Monday, November 30, 2020

Sidney Powell: “Frankly, I’m Beginning to think the Entire FBI and Dept. of Justice need to be Hosed Out with Clorox and Firehoses!”

Anomalies in Vote Counts and Their Effects on Election 2020


This report studies 8,954 individual updates to the vote totals in all 50 states and finds that four individual updates — two of which were widely noticed on the internet, including by the President — are profoundly anomalous; they deviate from a pattern which is otherwise found in the vast majority of the remaining 8,950 vote updates. The findings presented by this report [28]suggest that four vote count updates — which collectively were decisive in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia, and thus decisive of a critical forty-two electoral votes — are especially anomalous and merit further investigation.

In particular, the finding that the broader data follows general patterns and our ability to measure just how much any individual vote update does — or doesn’t — follow this pattern allows us to make concrete claims about both how extreme any given vote update is and about what any particular vote update might have looked like, had it been less extreme one one axis or another.

We further find that if these updates were only more extreme than 99% of all updates nationally in terms of their deviation from this generally-observed pattern, that, holding all else equal, Joe Biden may very well have lost the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia, and that he would have 42 fewer Electoral votes — putting Biden below the number required to win the Presidency.  Either way, it is indisputable that his margin of victory in these three states relies on four most anomalous vote updates identified by the metric developed in this report.

We once again note that this analysis is largely restricted to four individual vote updates out of a sample of nearly 9,000. This report by no means suggests stopping investigations in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, or elsewhere; it is merely that these four key ballot updates are both profoundly anomalous with respect to a metric which removes any component of different states having different partisan leanings or a different number of voters. Furthermore, this analysis does not require that we regard the final vote totals in any of these states (or counties thereof) as suspicious, nor, critically, does it require that we accept that the observed data should follow any particular distribution a priori.  We merely show that the data, adjusted appropriately to remove differences in size and political leaning between states, does follow a certain pattern, and that four key vote updates deviate profoundly from that pattern.

It is our belief that the extraordinarily anomalous nature of the studied vote updates here, combined with the staggering political implications, demands immediate and thorough investigation.

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What you've been asking for: A (fairly) complete list of (some of) the most significant claims of 2020 election miscounts, errors or fraud.

 Via Billy

It’s easy to find articles claiming that there was no election fraud, or that it was “not widespread,” or that it was not enough to “make a difference.” It is less easy to find some of the actual complaints and allegations, unfiltered and un-distorted. 

Here is a (fairly) complete list of (some of) the most significant claims involving 2020 election miscounting, errors or fraud.

Please note that this resource lists allegations. It is intended neither to validate nor disprove any particular claim. The information and links help provide counterpoints to widespread, one-sided media reporting so that you can research and make your own judgements. All elections officials accused of improper counting or fraud have denied any improprieties.

The legislatures of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona are holding public hearings on election fraud issues.

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Video of Trump Supporters Gather Outside Raffensperger’s Home: “We Are Silent No More” & Dominion Voting Servers Crash During Fulton County, Georgia Recount


Sidney Powell Adds Top International Cybersecurity Expert to Her Team

Things are getting very interesting indeed!

The next few weeks are poised to shake things up… BIG TIME.

Sidney Powell has added “the smartest man in the room” to her team.

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The DOJ is About to Crack Down on Google and Facebook


Federal and state authorities are preparing to file new lawsuits in the coming weeks against Facebook Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google, according to a new Wall Street Journal report.

People familiar with the matter told The Wall Street Journal that authorities are preparing as many as four cases targeting the big tech companies by the end of January in the wake of the Justice Department’s antitrust lawsuit against Google in October.

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Jon Voight: “We are in grave danger of a Biden Administration, I ask all to fight now! Raise up the flag!”


Jon Voight has brought another powerful, heartfelt message.

This man is a true patriot who loves America and is going against the grain of evil, rotten Hollywood.

God bless you sir for speaking up and speaking out!

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My take on it: Lt Gen McInerney Reports US Special Forces Attacked...

Lt Gen McInerney Reports US Special Forces Attacked...


I am by no means a legal scholar. However, if the deaths of 5 US military personnel at the seizure of the CIA servers is true, AND those servers have evidence of and/or were being used to manipulate the election results in any way, I say you have proof of a plot to overthrow the government.

Now as I read the Insurrection Act and the prosecution of those involved and legal norms of a military or civilian trial the argument will be made that since there was no violent overthrow attempted if prosecution were to follow it should be in a civilian court.

I say NO, the deaths of military personnel is violence directed at the US Govt, and that act ties all those involved from the CIA down to the lowest poll worker changing or manipulating the process together in a conspiracy. (Once connections from the top down thru all the levels is established, either way up or down)

This ties all actors involved to a violent attempt to overthrow the govt and makes all of them enemy combatants, clearing the way for no civilian trials but instead military tribunals for all involved. No matter what their political affiliation, or level of participation, be it financial, manipulation of process or actual of ballots.

I was only following orders didn't work in Nuremberg, and it shouldn't be accepted here either.

But what the hell do I know, I'm just a hick who lives in flyover country.



The Greatest Scandals in American History: Media Cover-up of Corruption and 2020 Election Fraud

Rudy Giuliani 2020

“We’ve got a lot of evidence…and we’re facing major censorship” -- Rudy Giuliani, Nov. 27, 2020

The Media Research Center (MRC) conducted an online poll November 9-18 of 1,750 Biden voters in seven swing states—Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin—regarding voter knowledge of presidential candidates and eight key issues in the 2020 Election. The results indicated that 45 percent of Biden voters were not aware of Hunter Biden’s financial dealings in foreign countries. Probably even fewer were aware of evidence presented by the U.S Senate Homeland Security and Finance committees and sworn evidence by Hunter Biden business partners, especially Tony Bobulinski, that Joe Biden was actually the top decision maker in the Biden family scheme of corruption that made millions of dollars by selling influence over U.S. policies for personal financial gain.  My Times Examiner article of October 26, “The Bobulinski Transcript’s Shadow over Joe Biden” contains the entire transcript of Bobulinski’s October 23 remarks on Fox News:

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Comment on "Lt Gen McInerney Reports US Special Forces Attack...":


Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn said there is “still a coup in progress” against President Donald Trump in his first public address since being pardoned by the president.

This story....if proof that this is NOT a matter of "politics" but sedition, treason and massive conspiracies to commit a panoply of crimes. The only REAL cure for what is happening is a massive response with military tribunals and hangings for literally THOUSANDS of complicit traitors. We are literally at THE CROSSROADS of the future of freedom in America and the world. If we fu*k this up now humanity will likely never know true freedom ever again.