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Vietnam: Last Rites

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I was that which others did not want to be. I went where others feared to go & did what others failed to do.  I asked nothing from those who gave nothing & reluctantly accepted the thought of eternal loneliness. Should I fail. I have seen the face of terror; felt the stinging cold of fear; & enjoyed the sweet taste of a moment's love. I have cried, pained, and hoped. But most of all, I have lived times others would say were best forgotten. At least someday I will be able to say... 

I was that which others did not want to be. I went where others feared to go and did what others failed to do. I asked nothing from those who gave nothing and reluctantly accepted the thought of eternal loneliness should I fail. I have seen the face of terror; felt the stinging cold of fear and enjoyed the sweet taste of a moment's love. I have cried, pained, and hoped. But most of all, I have lived times others would say were best forgotten. At least someday I will be able to say...that I am proud of what I was ...  a soldier.

Street Names in Saigon before 1975 was Scientific and Educational

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The naming of roads in Saigon before 1975 was very, very meaningful. People walk from the gateway to the center of Saigon, if you notice you will see a civilized 4000 years of Vietnamese history on every step.
Starting from the Western Bus Station, there will be Hong Bang, An Duong Vuong, Trieu Da ... Ba Trieu ... then Ly Nam De, Trieu Quang Phuc ... Next are Mai Hac De, Phung Hung, Ngo Quyen and Dinh Bo. L ... Chieu Hoang. Tran Nhan Tong, Tran Hung Dao and other generals Pham Ngu Lao, Tran Khanh Du ...
+ River wharves include Van Kiep, Ham Tu ... The largest port is named Bach Dang ...
+ As close as near the center, as close as the current Le Loi, Le Lai, Nguyen Trai ... then the Nguyen more centers as close as Nguyen Hoang, Minh Mang, Tu Duc and other generals as Vo Tanh, Le Van Duyet ...
+ Deviate to the north of the central area (District 3), there are Tay Son dynasties and writers, poets and students: Ba Huyen Thanh Quan, Ho Xuan Huong ... together with Tay Son martial arts: Bui Thi Xuan, Tran Quang Dieu ...
It must be said that a person who goes from the bus station to the center of the city and observes the name of the street is very easy to imagine themselves in any part of the city.
Best of all is the flow of 4000 years of history, all focused on a boulevard named Thong Nhat, beautiful and wide with vast square leading directly to the highest authority of the time (before 1975) DINH INDEPENDENCE.
The road is less than one way, running across the Court and the main gate of the Palace named Cong Ly (Justice can not be 2 way!). Two roads parallel to Dai Nhu Thong Nhat are named after two famous people who created the script of Vietnam Han Thuyen and Alexandre de Rhodes with the implication of deep gratitude ...

Fractured Federalism

Proposals to turn national programs over to the states are abound in Washington. The failure of federal programs over the past 60 years demonstrates that centralized solutions to local problems are ineffective. Federalism—the constitutional distribution of power between the states and national government— is once again on the agenda.

Lessons regarding centralization have been learned the hard way. For example, since the 1960s the national government has spent $5 trillion on social welfare programs for such efforts as the “War on Poverty.” The result is a poverty rate of 15.1 percent—higher than the 14.7 percent rate we had before the Great Society. The nation cannot afford anymore trillion-dollar lessons. As an alternative, many leaders around the country are re-examining the role of the states.

But is the rhetoric of the politicians sincere? Is there a genuine movement in Washington toward federal decentralization?

Open Carry

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NC: Experts: Tintype photo of Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett could be worth millions

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White Power Hand Gesture Origination Tracked Down At Last......:)

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President Trump Orders Sweeping Declassification of Russian Docs

A storm is brewing in The Swamp

On Monday, September 17th, President Trump used his pen and his phone to order the declassifaction of a wide range of documents relating to the Russian Witch Hunt helmed by Robert Mueller.

According to Fox News’ Ed Henry, “The President has just ordered the declassification of a range of documents, including FISA application related to Carter Page, FBI interviews with Bruce Ohr, plus texts related to Russia probe “without redaction” of Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page & Ohr.”

Judge Kavanaugh Says He Was not at the party in Question

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The Senate met for the first time Monday afternoon since Christine Blasey Ford, a California professor and far left activist publicly came forward with allegations of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh.


All the facts aren’t even in but Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is calling for a delay in the Kavanaugh confirmation process.
Christine Blasey Ford is a far-left activist who alleged Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her over 35 years ago while she was at a high school party in Maryland.


Now this…


Judge Kavanaugh told Senator Hatch that he was not even at the party in question!

Communism In America

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Those who believe in a republican form of government are incapable of understanding a communist. Their lives are designed specifically to distance themselves from politics.  They might hold opinions, but think nothing more of it than to express those opinions on occasion. Their opinions are not their agenda.

Communists live their opinions; breathe them in; they are given to them by their leaders and they become part of their soul.  It is their duty to express those opinions, because they are relaying the message of their leaders to the rest.  They need to use these opinions to sniff out enemies and confirm the identities of comrades.

Communists have spent generations upon generations to stand where they do now; in the land of their enemy, growing stronger and stronger.  People in the United States who are not communists, joined the fight against them yesterday in relative terms, if they have joined it at all.

The rise of post-truth liberalism

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Visiting New York a few weeks after Trump’s victory in the presidential election, I found myself immersed in a mass psychosis. The city’s intelligentsia was possessed by visions of conspiracy. No one showed any interest in the reasons Trump supporters may have had for voting as they did. Quite a few cited the low intelligence, poor education and retrograde values of the nearly 63 million Americans who voted for him. What was most striking was how many of those with whom I talked flatly rejected the result. The election, they were convinced, had been engineered by a hostile power.

It was this malignant influence, not any default of American society, that had upended the political order.

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Democrats Assault the Constitution Over Kavanaugh

The lone corroborative evidence offered by Ford is a 2012 couple’s counseling therapy session. However, the notes from that session do not match Ford’s current story. For example, the number of individuals involved in the alleged assault is different and Kavanaugh’s name does not appear in the session notes.

In the end, this recent play by Democrats has made one thing patently obvious: The Washington swamp is far from drained.

While despicable to the nth degree and the dirtiest form of gutter politics, Democrats trotted out an accusation of sexual assault supposedly perpetrated by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and his accuser has come forward. The last-minute revelation, made first by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), may best be described as evil genius. With Christine Ford, a research professor of psychology in California, now publicly stepping up to own the accusation, Democrats have gone full Anita Hill in their efforts to obstruct Kavanaugh.


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Is Brett Kavanaugh a nice guy? That's irrelevant. So is alleged sexual assault as a teen.


I don’t want Brett Kavanaugh to be confirmed for the Supreme Court. Based on what he has said and written, I fear that Kavanaugh will roll back reproductive rights, environmental regulations and many other causes that I hold dear.

But I’m also opposed to the latest gambit in the campaign against Kavanaugh, who faces an allegation from California psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford that he tried to sexually assault her at a party when they were in high school. I find Ford's story entirely believable: She talked about it years ago with her future husband and later a therapist, among others, and has passed an FBI-administered lie detector test, according to The Washington Post.

Yet I still think it's a poor reason to bar Kavanaugh from the court. And it plays into the hands of the judge’s Republican handlers, who have tried to make this battle about Kavanaugh’s character rather than his jurisprudence.

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Who is the accuser in the Kavanaugh case?

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   christine blasey ford family

 I have only briefly checked this.

 An intriguing in-depth new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating  today states that a Stanford University Psychiatry Professor named Dr. Christine Blasey has become the latest centerpiece of a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) plot to harm President Trump with her last-minute allegation, just days prior to US Senate confirmation, that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh had attempted to sexually assault her over 30 years ago when they were teenage school children—while being kept from the American people about Dr. Blasey is that she currently oversees the CIA Undergraduate Internship Program Stanford University developed by the notorious CIA-connected Stanford University Psychiatric Professor Dr. Frederick T. Melges—who himself, in 1985, took into his care the homeless woman Lois Lang who assassinated CIA paymaster Nick Deak—and that afterwards saw the CIA’s black operations monies being controlled by Ralph G. Blasey Jr.—who, not so mysteriously, just happens to be the father of Dr. Christine Blasey.   

The M1 & M2 Carbine and The Story of War Hero Jack Lucas

At age 17, Jack Lucas was the youngest recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor in the history of the US Marine Corps.

 The carbine was popular with both ARVN and Viet Cong troops during the war in Vietnam.

In August of 1942, Jack Lucas forged his mother’s name on an enlistment document and fraudulently enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. He was fourteen years old at the time. His was a muscular build, so he could pass for an adult in dim light.

After successfully completing training as a machine gunner he was assigned to the V Amphibious Corps at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. By all accounts, he was an exemplary Marine. When his commander discovered his true age it was resolved to sideline Jack so he could avoid combat and grow old in peace. In response, Jack went AWOL carrying nothing more than his dungarees and field shoes and stowed away aboard an assault transport ship headed for Iwo Jima. One day before he was to have been declared a deserter Lucas turned himself into Captain Robert Dunlap and was assigned to Dunlap’s rifle company. Lucas celebrated his 17th birthday five days before the Iwo Jima invasion.

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ARVN Ranger!

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No info if this was taken before '75 or not, but certainly appealing!

NC SCV Veterans Memorials

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N.C. SCV Memorials
 Restore Our Veterans Memorials

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Rejoice, Democrats: Your Next High-Tech Lynching Has Arrived!

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)


Democrats raise the depravity to new heights. – After news of the “anonymous letter” from a woman who knew Brett Kavanaugh in high school, accusing the Supreme Court nominee of unspecified teenage misconduct, came to light last week, here is what The Campaign Update told you we would soon find out:
Trust me on this, it is only a matter of time before…
– We find out the accuser’s name;
– We discover she is being represented by some scumbag lawyer like Michael Avenetti or Lisa Bloom or best of all, Gloria Allred;
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Judge Napolitano on if Kavanaugh's nomination is in jeopardy

Supersonic Guns Kill: F-4 Phantom vs MiG-19, Major Phil "Hands" Handley

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