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Thanks Obama Voters: Student punished for saying "bless you"

Kendra Turner was brought up right. She’s the kind of kid who says “yes sir” and “no ma’am.”  She was "raised up right," with good manners as they are prone to say around Dyersburg, Tennessee.

So it was not out of character for Kendra to say “bless you” after a fellow classmate sneezed. But that common courtesy landed the 18-year-old in hot water.

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Al-Qaeda in Yemen Announces ‘Solidarity’ With ‘Our Muslim Brothers in Iraq’

 IQ's. 70 +/-?

The world’s two most dangerous Islamic terror groups appear to be joining forces.

A statement purportedly by al-Qaeda’s Yemen-based branch -- al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula -- expresses support for the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS/ISIL), the Yemen Times reported on Tuesday.

“We announce solidarity with our Muslim brothers in Iraq against the crusade. Their blood and injuries are ours and we will surely support them,” the newspaper quoted the AQAP statement as saying.

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Keep Your Hands Off Our Guns

James Foley Just Like Daniel Pearl: Another Pan-Jihadist Who Was Murdered by ‘em Anyway

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James Wright Foley, beheaded yesterday in an ISIS/ISIL/IS video, is a lot like Daniel Pearl. Like Pearl, he thought he knew better than the rest of us–that these Muslims were decent guys who would be nice to you if only you were nice to them. And like Daniel Pearl, who championed the causes of the most extremist Muslims–Islamic terrorists–in his “reporting,” Foley was beheaded and slaughtered like a halal dinner. Foley wasn’t new to this game, either, and should have known better because this almost happened to him before.

This wasn’t the first time he was kidnapped by his Muslim buddies, whose extremism he championed. And not the first time they killed a fellow pro-jihad journalist in his midst. In 2011, Foley was kidnapped and nearly executed by other Islamic terrorists he championed against Qaddafi in Libya. He was kept in captivity by them for 44 days, and at least one other journalist–a photographer–was executed by them. Yet, he continued to champion their cause anyway. Because, again, he “knew better” than logic would dictate. You’d think that after being imprisoned and nearly killed by Muslim “freedom fighters,” he’d face the music and go home. But, no, he found a new group of even more brutal “liberal democrats” who finally finished him off.

Black cop kills white man, media hide race

While national news media continue to focus on race in Ferguson, Missouri, where a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teenager, they apparently don’t think a similar case in Utah with the races reversed is that newsworthy.

Police in Salt Lake City are continuing their probe into an Aug. 11 shooting outside a 7-Eleven convenience store, when a black police officer, whom local media are referring to as “not white,” shot and killed 20-year-old Dillon Taylor, who is white and was unarmed at the time, according to his supporters.

Police Chief Chris Burbank said the entire incident was captured on the body camera of the officer who shot Taylor.

“You will see on camera … the actions of everyone involved, including up to the point where our officer utilizes deadly force and his response thereafter,” Burbank told reporters.

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How NOT To Get Shot By The Police

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The concern is that the good guy CCW, or off duty LEO for that matter, taking out the bad guy might be misidentified by responding police and shot. Police shoot one of their own every 18 months around the nation so it is a very plausible event. Contributing factors seem to be as follows -

You are more likely to be mistakenly shot by police in areas where the carry of weapons by citizens is not common. Places like New York or Los Angeles immediately come to mind. The notion seems to be that only cops or criminals have guns. This is not the attitude I see nationwide but it is prevalent enough in those areas to be aware of it.

You are more likely to be shot if the first thing the police see is the gun....specially if it is pointed in their direction. Understand that not all officers are well trained by their agencies and some may over react to the obvious sight of a weapon, not stopping to think of who is holding it or why.

1969 Chevrolet Corvette L88 Convertible

Even among the hallowed ranks of its peers, this 1969 Chevrolet Corvette L88 is a special automotive treasure. Its first owner was renowned L88 racer Tony DeLorenzo, who enjoyed success in SCCA racing in a 1967 L88 and later shared 22 consecutive wins in a pair of Owens-Corning Fiberglas-sponsored C3 L88s with his racing partner Jerry Thompson. In the midst of becoming one half of the most successful Corvette racing team in history, Tony DeLorenzo special-ordered this triple Black L88 convertible from his racing sponsor, Hanley Dawson Chevrolet, to use as a daily driver.

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"........State Rights, freedom of conscience, freedom of press, and other such trash........"

Lacking the foresight to learn William T. Sherman’s particular view of political liberty and representative government, the American South pursued a more perfect Union in 1861 without his permission and thus brought upon itself banishment as criminals who should forfeit their property to those more appreciative of his master’s kindness and dispensations.  The North was, in his eyes, “beyond all question, right in our lawful cause . . . “ 

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Wiping the South Out of National Existence

Headquarters, Department of Tennessee, January 1, 1863, Major R. M. Sawyer, AAG Army of Tennessee, Huntsville:

"Dear Sawyer---In my former letter I have answered all your questions save one, and that relates to the treatment of inhabitants known, or suspected to be, hostile or "secesh."  The war which prevails in our land is essentially a war of races. The Southern people entered into a clear compact of government, but still maintained a species of separate interests, history and prejudices. These latter became stronger and stronger, till they have led to war, which has developed the fruits of the bitterest kind. We of the North are, beyond all question, right in our lawful cause . . . Now, the question arises, should we treat as absolute enemies all in the South who differ with us in opinions or prejudices – [and] kill or banish them? Or should we give them time to think and gradually change their conduct so as to conform to the new order of things which is slowly and gradually creeping into their country?

When men take arms to resist our rightful authority, we are compelled to use force because all reason and argument ceases when arms are resorted to. If the people, or any of them, keep up a correspondence with parties in hostility, they are spies, and can be punished with death or minor punishment. These are well established principles of war, and the people of the South having appealed to war, are barred from appealing to our Constitution, which they have practically and publicly defied. They have appealed to war and must abide its rules and laws. 

The United States, as a belligerent party claiming right in the soil as the ultimate sovereign, have a right to change the population, and it may be and it, both politic and best, that we should do so in certain districts. When the inhabitants persist too long in hostility, it may be both politic and right that we should banish them and appropriate their lands to a more loyal and useful population. No man would deny that the United States would be benefited by dispossessing a single prejudiced, hard-headed and disloyal planter and substitute in his place a dozen or more patient, industrious, good families, even if they be of foreign birth. It is all idle nonsense for these Southern planters to say that they made the South, that they own it, and that they can do as they please---even to break up our government, and to shut up the natural avenues of trade, intercourse and commerce.

We know, and they know if they are intelligent beings, that, as compared with the whole world they are but as five millions are to one thousand millions -- that they did not create the land -- that their only title to its use and enjoyment is the deed of the United States, and if they appeal to war they hold their all by a very insecure tenure. For my part, I believe that this war is the result of false political doctrine, for which we are all as a people responsible, viz:  That any and every people has a right to self-government . . . In this belief, while I assert for our Government the highest military prerogatives, I am willing to bear in patience that political nonsense of . . . State Rights, freedom of conscience, freedom of press, and other such trash as have deluded the Southern people into war, anarchy, bloodshed, and the foulest crimes that have disgraced any time or any people.

I would advise the commanding officers at Huntsville and such other towns as are occupied by our troops, to assemble the inhabitants and explain to them these plain, self-evident propositions, and tell them that it is for them now to say whether they and their children shall inherit their share. The Government of the United States has in North Alabama any and all rights which they choose to enforce in war -- to take their lives, their homes, their lands, their everything . . . and war is simply power unrestrained by constitution or compact. If they want eternal warfare, well and good; we will accept the issue and dispossess them, and put our friends in possession. Many. many people, with less pertinacity than the South, have been wiped out of national existence.

To those who submit to the rightful law and authority, all gentleness and forbearance; but to the petulant and persistent secessionists, why, death is mercy, and the quicker he or she is disposed of the better. Satan and the rebellious saints of heaven were allowed a continuance of existence in hell merely to swell their just punishment."

W.T. Sherman, Major General Commanding   

(Reminiscences of Public Men in Alabama, William Garrett, Plantation Printing Company's Press, 1872, pp. 486-488)

Black Law Professor Says Obama Destroying The Nation, Hurting Black People

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Have you heard of Professor Carol M Swain? She is a law professor at Vanderbilt University who said she cannot understand how anyone who calls themselves a Christian could belong to the Democratic Party. Personally, this is the exact sentiment that I share…and am sure many of my readers feel the same way. The Democratic party is based on the idea of abortion on demand.

Abortion is built into their party platform: abortion on demand with no apologies. Prof. Swain argues that abortion, among other things, is equivalent to a genocide of the black community.

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The 35.4 Percent: 109,631,000 on Welfare


109,631,000 Americans lived in households that received benefits from one or more federally funded "means-tested programs" -- also known as welfare -- as of the fourth quarter of 2012, according to data released Tuesday by the Census Bureau.

The Census Bureau has not yet reported how many were on welfare in 2013 or the first two quarters of 2014.

But the 109,631,000 living in households taking federal welfare benefits as of the end of 2012, according to the Census Bureau, equaled 35.4 percent of all 309,467,000 people living in the United States at that time.

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Corey Alan Jackson from Range Time, Terre Haute Indiana. (Stolen Valor)

Sniper's Hide Forums

Good Afternoon my fellow hide members, I want to bring to your attend about a Stolen Valor case that has been bothering me for a long time. I used to live in Terre Haute, Indiana. I first heard of Corey Jackson from a Gun shop. He run a youtube channel called Coreyanderica. I heard a lot of about him and how he was a former 11b and did combat tours in Afghanistan. As I dug deeper and talk to people who used to know him. The story didn't add up. This is what I found out and I would like to share it with you guys. I think that if you spend money on an instructor, that he has certain ethics that he would live by.

Cory was apprehended in Vigo County by the police on a AWOL warrant for not appearing at processing for Ft Benning. He went coward and bailed. Rather than put him through the ringer with the UCMJ, he just got kicked out on a general discharge. There is 'nothing' in his file about medical discharge or a heart murmur.

Date of incident 2001, 0424/1300
Absent from 30th AG BN Reception Ft. Benning, GA
Cory DOB 5 Jan 78
Unit affiliation, Alpha company, 30th Adjutant General Battalion (Reception) Fort Benning, GA
Full Name: Jackson, Cory Alan
On about 1300 hrs, 24 April 2001, without authority, absent himself from this unit, to wit: Alpha Company, 30th: Adjutant General Battalion (Reception), located at Fort Benning, Georgia, and did remain so absent until he was apprehended.

Corey has misrepresented himself time and time again.

From impersonating a 11Bravo (infantry) officer with experience overseas, to telling people he had an honorable discharge, to changing his story that he was "disqualified" for having a "medical condition". In the Armed services, you don't get a general discharge for medical grounds, your not even supposed to be accepted into the service from MEPs if you were DQed.

All of this so that he can beguile people into thinking that he is qualified to teach weapons handling and tactics even though he does not have the experience or background to do so.

He is lying to people about his service record to take advantage of hard working people of their money.

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The Islamic Jihad Conquest Formula

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Mohammed’s unchanging formula for conquest is time-proven; variations were also used in history by the invading Mongol hordes among others. Emissaries ride forward of their advancing armies, offering to spare the lives of the targeted population in return for their unconditional surrender and explicit submission to their new rulers. In the Islamic context this submission is exemplified by the fresh converts repeating the Shahada prayer before Muslim witnesses.

There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his messenger.

The Shahada prayer is the first of the Five Pillars of Islam. The Shahada prayer is also what is written on the black battle flags of Islamic jihad. Along with Allahu Akbar—our God is greatest—the Shahada is the battle cry of advancing Islamic armies. In fact, the very word Islam means submission, and not peace, as it is often intentionally mistranslated by duplicitous Muslims practicing taqiya, or sanctified lying for the cause of advancing the spread of Islam.

It’s purposefully made very easy for a town or a city to submit and convert to Islam. But the entire city must surrender without posing any resistance at all. In the event of any violent or even physical resistance, a new formula applies: the Islamic jihad conquest formula. From the time of Mohammed until today—as we are seeing in the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq—the formula has not changed.

1. During the battle and immediately afterward, there is a period of unbelievable savagery and wanton hyper-violence.

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The Benghazi Brief

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As with all complex stories the valuable discoveries come with time.

This Brief has been updated to include newly spotlighted research on Syria and ISIL. Most importantly the previously unknown “Second Presidential Finding Memo” to the CIA in 2012 specifically directed to arm/aid ISIL in Syria. The new information from the month before the Benghazi attack explains the motive of the Turkish delegation toward Chris Stevens.

Grab a cup of coffee because it’s a long read with over 350 citations and reference source links for conformational material.   We think you’ll get hooked and find 95% of your Benghazi questions answered.   And if you can find a factual flaw I’ll buy the coffee.. SD

Ex-janitor’s hard work pays off: Former all-star, coach now principal at Danville High

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Marty Chambers walked calmly through the halls of Danville High with few words.

He answered a few questions from students, nodded to teachers who passed by, but kept his senses keen to all that surrounded him.

Chambers faces perhaps the toughest challenge in Morgan County schools this year. He is trying to rebuild a community that in the span of two months lost its principal, head football coach and an incoming freshman student who was hit and killed by a car while walking to summer football practice.
"There's a lot of pride here," Chambers said with a soft voice Tuesday. "My job is to restore that, to give the people something to smile about. But I fully recognize that it takes everybody in the school, from the teachers to the janitors and lunchroom workers."