Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Best Argument For Secession Ever


Bear with me before the accusations of lunacy fly over my continued belief that individual republics within America must form and then secede or die. I have stated many times that the divide among the people is quite possibly greater than existed leading up to 1861. I have also stated that the divide has grown far too wide to ever be able to bridge and repair it.

I will also contend that we have grown so large and diverse that our current system of government can longer truly be considered a representative form of government. I also contend that if it were each one of us would have some effect when we email, write or call our general government representatives. For the most part our representatives do what they want and follow party lines.

How could they possibly effectively represent us as individuals with the current population up around 314,686,520 and with 435 representatives which would make an average of one representative for every 723,417 people. No wonder they ignore me or patronize me and go on their merry way.

Now I will get to the best argument I have ever seen for secession. Please review all the current posts on this site. In particular let's concentrate on President Obama's track record on the economy, defense of the Constitution and individual Liberty and finally with regard to what has happened with crimes like Fast & Furious and most recently Benghazi, Libya. After reviewing and digesting all that information lets look at the current polls in America in the presidential race. Romney 47%, Obama 47%. For now I will put aside my inability to accept Socialism Light from Romney and concentrate on Obama's numbers.

Explain to me how after all the information that is out there on President Obama and his regime's crimes against the people that 47% of the so called likely voters could still blindly support him. I for one think that beyond basic life support needs I have almost nothing in common those people and that my "r"epublic would be a much better place without them. Could just be me but if at first you don't secede try, try again...

 Michael Downing

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