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North Carolina from Above in 1080 High Definition

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1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Unrestored, Well Documented, Original Engine

The adage often is that a car is only original once, and many understand that provenance is a crucial part of buying investment-grade muscle cars. A vehicle of this nature is expected to exhibit signs of preservation, and a great deal of attention is paid to the originality and date coding of all the components. For those looking for what has become an icon of the American performance era, the 1971 Hemi Cuda, not only is the provenance of this particular car noteworthy, but so is its ownership trail.

It was 1975, and Frank Badalson was not yet recognized as one of the premier Hemi originality experts in the Mopar hobby. He was a college student, and he was buying Terry Dye’s all-original 1971 Hemi Cuda as daily transportation and for an occasional pass at the local dragstrip. Even at that time, Badalson understood just how unique any Hemi car was, and the gas crunch of the mid-‘70s made ownership possible for a number of people like Frank who had missed them when new.

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Cruz: Obama – Boehner Budget Deal Ridiculous, Deceitful, and a Disgrace

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Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz has come out strongly against the Ryan – Obama – Boehner budget deal that was agreed to in the middle of the night between departing Speaker of the House John Boehner, establishment Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Obama.

The budget is a two fiscal year agreement that fully funds Obama’s budget priorities, takes spending off the table as an issue in the 2016 election and breaks the spending caps agreed to as part of the 2011 debt ceiling deal that took spending off the table for the 2012 presidential election. 

In short, it is a complete surrender to Obama on spending, leaving him free to proceed with a host of anti-conservative policies intended to “fundamentally change America,” without the possibility that a Republican Congress will use the power of the purse to stop him. 

The National Education Association and the Confederate Flag

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Back in July of this year the National Education Association had a big meeting in Orlando, Florida and, as is typical with this “educational” organization, they ended up debating issues that seldom have anything to do with education but would make a wish list that every socialist congressperson in Washington would dearly love to vote for.

An article by Stephen Sawchuk on Education Weekly blogs has headlined: “Resolution on Confederate Flag Sparks Controversy at NEA Assembly.”  The first sentence in the article stated:

“National Education Association delegates adopted a new business item directing the union to ‘find appropriate and effective efforts to remove the confederate battle flag from schools and public spaces.'” What trying to remove Confederate battle flags from “public spaces” has to do with education escapes me and honestly, folks, how many Confederate battle flags have you recently seen atop the flagpoles at public schools? This is a politically correct (Culturally Marxist) propaganda item to alert other leftist organizations that the NEA and they are on the same page.

What Double Standard? White Principal Body-Slammed to Ground by Black Student …Media Silent

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On Tuesday– video was posted of a young female black student getting slammed to the floor and arrested in class.

The video went viral and made screaming headlines on every major news channel.

A third video of the incident showed the the student punching the deputy during the confrontation.

** The student was not participating in class, she took out her phone and refused to leave class. 

That was before the officer was called in.

Also on Tuesday– a white principal was body slammed to the ground during a lunchroom brawl.

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Time runs out for the traitoress

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Mrs Merkel (circled) who was 17-year-old Angela Kasner when the picture was taken in 1972, is shown in fatigues marching with a group of friends and an East German officer
 Mrs Merkel (circled) who was 17-year-old Angela Kasner when the picture was taken in 1972, is shown in fatigues marching with a group of friends and an East German officer.

It will be interesting to see if Merkel survives long enough to be put on trial for her crimes against Germany and the German people:

Merkel Increasingly Isolated

The griping over Merkel's policies has grown louder within her own party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU). The meetings of the party's parliamentary group, which for many years radiated the boredom of an English gentleman's club, now resemble tribunals against the chancellor. Meanwhile, Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, the strong man in Merkel's cabinet, also expressed his own dissatisfaction, in distant Peru, by cracking jokes about border controls in the former East Germany.

Merkel is looking increasingly isolated. Government sources say she has made refugee policy her personal concern, and now she is being left to deal with it on her own. Last week, Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière confided in his Luxembourg counterpart, telling him that Merkel did not have a plan, only "cold feet."
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