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Douglas Southall Freeman's R. E. Lee: A Biography: A Compelling Review by Professor Charles W. Ramsdell


Publisher's Note: Charles W. Ramsdell, known during his lifetime as the Dean of Southern Historians, wrote the following review in 1935 at the peak of his career. It was two years later that Ramsdell wrote his famous treatise, "Lincoln and Fort Sumter," which indicts Abraham Lincoln for scheming and starting the War Between the States in Charleston Harbor.

Ramsdell's book reviews are works of art. As a brilliant scholar and authority on American history, he knew what to look for and was hard on writers when he did not find it. That was certainly not the case with Douglas Southall Freeman. Ramsdell writes, early on, that Freeman, with his four volume R. E. Lee: A Biography, has given us "the definitive life of Robert E. Lee."

This review is a pleasure to read and is like a mini-history of Robert E. Lee and the war. 

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Removing Guilt and Shame from the Study of Slavery


Some people come from the “the land down under”.  I come from the land “where old times are not forgotten”.  As historians we must recommit to helping our youth understand our history and realize that without a commanding knowledge of our history, there is no future for a free United States of America.

It is natural to fight for your place in the sun.  God has even been known to assist people in that struggle; but it is diabolical to lie about your opponent.  That is unforgivable.

For this reason we must remove the perceived obligation to assign guilt, shame and victimhood upon historical individuals as we study the history of slavery in the United States of America.  The historical study of a topic should be guided by the search for the facts of the matter and not by the hunger of delivering an argument of guilt and the need to see that someone is shamed, or as expressed in Japanese society, that someone “lose face”.

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No Handshake

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Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Try to understand the weight of this image. This Patriot lost both arms. The feeling of a handshake is now lost to him. President Trump realized this, and so touched his face, so he can feel the human connection. This is what I see when think of Trump's motives. He gave up a billionaire lifestyle to now be insulted, dragged through the mud, and lied about, on a daily basis. All to save this country and people he loves. Please CONSIDER PASSING this on. Thank You!'

The Democracy Deception


Most people who use the term “Our Democracy” do not understand the constitutional system that limits the power of our federal government.  The essence of “Democracy” is mob rule in which an entire group is controlled by 51% of its members.  By a simple majority vote, the rights of any individual or the entire group can be altered or eliminated and new rights invented and conferred.  Decisions concerning the life of each member are made by the majority based on group needs not the desires or wishes of the individual. 

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Twitter Blacklists Links to Document

 Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey keeps his cool before Congress

Twitter has branded links to the website of the House Committee on the Judicary as “potentially unsafe” after Republicans on the Committee posted material from the New York Post’s bombshell Biden-Ukraine story to the website. After a request for comment from Breitbart Tech, Twitter said that it blocked the government site “in error” and would reverse the blacklisting. 

Committee Republicans took action after Twitter began censoring links to the Post’s story, which alleges that Joe Biden, while Vice President, met with an executive at Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company where his son Hunter Biden was employed on a highly lucrative salary.

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The must-see moments from Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearings

President Trump boards Air Force One in Greenville, North Carolina | October 15, 2020

The Senate Judiciary Committee wrapped up its first week of confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett today. The committee will vote next Thursday on whether to advance Judge Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination to the full Senate.

Judge Barrett’s answers to questions from Senators over the past four days demonstrate her extensive knowledge of the law and our Constitution. A few exchanges in particular reveal why she would be an important addition to the Supreme Court:

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Now Twitter Has Shut Down the Main Trump Campaign Account Over the Hunter Biden Story

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AP featured image

At this point now, it’s hard to believe that Twitter isn’t trying to intervene in the election.

As we reported earlier they’ve been doing everything they can to suppress the Hunter Biden story, locking out the accounts of people spreading the story.

As we reported they even locked out the NY Post and the White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

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Facebook Restricts Bombshell NY Post Report Alleging Hunter Biden Brokered Meeting Between Burisma Exec And Joe Biden

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 12: WFP USA Board Chair Hunter Biden introduces his father Vice President Joe Biden during the World Food Program USA's 2016 McGovern-Dole Leadership Award Ceremony at the Organization of American States on April 12, 2016 in Washington, DC. (Kris Connor/WireImage)

Facebook is limiting the reach of a story from the New York Post showing that Hunter Biden allegedly introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to a Ukrainian energy executive a year before the vice president pushed Ukraine to fire its top prosecutor who was then probing the executive’s company.

“While I will intentionally not link to the New York Post, I want be clear that this story is eligible to be fact checked by Facebook’s third-party fact checking partners. In the meantime, we are reducing its distribution on our platform,” Facebook spokesman Andy Stone tweeted on Wednesday hours after the story broke. “This is part of our standard process to reduce the spread of misinformation. We temporarily reduce distribution pending fact-checker review.”

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The choice will be either freedom or slavery



Dr. Robinson of the Robinson Homeschool Curriculum that we use.

Ron Paul: Support Art Robinson for Congress & A ch...

Dear Friend,
With the election 19 days away, our nation is in unprecedented turmoil.
The choice between our Federal Constitutional Republic – based on individual freedom and responsibility, which has created the greatest nation in human history, on the one hand and a descent into chaos – based on socialism and ultimately communism on the other hand is stark.
The underlying political campaigns have offered a simple choice between the truth and the lie. The ultimate result of the election is also simple. The choice will be either freedom or slavery.
There are many images in our minds – images of our President working and campaigning in his own unusual way to preserve our nation; images of local, county, state, and national candidates campaigning on innumerable special issues; and images of the American people struggling to contend with disease, economic difficulties, and politics simultaneously.
One recent image encapsulates it all!
It is the image of Amy Coney Barrett – American, Christian, mother, scholar, educator, judge – standing and sitting alone in rooms filled in part by detestable leftist politicians trying to destroy everything she is and that she represents, while Amy Coney Barrett quietly endures their insults and demolishes their arguments.
A nation that can still produce an Amy Coney Barrett is a nation in which we all can live and thrive in freedom and justified patriotism. We must not let it slip away!
Election results depend upon communication with voters, and that communication costs money. Please give campaign contributions to our President and to principled candidates whom you admire – give as though our freedom depends upon it.
It does!
Art Robinson

P.S. Oregon laws place no limits on the amounts of campaign funding from specific donors in Oregon state political races.  Contributions to our campaign can be made at: