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Chesapeake Expressway Jackson Greys Memorial Battle Flag Raised in Tidewater

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The Virginia Flaggers are pleased to announce the dedication of the Chesapeake Expressway Jackson Greys Memorial Battle Flag.  On Saturday morning, the 8'x 8'  Army of Northern Virginia Battle Flag was raised adjacent to Rt. 168, the heavily traveled expressway used to travel to the Outer Banks.

The site is located close to the toll booth, and one of our landowners mentioned that he gets a kick out knowing folks were going to have to pay $8 to get to see the flag!

Shag: Jeremy and Kalin spotlight dance 2016

Recovering Southern History

Every historian has a viewpoint, shaped by his own background, values, and perception of the present. The relationship between background and viewpoint is not necessarily simple. As in the case of Supreme Court nominees, one cannot always predict in advance in what direction a historians background, modified by research and thought, will lead. At any rate, we properly measure a historian’s value, not by the degree to which he conforms to our own viewpoint, but rather by his observance of the canons of evidence and honest debate, and by his imaginative insight. Thus, to acknowledge that U.B. Phillips grew up in post-Civil War Georgia is a relevant datum in assessing his work as a historian of American slavery. However, it does not, as some seem to feel, constitute an all sufficient indictment of that work, any more than the fact that Kenneth M. Stampp grew up in the twentieth century in a German community in Wisconsin necessarily guarantees him superior objectivity and insight as a historian of slavery.

If history teaches anything at all, it is that there is more than one side to a question.

Confederate General Thomas Carmichael Hindman

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Confederate General Thomas Carmichael Hindman is born January 28th 1828 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Hindman was raised in Alabama and educated in New York and New Jersey. His family moved to a Mississippi plantation, and he returned from the North to study law. His studies were interrupted by service in the Mexican War, but he was admitted to the Mississippi Bar Association in 1851. He earned a reputation as an avid secessi...onist long before many southerners held that view. He moved to Arkansas and was elected to Congress in 1858. Hindman's law partner was Patrick Cleburne, who also became a Confederate General.

When the war began, Hindman raised his own regiment and led it as a colonel. He was soon promoted to general and he raised an army of 18,000 from Arkansas. His tenure as commander in Arkansas was stormy. Hindman declared martial law, imposed price controls, and enforced conscription. After his force was stopped at Prairie Grove in December 1862, Hindman was reassigned to the Army of Tennessee. He fought at Chickamauga and Atlanta, and was wounded twice.

After the surrender,** Hindman fled to Mexico and joined a number of Confederates there. Hindman returned to Arkansas in 1868 and dove back into politics. He led a faction that challenged the Republican Party, and, in a pragmatic political maneuver, he began working on a biracial coalition. Hindman was shot as he sat in his living room, most likely by one of his political opponents. He died on September 28, 1868.

“The more the damned Legislature meets, the more Goddamned bills and taxes it passes!”

Coke Stevenson (1888-1975) served as Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, lieutenant-governor, and governor. In 1948, he ran for the US Senate against Lyndon Johnson and narrowly lost by what he deemed fraudulent votes. Described as an honorable statesman of the traditional Southern type, Stevenson saw little in the calculating and devious Johnson to admire.
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

The Anti-Government Instrument of Texas

“The Constitution of Texas, drafted in 1876 by delegates (many of whom had worn the Confederate gray; several had been Confederate generals) representing a people who felt that a decade of Carpetbag rule had shown the injustices of which government was capable, was, as the Texas historian [T.R.] Fehrenbach puts it, “an anti-government instrument.”

It not only bound the Legislature within very tight limits but said the Legislature would henceforth no longer meet every year but every other year because, as one Texan said, “the more the damned Legislature meets, the more Goddamned bills and taxes it passes!”

It was no more lenient with the executive branch: the powers of the Governor were reduced to a point where he was one of the weakest in America. “If future State Governments prove burdensome or onerous, it ought not to be the fault of this Convention,” one of the delegates said, and, indeed, the convention’s handiwork made it, in Fehrenbach’s words, almost impossible for government in Texas to be burdensome or onerous in the future.”

The spirit behind the Constitution was the spirit of farmers and ranchers; however, much they believed in education, pensions or government services, the taxes fell on them and their land.

The Constitution was the embodiment of what Fehrenbach describes as “a lasting philosophy that no Legislature or Governor was to be trusted” – as a result, one analyst concludes, “everything possible was done to limit the power of all branches of government . . . None of these [limitations] was controversial; they were what the people wanted.”

The philosophy embodied in the Texas Constitution dovetailed with the philosophy of [Coke Stevenson] who studied it in the light of a predawn fire in his ranch house by the South Llano [river]; its character was his. Thrift, frugality . . . Limits on government; the devotion to individuality, to free enterprise, individual freedom – he had lived his entire life by those principles.

This man who had taught himself history, who had read in it so widely, had a love of history – in particular, the history of his State, the proud heritage of Texas – almost religious in its depth. (On his ranch, he had found an old log cabin; when he learned that it had been built by Jim Bowie not long before he rode off to his death at the Alamo, Stevenson built a shelter around the cabin to protect it from the elements so that it would stand as long as possible. He erected a flagpole in front of his ranch house, and on March 2, Texas Independence Day, and other State holidays, he would, with no one to watch but his wife and son, solemnly raise, in those lonely, empty hills, the Lone Star flag.)

Now, in the 1920s, he was coming to believe that the government of Texas was doing violence to that heritage and those principles. The inefficiency of the State government – in particular, the antics of a Legislature whose lack of responsibility must, he felt, lead to higher taxes – troubled Hill country ranchers. No one in Austin seemed interested in economy, they said – of course not, it wasn’t their own money they were spending.”

(Means of Ascent: the Years of Lyndon B. Johnson, Robert A. Caro, Vintage Books, 1991, excerpt, pp. 156-157)

If You Are Still Here Maybe We Should Boycott You

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One thing we have noticed since just before the recent presidential election is the amazing number of Hollywood  "personalities" that claimed that if Donald Trump was elected president they were moving to another country. It sounded so dramatic when you all said it that we have wondered, since the election is now over and Mr. Trump won, just how many of you have left? We have seen nothing in the "news" media anywhere about any of you having departed the scene, and our intrepid "news" media would definitely have taken note of any of you that left for parts unknown, just to give you credit for fulfilling your threat.

That being the case, the question arises--Why are you all still here? Why have you not booked passage for one of the socialist utopias you all profess to love so much and that you claim are so much better than this country with Trump as president?

We are left with the conclusion that you never really intended to leave to start with--that your braggadocio was just your painless way of expressing your contempt for Mr. Trump because, in your narrow perception, you viewed him as some sort of a "right-winger" and you wanted to issue a political statement that sounded good but really didn't cost you anything. In other words, to put it politely you are a bunch of frauds! But, then, from the political and cultural Left,  we would expect nothing else. Bombast and fraud! 

Trump: 'It's not a Muslim ban' & Vast Majority Of World’s Muslims Untouched By TemporaryBan

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Trump defends order: 'It's not a Muslim ban'

President Trump on Saturday denied that his sweeping executive order barring refugees and individuals from several predominantly Muslim nations amounted to a ban on Muslims.
“It’s not a Muslim ban,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office after he signed three new directives.
The order, handed down Friday evening, sowed chaos as government agencies scrambled to implement the broad new policy. 

But Trump insisted his administration was “totally prepared” to carry out the refugee and travel ban, which affects more than 100 million people around the world. 
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MORE HYPOCRISY: Obama Banned all Iraqi Refugees for 6 Months in 2011 – Liberals SAID NOTHING!

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Protests erupted at JFK’s terminal 4 on Saturday after incoming refugees were detained by customs and border patrol agents following Trump’s executive order temporarily banning refugees from 7 Muslim countries.

Of course, back in 2011 when Barack Obama banned Iraqi refugees for six months the far left said nothing!

In 2011 the US discovered Al-Qaeda terrorists living as refugees in Kentucky.

As a result of this discovery the Obama administration blocked all Iraqi refugees from entering the US for six months.
There were no protests.

The left said nothing.
ABC reported:

Iraqi forces discover ISIS chemical weapons arsenal in Mosul

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French and Iraqi forces have uncovered a mustard agent and missiles in an area formerly controlled by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) during a sweep of eastern Mosul. 
The mustard agent was found in an abandoned storage area near the historic Nineveh ruins, AP reported, hoping to avoid attracting attention from locals.

In a warehouse 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) away from the Tigris river, reporters were shown three large refrigerated cargo containers holding an unidentified substance hidden among piles of coal, which upon further analysis was found to be mustard agent. There was also more than a dozen surface-to-surface rockets bearing Russian inscriptions.

More @ RT

President Trump, Good to His Word

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Read my latest over at Breitbart News and share it widely. We are the counter balance to the enemedia. We are the army that must go head to head against their propaganda. We must expose their smear, demonization and libel in the information battle-space. You and me.

Trump’s first week has been astonishing.

People who are say that Donald Trump is not a politician are wrong. He is the only politician we have seen for a long time.

My friend Alan S said, “What Donald Trump is exposing here and now with his actions,
achievements and projected workload, is just how little his predecessors actually did, how entrenched they actually were, how useless they actually where and are before the people they are supposed to represent and how much of a self serving insincere game it was for them prior to him and this, or his Presidency. Barrack Obama should be feeling really embarrassed and exposed in light of his statements about, or with regard to one man, or the Presidential job is too big for one person and obviously not being able to do the President’s job, and as I said soon after, he would be proven wrong and I think he actually is and has been in a very short space of time indeed.”

Here We Go=> House Oversight Committee Sends Request To FBI Director Comey For Hillary Clinton’s Server Contents

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The House Oversight Committee sent a request to FBI Director James Comey for Datto Company’s secure cloud storage, Datto Company holds Hillary Clinton’s server contents.

Datto, Inc. informed Congress in October 2015 it provided the FBI with the storage node of containing emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server. Today the House Oversight Committee demanded that FBI hand over the emails they have been holding for over a year now.

The investigation into Hillary Clinton’s lawless and reckless behavior is not over yet.

NC: 155th Anniversary of Battles for New Berne March 11-12 2017

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