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Rick Perry AGREES with Obama: Open Borders for America!

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CCEC now has 100% of the system without power.

August 27, 2011

Crews will be working through the night to repair damage to the system.

When transmission power is retored to our substations, then we can hopefully restore power to a large number of members. We currently have 100 men in the field with crews joining us from Rutherford EMC and Blue Ridge EMC from western NC and Walton EMC from Georgia.


Georgia GOP straw poll: Herman Cain 26% , Ron Paul 25.7%

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– Herman Cain, 232 or 26 percent;

– Ron Paul, 229 or 25.7 percent;

– Rick Perry, 179 or 20 percent;

– Newt Gingrich, 162 or 18 percent;

– Mitt Romney, 51 or 6 percent;

– Michele Bachman, 29 or 3 percent;

– Rick Santorum, 4 or .4 percent

– Jon Huntsman, 3 or .3 percent;

– Thad McCotter, 1 or .1 percent;

Cat Chow


"There is no magic about FEMA"

1st Circuit: A Clearly Established First Amendment Right to Film Officers In A Public Space (This Is A Big Deal) Part I

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The First Circuit Court of Appeals opinion in the much anticipated Glik case came down Friday. Judge Kermit Lipez wrote this refreshingly tidy opinion for the unanimous panel. This opinion is a huge deal for the right to record police, and marks the first time a circuit opinion truly gets the law right–the other circuit opinions are either woefully thin on reasoning, not quite on point, or ambiguous.

Facts and Context

Simon Glik is a Massachusetts attorney. Aside from being especially positioned to vindicate his rights, the incident is a typical copwatching encounter. In October 2007, Glik saw three Massachusetts officers arresting a suspect. When he heard a bystander complain about the officers’ use of force, Glik began recording the arrest from about 10 feet away using his cell phone. Officers told him to stop. He didn’t. An officer asked Glik if his video recording included audio. Glik said yes. Officers arrested him for violating the state wiretapping statute.

As readers probably know, the Massachusetts Supreme Court upheld the criminalization of secretly recording police in Commonwealth v. Hyde, 434 Mass. 594, 750 N.E.2d 963 (2001). Yet Glik recorded openly. Copwatchers know that in Massachusetts, Florida, and a number of other states, some officers will wrongly charge individuals with a wiretapping charge to stop them from recording police, and almost all cases plea or settle. People generally cannot afford the legal costs and criminal attorneys themselves generally don’t know this area of the law so well. But Glik went to the mat to vindicate the right. The prosecution dropped charges. Glik filed a complaint with internal affairs, but as usual the department neither investigated nor took disciplinary action.

The ACLU-MA assumed direct representation of Glik, and filed a civil suit. Glik won at trial, and Boston appealed on behalf of the officers (City’s brief, ACLU-MA brief). Two sets of amici then jumped on–the Center for Constitutional Rights (brief) with a host of Copwatch and police accountability groups, and a number of media groups (brief).

Legal Backdrop: The ACLU-MA Engagement, and the Growing Divide Between the First Circuit and The Massachusetts High Court


Fanatical and Intransigent Abolitionists

Never advocating a practical and peaceful method of eradicating slavery in the antebellum United States, radical abolitionists resorted to nonsense like a moral embargo against the South. The Rhode Island Anti-Slavery Society refused to admit slaveholding Southerners to their summer resorts, but must have overlooked that Rhode Island had been the slave trading capital of North America in the mid-1700’s. A more rational target of abolitionist energy would have been purchasing the freedom of Southern slaves with the handsome profits their fathers and other Rhode Island slavers had made to date.

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"
“The abolitionist, sharing the transcendentalist’s refusal to accept the dictum vox populi vox dei, had to carry that refusal one step further: public opinion at any given time before the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth could never be the voice of God, and if it were, the reformer would lose his vocation. The voice of the reforming minority was the voice of God.

But the majority was also teachable; the reformer was God’s instrument to teach the nation the truth and the vanguard in its march to a better social order. [T]he abolitionist would insist that truth is not ascertained by public opinion polls, and he would point out that the majority in the 1830s and 1840s would vote against abolition of slavery, against prohibition (a few abolitionists would too), for capital punishment, and for Jim Crow laws in the free States.

The laws, customs, even the Constitution, reflecting the general will in the unregenerate state, could not be the authority on which the reformer based his claim to the role of teacher. His authority to a higher law as embodied in the Bible and conveniently set forth, in part, in the first sentence of the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. The corrupt majority prevailed not because it was right, but because it could enforce its will. “Might makes right” was in the abolitionist’s view logically deducible from the principle of majority rule.

It follows that the reforming minority, while necessary, must always be unpopular. As Wendell Phillips put it, when explaining why even abolitionists who employed conciliatory and moderate language “found every man’s hand against them”: “our unpopularity is no fault of ours, but flows necessarily and unavoidably from our position.” (Those abolitionists who carried this logic to its conclusion would suggest…that public acceptance would be a sign that their duty was to move on to a new unpopular position.)

Their refusal to water down their “visionary” slogan was, in their eyes, eminently practical, much more so than the course of the antislavery senators and congressmen who often wrote letters to abolitionist leaders justifying their adaptation of antislavery demands to what was attainable.

The abolitionist, while criticizing such compromises, would insist that his own intransigence made favorable compromises possible. He might have stated his position thus: If politics is the art of the possible, agitation is the art of the desirable. For one thing, [this] can be useful to the political bargainer; the more extreme demand of the agitator makes the politician’s demand seem acceptable and perhaps desirable in the sense that the adversary may prefer to give up half a loaf rather than the whole.”

(Means and Ends in American Abolitionism, Aileen S. Kraditor, Pantheon Books, 1967, pp. 25-28)

Fanatical and Intransigent Abolitionists

"The Rebellion"

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I'm in North Carolina working the hurricane. A group of us happened to meet near the Bennett House (where Gen Johnston surrendered to Sherman, effectively ending the War in the east). The sign that advertises it refers to the "Civil War" - but notice the nice sticker that someone put on the sign.


Dear Congressman Gingrey,

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I have been waiting for the form letter explaining your treachery in the Debt debate, but it appears you are too cowardly to even send that out these days. My how times have changed since you went to Congress to “help” us out… and my god you have done that; You and the others infesting the Nation’s Capital have helped us out of jobs, helped us out of our world standing, helped the Leftists empty the treasury, and helped us out of our Constitution and our Republic… So please stop the “help”.
The GOP (including you) were given a very powerful and specific mandate when we returned the House to your control, your main job was to cut spending and shrink government! BUT as usual you and the GOP just pissed away the opportunity to bring this country back in line and save the economy. Even worse, you have abdicated your own standing as a Congressman by giving an UNCONSTITUTIONAL group of men the Congress’s authority in this matter… Is there no honor left among our statesmen? If you ask me; but for a very few, No There Is Not!
You are now in the same category as Isakson and Chambliss (RINO’s and/or self-serving), and you will be treated as such. I have made it my life’s goal to assist in removing their sorry asses from office… and you have just joined that list for violating your Oath of Office. Our country is in dire straits, and we will almost surely have another economic collapse do to YOUR help in supporting the actions of the Leftists/RINOs dragging this nation into the gutter, hope you like your new friends.
You were warned by “the People” numerous times to get this spending under control, but instead you used smoke and mirrors to do absolutely nothing to stop this fiscal train wreck. I am a man who firmly believes that “politicians”, such as yourself, will soon reap what they so justly deserve… a trip to the unemployment offices to join the 15-20 MILLION Americans searching for work in the economy that YOU helped to destroy. Although, since most of you pilferers have made millions of dollars selling your souls, it may take awhile for you to get there.

As usual, I will be keeping Family, Friends, and Acquaintances up to date on your actions.

Joseph Lozito

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Badass of the Week

It's 8:45am on the morning of Saturday, February 12, 2011. A 40 year-old man named Joseph Lozito is riding the New York City Subway to work at his 40-hour a week gig in the box office of Manhattan's Avery Fisher Hall. He's nearing Penn Station on the final leg of his retardedly long commute from his home in Philadelphia � a two-hour pilgrimage he readily undertakes every day as a way to help provide food and a roof for his wife and two young sons. A ridiculous trip that makes pretty much everyone else who complains about their commute look like total pussies. A trip he's been taking five days a week since 2005.

As his Subway car pulls into the station, he notices a commotion taking place on the platform. Cops are running around frantically, people are shuffling around like spastic zombies, and even though it's obvious that things are weird nobody really seems to know what the fuck is going on. This probably isn't all that uncommon � it's New York, for god's sake, and crazy shit happens here all the time. Maybe some kid went missing. Maybe a creepy old dude exposed himself to a minor. Who fucking knows with this place.

The Subway doors hiss open, and a super-shady dude with sandy blond hair calmly strolls onto the car. Everybody kind of eyes him a little suspiciously, but then again crazy people on the New York Subway aren't exactly anything new either.

A typical morning commute in New York City.

But then shit goes straight from weird to alarming. This bizarre dude quietly surveys the car, looking across the faces of Joseph Lozito and the other men, women and children who happened to be unfortunate enough to be stuck on that Subway car at that particular point in time, his face completely devoid of emotion. Without a word he marches up to the conductor's door and starts pounding on it, demanding for the train driver to let him in. When the conductor shouts, "Who the hell are you?", through the door, this guy responds by boldly declaring, "I'm the police".

Ok, shit just got really fucking eerie. Red flags are up. Alarm bells are going off in Joseph Lozito's head. He stays calm. Just a couple more stops and he's out of here.

Then, to the surprise of everyone on board (including the police-impersonating psycho), the conductor's door slides open. Standing in the entryway are two New York City police officers, their hands on their still-holstered pistols, demanding the man back up slowly and put his hands in the air.

The creepy dude doesn't register any emotion. He takes one look at the cops, then calmly turns his back to them and starts walking towards the back of the train car � directly at Joseph Lozito. Lozito's eyes are now cautiously locked on 23 year-old Maksim Gelman, a 6-foot-tall Ukrainian dude who suddenly rocketed up the list from "creepy weirdo" to "what the fuck is up with this guy" to "holy shit he's coming right for me" on the freak-out scale.

Gelman's eyes don't blink, move, or register any kind of emotion at all. They're dead, black holes. Gelman calmly reaches into his coat, eyes still fixed on Lozito's gaze, and smoothly draws an eight-inch-long, razor-sharp kitchen knife from his waistband. Lozito then suddenly realizes the man is muttering to himself. No, worse. He's chanting. "You're going to die. You're going to die."

An eight-inch kitchen knife.

It turns out that Maksim Gelman wasn't just any nutjob riding pantless on the Subway � he was a bona-fide spree killer in the middle of a 28 hour stabbing rampage that had left four people dead and five more wounded across the boroughs of New York City. Earlier in the weekend, Gelman had done a shitload of crack and murdered his stepfather and his girlfriend's mom with a knife, stabbed his girlfriend 11 times, ran over a dude with a car, slashed another motorist, and carjacked an unsuspecting couple, stabbing both of them in the process. He was a career criminal who had completely lost his fucking shit, and now he was swinging a goddamned machete around a crowded Subway train filled with women, children, and more innocent bystanders than a superhero comic. And now he's coming straight for Joseph Lozito, and there isn't a hell of a lot this Pennsylvania native can do to avoid the confrontation. It's like a bad 80s movie about gang violence on the Subway, only this was rush hour traffic, real life, and Gelman is definitely not wearing an awesome headband or listening to rad jams blasting from the tape deck on his boombox.

But Joseph Lozito isn't just any chump on his way to work, and he sure as shit isn't about to sit there and let some psychotic madman knife him to death without putting up a fight. This guy is a life-long MMA fan who took his love of the sport to super-fan levels � he'd been to UFC 1 in 1993, never missed a pay-per-view, and celebrated his friggin' wedding anniversary by taking his wife to see the Ultimate Fighting Championship live.

He's also fucking gigantic � standing 6'2" and weighing in at 260 pounds. Gelman wasn't going to know what the fuck hit him.

"I would have done what any other person would have done, but he picked me," he said. "I'm glad he picked me. There were a lot of women and children on the train who couldn't defend themselves. He picked me and instinct kicked in."

As Gelman approaches, Lozito does the last thing the knife-wielding maniac expected � he attacks. Without warning, this 260-pound wrecking ball of awesome beardage leaps up from his seat, driving his chest into the spree-killer's chest Goldberg Spear style. Gelman staggers back, dazed, and Lozito busts out a fucking leg sweep that (from what I understand) probably sounds a hell of a lot more awesome in theory than it actually looked in practice. I'm picturing a goddamned duck-spinning leg swipe that would have made the evil Cobra Kai sensei cry a single tear of pride, but by Lozito's own admission, "I wouldn't win any style points for taking him down, but it did the job." I guess that's all that matters. Both men crash to the floor of the Subway, and a battle for life and death immediately ensues. Lozito is pinning the guy to the turf, desperately trying to grab control of the knife, and Gelman is slashing wildly at anything he can reach. His face and head are sliced and bleeding badly, but Lozito never even considers anything other than pummeling this guy mercilessly about the head and neck � as the two men stared each other down in their deathmatch Lozito looks his enemy in the eyes and unflinchingly tells him, "You've messed with the wrong guy. You'd better hope I die, because I'm coming to kill you."

I fucking love this. There is little in the world more badass than threatening a psychotic madman while he's in the process of trying to kill you. Never back down, never surrender.

After a short but bloody duel, police officers board the train and three cops jump in and grab Gelman. Lozito sits back and watches as they slap handcuffs on the murderer, read him his rights, and carry him off. He gets up, dusts the nasty funk of the Subway floor off his work clothes, walks back to his seat, and sits down like nothing happened.

It's only then that he realizes he's bleeding like fucking crazy.

True badasses like Joseph Lozito destroy their enemies without even taking off their ties.

Another guy on the train quickly shows up with a makeshift tourniquet and applies pressure to Lozito's cuts, but it turns out that this guy was way more messed-up than he had originally thought. When the paramedics show up and rush him to the hospital, they find that he's got a 4-inch gash along the back of his head, an 8-inch knife wound behind his ear, three 3-inch-long wounds on his arms, a huge cut under his eye that's going to leave a seriously badass-looking scar, and a tremendously-gnarly series of cuts on his hands. The doctors who stitched him back together again couldn't understand how this guy was even still conscious � let alone beating the shit out of a knife-wielding murderer in a fight for his life.

Joseph Lozito, the Subway Hero of New York, had single-handedly captured a man responsible for killing or wounding eight people in a 28-hour period, and had probably saved the lives of everyone on that subway car through his incredible determination, ridiculous bravery, and a seemingly-unflinching dedication to wrecking the asses of horrible murdering bastards. His story has been covered in newspapers and television, and the MMA-uberfan receive a special guest at the hospital when UFC owner Dana White personally came to see him and give him a set of VIP passes for the upcoming UFC 128 (an experience that Lozito awesomely-equates to being, "like a 13-year-old girl meeting Justin Bieber.") He remains one of the greatest examples of a regular guy being put in an insanely-shitty situation and proving to the world that he's a face-crushing badass.

"I wasn't going to go down without a fight. I took his best shots and I am still standing."

So, S.C. is racist because they fly the Battle Flag over the Soldier's Memorial, Well.......




Comment of the Day: The War of Southern Aggression

Today we claimed that South Carolina is a little bit racist, partly because of their insistence on flying the Confederate flag. This didn't sit too well with one commenter.

From PGMcCullough:

Sigh. So South Carolina sucks because of the Confederate Battle Flag...

I really hope that one day the South has complete control over the Federal Government and passes Federal legislation banning abortion, an institution that most people on both sides of the issue agree is tragic, though most also realize that a sudden, total, unphased end to it would cause some very serious problems.

And I hope the Northeastern States attempt to peacefully withdraw from the Federal Government as a result.

Then I hope Southern troops march into the North and burn every bit of it to the fucking ground.

Then I hope that in a hundred years, Northern descendents are forced to read about how their evil ancestors actually fought to defend murdering adorable babies, and every Southern blogger in the world derides those shameful redneck Northern apologists who try and make some ridiculous claims that the late war was about "Women's Rights" when really it was obviously just about killing babies.

So... is that as spectacularly offensive as I think it is? Is it elaborate satire? I just can't tell.

Liberal dorkhead, it ain't satire and good to go, Collectivist. BT

Mayor Orders Cops To Remove Citizen At Council Meeting For Stating His Name


National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-26-11

Injustice Everywhere


Here are the 13 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Friday, August 26, 2011:

  • Nashville TN cop was found guilty of 2nd degree murder in the shooting death of his wife that he claimed was accidental [0]
  • Las Vegas NV loses lawsuit for $2.2 million to the family of a man killed in a crash with a cop who was speeding w/o lights or siren [0]
  • Washington DC cop was arrested on DUI & assault with a deadly weapon charges after he allegedly crashed into a car containing a group of transgendered women who previously rebuffed his offers of money in exchange for sex then opened fire on them, injuring two. [0]
  • Jacksonville FL cop arrested on capital sexual battery & molestation charges involving 2 girls, one of which was under 12yrs-old [0]
  • White Co GA deputy was arrested on production of child pornography charges on allegations that he filmed at least one 7-year-old girl. [0]
  • Pinellas Co FL now-retired deputy arrested for allegedly molesting 5-10 yr-old girl 35yrs ago while deputy. While this one seems odd, the arrest was made after the alleged victim’s account of what happened 30-35 years ago was corroborated by others. [0]
  • Trenton NJ cop investigated for refusing to render aid to stop fight because he was working off-duty security job [0]
  • Rapides Parish LA sheriff’s narcotics supervisor was charged w/malfeasance relating to unspecified activities he had with 3 female suspects [2]
  • Lebanon OH police policies are being criticized as possibly being in violation of state laws after a police officer fatally shot a family’s pet cat in the head after a neighbor called to complain when it snuck out [0]
  • Brigantine NJ now-former cop charged with stealing funds from police union while he was treasurer [1]
  • Lincoln Parish LA deputy arrested for allegedly misusing his status as an officer to coerce someone into selling him a car at reduced price [1]
  • Phoenix AZ cop who is the mayor’s son was suspended for 4 days for inappropriately touching female city worker and having sex with another while on duty [0]
  • Reading OH cop under investigation & may be reprimanded after boy snaps photo of him driving while texting on duty [0]

Before I go, just a reminder to any new readers, we exist entirely thanks reader donations. A lot of hard work goes into compiling all these reports and running statistical analysis on what we find. So, if you appreciate what we’re trying to do, please consider donating today or send us reports that you think we may have missed. We truly appreciate all the help we can get!

Hank III Moonshiner's Life

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Repost from 23 Apr 2010: Popcorn Sutton: Dead By Government B-------

"He couldn't go to prison. His mind would just not accept it. ... So credit the federal government for my husband being dead, I really do."
--Pam Sutton

(I've finally found an article that expresses my true feelings about the disgraceful, criminal treatment of a hero, although he could have accomplished the same purpose with less profanity. Dixie and I plan to go to his hometown after the SCV's Sam Davis Youth Camp this summer, and pay our respects.


Warning: Language, and repeated in the beginning. BT)

Popcorn Sutton: Dead By Government Bastards!

"He was a Free Man. One of the few who can honestly say they deserve that title. The chains never came to rest upon him.

Can any of us say the same?

You can live on your knees, or die on your feet. You can be safe, or you can be free.

A man chooses. A slave obeys."

Popcorn Sutton: Moonshiner and Author 10/5/1946 – 3/16/2009

End of Emerald Isle Pier down

Post due to prompt from Cousin John

That's where they fish for kings, but caught so many bluefish a while back that they gave them away.

Bluefish By The Dozen



Emerald Isle


Pictures taken on Thursday.
Below taken from pier.

Mercs. vs. Pirates

Via Global Guerrillas

It was a normal morning in April last year. Normal, that is, by the crazy standards of the fishermen, ship’s crews, navy sailors and Somali pirates plying their dangerous trades on 2.5 million square miles of lawless ocean stretching from India to Kenya.

“Dave,” a 44-year-old from Wiltshire in southwest England, was standing watch on the upper deck of a commercial car carrier bound from Mumbai to Mombasa. Scanning the horizon with a pair of high-powered binoculars, the former British Royal Marine of 24 years’ experience spotted something suspicious ahead of the carrier: a small freighter matching the profile of a pirate “mothership,” a sort of floating base for heavily armed sea bandits and their small boats.

What happened next was like something out of a Hollywood thriller. But for Dave and a fast-growing number of for-profit ship guards, it was just another day on the job — and evidence of a surprising turn in the years-old, international war on piracy.

The world’s governments are waking up to the sobering fact that the gazillion-dollar warships they’ve sent to the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean can’t keep up with the region’s elusive pirates. The hijackers’ simple, brutal tactics are too effective. Their business model is too attractive. And they’ve got nothing to lose but their lives.

The days are probably numbered for 10,000-ton Burke-class destroyers chasing down illiterate Somali thugs sailing in souped-up fishing boats called “skiffs.” The future of the piracy war could belong to Dave and guys like him, standing lonely guard on gigantic, fortified commercial vessels speeding through pirate-infested waters.

Destroyers are expensive and ill-suited to long, tedious piracy patrols. Armed guards are comparatively cheap and, as Dave proved that April morning, highly effective. Sure, guards come with their own limitations and complications. But hiring professional ship-protectors beats the alternative: an endless, pointless military exercise.

Dave and his three teammates from Protection Vessels International, a 3-year-old, English firm offering “safe passage for vessels, master and crew through high-risk environments,” watched as the suspected pirate mothership silently approached the car carrier. “When it got to approximately seven milesdistance, we saw a small craft being launched from it and it began to approach from the port side at 23 knots,” Dave recalled. The boat carried four men, at least two of them armed with AK-47s.

That’s when the PVI guards, all former Royal Marines, knew for sure that the carrier was under attack. A hijacking could mean: months of captivity and abuse for Dave, his teammates and the ship’s crew; a multimillion-dollar ransom for the vessel’s owner; and a small but meaningful blow to an already-rickety world economy. “We immediately increased speed to 19 knots, altered course, activated the piracy alarm and informed [the authorities],” Dave told Danger Room.

They prepared for battle, “kitting up” with body armor, helmets, warning flares and rifles. At that moment the front line of the piracy war, which has claimed scores of lives on both sides and cost ten of billions of dollars in ransoms, insurance premiums and lost property, intersected the fast-shrinking span of water between his ship and the approaching pirate skiff.

What Is Your Pitchfork Factor?

Global Guerrillas


The global economy is in the process of falling apart. A decade + of global economic depression, political instability, and extreme social transformation has nudged its nose above the horizon.

With this in mind, here's a question you should be asking yourself:

What is my pitchfork factor?

A pitchfork factor is a measurement of how vulnerable you are during this decade plus of turmoil until things settle down again. Pitchforks can arrive in a variety of forms:

  • Seizure of assets and/or imprisonment. From nationalization to a corrupted process (for the personal gain of those in local/regional government or connected to them).
  • Criminal activity. From gangs to mafias to militias. All will be present and they will be larger and much more active than they are today.
  • Riots. Destruction and/or looting. More random and less likely than the above.

Here are some very simple rules that can reduce your pitchfork factor:

  1. Invest in your community's viability. The better the community does, the better it will protect you. There is strength in numbers. If the gulf between your personal sucess and that of the community's is too large or your community is too small, your factor will rise.
  2. Establish a trust network. People with whom you can conduct transactions with without recourse to legal entanglements (which will be corrupted). Know who is in and outside of this group. Transactions outside of this group are very risky.
  3. Invest locally in productive assets (while you still can). Productive local assets (particularly food, energy, and locally consumable products) are a source of income to both you/your family as well as the community even when things are terribly depressed. Remote investments or piles of fungible assets (in a safe or in a safe deposit box) are a liability since they attract unwanted attention and are nearly impossible to protect (unless you are willing to dispense violence at a level/scale commensurate with a mafia/cartel/militia).
  4. Know someone in government that can help protect you and your community. The more powerful and/or local the better. Connections to people with titles/status in powerful organizations are useful as a means of intimidation (I've seen this in action, it works very well).
  5. Stay in your native country. If you have ever been in a foreign country that is really going down the tubes, you already know that this is critical. Not being a native makes you an instant target and whatever support network you think you have can vanish in an instant (I've seen this happen and it can occur very quickly).
  6. Local militias/defensive forces. Even a ragtag group that can assemble to protect your neighborhood/town is useful in a pinch (seen this many times). If you have the means, equip/train them and/or give them a place to assemble.
  7. Working on some more rules. Will add/edit later...
NOTE: A well stocked/armed cabin is not a solution. This situation will outlast you. Solely relying on being personally well armed/proficient isn't that great of an answer since it will most likely result in you and your family going down in a blaze of "glory."