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Roman artifacts attest to 1st c. Batavian rebellion

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Archaeologists excavating the North Rhine-Westphalian town of Krefeld have unearthed thousands of artifacts attesting to a 1st century rebellion of Batavian tribesemen against Rome.

The Batavians, whose native territory was the delta between the Lower Rhine and the Waal, were long-time allies of Rome. Considered the bravest of all Germanic tribes, they had formed the core of the imperial guard since Augustus and had a special deal with the empire that exempted them from all tribute and taxes. The only resources the Batavians were required to contribute were fighting men, infantry and especially cavalry, famed for their amphibious ability to cross rivers on horseback in full armour. They contributed soldiers in far greater proportion than other Roman allies, an estimated 5,000 men out of a total population of just 35,000.

Dennis Rodman: Kim Jong-un Had ‘Change of Heart’ After Reading Trump’s ‘Art of the Deal’

Former NBA basketball star Dennis Rodman presents a book titled "Trump The Art of the Deal" to North Korea's Sports Minister Kim Il Guk Thursday, June 15, 2017, in Pyongyang, North Korea. (AP Photo/Kim Kwang Hyon)

Former basketball star Dennis Rodman, best known in the 21st century as North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un’s most outspoken friend in the Western world, claimed on Monday that Kim had a “change of heart” about his nuclear program after reading President Donald Trump’s 1987 book, Trump: The Art of the Deal.

In an interview with TMZ, Rodman recalled presenting Kim with that very copy of Trump’s magnum opus during his June 2017 trip to Pyongyang. He gave the Trump book and some other gifts to North Korean Sports Minister Kim Il-guk, who looked as if Rodman had just handed him a live tarantula but presumably passed along The Art of the Deal to Kim Jong-un.

“I think he didn’t realize who Donald Trump was at that time,” Rodman said of Kim. “I guess it felt good to read that book. It felt good to understand him, stuff like that.”

“I don’t want to take all the credit,” Rodman said modestly. “I don’t want to sit there and say, ‘I did this. I did that.’ That’s not my intention. My intention was to try to go over there and be a sports ambassador to North Korea so that people understand how they are in North Korea. I think it has resonated into this whole point now.”

“I don’t ask Donald Trump for anything. I like Donald Trump. He’s a good friend,” Rodman clarified. He claimed he was asked by the government of North Korea to “talk to Donald Trump about what they want and how we could solve things.”

Rodman said Trump was aware of his trips to North Korea long before he became president and judged it would be a “great thing” for him to continue going there as a sort of unofficial goodwill ambassador and barometer of Kim Jong-un’s mood.

“All of a sudden, people are calling me and asking, ‘Why aren’t you getting the credit because you’re the one who brought awareness of everything about the hostages and about the people that are over there? And all of a sudden, he started letting people go,’” Rodman claimed, presumably referring to North Korea’s release of captive student Otto Warmbier, who died shortly after his release. 

Rodman said his response to those who believe he deserves credit for the diplomatic opening to North Korea is, “I’m not the president. I’m just one person. I’m so happy that things are going well.”

'Sorry Jim, (Comey) You're a Liar': Giuliani Rips 'Garbage Investigation' of Trump, Says Comey Should Be Prosecuted


Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani joined Sean Hannity for the full hour on "Hannity" at 9 PM ET.

Giuliani recently joined President Donald Trump's legal team defending him in the special counsel probe into alleged Russian collusion which is headed by former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Giuliani, 73, is a longtime friend of Trump's, and has been involved in New York City politics since serving as the U.S. attorney in the powerful Southern District of New York -- based in Manhattan.

The former mayor was in 2016 floated by Trump as a potential nominee for U.S. attorney general.

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How drugs are smuggled across the border

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Repost: A simple life in the Appalachian mountains


Repost: NC-Mountain Talk

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They Slandered The Appalachian Mountain People

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April Ratings: Another Catastrophe for Dead-Last CNN: ESPN Lost 500,000 Subscribers in April

 Jeff Zucker, President of CNN, is interviewed during a Financial Times Future of News event March 22, 2018 in New York. / AFP PHOTO / Don EMMERT (Photo credit should read DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images)

Far-left CNN’s highest rated show, Anderson Cooper 360, came in a humiliating 24th for April, behind every single program on Fox News that airs after 6 a.m.

With 1.1 million viewers, Cooper was also the only CNN show that managed to attract more than a million viewers. Erin Burnett, the second-highest rated show on CNN, came in 27th place and drew only 965,00 total viewers. Jake Tapper, who is being sold as some kind of superstar, slid face first into 32nd place with only 927,000 viewers.

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Stephen A. Smith attends ESPN: The Party 2017 held on Friday, Feb. 3, 2017, in Houston, Texas. (Photo by John Salangsang/Invision/AP)

ESPN lost half-a-million subscribers in the month of April, adding to a massive hemorrhaging of customers which now hovers around 14 million over the last seven years.

While the numbers were catastrophic across the board for the national networks, only NBCSN lost more households than ESPN.

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Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL): "Mueller is an inferior executive branch officer and has no oversight authority."

 Image result for Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL): "Mueller is an inferior executive branch officer and has no oversight authority."

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) rejected the notion that special counsel Robert Mueller has any investigative authority over President Donald Trump’s decisions, including those that some suggest could show an obstruction of justice.

According to DeSantis, given Mueller is an inferior executive branch officer and has no oversight authority. Therefore, Trump should not answer any questions from Mueller, and avoid being caught in a trap of a process crime.

“[Y]ou have a situation where Robert Mueller, he is a DOJ employee, effectively,” he said. So he has an inferior officer in the executive branch. What gives him the right to conduct oversight over basic presidential decisions? It has nothing to do with any type of criminal activity. What was in your mind when you talked about [Jeff] Sessions resigning or this or that? He does not have the right to subpoena the president for that. I don’t think the president should submit to those questions. And I agree with Alan Dershowitz and I agree with you, Sean, I think really they’re not trying to investigate a crime, they are trying to manufacture a process crime.”

Dershowitz: Trump Better Off Challenging a Mueller Subpoena

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Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said President Donald Trump’s best legal maneuver would be to challenge a potential subpoena from special counsel Robert Mueller.

Dershowitz said, “Mueller has the ultimate card in his hand, the subpoena card. Because you subpoena the president, he has to go in front of the grand jury without his lawyer, without any opportunity to limit the questions.”

He continued, “But this gives the president some options, too. He can challenge the subpoena in court. He can go to the federal district court, the court of appeals, the United States Supreme Court. He can argue you can’t subpoena a president in a criminal case in front of a grand jury. He would possibly lose that broad issue. He can then argue you can’t ask a president why he engaged in acts that are authorized under Article II of the Constitution. He might well win that argument. Then he might argue you can’t ask me questions that go beyond the scope of the special counsel’s authority, namely to business dealings before he became president of the United States, and he may win or may lose that. It’s unclear.”

He added, “I think he’d be in a better position challenging this legally than sitting down with the special counsel and answering that list of 40-some-odd questions that are so open-ended, so vague and so general.”

How the Neocons Destroyed Southern Conservatism

The election of Trump threw them—both the cultural Left but also the establishment Neoconservatives—off stride, at least temporarily.  And the history of the past year and a half has been a continuous sequence of their efforts to either displace the new administration (by the hard Left and some Never Trumpers) or surround the president and convert him, or at a minimum neuter his “blood and soil,” America First inclinations (by many of the establishment Neocon and their GOP minions).
Who wins this battle, who wins this war, will determine the future of this nation and whether the dominant Deep State narrative, shared by both the establishment Left AND the establishment conservatives, will complete its triumph.

No discussion of Southern conservatism, its history and its relationship to what is termed broadly the “American conservative movement” would be complete without an examination of events that have transpired over the past fifty years and the pivotal role of the powerful intellectual current known as Neoconservatism.

From the 1950s into the 1980s Southerners who defended the traditions of the South, and even more so, of the Confederacy, were welcomed as allies and confreres by their Northern and Western counterparts. William F. Buckley Jr.’s National Review and Dr. Russell Kirk’s Modern Age, perhaps the two leading conservative journals of the period, welcomed Southerners into the “movement” and onto the pages of those organs of conservative thought.  Kirk dedicated an entire issue of Modern Age to the South and its traditions, and explicitly supported its historic defense of the originalist constitutionalism of the Framers. And throughout the critical period that saw the enactment of the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts, Buckley’s magazine defended the “Southern position,” arguing forcefully on constitutional grounds that the proposed legislation would undercut not just the guaranteed rights of the states but the protected rights of citizens.

NRA Fires Back At Delta Airline CEO


Delta Airlines was among the first companies to jump on the Boycott NRA bandwagon. Almost immediately, it revoked a little-used membership discount, then tried to claim it wanted to stay out of the debate.

Well, it can’t. Delta entered the debate the moment it made its announcement. Recently, however, Delta’s CEO claimed it made business sense to virtue signal.

The NRA, obviously, disagrees.

Nearly 90% of refugees in the Netherlands don’t work

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Almost 90% of the refugees that have received a residency permit in the Netherlands since 2014 still don’t have a job, according to figures from the Central Bureau for Statistics.

De Telegraf revealed the figures show that of the refugees who do work, only 15% are in full time employment.

Researchers claim the reason is because asylum seekers are better off on benefits than in work.

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NJ Teachers Union President Will “Bend the Truth,” Cover Up Child Abuse in Schools, Protects Drug-Using, Shoplifting Teachers

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Lindsey Graham: If Trump wins Nobel Peace Prize a lot of liberals would "kill themselves."


Graham appeared on "Sunday Morning Futures" with host Maria Bartiromo, where they discussed the recent developments on the Korean Peninsula involving the meeting between South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

"President Trump, if he can lead us to ending the Korean War after 70 years and getting North Korea to give up their nuclear program in a verifiable way deserves the Nobel Peace Prize and then some," Graham said.

Trump threatens to use presidential ‘powers’ to intervene in ‘rigged system’

 Sessions Trump Rosenstein Split
"Despite his repeated promises to cooperate, Mr. Rosenstein’s supervision of the Department of Justice has been sorely inadequate," North Carolina GOP Rep. Mark Meadows, the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, said Tuesday. "Valid investigative requests from Congress have been slow-walked, stonewalled, and impeded at each step of the way under his watch." 
President Trump lashed out at his own Justice Department again on Wednesday, tearing into officials for not cooperating with document requests from congressional Republicans while warning he could “use the powers” of the presidency to intervene in the dispute.

“A Rigged System - They don’t want to turn over Documents to Congress,” the president tweeted, in an apparent swipe at the Justice Department.

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Denizens of Valhalla and the Transient Afterlife of Norse Myth

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The ancient Norse were one of the few cultures to create a mythology that did not necessarily promise eternal life of any kind for the souls of the deceased. The world was believed to be heading towards a final destruction called Ragnarok when the gods and their enemies alike would perish in a cosmic battle, after which a new world would rise out of the cosmic ocean with new gods and a new human race. Warriors fallen in battle were believed to prepare for this battle while in Valhalla. The denizens of Valhalla who were destined to join in the last battle were known as the Einherjar.

The Iran deal is likely doomed -- and that's good news for the US and Israel

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 Image result for OPINION 19 hours ago The Iran deal is likely doomed -- and that's good news for the US and Israel

President Trump is widely expected to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal by May 12 – but in reality, the deeply flawed deal was likely doomed and headed for the junkyard of history from the moment he placed his hand on the Bible to take the oath of office as president on Jan. 20, 2017.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s briefing Monday on Iran’s extensive nuclear program – documenting how the 2015 nuclear deal that was designed to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons was “based on lies” – was one more piece of evidence justifying President Trump’s virtually certain decision to kill from the deal.

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