:“Drag Queen Story Hour:

Every now and then an acquaintance who reads what I write will ask me: “Boyd, why are you so critical of writers and commentators—Neoconservatives—like Victor Davis Hanson, Ben Shapiro, Brian Kilmeade, and those who appear on Fox News? Why do you seem so condemnatory of articles and essays that show up in, say, National Review or The Wall Street Journal? Aren’t there some good and worthy items there…aren’t there some good things coming from those folks and from those publications?”

My answer is short and in the form of an analogy: Suppose you had a cantaloupe. It appeared to be just fine and pleasing. But a considerable portion of it—a large interior portion you could not really see or determine—was rotten. Just as you say to yourself, “Yum, this is a tasty cantaloupe,” and continue munching away, before long and before you realize it, you are getting into parts of the fruit that maybe at first didn’t seem so bad. But, in fact, you have begun to digest decaying fruit. And then it is too late….

The South and “Red Flag” Laws


These days, we see many politicians pushing relentlessly for gun control. In the wake of recent mass shootings, several so-called “conservatives” have shown their true colors by demonizing gun owners and misrepresenting the facts on the issue.

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina called critics of red flag laws “libertarians” and stated that “the Second Amendment is not a suicide pact.” Marco Rubio also just published a New York Times piece pushing for bi-partisan support and Donald Trump has even reportedly considered implementing a social credit score system, similar to the Chinese, in order to determine who can buy guns.

At the end of the day, are any of these proposals really so different from the radical leftists that want to take guns by federal confiscation or buy-back?

Zeldin: Volker put a 'dagger to the heart of Schiff's impeachment fairytale'

Tucker: Trump refused to bow to intelligence agencies

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If New Paul Sperry Report about Whistleblower is True, It’s a Game Changer

If these allegations are proven, and Paul Sperry is a very credible journalist, it blows up the Democrats’ case against Trump.

Investigative reporter Paul Sperry reported on Thursday night that the whistleblower whose complaint triggered the House of Representatives to open an impeachment inquiry against President Trump, was “himself helping dig up dirt in Ukraine against Trump (and Manafort) while working in the Obama White House during 2016 campaign.” In an earlier tweet, Sperry wrote, “BREAKING:

The whistleblower is a registered Democrat & CIA analyst who was detailed before the 2016 election to the Obama White House, where he worked on the NSC’s Ukraine desk & met w anti-Trump Ukrainian officials before being sent packing by the Trump NSC & becoming disgruntled.”

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AOC supporter insists we need to eat babies to solve climate crisis

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Canine Sexual Dimorphism

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WATCH: Clint Eastwood Takes On The Fake News Media In ‘Richard Jewell’ Trailer

CNN refuses to air Trump’s ‘Biden Corruption’ ad that also slams the network’s ‘media lapdogs’

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 President Donald Trump speaks to the media on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, Thursday, Oct. 3, 2019, before boarding Marine One for a short trip to Andrews Air Force Base, Md., and then on to Florida. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

CNN is refusing to air a new Trump reelection campaign ad that attacks the network’s prime-time anchors Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo as “lapdogs” for the Democratic Party.

The 30-second ad, titled “Biden Corruption,” highlights the controversy surrounding former Vice President Joseph R. Biden and his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine.

“Joe Biden promised Ukraine $1 billion if they fired the prosecutor investigating his son’s company,” a narrator says in the ad. “But when President Trump asks Ukraine to investigate corruption, the Democrats want to impeach him.

“And their media lapdogs fall in line,” the narrator says over footage of Mr. Lemon, Mr. Cuomo, CNN reporter Jim Acosta, and MSNBC host Rachel Maddow. Madcow