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Shameless Looters Display Stolen Goods On Twitter

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Try that near me, children.

Looters who are taking advantage of the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy are posting photographs of their stolen goods on Twitter and bragging about how they plan to carry out more thefts and violence.

Shocking images posted to the social networking website depict individuals who appear to be working together boasting about how they have stolen laptops, TV’s, and other electronics from both stores and private homes that fell victim to the hurricane.

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III Arms Prototype #4


The October Surprise That Wasn’t (So far)

US Military Reveals Coup Plan To Topple Obama


The October Surprise that would put the election contest to bed for one of the candidates did not happen. Whether this was the result of the media suppression (or intimidation) from the Obama camp, I think a large amount of people are disappointed that the rumors of an October surprise did not manifest. So where does that leave us? Let’s review possible scenarios for the election in order of their severity.

1. Romney wins with a large percentage of the vote resulting in a “mandate”. This will result in “civil unrest” in the larger inner cities at the provocation of the labor unions and other “community organizing” groups like the New Black Panthers and the Black Bloc. The extent of the unrest will depend on “if” Eric Holder will give them even more protection than he has in the past. This civil unrest will extend for a period of time once people realize the cost of the sacrifices necessary to even start restoring the country’s future.

2. Romney wins but the election is contested by Obama. No winner is declared and the process of “evaluating” the election results drags on for several weeks. If this happens and the winner is not declared by December 1, the stock market will undergo a severe correction due to the uncertainty of the tax increase for capital gains that are scheduled for January 2. The uncertainty will impact retail Christmas sales and the economy will contract. Civil unrest will break out and will continue to escalate the longer the evaluation lasts. The uncertainty in our economy and political structure will be an opportunity for the Muslim Brotherhood to build their Caliphate and/or al Qaeda will be emboldened to carry out acts of terrorism against the West.

3. Obama is re-elected. The military will overthrow the government in a short period of time. The first republic of the United States is officially over.

So let’s consider scenario number 3 in more context.

a. The foreign policy of this administration is a failure but let’s concentrate on Benghazi, Libya. There has been no public outcry from the military for leaving four Americans to die. Why? They are hoping that Romney will win the election and their nightmare over the past four years will be over. With the elections so close, they have decided to bide their time: the media and the administration are doing the best to contain this tragedy from the general public.

b. General Carter Ham was relieved as AFRICOM commander and Admiral Charles M. Gaouette was relieved of command of the USS Stennis carrier group. According to rumors, they were going to ignore orders to stand down and were going to launch a rescue mission on 9/11 for Benghazi. The admiral was supposedly relieved in less than 60 seconds once he made the decision to mount a rescue attempt. At this point, the person who issued the orders to stand down has not been identified. This is a short list: who has the ability to relieve a general and an admiral of their commands?

But there is supposedly no command structure interaction between Gen. Ham and Admiral Gauoette. The timing is suspect as is the secrecy surrounding their removals.

c. The fallguy director of the Internet movie responsible for the administration’s initial story of protesters attacking the consulate and safe house is still in jail. I must believe that our military commanders are not going to wait for their knock on the door as the Congressional hearings start and the administration starts to panic. And again, no one is asking who made up this story.

d. David Petraeus has denied any CIA involvement in this cover up and Hillary Clinton has retained legal counsel for Congressional hearings. Some people are openly questioning the military’s oath to the Constitution and their honor in this action.  I have to believe that most of our military is not as corrupt as Washington, D.C. and that duty and honor are still paramount in their hearts.

 An Obama victory will ensure the same level of justice as Fast and Furious from Eric Holder. The president will invoke executive privilege, suppress information and threaten everyone involved. What do you think moral men of honor will do to protect our country?

One fact cannot be argued: this is no longer the republic that our forefathers gave us. And I pray that I am completely wrong this time next week.

David DeGerolamo

The Best Argument For Secession Ever


Bear with me before the accusations of lunacy fly over my continued belief that individual republics within America must form and then secede or die. I have stated many times that the divide among the people is quite possibly greater than existed leading up to 1861. I have also stated that the divide has grown far too wide to ever be able to bridge and repair it.

I will also contend that we have grown so large and diverse that our current system of government can longer truly be considered a representative form of government. I also contend that if it were each one of us would have some effect when we email, write or call our general government representatives. For the most part our representatives do what they want and follow party lines.

How could they possibly effectively represent us as individuals with the current population up around 314,686,520 and with 435 representatives which would make an average of one representative for every 723,417 people. No wonder they ignore me or patronize me and go on their merry way.

Now I will get to the best argument I have ever seen for secession. Please review all the current posts on this site. In particular let's concentrate on President Obama's track record on the economy, defense of the Constitution and individual Liberty and finally with regard to what has happened with crimes like Fast & Furious and most recently Benghazi, Libya. After reviewing and digesting all that information lets look at the current polls in America in the presidential race. Romney 47%, Obama 47%. For now I will put aside my inability to accept Socialism Light from Romney and concentrate on Obama's numbers.

Explain to me how after all the information that is out there on President Obama and his regime's crimes against the people that 47% of the so called likely voters could still blindly support him. I for one think that beyond basic life support needs I have almost nothing in common those people and that my "r"epublic would be a much better place without them. Could just be me but if at first you don't secede try, try again...

 Michael Downing

Preference: Bath or walk?

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Iowa warns international observers of arrest

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Early voters cast ballots in Iowa. | AP Photo 

Iowa has joined Texas in warning international election observers of possible criminal prosecution if they violate state laws and get near polling places on Election Day.
Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz — like Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott last week — on Tuesday threatened Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe election observers with arrest if they came within 300 feet of a polling place’s entrance, in violation of state law. (In Texas, it’s 100 feet.)

“My office met with two delegation representatives last week to discuss Iowa’s election process, and it was explained to them that they are not permitted at the polls,” Schultz said in a statement. “Iowa law is very specific about who is permitted at polling places, and there is no exception for members of this group.”

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Kids React to Having Their Halloween Candy ‘Redistributed’

Dem Chair Gets Rowdy With Police At Voting Precinct


It seems the Democrat National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz just does not know when to close her mouth and when to follow the law. Schultz got in an altercation with police outside and Aventura, Florida polling location.

A group of sign-waving campaigners comprised of both Republicans and Democrats witnessed the altercation between the DNC Chair and an Aventura policeman in which she took issue with his request to not engage in campaign activities in the middle of the street, which would hold up traffic. Sounds reasonable, right?

Javier Manjarres reports,
She listened to the police officer’s respectful and reasonable request, but Wasserman Schultz continued to argue with the police officer, according to several people who witnessed the incident
Wasserman Schultz was greeting voters and waiving her campaign signs on a street that leading into the polling site and was obstructing traffic by stopping cars before they could even enter the parking area.
The police officer respectfully asked Wasserman Schultz to move onto the sidewalk as everyone else was required to do, but the Congresswoman was unhappy with not being able to campaign how she saw it fit. Unnerved by the simple request from a police officer, Wasserman Schultz made a “well placed” phone call to some unknown individual in a position of authority. Five minutes later, the Aventura City Mayor came to the scene and was confronted by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and proceeded to get an earful from her as well.
Wasserman Schultz stayed about 20 minutes before she left the scene with the six or so supporters she brought with her . After the congresswoman left, one of the Democrat supporters who witnessed the whole incident confronted the Mayor and told him that what she did was “extremely inappropriate” for her to berate him in the manner she did.
I think it’s safe to say this is a form of voter suppression.

HSLDA Michael Farris: Be Part of the Solution…Vote!

Sam Adams, one of our founders, is reported to have said, “It does not take a majority to prevail…but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” As Election Day draws near, please keep this in mind and share with people in your circle.

We thank you for standing for homeschool freedom, and for your support of HSLDA. Homeschoolers may be a minority, but we have proved that when we unite, by the grace of God, we can achieve victory.

Well done: 13-Year-Old Jenny Gives Report Cards to Obama and Romney

Obama: Hot Air Express

‘You have the blood of an American hero on your hands’

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What did President Barack Obama know and when did he know it? Why has the Obama administration kept changing its story about how Ambassador Chris Stevens, security officials Tyrone Woods of Imperial Beach and Glen Doherty of Encinitas, and information officer Sean Smith, who grew up in San Diego, died on Sept. 11 in Benghazi, Libya? Why won’t the mainstream media treat the incontrovertible evidence of the White House’s dishonesty and incompetence like the ugly scandal it obviously is?

These are all questions that demand to be answered after revelations that demolished the tidy narrative the president has been offering about Benghazi.

Until last week, the White House had taken a moderate hit over the fact that for two weeks after it happened, officials had fostered the impression that the four Americans were killed Sept. 11 in a spontaneous protest triggered by a blasphemous anti-Islam video posted on YouTube – not by a coordinated terrorist attack on the 11th anniversary of 9/11. But administration officials pushed back by saying the “fog of war” had left them uncertain about events, and that when White House press secretary Jay Carney and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice had cited the video, they were only repeating the best available information they had. The president’s repeated comments conveyed the impression that he wasn’t aware of the attacks as they were unfolding, saying only that the next day, he ordered increased security for embassies in the area.

But after a torrent of leaks of official emails and communiqu├ęs – likely coming from CIA officials who refuse to participate in a cover-up and/or who won’t accept the role of scapegoat – the “fog of war” narrative looks like damage control: a determined attempt to keep the facts from the public until after the Nov. 6 election. After the leaks, the president suddenly changed his story to say he was aware of the attacks as they unfolded and had quickly issued an order to “make sure that we are securing our personnel and doing whatever we need to.”

There was no “fog.” There was no spontaneous uprising. Thanks to a drone and other surveillance technology, the White House’s national security team knew in real time that the U.S. consulate and a “safe house” a mile away in Benghazi were under coordinated attack by a well-armed group, not from a protest that unexpectedly escalated. Over a seven-hour span on Sept. 11, the besieged Americans made at least two urgent requests for help; the U.S. military has considerable assets in the area that could have been deployed to Benghazi.

Who told the besieged Americans they were out of luck?

After hints appeared in the media that it was the CIA’s fault, the spy agency – obviously at the behest of CIA Director David Petraeus – put out a statement Friday that flatly denied it opposed coming to the rescue of Stevens, Young, Doherty and Smith. At roughly the same time, in a TV interview, the president offered his new narrative of being aware of the crisis and taking decisive action, while refusing to answer the direct question of whether Americans in Benghazi requested help but were rejected. A day later, however, the White House said in fact that it had never received requests for help. This sets up the Pentagon to take the fall.

On Monday, incredibly, Obama acted put-upon by the questions about his administration’s integrity. In a TV appearance, he said, “I do take offense with some suggestion that in any way, we haven’t tried to make sure that the American people knew as the information was coming in what we believed.” Remember, the president made this statement only after leaks the previous week demolished his and his administration’s dishonest, intentionally misleading Benghazi narrative.

It has now been seven weeks since the terrorist attack. We deserve to know the truth. Charles Woods, father of Tyrone Woods, the former Navy SEAL from Imperial Beach, said it best in a Monday TV interview.

“I can’t imagine anyone with any heart that would watch a battle rage for seven hours knowing that heroes were there that were going to be slaughtered if you didn’t have help sent in. ... Whoever it was that was in that room watching that video of my son dying, their cries for help, their order ‘don’t help them at all, let them die’ ... you have the blood of my son, you have the blood of an American hero on your hands. I don’t know who you are, but one of these days the truth will come out.”


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Virginia Congressman: Veterans “Unqualified to Serve” in Congress

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Virginia Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-11) shocked constituents by suggesting that military Veterans are unqualified to serve in Congress because their deployments prevent them from putting “sweat equity” into the districts they hope to serve in Congress.

Congressman Connolly is running against Colonel Chris Perkins, a retired officer who served most of his more than 24 years in uniform as an Army Green Beret deployed overseas.  Connolly has repeatedly suggested that Perkins’ lack of local involvement because of his military career makes him unqualified to hold federal office.

In an October 22nd Washington Post interview, Connolly “dismisses Perkins as unqualified” for Congress, despite Colonel Perkins’ many leadership assignments that included command of a Special Forces Battalion of over six-hundred men, and numerous combat deployments.

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The Chinese Professor

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New show at the Riviera

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My nephew and his son hiking in the snow of the Great Smoky Mountains

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My nephew Bill Overman and his son Will are featured.


Millions of people tour the Great Smoky Mountains National Park this time of year for a visual feast of fall colors.  Monday those visitors were captivated by the white frosting on top of the mountains.

"We were going to head out this morning but we saw it was going to snow in the higher elevations," said Jeff Ashley from western Tennessee. "We decided to stay another night and see if we could come up here and play in the snow. This just put the topping on the cake."

Ashley and hundreds of others enjoyed several inches of snow from Hurricane Sandy that piled up in the higher elevations of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Monday the distinct line of snow started at elevations greater than 3,000 feet.  At least four inches accumulated at Newfound Gap at the Tennessee and North Carolina state line where the elevation is more than 5,000 feet.

Newfound Gap Road eventually closed Monday afternoon with temperatures in the lower 20s and winds of more than 20 miles per hour.  The GSMNP frequently shuts down the road between Gatlinburg and Cherokee, NC, during winter because the Park does not use salt on roads for environmental reasons.

"We have sand and snow plows.  We keep the road open as long as it is safe.  Conditions can change at the top in a very short amount of time, so people should always check our website or twitter feed to make sure the road is open," said Dana Soehn, GSMNP spokesperson.

The park is keeping a close eye on road conditions and also on those who are traveling through the park on foot.  This is a popular time of year for long-distance backpackers to come through the park on the Appalachian Trail.

"I'm hiking the Appalachian Trail and it was 80 degrees two days ago.  We were sweating. Then this [snow] came down last night," said Will Overman of Virginia Beach, VA.

Overman was joined on this leg of his hike by his father, Bill.  Both men became aware of the possibility of severe weather through word of mouth.  Yet, sudden snow accumulations of up to eight inches from Hurricane Sandy managed to sneak up on the hikers.

"You hear it through the grapevine. We heard about the hurricane and heard about the cold front. But we didn't know it was going to do this," said Overman.  "It's about five days of hiking in the Smokies and you're about 5,000 to 6,000 feet the entire time.  There has been a lot of snow and wind."

Backcountry logbooks indicate more than 50 hikers are dredging through the snow and possible roadblocks.

"We're expecting it to be a heavy wet snow that is putting a lot of pressure on those trees," said Soehn.  "With the wind gusts it is anticipated we might have some trees coming down."

Fortunately, Overman said both he and his father came prepared enough to push on through whatever Mother Nature and Hurricane Sandy throw their way.

"We've got [snow] poles, boots, gaiters, down jackets, a good tent, and Gore-Tex," said Overman.  "You stay warm when you're moving."

Oppose CRPD in Social Media Today!


As we alerted you yesterday, we need to oppose the CRPD through social media today. Post messages on your senators’ Facebook fan pages, and post messages (“tweets”) on Twitter as well, using the #CRPD or #UNCRPD hashtags in your message. You can find a list of several senators' Twitter names here.

I know this is outside the “comfort zone” of a lot of us, but it is vital we get the message in front of the public and our policy makers today.

Please put messages in your own words, but here are a few you can quote or use as a springboard to get you started:

The #UNCRPD undermines #parentalrights for those with disabled children.

Children are better protected through #parentalrights than the “best interests” principle of the #CRPD.

#CRPD destroys parents’ rights and American sovereignty, does nothing for disabled Americans.

Parents with disabled kids need support, not new bosses. Reject the #CRPD.

US ratifying #CRPD will not force changes abroad or help disabled Americans. American law for Americans!

Reject #CRPD. Support #parentalrights for disabled parents and parents with disabled kids.

Support our vets: keep the American self-government they fought for. Reject the #CRPD.

Thank you for joining us in this important social media campaign!


Michael Ramey
Director of Communications & Research

Huntsville man upset after nursing home re-registers mother with dementia to vote; worries it's easy chance for voter fraud

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Marilyn Wilson

While enjoying her birthday cake earlier this month, Marilyn Wilson paused to ask whose birthday she was celebrating.
Wilson, 84, can't remember her birthday, but she was still able to register to vote.
She wasn't joking.

But despite her inability to remember her date of birth, the 84-year-old with severe dementia was able to register to vote in the upcoming presidential election. She had help, of course, in this case from Magnolia Trace, the South Huntsville nursing home where she lives.

Because of her mental state, Mrs. Wilson's son, Jay Wilson, had his mother removed from voter rolls before the current election. So he was surprised when the Madison County Board of Registrars alerted him she had been re-added.

Wilson doesn't believe Magnolia Trace intended voter fraud or anything illegal when it re-registered his mother to vote, but he thinks it's improper to assist people in his mother's mental condition because it easily opens the chance for voter fraud in nursing homes.

More @ AL


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Gingrich: ‘October Surprise’ May Drop on Obama the Next Few Days

“There is a rumor — I want to be clear, it’s a rumor — that at least two networks have emails from the National Security Adviser’s office telling a counterterrorism group to stand down,” Gingrich said. “But they were a group in real-time trying to mobilize marines and C-130s and the fighter aircraft, and they were told explicitly by the White House stand down and do nothing. This is not a terrorist action. If that is true, and I’ve been told this by a fairly reliable U.S. senator, if that is true and comes out, I think it raises enormous questions about the president’s role, and Tom Donilon, the National Security Adviser’s role, the Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, who has taken it on his own shoulders, that he said don’t go. And that is, I think, very dubious, given that the president said he had instructions they are supposed to do everything they could to secure American personnel.”

After noting that the rumor, if true, would have a substantial impact on the presidential election, Gingrich pointed to another possible “October surprise” in the coming days.

“The other big story, I think, that is going to break is on corruption and extraordinary waste in the solar power grants and direct involvement by the Obama White House, including the president, in the solar panel grants involving billions of dollars, and I suspect that’s going to break Wednesday and Thursday of this week,” Gingrich added.

Sean Hannity on Benghazi Audio Tapes: “I’ve Heard They Are Damning” (Video)

The heroes on the ground called for help – Obama did nothing.
It Was Dereliction of Duty

 Sean Hannity was debating liberal Juan Williams Tuesday on the Benghazi massacre. Hannity revealed this on the audio tapes of Tyrone Woods begging for air support on 9-11,
“My sources tell me they’re pretty damning, Juan. They’re begging for help.”

Tyrone Woods was screaming for air support and Barack Obama did nothing.

Then he lied about it.

Hannity later said there are three tapes the Obama administration is holding onto including audio of Tyrone Woods begging for air support.

Let’s hope the impeachment proceedings begin before Obama leaves office in January.

Testimony suggests administration knew for months Fast and Furious story wrong

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Congressional investigators see pattern of 'slow walking the truth' with Libya embassy attack, ATF gun scandal 

The former head of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives told congressional investigators he discovered the Obama administration's original account to Congress about the Fast and Furious gun scandal was inaccurate as early as March 2011 and urged the Justice Department to correct the record, an action that did not formally occur until eight months later.

The full testimony from retired Acting ATF Director Kenneth Melson has not yet been officially released by Congress. But excerpts were obtained by the Washington Guardian as House and Senate investigators this week issued their second report into the gun-running scandal that has become an embarrassment for the administration and prompted a court fight over executive privilege.

At issue is the Obama administration’s initial account when the Fast and Furious scandal broke in February 2011 that ATF agents never knowingly let semiautomatic weapons fall into the hands of smugglers for the Mexican drug cartels. Senior officials held that position in varying forms for months as the scandal grew, but then reversed course last December in the face of mounting evidence to the contrary.

Melson’s testimony – during a private deposition with congressional investigators – suggests the administration knew as early as March 2011 that its account was wrong and could have corrected it months earlier than it did.

“I drafted an e-mail to our people, and said, you know, you better back off, you better back off this statement,” Melson testified, recalling what he did in late March 2011 after reading files from the case that contradicted the administration’s official explanation. Melson alerted the U.S. attorney in Phoenix of his concerns, sent an email to his ATF subordinates entitled "Hold the presses" and another to the deputy attorney general's office after making the discovery, according to evidence separately gathered by the Justice Department's inspector general.

Pictured: Crew member who died alongside captain of HMS Bounty was descendant of Fletcher Christian, who led the infamous mutiny on the original Bounty in the 18th century

Tragedy: Claudene Christian died after the boat she was on - a replica of HMS Bounty - went down in Superstorm Sandy

15 of the 16 crew members have now been found

The coast guard said 42-year-old Claudene Christian was pulled from the water but later pronounced dead
Captain Robin Walbridge, 63, is still missing at sea

The Bounty starred in Hollywood blockbusters Mutiny on the Bounty, starring Marlon Brando, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

 The Canadian-made replica vessel got caught in storms near Hatteras, N.C

These pictures show the HMS Bounty moments before it sinks as rescue teams recover the body of one crew member from the sea while the ship's captain remains missing, presumed dead.

Claudene Christian, 42, was pulled from the sea last night but was unresponsive and later pronounced dead, the U.S. coastguard said.

It now means 15 of the 16 crew members of the iconic boat are accounted for - with 63-year-old captain Robin Walbridge yet to be found.

More @ Mail Online

Claudene Christian, 42, the mutineer's great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter, was found unresponsive by rescuers after being washed into the sea. Fourteen of the 16 people on board were successfully rescued by helicopter, but the captain of the ship, Robin Walbridge, 63, was missing.

More @ DNA

Obama Met With Panetta and Biden at WH As Benghazi Terror Attack Unfolded

President Barack Obama met with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Vice President Joe Biden at the White House on Sept. 11, 2012 at 5:00 PM—just 55 minutes after the State Department notified the White House and the Pentagon that the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi was under attack.

The meeting between Obama, Panetta and Biden had been scheduled before the attack took place, and the Department of Defense is not commenting now on whether the three men were aware when they met that day of the ongoing attack or whether Obama used that meeting to discuss with his defense secretary what should be done to defend the U.S. personnel who at that very moment were fighting for their lives in Benghazi.

“Secretary Panetta met with President Obama, as the White House-provided scheduled indicates,” Lt. Col. Todd Breasseale, a Defense Department spokesman, told on Tuesday. “However, neither the content nor the subject of discussions between the President and his advisors are appropriate for disclosure.”

The fact that the president had been scheduled to meet with Vice President Biden and Defense Secretary Panetta at 5:00 p.m. on Sept. 11 had been publicized  in the Washington Daybook--a planning service to which news organizations subscribe--and included on the official White House schedule posted online by the White House itself.

The State Department email notifying the White House and Pentagon of the Sept. 11 Benghazi attack was obtained by CBS News and reported by Sharyl Attkisson on Oct. 23, almost six weeks after the attack.

The terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi began at about 9:40 p.m. Benghazi time—or about 3:40 p.m. Washington, D.C. time. “The attack began at approximately 9:40 p.m. local time,” Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Charlene Lamb told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in written testimony submitted Oct. 10.

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Typical government thinking

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The people in need of the most help today after the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy, are those living in a number of states along the East Coast that have lost power. And yet, at least according to Politico, while these people had the electricity necessary to get the information needed, neither the White House nor FEMA gave anyone instructions on where to turn for help or where to go for information in the event of a power outage:

When President Barack Obama urged Americans under siege from Hurricane Sandy to stay inside and keep watch on for the latest, he left out something pretty important — where to turn if the electricity goes out.

Despite the heightened expectation of widespread power and cable television failures, everyone from the president to local newscasters seem to expect the public to rely entirely on the Internet and their TVs for vital news and instructions.

Everyone with an IQ above room temperature knew that one of the most crippling effects of Sandy would most certainly be widespread power and cable television outages -- and yet, no one in charge at the White House even considered offering up information that included emergency telephone numbers or radio stations:

None of the major cable or local news channels put emergency phone numbers or key radio station frequencies on their screens. The only phone-related instructions on the homepage of is how to get monthly disaster-prep text messages. The Federal Emergency Management Agency told the public via Twitter to use texts and social media outlets to stay informed.

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