Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Black Law Professor Says Obama Destroying The Nation, Hurting Black People

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Have you heard of Professor Carol M Swain? She is a law professor at Vanderbilt University who said she cannot understand how anyone who calls themselves a Christian could belong to the Democratic Party. Personally, this is the exact sentiment that I share…and am sure many of my readers feel the same way. The Democratic party is based on the idea of abortion on demand.

Abortion is built into their party platform: abortion on demand with no apologies. Prof. Swain argues that abortion, among other things, is equivalent to a genocide of the black community.

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  1. Dear Ms Swain; with all due respect...No S--T Sherlock! And pray tell it took HOW many years for YOU to firgure that one out? There are the trivial details sure as actually being qualified for the postion and a matter of content of charecter. The latter, can in part be known by who he choose to associate with.

  2. I agree with this lovely professor. How could any Christians align themselves with the Social Justice commies? I found this on Pastor Manning's website. Good questions - he is asking (wasn't aware of the Al Sharpton connection to Miriam Carey's ignored assassination).

    If only it were about ruining the lives of Blacks, but it is worse than that. It's about complete and utter CHAOS to ruin the whole country. Plenty for everyone to be enraged over.

    1. Thanks and he grew up in Red Springs, NC where my mother attended college.

  3. Amazing no one has knocked him off