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Raising Quail for Meat and Eggs

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 raising quail for eggs and meat
In Vietnam you can buy small plastic bags of these cooked with small bags of salt and pepper from street vendors. Delicious.

If you are limited on space, or just over your chickens, but you love the thought of raising your own meat and eggs, you might want to consider raising quail. Due to their small size, they are ideal for those who want something relatively easy to care for.

Quail Meat


Quail meat is considered to be quite the delicacy. It is tender, juicy, and a tad more flavorful than chicken. Purchasing quail meat from a grocery store will not only set you back a couple of big bucks, but it is also hard to find. If you want to try quail before you buy quail, consider a date night at the fanciest restaurant you know.

Raising quail for meat can be quite lucrative, so if you are looking to start a new meat operation, quail will probably make you some decent dough.

Quail Eggs


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Arm Thy Neighbor

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 Arm Thy Neighbor, by Matt Bracken

If you don’t presently own any firearms, you may have been considering taking that step in order to protect yourself and your family. Or perhaps you already have what you consider to be an adequate home armory, but is it really enough? In the event that our economy tanks, one certain outcome will be much higher levels of criminal violence. Read Fernando Aguirre’s excellent “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse,” based on his experiences in Argentina after 2001, to see what happens to civil society when a national currency collapses and the banks are closed. Today’s career criminals will be that much more desperate and willing to use violence against their victims.

The feral youths who need little encouragement to bust heads for sport in times of relative plenty may be starving, and no moral consideration will keep them from sticking a gun in your face or a knife in your back.

Rudy Giuliani On Deep State: You Can’t BELIEVE What’s Coming Out! These Are Crimes that Are SHOCKING!

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Rudy Giuliani: Sean we’ve known this for a year… You can’t BELIEVE what’s going to come out! And this is dramatic revelation now. But Bruce Ohr should have been prosecuted and his wife for conflicts of interest ten months ago because we had a Justice Department that was completely warped. The fact is that these are crimes that are shocking! These are crimes that go to the very heart of our republic. These people had a plan to stop the Republican candidate from getting elected and then they executed a plan to remove from office on false evidence, false testimony. The whole thing was made up from the very beginning and they sold it to 90% of our media! It’s a tragedy… The dimensions of it you still don’t realize. There’s plenty of evidence of what happened in Ukraine. Plenty of evidence of what happened in UK. In Italy. This was a massive conspiracy!

Ex-NFL Player Says He Asked Trump to Call Out Elijah Cummings, Says Rep. Big Part of Problem

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A former NFL player said that he met with President Donald Trump in July and asked the president to call out Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) for contributing to the issues with Baltimore, part of his Maryland district.

Trump later called out Cummings over the district.

“I had a chance to meet with President Trump, and I told him please call out Elijah Cummings and Baltimore. I asked him to do that three weeks ago and he did it,” said Jack Brewer, a black man who played linebacker from 2002 to 2006, told Fox News.

NBC Demonstrates How Much Damage an AR 15 Can Do to a Watermelon

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"The Case for the Confederacy"

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Article by John Calhoun:

IS THERE a more reviled section of the United States than the South and is there a more loathed region of the South than Appalachia? The entire stretch of the old Confederacy is often stereotyped as a hotbed of ignorance, dysgenics, backwardness, and the most evil of all sins — “racism.” Ever since Hollywood got its start back in the 1910s, the South has been endlessly scapegoated for the so-called sins of the entire country. The question we must ask ourselves, dear reader, is why Appalachia and indeed the entire South has been cast into the wilderness for Azazel to claim.

As a son of the Appalachian South, I believe I am uniquely qualified to answer that question.

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The Charlottesville Lie

An American Hero Killed In Vietnam Comes Home In A Plane Piloted By His Son Who Bid Him Adieu From The Same Airport

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On Thursday, everyone at a terminal at the Dallas airport witnessed something extraordinary: the remains of an American pilot who was shot down in 1967 were finally brought home — and the pilot of the plane carrying the remains was his son, who was only five years old when his father was shot down.

Major Roy Abner Knight , Jr

Back when we were Negroes

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The young people attending this Harlem cotillion in 1954 did not aspire to be 'hootchie mamas' or thugs, suggests the author.

  Date published: 10/12/2011

--There was a time until the early 1960s when the terms to describe those of African decent, like me--African-American or black or Afro-American--were almost unheard of. I remember a distinct conversation with a friend discussing descriptive terms for ourselves in 1963 or '64. The term "black" was just coming into vogue and he didn't like it one bit.

"Call me a Negro," he said, "but don't call me black." Now, the word "Negro" (publications used a lower-case "n") has almost become a pejorative, so I was a little surprised when my pastor, the Rev. Willie Reid, used it during a Thursday night revival.

"Back when we were Negroes," he said, and listed several things that were different about black life in America back then. That got me to thinking.

Back when we were Negroes in the 1950s, "only 9 percent of black families with children were headed by a single parent," according to "The Black Family: 40 Years of Lies" by Kay Hymowitz.

Black children had a 52 percent chance of living with both their biological parents until age 17. In 1959, "only 2 percent of black children were reared in households in which the mother never married."

But now that we're African-Americans, according to Hymowitz, those odds of living with both parents had "dwindled to a mere 6 percent" by the mid-1980s.

North Carolina Chocolate Shop Incites Confederate Flag Burning

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North Carolina chocolate shop is encouraging members of the public to burn the Confederate flag in response to a feud with a Sons of the Confederacy group.

Matthew Shepard, the owner of Matthew’s Chocolates in Hillsborough, North Carolina, claims to have been engaged in an ongoing dispute with a Sons of Confederate Veterans group. Shepard is unhappy that the group has been holding Confederate heritage events on the street outside of his shop, claiming that they’re there almost every Saturday.

Hannity and de Blasio Get Heated on Gun Rights: ‘Should Every New Yorker Have the Same Protection You Have?’