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You Reap What You Sow

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“I here repeat and would willingly proclaim my unmitigated hatred to Yankee rule — to all political, social and business connections with Yankees, and the perfidious, malignant and vile Yankee race.” ~~Edmund Ruffin 1865

"Forget the polity formerly known as America. It’s dead. Move on. We do not have anything even approximating a “movement.” It’s too late for all of that. We must forget national politics. The future lies in our communities. Our dwindling lives and resources are far better spent where they may be of use, in local and State politics, in building continuous enclaves to keep stoking the Promethean fire of the West against the nightmare now beginning to fall in torrents."

On The Bare Hills, Men Without a Country

It is said that Grant at Appomattox offered rations and transportation home to Lee’s surrendered Americans, or to exile in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Many might have gladly avoided living under Northern rule, “but in distant homes were old men, helpless women and children, whose cry for help it was not hard to hear.” With all the destruction around them and carpetbaggers flowing Southward, “no one dreamed of what has followed.”

On the Bare Hills, Men Without a Country

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[Photos] Black-and-White Photos Capture the Life and Labor in 1991 Cho Lon


Famous Japanese photographer Doi Kuro once said: "Vietnamese people’s lives are exposed on every street. That’s fascinating." Perhaps that is why photographers visiting Vietnam usually focus on the city's human inhabitants. This set of photos is no exception.

The black-and-white photos were taken by French photographer Patrick Zachmann, a member of Magnum Photos, during his trip to Vietnam in 1991. During that time Zachmann was pursuing his in-depth work on the Chinese diaspora as well. Thus, it was no coincidence that he chose to focus on Cho Lon in Saigon, which is considered Vietnam’s largest Chinatown.

Zachman's photos authentically depict the simple but dynamic life of Cho Lon's labor force. Workers lounge in a youth hostel area, shirtless men take breaks in a dingy dye mill, and young women toil in a Biti’s shoe factory. Among the shots of the hoi polloi are portraits of ethnically Chinese heads of famous businesses in Vietnam.

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‘Surrender’ Won’t Work

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 First National Flag
I do not need to be told that this is from the CofCC, but there is nothing in the article that is not true.

In 2012, the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) banned a heritage group named the Virginia Flaggers from its UDC grounds and headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, and then reported them to police for “trespassing.” Virginia Flaggers are a group of courageous men and women who unashamedly honor the Confederate Battle Flag of their ancestors, and refuse to allow Cultural Marxists to re-write its history.

CDC Director Says There are More Suicides and Overdoses than COVID Deaths

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 CDC Director Says There are More Suicides and Overdoses than COVID Deaths
Where Redfield obtained his data is unknown, although a doctor at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, CA claimed the facility has “seen a year’s worth of suicide attempts in the last four weeks.” He did not say how many deaths occurred, or whether the statement was exaggerated for emphasis.
"What I have seen recently, I have never seen before," Hansen said. "I have never seen so much intentional injury,” said a nurse from the same hospital.

Center for Disease Control Director Robert Redfield testified in a Buck Institute webinar that suicides and drug overdoses have surpassed the death rate for COVID-19. Redfield argued that lockdowns and lack of public schooling constituted a disproportionally negative impact on young peoples’ mental health.

“We’re seeing, sadly, far greater suicides now than we are deaths from COVID. We’re seeing far greater deaths from drug overdose that are above excess that we had as background than we are seeing the deaths from COVID,” he said.

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The Colored Sacred Harp


I have written here before about the history and mechanics of Sacred Harp singing, shape-notes, and Singing Schools.  James Kibler has delivered some truly excellent talks about Singing Billy Walker and the origins of Amazing Grace as an original tune called New Britain in Southern Harmony and Musical Companion, and I strongly urge you to listen to his presentations.  Listen to them again if you’ve already heard them, because he suggests, and I wholeheartedly agree, that Amazing Grace is the greatest and most defining song ever produced by an American – and a staunch rebel Southerner at that.

Confederate Cemetery In Arkansas Adding Surveillance After Graves Vandalized With BLM Graffiti

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Confederate Cemetery in Helena, Arkansas
"This little tiny Confederate cemetery — they would have really have to have come looking for this..."

A cemetery in Little Rock, Arkansas, is adding additional surveillance after Confederate graves and a monument to Confederate war dead were graffitied with vulgar, anti-police slogans earlier this month.

Vandals entered the Oakland-Fraternal Cemetery during the early morning hours of July 11 to deface an obelisk dedicated to 900 unknown Confederate soldiers. They also spray painted nine Confederate graves, most of which contained unidentified remains, according to The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Phrases scrawled on the memorials included “Black Lives Matter,” “F Trump,” “F your martyr,” and “Defund the pigs!!”More @

Ingraham: Berating Barr, befriending rioters

Rep. Jordan sounds off on Democrats' treatment of AG Barr at House hearing

Silenced Frontline Doctors Hold Capitol Hill Press Conference to Challenge Big Tech

The media’s insane whitewashing of Portland’s violence

 A Black Lives Matter protester burns an American flag outside the Mark O. Hatfield United State ...

If the media covered pandemics like they do the Portland riots, the coronavirus wouldn’t be dominating the headlines.

On a nightly basis, hordes of rioters attack federal law enforcement officers who are guarding Portland’s Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse. Many of these thugs appear to be with antifa, a violent left-wing extremist organization.

The criminals routinely pelt federal officers with frozen water bottles, cans of beans and rocks. They shine high-powered lasers at the building to blind officers. They launch commercial-grade fireworks at law enforcement. They attempt to tear down the metal fence that law enforcement set up to keep criminals from destroying the building. Others use saws to cut it apart. They start fires outside the courthouse. They throw Molotov cocktails.