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HB 937 was making the partial repeal of the current Jim Crow-era pistol permit system look like a reality. Then, the political pressure mounted.

GRNC has learned that the partial repeal of the current, old-fashioned system is in jeopardy, and worse, the current system might become even more complicated and restrictive. The NRA has not “signed off” on the partial repeal of the old permit system, and worse, someone has convinced HB 937 sponsor, Rep. Jacqueline Michelle Schaffer, to modify the language such that NICS checks are to be required for pistols purchased with permits more than 30 days old.
There are two problems with this: 
  1. The NCSA has already said that NICS checks are not adequate. So why subject law-abiding gun owners to additional pointless background checks?
  2. According to GRNC President, Paul Valone, "This action would punish innocent gun owners for the malfeasance of the NCSA, and is unacceptable!"
Speaker Tillis, Representative Schaffer and Governor McCrory are poised to bow to the NCSA pressure. This would be a major sellout of North Carolina gun owners. If political pressure pushes these politicians to punish us, GRNC may encourage gun owners to sit out the 2014 midterm elections. The Speaker, Rep. Schaffer, Gov. McCrory and all of the Republicans in Raleigh need to know that they can’t take gun owners for granted, and any anti-gun actions will not be tolerated. See below to learn what you can do to let these politicians know what you think of their proposed anti-gun deal. 

Twitter Explodes With Racial Epithets Towards Larry Elder: 'Coon A-- House N--ger'

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As NewsBusters reported, conservative talk radio host Larry Elder had a heated exchange Wednesday with CNN's Piers Morgan concerning the George Zimmerman trial and prosecution witness Rachel Jeantel.

Liberals on Twitter went absolutely nuts during and after the exchange throwing a barrage of vulgarity laden racial epithets at Elder (serious vulgarity warning):

Busting Obama! – Darrell Issa Opening Statement IRS Hearing

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More power to him

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Ingenious Tourniquet Invention Saves Lives

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An inflatable abdominal tourniquet recently revived two men who were moments away from bleeding to death. The device could have saved three soldiers per month between 2001 and 2010, the U.S. Army says.

On June 7 in Birmingham, Ala., a blood-soaked, unconscious 41-year-old man arrived at a hospital in the passenger seat of a car. The man had lost 75 percent of his blood through two bullet holes in his armpit, and when nurses pulled him from the car at 4:50 p.m., he was less than 5 minutes away from dying.

At 4:53 p.m, a former Army surgeon and inventor named John Croushorn strapped an inflatable tourniquet around the limp man's chest. "We were all covered in blood. The nurse was applying pressure, and I told her to remove her hands," Croushorn tells Popular Science. "She said 'No, blood's just going to go everywhere again.' And I said 'It's okay, you can take your hands away.' So she did, and she was shocked. There wasn't a drop of blood coming out once the tourniquet was on." They rushed the man to the operating room, where a surgeon was able to repair the damage to his arteries.

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The suspect in the murder of a British soldier beaten in jail

 Michael Adeboladzho (center)

One of the suspects in the murder of a British soldier Lee Rigby Michael Adeboladzho was attacked in prison. The central management of the British police confirmed that they had received a message about the attack, and noted that the investigation is being conducted.
BBC News reports that the attack was committed on Adeboladzho July 17. During the beating his two front teeth were knocked out. The identity of the attackers have not been announced.
Adeboladzho is contained in Belmarsh prison in south-east London.

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Magic scalpel that sniffs out tumours in an instant is set to revolutionise cancer surgery

 Use of the iKnife could also allow surgeons to tackle operations currently deemed too risky to attempt

A ‘smart’ scalpel that instantly sniffs out cancerous tissue has been created by scientists.

By accurately distinguishing between healthy tissue and tumours, the ‘magic wand’ could revolutionise cancer surgery.

Patients would have to undergo fewer operations, be left with smaller wounds, and have a greater chance of survival.

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4 Tactical Light Techniques for Concealed Carry

 Tactical lights for concealed carry.

In his new book, Handgun Training for Personal Protection, firearms trainer Richard Mann admits that acquiring a good tactical light was one of the first investments he made after becoming a police officer.

It’s easy to see why. Good flashlights are a game changer for concealed carry or armed duty and should be a part of your everyday carry kit (EDC). Today’s tactical lights are powerful enough to provide total illumination of an area, your target and your handgun’s sights. They can virtually blind an attacker momentarily, providing a split-second advantage.

But what is the best flashlight technique to use while deploying your handgun for self-defense? That depends on the situation. Here are Richard Mann’s 4 techniques to know and practice.

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Sample from the Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum: Western Civ I

NSA Spying Under Fire: 'You've Got a Problem'

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 The sponsor of that bill, Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., said Wednesday that Congress meant only to allow seizures directly relevant to national security investigations. No one expected the government to obtain every phone record and store them in a huge database to search later.

As Deputy Attorney General James Cole explained why that was necessary, Sensenbrenner cut him off and reminded him that his surveillance authority expires in 2015.

"And unless you realize you've got a problem," Sensenbrenner said, "that is not going to be renewed."

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Oh, goodie, another war........

 Image: Gen. Dempsey: US Considering Use of Force in Syria

None of our business and the public is dead set against it.

Gen. Dempsey: US Considering Use of Force in Syria


The nation's top military officer told a Senate panel Thursday the Obama administration is deliberating whether to use military power in Syria, where a civil war entering its third year has killed almost 93,000 people.

Amid an increasing clamor among President Bashir Assad's opposition for active U.S. involvement, Army Gen. Martin Dempsey said during congressional testimony that he has provided President Barack Obama with options for the use of force. But he declined to detail those choices, saying "it would be inappropriate for me to try to influence the decision with me rendering an opinion in public about what kind of force we should use."

The remarks by the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman came after Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., asked him which approach in Syria would carry a greater risk: continued limited action on the part of Washington or more significant actions such as the establishment of a no-fly zone and arming the rebel forces with the weapons they need to stem the advance Assad's forces.

"Senator, I am in favor of building a moderate opposition and supporting it," Dempsey said. "The question whether to support it with direct kinetic strikes ... is a decision for our elected officials, not for the senior military leader of the nation."

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Note: This article is part two of a four part series investigating the links between the United States Department of Agriculture and radical animal rights organizations.  These articles were written by Philip Christofanelli, with The Cavalry Group, a national organization which defends the Constitutional rights of animal owners and breeders.  Visit the previous article here.

The bottom line is that the contemporary “animal rights” movement and its various factions are not what they seem. For every legitimate concern, there are dozens of front groups operated and funded by extremists with radical agendas. For instance, over the past several years, the ASPCA, PETA, and HSUS have been waging a war against so-called “puppy mills.”  They lead Americans to believe that their focus is on rogue, unscrupulous dog breeders, but in a recent interview, the ASPCA admitted that they consider even law-abiding dog breeders to be “puppy mills.” Animal rights activists hold the belief that bringing new, pure-bred dogs into existence is unethical so long as there are dogs in shelters. Thus, they seek to put every law-abiding dog breeder permanently out of business by any means necessary.

Man Cites Joe Biden After Arrest for Firing Shotgun into Air


A Vancouver, Washington man has cited advice from Vice President Joe Biden in his defense for allegedly illegally firing his shotgun to dispel suspected car thieves.

“Jeffery Barton, 52, pleaded not guilty to one count of illegal aiming or discharging a firearm at his arraignment in Clark County Court,” according to “Barton reportedly admitted to deputies that he fired his weapon while chasing away people who he thought were breaking into his vehicles,” they added.

Barton told KOIN, "I did what Joe Biden told me to do."

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NC: GOP lawmaker: The Obamas use Air Force One as 'personal toy'

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Rep. Howard Coble (R-N.C.) said Thursday morning that President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama are using Air Force One and other official aircraft as their "personal toys."

"I'm not suggesting ... that we compromise safety or security," Coble said on the House floor. "But the first family, it seems to me, treats Air Force One and related aircraft as their personal toys — a very expensive toy, I might add."

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TSA searches valet parked car

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She says she had no warning that someone was going to search her car after she left to catch her flight. So the woman contacted News10NBC.

We found out it happened to her because she valet parked her car. Those are the only cars that get inspected.

So if security feels it is necessary to search some cars in the name of safety, why not search all of them?

Laurie Iacuzza walked to her waiting car at the Greater Rochester International Airport after returning from a trip and that's when she found it -- a notice saying her car was inspected after she left for her flight. She said, “I was furious. They never mentioned it to me when I booked the valet or when I picked up the car or when I dropped it off.”

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Congressman Says Benghazi Survivors Forced to Sign Non-Disclosure Forms

Rep. Frank Wolf, R-NJ,  said sources told him that survivors of the Benghazi terrorist attack have been asked to sign non-disclosure agreements and now the New Jersey congressman is demanding to know who else was forced to sign the documents.

“According to trusted sources that have contacted my office, many, if not all, of the survivors of the Benghazi attacks – along with others at the Department of Defense and CIA – have been asked or directed to sign additional Non-Disclosure Agreements about their involvement in the Benghazi attacks,” Wolf said on the House floor. “Some of these “new” NDAs, as they call them, I have been told, were signed as recently as this summer.”

The congressman expressed grave concerns that federal workers might have been coerced into silence.

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CDC Study: Use of Firearms For Self-Defense is ‘Important Crime Deterrent’

 Guns Background Checks
“Self-defense can be an important crime deterrent,”says a new report by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The $10 million study was commissioned by President Barack Obama as part of 23 executive orders he signed in January.

“Studies that directly assessed the effect of actual defensive uses of guns (i.e., incidents in which a gun was ‘used’ by the crime victim in the sense of attacking or threatening an offender) have found consistently lower injury rates among gun-using crime victims compared with victims who used other self-protective strategies,” the CDC study, entitled “Priorities For Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-Related Violence,” states.

The report, which notes that “ violent crimes, including homicides specifically, have declined in the past five years,” also pointed out that “some firearm violence results in death, but most does not.” In fact, the CDC report said, most incidents involving the discharge of firearms do not result in a fatality.

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Surprise: Obama-Appointed IRS Chief Counsel "Helped Develop" Targeting Methods


So says a low-level IRS whistleblower who will testify on Capitol Hill tomorrow morning.  The Washington Post reports:

The chief counsel’s office for the Internal Revenue Service, headed by a political appointee of President Obama, helped develop the agency’s problematic guidelines for reviewing “tea party” cases, according to a top IRS attorney. In interviews with congressional investigators, IRS lawyer Carter Hull said his superiors told him that the chief counsel’s office, led by William Wilkins, would need to review some of the first applications the agency screened for additional scrutiny because of potential political activity. Previous accounts from IRS employees had shown that Washington IRS officials were involved in the controversy, but Hull’s comments represent the closest connection to the White House to date. 

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Grassley to Holder: Why is Your Department Hiding New Fast and Furious Murders?

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley has sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder reminding him that the Department of Justice has an obligation to inform Congress when Operation Fast and Furious weapons are found at crime scenes. Just last week, the Los Angeles Times reported Mexican Police Chief Luis Astorga and his body guard were killed by cartels using guns from the lethal operation.

"Since the beginning of this investigation, we have followed the link between Fast and Furious weapons and crimes committed on both sides of the border. On numerous occasions we have asked the Department to keep us apprised of Fast and Furious weapon recoveries -- especially as they relate to violent crimes," Grassley wrote.

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Trayvon Martin protest leaders revealed


Dream Defenders, the main group that has been agitating the protest movement surrounding the Trayvon Martin case, was spawned by activists employed by a who’s who of the race-hijacking radical left.

From the socialist-oriented SEIU union to ACORN to Occupy to a litany of George Soros-funded organizations, the deep connections behind Dream Defenders raises questions about the motivation of an organization that claims to be a grassroots effort working to oppose racism.

Dream Defenders has been leading Martin protests since the onset and has been credited with agitating for George Zimmerman’s arrest.

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Meet The New Boss (?)

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“I don’t think it ever should have been made secret. I think the American public can accept the fact if you tell them that every time you pick up the phone it’s going to be recorded and goes to the government,” Kelly said at an event dedicating two new harbor patrol boats. “I think the public can understand that.”

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Stand your ground

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Trayvon Martin

Those who stood, those who fell: fatal cases

Critics say "stand your ground" turned Florida into the Wild West. Supporters say it has helped keep innocents out of jail. The truth of how the law has been used over the past six years was unknown until now

What follows is the most comprehensive list of "stand your ground" cases ever created. Browse by victim or defendant, by fatal or nonfatal cases. Hover over a photo to explore the basics of each case or click it for a more detailed case file. Use the buttons at right to filter by race, sex and location.

 Breakdown of case outcomes

                      40 convicted  
 73 justified
20 pending

Toast: Allen West and Ben Carson

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 allen west 3Ben Carson croip

Allen West Supports DOJ Civil Rights Probe Into Zimmerman, Carson Supports Murder Charge 

 Say it ain’t so?! Conservative icon and former Neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson, stated on the Hannity Show that George Zimmerman should have been charged with 3rd-degee murder and done jail time. Carson, who announced that he would be jumping into politics, may have just sunk his political career. 

Carson’s statement is sure to fuel the current NAACP/DOJ race-baiting efforts of looking into a possible civil rights case against George Zimmerman. 

According to a Fox News report, former Congressman Allen West “questioned why the NAACP honed in on the Zimmerman case but have been more silent on the violence seen in cities like Chicago, where over this past weekend alone reports listed 10 black children or teens being killed.”

Zimmerman: Self Defense in Survival Situations


Lots of people wrote about George Zimmerman case that followed the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

To sum up story, Zimmerman was local neighborhood watch volunteer and followed Trayvon Martin who he considered suspicious. Then they got into fight and Martin was shot by Zimmerman.

There is much more to this of course but reading about this gave me idea for article today. About what my understanding of self defense is and how it changed throughout my year in war.

If Martin was beating Zimmerman and smashing head into ground then what should he do? Wait until his head opens up?

I think world is going to hell very soon, and most of people are kinda idiots, brainless media blinded puppets.

1984: Free Download

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When I went to the site it showed my recent books and among them was Ripcord; Screaming Eagles Under Siege, Vietnam 1970  which I checked out of the Carteret Community College library.  Do they have someway of accessing books people check out from libraries or could this have been picked up from my post about it?  Very, very strange to me.

The Trial of Hank Rearden


Not true to the book and much, much shorter.  Too bad it wasn't done as written.

ARES Defense Belt-Fed AMG-1 and AMG-2

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Amazon Secretly Removes “1984" From the Kindle

 Amazon Secretly Removes “1984" From the Kindle

Thousands of people last week discovered that Amazon had quietly removed electronic copies of George Orwell's 1984 from their Kindle e-book readers. In the process, Amazon revealed how easy censorship will be in the Kindle age.

In this case, the mass e-book removals were motivated by copyright . A company called MobileReference, who did not own the copyrights to the books 1984 and Animal Farm, uploaded both books to the Kindle store and started selling them. When the rights owner heard about this, they contacted Amazon and asked that the e-books be removed. And Amazon decided to erase them not just from the store, but from all the Kindles where they'd been downloaded. Amazon operators used the Kindle wireless network, called WhisperNet, to quietly delete the books from people's devices and refund them the money they'd paid.

An uproar followed, with outraged customers pointing out the irony that Amazon was deleting copies of a novel about a fascist media state that constantly alters history by changing digital records of what has happened.

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