Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Confederate Cemetery In Arkansas Adding Surveillance After Graves Vandalized With BLM Graffiti

Via Billy

Confederate Cemetery in Helena, Arkansas
"This little tiny Confederate cemetery — they would have really have to have come looking for this..."

A cemetery in Little Rock, Arkansas, is adding additional surveillance after Confederate graves and a monument to Confederate war dead were graffitied with vulgar, anti-police slogans earlier this month.

Vandals entered the Oakland-Fraternal Cemetery during the early morning hours of July 11 to deface an obelisk dedicated to 900 unknown Confederate soldiers. They also spray painted nine Confederate graves, most of which contained unidentified remains, according to The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Phrases scrawled on the memorials included “Black Lives Matter,” “F Trump,” “F your martyr,” and “Defund the pigs!!”More @


  1. Don't count on the UDC to aid the Confederate memorabilia or
    anything Confederate including the Confederate flag. They
    are a fraud and cowards. They could learn bravery from
    Bridger Walker. They have forsaken their very reason for
    existing. All those Confederate monuments dedicated by
    the. When all else fails, cower:

    1. Thanks and think of the countless artifacts from the Museum of the Confederacy that Rawls gave to the CW Museum. He, a graduate of VMI, is disgraceful I mourn for those who gave freely of family artifacts who have been betrayed.