Monday, September 20, 2010

Wolverines: A New Absolved Chapter


NOTE: Absolved is a work of "faction," that is, a fictional work about fictional people and events written across a backdrop of facts and reality. The depiction of Michigan's MIOC and the state's slavish toadying to the federal leviathan is, as near as I can determine, entirely accurate. There are professors in the Michigan higher education system who have made big bucks teaching the finer points to what have become -- with the Bush "War on Terror" followed by the Obamanoids' use of those structures in a "War on the Right" -- political secret policemen working in an increasingly Orwellian Department of Pre-Crime backed up by Ingsoc thugs of the "joint task forces." The quotes I put in the mouth of the fictional professor, for example, were actually said by a real professor and, if you can figure out who he is, you may find them on variuous web sites.

In other words, although the background canvas of this story is accurate, the characters are fictional and names have been changed to protect the guilty -- guily parties who accept the tax money of the people of Michigan in order to spy upon them, not for what crimes they have committed, or even for what crimes they may reasonably be planning but rather for what "thought crimes" they may be harboring against an increasingly tyrannical federal leviathan.

As for the Wolverines, you may speculate all you wish if there actually is a group of armed citizens as depicted in the chapter who are truly that liberty loving, that well trained and that righteously deadly within both the Founders' definition of "well regulated militia" and living within the borders of the state of Michigan. If there is, they do not call themselves
the Wolverines. In that case, names have been not been changed to protect the guilty, nor the innocent, but rather to provide "maskirovka" to the competent. If so, that makes Wolverines, and the entirety of my novel Absolved, a cautionary tale for those who aspire to be agents of an American Stazi. Put another way, if you ain't one of those, Mr. LEO, you have nothing to worry about. But if those who are think that one of their own would not offer them up to an assassin's bullet out of deeper held principle because he is a fellow LEO and thus wouldn't "turn traitor," I would suggest they read the real history of one Eamon "Ned" Broy.

In the movie Michael Collins, Ned Broy is portrayed as having been killed by the Brits. He wasn't. He survived the War for Irish Independence and the Irish Civil War that followed. In fact, although captured and threatened with execution, he outlived for a considerable number of years dozens of his fellow Royal Irish Constabulary G-men and British secret service agents whose names he gave to Michael Collins for disposal by the "Twelve Apostles" of "The Squad."

By all accounts, Broy even slept well at night, knowing it had all been done in the cause of Irish freedom. A cautionary tale indeed for any would-be American secret political policemen.

-- Mike Vanderboegh.

Mr. President

Dear Mr. President


WASHINGTON, D.C.Today Fox News posted an article online about U.S. Congressman Walter B. Jones' (NC-3) bill, H.R. 5482, the Corolla Wild Horses Protection Act. The bill directs the Secretary of the Interior to enter into an agreement with the Corolla Wild Horse Fund in Currituck County and the state of North Carolina to provide for the management of free-roaming wild horses in and around the Currituck National Wildlife Refuge. The bill would guarantee a herd of no less than 110 free-roaming wild horses in and around the refuge. The Corolla Wild Horses Protection Act is similar to Jones' legislation to protect the wild horses of Shackleford Banks in the Cape Lookout National Seashore. That legislation – H.R. 765 – which was signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1998. .

"These horses are very important to Eastern North Carolina," said Jones. "We must preserve this critical part of our heritage for future generations to enjoy."

To view the Fox News article on Congressman Jones' bill, please click here.

This Is A Revolution!



"Because he refused to talk, he was beaten and tortured for 67 hours until they decided to put him into solitary confinement for 1,000 days."

Please Br'er Rabbit, Don't Throw Me Into The Briar Patch

Obama to empower Tea Parties. PLEASE!

Children's Legacy Committee - Our Future

Cassie Rentz (chair), Gabby Simons, & Huston Creel whom attended the Sam Davis Youth Camp last July were interviewed yesterday by a cable television show in Jackson County.

It was truly inspiring to listen to them and what they had taken to heart about camp as they interacted with the host, Mr. Royce Ragan. They spoke about the Sam Davis Youth Camp and their experience there. They also went into detail about what they learned and what they enjoyed most about camp. The children expressed how they enjoyed the dances they had learned.

They also told Mr. Ragan about the 1860’s dance lessons that they had conducted that past Saturday in Marianna, FL. In preparation of the upcoming Military Ball that will be held for Marianna Days, the Children's Legacy Committee conducted an 1860’s dance lesson for the citizens of Jackson County which was a huge success.

These young ladies and gentlemen are our future and we need to continue to support and encourage them. What a wonderful job they are doing in our community!

Paige & Jamey Creel

Video: 900-Pound Gator Caught In SC By A Yankee!

Watch it.