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The End Of Diplomacy

NamSouth re-post 20 Sep 2010

Southern Loyalty Through Marriage

An admirer of Southern society and culture, John Pope held in very high esteem Southern officers he had served with or under in the old army to include Joseph E. Johnston, Beauregard, G.W. Smith, and Barnard Bee. He feared that had General Winfield Scott departed Washington to serve his native State of Virginia, “no man can now tell how many more officers would have gone South with him.”

Bernhard Thuersam, ChairmanNorth Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commissionwww.ncwbts150.com"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Southern Loyalty Through Marriage:

“The Adjutant-General of the Army when the war broke out was Samuel Cooper, a native of New York and a graduate of West Point. He married a Virginia lady and had long before identified himself with that section of the country. It was a noticeable fact that, whilst almost every Northern man who married a Southern woman attached himself at once to his wife’s country and became naturally the most violent and bitter partisan of the South, very few Northern women were able, perhaps they were not anxious, to hold their [Southern] husbands loyal to the [Northern] government.

One of the strangest social phases that characterized the years before the war was the recognized social supremacy of the South and the deference paid to it. The South did not possess the wealth, the culture or the polish given by the experiences of foreign travel, yet in any society anywhere they dominated almost without question.

The South had been ruined in fortune and their customs and habits of life altogether overthrown. Yet poor, indeed well-nigh destitute, they still hold their heads high and are recognized as among the leaders of men of society by their far more prosperous fellow-citizens of the North. If things go on as they have been for the past ten years, the South by the end of another ten years will be as fully in possession of the government and will as completely direct its policy as in 1858….[the South] blazes that power to rule and that fitness to command which characterized them before the war and which is rapidly being recognized and submitted to now.

General Cooper, as I have said, was a native of New York and except through his wife could have had neither interest in the South nor sympathy with its purpose…..I do not now recall a single Northern officer who married a Southern woman who did not go South with her.”

(The Military Memoirs of General John Pope, Cozzens & Girardi, editors, UNC Press, 1998, pp. 200-201)

Then and now.

More than aptly stated, needless to say.


Sheriff Joe: Obama Birth Certificate National Security Issue


Today the long awaited press conference by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office took place at 5:30pm EST. Its goal was to bring forth new evidence that provides indisputable evidence that the birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama is in fact a forgery.

The Sheriff’s Office spokesman, Lisa Adams, opened the conference and said that they hope to take no more than 60 minutes to complete. She also said that no questions would be answered in regards to anything unrelated to the press conference pertaining to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, such as the recent immigration ruling by the Supreme Court. She also scolded the media for their lack of reporting and their scoffing at the investigation. She then encouraged them to keep an open mind.

Sheriff Joe then took to the podium and took only a few moments to run down the history of the investigation and introduce Mike Zullo, the Cold Case Posse lead investigator.

Zullo presented more evidence that proves that the birth certificate presented to the people of America in 2011 is not an authentic document. Though the information in the prior press conference specifically dealt with the document itself and the many anomalies in it, in this conference Mr. Zullo provided evidence of a different nature.

The first bombshell he dropped was that he and his investigator located 95-year-old Ms. Verna K. L. Lee, who was the registrar that signed the birth certificates in Hawaii. She informed him of a coding system that would indicate that the birth certificate provided by the White House has been altered. This coding would have been done by hand and then rechecked by another. This would also have kept the document from being out of sequence by date or time.

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One more from Mr. Volk: Same rifle, bigger caliber

Another from Oleg Volk

My mother would give her highest compliment to Oleg,

"A gentleman and a scholar."

First edited photos from Oleg Volk's shoot today..

..with a few, more than kind, comments from a most kindred soul.


I was extremely pleased to meet you and Dixie. Both of you far exceeded my highest expectations -- I've seldom met such pleasant, intelligent and gracious people. I wish you a safe ride back home -- and hope to visit with you sometime very soon. I think it's a luxury to live in the same region with you and I plan to make the best of this happy circumstance promptly.

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The Right To Carry (Video) & How To Rebel

Re-post from NamSouth 01 Aug 2008

The Truth About the Right to Carry


How To Rebel: FM 21-76

The future we feared yesterday is now reality. Those who predicted
this sad state of affairs were once called paranoid, and few will
admit they were right, except in the privacy of their own thoughts.
We no longer have time, time has all but run out on freedom loving
people. We have reached a turning point, to which one stroke of a pen
will enslave us all. It is the unconstitutional power of the Executive Order.

Now that certain legislation has been passed and signed into law
dissent could be a one way ticket to prison, and full suspension of
all your constitutional rights without due process.
Only those who do not question our government's authority will be
able to receive due process, all others will be hidden away to rot in
a federal prison.

You may wonder," What can I do?", and I am going to tell you some of
the things that can be done, and ways to not end up a federal
political prisoner. It can be done, but you must be willing to take
the chance, and exercise your wits as well as your brawn.
I will be the last person you will ever hear say this is going to be
easy, since nothing worth having ever is, but to live as a free man
is worth any price.

Below I am going to list and discuss several subjects that play an
important part of success. You may not agree with all I am about to
say, and that is fine, we are all entitled to our own opinions, but
if you agree with at least half of what I say here.
Spread it around, and see how much applies to you.

1) The mark of the beast is on us all, and we call it a Social
Security Number.

You may be wondering why I would make such a statement, but the fact
that we are numbered like cattle for tracking, should leave you no

Like most Americans I was given a number the day I was born, and it
has been used to identify me, my employment, my spending habits, my
financial transactions, what type of vehicle I own, and who insures
it, what guns I have purchased and this list goes on. Is this number
really so different from the one Hitler used to mark the Jews?
I am sure he would have loved our modern day numbering system. To
drive, travel, obtain a hunting or fishing license, bank, work or,
any number of other normal activities you must give your number.
If you are an American citizen you must submit to this mark or be
outcast, and denied simple freedoms. I am not the best Christian in
the world, but I do remember something in the Bible that covered this
very thing, and we should all be worried.

There is to my understanding a little known loop hole in the law that
will allow you to discard this mark, but it will likely lead to some
harassment. I will inform on the details as soon as I have them.
2) The need for community is greater now then ever before.

A group of people thrown together based on geographic location is not
a community.

In a community each person has a skill that is desirable to another,
such as a blacksmith or a gunsmith who can trade services for goods
or other services so that they can prosper; in time of crisis the
community can come together to insure the well being of all.
This is not a commune, it is what a community used to be and similar
to what the Amish have now. In most cases we must build a community
inside of a town or city, in order to draw on the advantage of such a
situation, or move.

A true community is dangerous to the nanny state because it is
independent and desires no hand outs, and is self sustaining. This
weakens government's hold on people and they fear it, all the more
reason to do it. This not only saves the individual money, but cuts
down on the tax revenue the governments collects and spends on its
oppressive programs.

So if there is any way you can barter or trade for goods and
services, then due so. It may seem like a little thing, but it is a
huge step towards independence.

3) Stop funding your demise.

It may sound amusing, but it is very serious. It may seem difficult
to do, and the federal government is making it harder then ever, but
there are still those who will hire off the books, and many
contractors are happy to hire if you sign an agreement stating that
you are responsible for filing all taxes, and many will pay cash
without ever asking your name.

You may also be able to get away with a job for room and board, with
a small cash allowance that most would never consider reporting.
These are just a few things you can do, I am sure there are more, but
I will leave you to find them out. Another way is to take your self
off the grid. This one really hurts the government. Look at your
electric bill, and see how much goes to taxes and regulatory charges.
If you were to disconnect from the power grid and run your home on a
solar, wind or hybrid system, not only do you stop that monthly bill,
but you free yourself that much more.

4) Prepare Prepare Prepare !!!!

This one is a must for all, and if you listen to nothing else I have
said listen to this.

Due to our beliefs we could easily be labeled as domestic terrorists
if we fall into Washington's definition of the week. I am going to
touch on a few things you should consider in your

1) Do I have the skills to survive?

If you answered no to this, it is way past time to correct it. One of
the best and most easily obtained resources is FM 21-76 The Army
Survival Manual, it covers most everything you need to know, and has
plenty of illustrations and easy to follow instructions. Get it, read
it, and practice it. It could save your life.

2) What equipment do I need?

Every situation is different, and the urban jungle is a lot different
then the Rocky Mountains, but there are a few things that are
universal, and no matter what your situation you should always have
readily available.

A) A clear head.
B) A copy of FM 21-76
C) A multi tool. ( Gerber, Leatherman, ect.)
D) A quality fixed blade hunting knife. (Two is better)
I know you say, "Why not a gun?", and the answer is simple. Guns need
bullets to function and if you can use your knife effectively you can
acquire a firearm, and fashion most any tool you need in a survival

No one denies the need to prepare for direct conflict with tyrants,
but you can not fight them alone, so you must survive long enough to
join with others. I recommend an outlaw kit, packed and ready so if
you have to bug out you have what you need easily available. There
should be one for every member of your household, and below is a list
of things that should be in it, at a minimum. Whether you use a back
pack or a duffle of some sort this is an individual preference not to
be dictated.

A) Large caliber handgun with 100 rounds and cleaning kit.
B) 5 quart collapsible canteen and water purification tablets or
a vial of bleach.
C) 5 pack of disposable lighters (more reliable then matches)
and a magnesium fire starter.
D) Hatchet with a metal handle like an Eastwing.
E) Military style poncho with liner.
F) Wool blanket.
G) Extra socks
H) First Aid kit.
I) 3 days of food like MRE's or for a longer period with less
bulk, a box of power bars. They have over 2000 calories a piece, just
no guarantee of taste.
J) Map of your area. Plan escape routes and have plenty of
alternate routes.
K) Knives and muti tool you should already have.
L) Extra eyeglasses and medications if needed.
M) Money, at least 100 dollars in cash, six ounces of silver
bars, and one ounce of gold. Like most people having a gold bar is
difficult, but silver of good quality is easy to get and inexpensive.
If there is a collapse of the economy these will be very negotiable.

Do what you can.

The things above will allow you to survive on a short term basis and
buys you some time to plan your next move. Don't worry about long
guns, because if we are at that point, the gloves are off and you can
acquire one by what ever means.

3) Practice. I think that speaks for its self.

5) Organized resistance with a central command structure is not
always a good thing.

Large groups draw unwanted attention, especially to those who are in
opposition to a tyrannical government. Not only that, large groups
can be easily infiltrated, and these government moles will wait or
attempt to incite some dangerous or violent act that will lead you
and everyone else straight to prison.

I am in no way saying that you should not participate in political
groups or things of that nature, however, be aware and never tell all
you know about anything, whether you know something or not. In case
of D-Day we must be able to come together quickly in the common
defense. I propose the following structure for any freedom fighters
to protect themselves and their families until such time action is

a) Central Command of Officers and at least a First Sergeant.
b) This command element recruits 5 individuals of good character and
varying skills. These five will be the only ones who know who is part
of the command element.
c) These five recruit four more people. Know you have five groups of
five people and they practice and prepare together.
d) When everyone is up to speed, one person from each group leaves
and recruits five more people. In this way every group is like a link
in the chain, and should one jump the gun, the rest are relatively

What this gives you are numerous fire team size elements that are
prepared and ready should they ever become needed. The command
element can alert the five whom they know and the word will travel
down the line, and all can be pulled together with relative ease.

We should all prepare to go underground at a moments notice. Always
be aware of your surroundings and always assume law enforcement is
lying. They are not your fiends and they will imprison you if they
can find a reason to do so. Their job title alone says you can not
trust them; they will enforce the laws on the books even if they are
violations of the Constitution.

What ever we may be forced to do in the future we must always
remember to act with honor, intestinal fortitude, and according to
the guide lines set forth in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Ruby Ridge: Remember and plan

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