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Some Moneychanger wisdom

The Moneychanger

On 27 January 1915 US Marines occupied Haiti, sent there by President Woodrow "Federal Reserve" Wilson to safeguard the interests of US corporations. The occupation ended on 1 August 1934. Not much changes, does it?

On 27 January 1862 Abraham Lincoln issued General War Order No. 1, ordering a concentrated invasion of the Confederat States without any constitutional authorization.

On 27 January 1785 the first state-chartered university in American was incorporated, the University of Georgia. I don't know whether to cry or applaud: applaud, because it happened in the South, or cry, because it was a state-sponsored institution. It's like being offered all the free chittlin's you can eat when you're hungry.

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Home Schooling his children, Wayne Allyn Root

2011 GDP: 1.7%

How the Feds Get Around the Constitution

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Election Day Tea Party 2012: A New Beginning

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The mainstream media thinks the Tea Party movement is yesterday's news. The Establishment doesn't think the voice of the grassroots matters anymore. Both groups are wrong. Find out how the Tea Party is just getting started and why 2012 will be the movement's biggest year yet. Log onto Election Day Tea Party to find out what's really next.

On November 6, 2012, the United States faces a turning point. Will we restore our constitutional republic or will we continue to slide into European style collectivist statism?

Almost three years ago, on February 27, 2009, average American citizens who stand for individual liberty started the Tea Party movement. Our goal has always been to return our country to the three core values of constitutionally limited government, free markets, and fiscal responsibility.

The election battle of 2012 will be fought from precinct to precinct in every corner of the country. The Left will use every financial, media, and paid staff resource at their disposal to win. If they prevail, the United States as we know it will no longer exist.

The hour for patriots to rise to the challenge and save the republic is upon us.

Join with us now as tea party groups and constitutional conservatives around the country focus like a laser beam on getting out the vote on November 6, 2012.

"Footprints in history are not made sitting down"

America’s National Treasure Resides in Our Homes, Not the White House
By Kirk Cameron

Hard for me to imagine, but I am now 41. Amazing. It seems like yesterday my poofy mullet and parachute pants were all the rage, and Prince had a #1 hit on the radio. Now I’m married to the most beautiful woman, raising six children, and living the American dream. Our country has changed so much since my days of fighting with Carol and Ben on TV. America has always been known as “the land of the free” and “the home of the brave.” It’s the richest, freest nation the world has ever seen. Everyone wants to live here. But as I look around, I’m left with a sinking feeling that America is losing her way. Big time. The soul of our country is sick, and history shows me we are headed for disaster if we don’t change course now.

I’ve been looking around for answers, but all I hear is noise. Everyone is pointing fingers at the Left or the Right, blaming Hollywood or Capitol Hill. Time is flying by too quickly for petty arguments. My children’s future won’t wait. I’ve got to do something now.

Here’s my hunch: Could it be that we have simply forgotten what made us such a great nation in the first place? So many people are waiting around for our leaders to come up with a grand plan to save our nation. But is that really how America got started? What if things actually work the other way around? What if real change doesn’t start at the top but at the bottom? What if the best place to begin transforming our country is not the Oval Office but the dinner table?

For the past year and a half, I’ve been making a film called “Monumental,” and I am thrilled to announce that it’s coming to theaters on March 27. We are creating a live, one-night national event in 500 theaters where audiences can experience a monumental moment together. Then we will release the film in theaters in select cities, while providing helpful new resources to families, churches, and schools who want to go further with what they’ve experienced in the film.

In the film I retrace the footsteps of our Founders from England to America in the hope of discovering our true “national treasure.” I wanted to listen to them, to learn from them. Our forefathers knew we were a forgetful people, that someday we would lose our way as a nation. So they left us “maps” that would guide us back to the source of America’s success. What I discovered is amazing! This is one of the most important journeys of my life. America is worth fighting for, and so are our families. We can still be a “city upon a hill,” but we need to work together. With God’s help, we can turn this thing around. It’s been said, “Footprints in history are not made sitting down,” and I couldn’t agree more. I hope that our children will mark this moment as the turning point when we stood up, came together, and reclaimed the true national treasure of America.

No Murtha Ship!

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Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus plans to honor the late Congressman John Murtha by giving his name to the Navy's new LPD (Transport Dock Ship), to be launched in 2013.

In doing so, Sec. Mabus is breaking the Navy's tradition of naming its San Antonio-class amphibious transports after American cities. He is also honoring a man who:

1) was one of the most corrupt members of the U.S. Congress, and

2) called our Marines murderers who killed Iraqi women and children "in cold blood."

We believe that such a man does not deserve to be honored by the U.S. Navy. If you agree, please help us petition Secretary Mabus to reconsider this outrageous decision.


The Founding Fathers’ Guide to the Constitution

Note: Professor Brion McClanahan was Dr. Clyde Wilson's last doctoral student.

The federal constitution ratified by the people of the States provided for a limited government to handle specified joint affairs of the States. The document describes itself not as "the U.S. Constitution" or the "Constitution of the United States," but as a "Constitution FOR the United States of America." With this in mind, read what follows in the preamble as the purposes of this instrument: "forming a more perfect Union," "common defense," and "general welfare."

Throughout the document "United States" is a plural (the States United) and treason against the United States consists of levying war against THEM.As clear and simple as these facts are and have always been, grasping them seems to be beyond the abilities of presidents, congresspersons, supreme court justices, and professors of "Constitutional Law" at the most prestigious institutions.


The police are the problem

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There aren't just a few bad apples. They're an intrinsically rotten fruit:
A DeKalb County family’s dog was shot and killed Tuesday night by a police officer who went to the wrong house when responding to a domestic incident, Channel 2 Action News reported. The officer went to Bobbie Currie’s home on Silva Court around 9 p.m. in response to a domestic dispute call with a possibly armed person.

The family’s German shepherd, which was chained in the garage, lunged at the officer, and was shot and killed, according to Channel 2. Currie’s husband, Anthony, told Channel 2 that the officer also pointed his gun at him and told him to put his hands up.

“I said, ‘Why [did] you shoot my dog?’ And he said, ‘Well, I’ll blow your brains out,’” Anthony Currie said.

A DeKalb police supervisor sent to the scene said the officer made an error.

“Subsequent investigation determined that the actual address that he was looking for was actually across the street,” DeKalb police Lt. Dane Cunningham told Channel 2.

The officer is not facing disciplinary action pending an internal investigation, Channel 2 said.
I don't despise the police because one of them happens to be an idiot who can't read a street address, is needlessly abusive, and is intoxicated with his government-granted license to kill. I despise them because they ALWAYS defend their evil "brethren" and refuse to hold them accountable no matter what they do. They have no honor and they refuse to be held accountable for even the most despicable actions.

At this point, I would be far more confident having to rely upon the actual Mafia than in the badge gang. It's no longer any mystery why the annals of military history are rife with examples of the dreadful behavior and cowardly performance of police units.

Even street criminals usually don't shoot dogs. Especially not dogs that are tied up and can't possibly hurt them.

High Noon: Ron Paul will defeat Mitt Romney in the Virginia primary

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In a dramatic head-to-head contest that will win huge attention throughout the political world, I now believe that Ron Paul will defeat Mitt Romney in the Virginia primary. The implications could be enormous. This result would dramatize the fact that a majority of Republican primary voters favor a candidate more conservative than Mitt Romney. This prospect could also inspire the mother of all money bombs for the Ron Paul campaign.

If I were the campaign manager for the Gingrich and Santorum campaigns, I would be suggesting that all conservatives vote for Ron Paul in Virginia. Ditto the conservative movement leaders from all conservative points of view and throughout the conservative media.

So far, the pundit debate has largely missed the point that Mitt Romney has hovered between 26 percent and 38 percent in various state votes and polls. It is ridiculous for anyone to suggest "this race is over" or "this race will soon be over" (as many pundits wrongly have) because, obviously, the nominee will need 50 percent-plus-one of all delegates. I emphasize delegates.

What is certainly unique about Virginia, so far, is the prospect of a straight Ron Paul versus Mitt Romney contest, with no other candidates.

Slave port unearthed in Brazil

Not far from here at least 500,000 Africans took their first steps into slavery in colonial Brazil, which took in far more slaves than the United States and where now half of its 200 million citizens claim African descent.

The “Cais do Valongo” – the Valongo Wharf – was the busiest of all slave ports in the Americas and has been buried for almost two centuries under subsequent infrastructure projects and dirt.

That is, until developers seeking to turn Rio’s shabby port neighborhood into a posh tourist center allowed teams of archaeologists to check out what was being unearthed.


Skeletons found in Dorset mass grave 'were mercenaries'

A mass grave in Dorset containing 54 decapitated skeletons was a burial ground for violent Viking mercenaries, according to a Cambridge archaeologist.

The burial site at Ridgeway Hill was discovered in 2009.

Archaeologists found the bodies of 54 men who had all been decapitated and placed in shallow graves with their heads piled up to one side.

Carbon dating and isotype tests revealed the bodies were Scandinavian and dated from the 11th Century.

At this time Vikings were constantly attacking Anglo-Saxons on the English south coast.

Dr Britt Baillie, from the University of Cambridge, said she believed the killings could have taken place during the reign of Aethelred the Unready.

Following a series of Viking attacks he had ordered all Danish men living in England to be killed on 13 November, St Brice's Day in 1002.

The killings which ensued became known as the St Brice's Day massacre.

Murdered methodically

Burglar dead, two occupants wounded after Slaton home shooting

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One person was killed and two were injured Thursday afternoon in a shootout inside a Slaton house during a burglary, Lubbock County’s sheriff said.

Sheriff Kelly Rowe said investigators believed the shooting started when 69-year-old Fred Melcher and 51-year-old Edith Ayers entered Melcher’s Slaton house and found a man they likely knew inside just before 1:30 p.m. Thursday in the 1400 block of Lynn Street.

Rowe said investigators believe the suspected burglar, whose name was not released, fired several shots and Melcher fired at least one shot in return, likely the shot that killed the suspect.

Melcher and Ayers were taken by ambulance to University Medical Center in Lubbock, where they remained in critical and serious condition, respectively, late Thursday.


GOA Alert: Rep. Gosar Continues to Push “No Confidence” in Holder Resolution

Rep. Gosar Continues to Push “No Confidence” in Holder Resolution

Attorney General Eric Holder -- recently caught lying under oath concerning his knowledge of his department’s Fast and Furious program -- may be moving a step closer to the inside of a jail cell.

On Thursday, February 2nd, Chairman Darrell Issa’s Committee on Oversight and Government Reform will hold another hearing on the disastrous Fast and Furious operation.

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar, a member of that committee, is also pushing a resolution of “no confidence” in Holder’s management -- or lack of management -- of the Justice Department.

That resolution, H. Res. 490, provides a course of action for the momentum generated by that hearing.

H. Res. 490 finds that, as a result of “Holder’s failure to properly control, monitor, or establish Operation Fast and Furious, it is likely Mexican nationals were killed or wounded by weapons sold through this scheme” -- and that the victims of Holder’s incompetence included U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

It goes on to resolve that the House has “lost confidence” in Holder, which is, basically, a call for him to resign.

Clearly, the Justice Department believes it can stonewall Issa’s inquiry and bull its way through questions concerning its criminal malfeasance. Adoption of the Gosar resolution would make it much, much more difficult to do so.

Contact your Representative and urge him or her to cosponsor H.Res. 490. Click here to send a prewritten message to your Rep.

Respect, Fear & a Split Second

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The State believes it has respect. Maybe in some ignorant corners that might be true. It is more likely that what it really has- where it thinks it sees respect- is fear.

Fear is not respect. Fear, if controlled, leads a person to watch for the enemy to lose focus for a split second, which provides an opportunity to blow him away. Fear often looks like respect to the bad guy. He would be wrong but he won't realize it until it's too late.

And once the fearful begin to strike back, those who have no fear, but have been waiting for the time to be right, will join.

Study: No link between junk food in schools and childhood obesity

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Oh my, Michelle's spin machine better ramp up quickly.

A recently published study suggests that First Lady Michelle Obama has been firing blanks in her war on childhood obesity.

The report, which appears in the January 2012 issue of the journal Sociology of Education, reveals that researchers were unable to establish a correlation between obesity and attending a school where “competitive foods”—aka, soft drinks, candy bars, and chips—are available to students. (A link to the article abstract is here.)

The research team was headed by Jennifer Van Hook, professor of sociology and demography at Pennsylvania State University. In the longitudinal study, they tracked the body mass indexes of 19,450 students from fifth through eighth grade. The team compared the BMIs of children in schools where junk food was sold and in schools where it was not. They evaluated children who moved into schools that sold junk food with those who did not, and children who never attended a school that sold snacks with those who did.

No matter what combination of variables they tried, the researchers could never find a conclusive link between eating junk food and obesity.

Van Hook is quoted by the New York Times as concluding, “Food preferences are established early in life. This problem of childhood obesity cannot be placed solely in the hands of schools.”

Nor in the hands, one might add, of well-meaning but misguided first ladies.


Act of Valor - Real Bullets

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Mitt on ObamneyCare: "It's not worth getting angry about"

Campaigns always have give and take but let's not lose sight of the forest for the trees. There are two issues that will make Barack Obama a one termer, two intertwined evil strands of DNA: Obamanomics and ObamaCare. If Republicans surrender either of these issues, they surrender the White House.

Mitt Romney is surrendering ObamaCare.