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Obama, an embarrassment indeed

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Confederate Memorial Addresses: May 11, 1885, New Bern, NC

My sixth great grandfather came over with Baron Christopher De Graffenreid in 1709 and founded New Bern in 1710.
Tuscaroras And (My Family)



Confederate Memorial Addresses : May 11, 1885, New Bern, NC

Freedom and ‘The Hunger Games’


Consider the consequences of both the books and a major motion picture series on spreading the concept of tyrannical government in the FUSA.

Then find two young folks and teach them how to kill bad people.

While also showing them how and why they must teach others the same skills.

Audentes fortuna iuvat.



"Well, Govan, if we must die, let us die like men."
Gen. Patrick R. Cleburne

"The Confederate flag does not belong in that (the new Appomattox exhibit), because the Confederacy never seceded, nor did it reunify," said Waite Rawls, Executive Director of the Museum of the Confederacy. "The states took their own action."

This shows that Rawls at the MOC is just as brainless as was Abraham Lincoln and that he totally supports Lincoln's view of the war against the South. That is who is telling the story of the Confederacy at the Museum of the Confederacy. As usual "reconstructed" Southerners financially support the promotion of Lincoln's view of the war.

Yes, I know that this leaves "reconstructed" Southerners feeling conflicted and often angry. When they make donations to the MOC or buy a MOC membership they are paying for people to promote the views that the SCV and unreconstructed Southerners oppose. This is not good mental health. We CANNOT rationally complain about Rawls while we ENABLE him and the MOC to humiliate us and disgrace our ancestors.

When we lack the strength of character to oppose in peacetime those who propagandize against us and hate our views and believe that the USA was fully justified in forcing our subjugation then I feel that all of our well-reasoned rhetoric and dialogue in support of 1) secession, 2) the honour and bravery of our ancestors and 3) the hope many of us have for reviving the issues of freedom and liberty which our ancestors fought and died to reestablish is little more than empty blather.

It simply does not occur to the "reconstructed" that the USA has failed to demonstrate any desire or make ANY attempt to win the hearts and minds of Southerner's. They have continued for 150 years finding new ways of making stricter laws for the purpose of stopping us from honouring our ancestors or presenting the symbols in public that mean so much to us.

I continue to be amazed at Southerners who volunteer to serve in the USA military and then expect to win the hearts and minds of the citizens of foreign nations following the invasion and bombing of their countries and our subsequent occupation of their not-now-sovereign native lands. It is time for us to reject the social and political matrix forced on us and on our children as we continue to send them to government schools for indoctrination against us. We must develop our own schools, institutions and museums that will preserve a culture of our own choosing. We do not need the statist MOC or its drone Rawls that perpetuates the views of Lincoln and the actions of those who committed atrocities against our ancestors. Otherwise we are doing little more than celebrating the violence committed against our ancestors and our own continuing subjugation.

Carl T Miller

Confederate monument over the mass grave of soldiers in New Bern, NC

Memorial service at Cedar Groove Cemetery, New Bern, NC on 17/3/2012
this is a monument over the mass grave of soldiers killed in the Battles around New Bern, NC

Cedar Grove Cemetery, one of the oldest in North Carolina, is located in downtown New Bern. The monument was dedicated to the Confederate soldiers killed in the Battle of New Bern. Beneath the monument about twelve feet down in a crypt lies the remains of the soldiers.

On May 2d, 1867, was laid the corner-stone of the mausoleum or vault beneath centre plat.

And she wants to be a 'teacher'


"Lunatic in my evolution class asking the most absurd question and gets angry when the Prof (Dr. Kajiura) doesn't know how to answer it.

Context: The slide we were on just before was about Female Sexual Selection. For instance, female peacocks have selection in their mates, preferring the males with the bigger train of feathers.. Somehow she went off on some tangent with a question about how does Evolution play a role in the killing of all black people...

Dr. Kajiura tried to answer her question even though he had no idea what she was talking about. She repeated her question 4-5 more times and it turned into this craziness you see here... Clearly, this person has some SERIOUS emotional issues within herself and the discussion of PEACOCKS was the catalyst to the unleashing of this insanity.

She was escorted out of class and I heard she was tasered and arrested by the police. Today was our review day before a test on Thursday and students were getting irritated by her wasting our time. No one understood what her point was... Craziest thing I've ever seen.

Apparently natural selection doesn't remove crazy from the population."

Flight to Exile and Freedom in the Confederacy

Former Vice President John C. Breckinridge sat in the US Senate as a representative of Kentucky in July 1861. He denounced Lincoln’s concentration of power in Washington as an act “which, in every age of the world, has been the very definition of despotism.” He also saw the Republican party using the war to change the very character of our government, and the reduction of the resisting State’s into territories governed by Lincoln’s appointees.

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Flight to Exile and Freedom in the Confederacy:

“On September 18 [1861] the Kentucky legislature formally ended neutrality and took the side of the Union. The arrests began the same night, and among the first to be taken was former Governor [Charles] Morehead of Louisville. At the same time, the pro-Southern Louisville Courier was suppressed. That same day several men throughout the nation advised Washington authorities that Breckinridge should be arrested.

The Republican Cassius Clay, who believed that “John C. Breckinridge…was never at heart a Secessionist.” Even a bearded little Union general, U.S. Grant, sympathized with the senator in some degree. “He was among the last to go over to the South,” Grant would say, “and was rather dragged into the position.”

He had fought for compromise and failed; he had sought peace and moderation and found only bitterness; and had proclaimed his devotion to the Union to the best of his ability….He was an innocent man, but he would be taken, denied his rights, and like Morehead, spirited away to a prison deep in the North to sit for months without hope.

On October 8, 1861, from Bowling Green, he issued his last address as a statesman, and his first as a Confederate. He returned the trust given him to represent Kentucky in the Senate, he said. He could no longer keep it. He had tried to stand for the State’s wishes in Washington, he had opposed Lincoln’s war policy at every step, even to refusing Kentucky’s men and money…”I resign,” he said, “because there is no place left where a Southern Senator may sit in council with the Senators of the North. In truth, there is no longer a Senate of the United States within the meaning and spirit of the Constitution.”

The Union no longer existed, he continued, Lincoln had assumed dictatorial powers. The rights of person and property were being flagrantly violated every day. Unlawful arrests were the rule. The subjugation and conquest of the South were the rallying cries in the Federal Congress.

As for Kentucky, her rights of neutrality had been violated repeatedly, arms secretly supplied to Federal sympathizers, troops unlawfully raised within her borders, the legislature intimidated and packed with the minions of Washington, freedoms of speech, press, and assembly, restricted, and hundreds forced to flee their homes for safety. He explained his own flight to avoid arrest, saying he would have welcomed it if he had any assurance that it would have been followed by a trial of judge and jury, but he knew that would not be.

Would Kentucky stand by while all of this went on? Would she consent to the usurpations of Lincoln and his hirelings; would she suffer her children to be imprisoned and exiled by the “German mercenaries” that the Union was enlisting to fights its war? Never, he said.

Whatever might be the future relations of the two nations, the old Union could never again be reunited as it once was. He wanted peace between the them lest one conquer the other and the result be military despotism. To defend his own birthright and that of his fellow Kentuckians who had been denied the protection due them, and were forced to choose between arrest, exile, or resistance, he now exchanged the “with proud satisfaction, a term of six years in the Senate of the United States for the musket of a soldier.” As one of those forced to make that choice, he said, “in intend to resist.”

(Breckinridge, Statesman, Soldier, Symbol, William C. Davis, LSU Press, 1974, pp. 287- 290)

Flight to Exile and Freedom in the Confederacy

Sole survivor: the woman who fell to earth

On Christmas Eve 1971, half an hour after take-off from Lima airport, Peru, a passenger plane bound for Pucallpa in the Amazon rainforest flew into a thunderstorm.

The plane started lurching and bumping in the air. Then, in a single, catastrophic moment, a bolt of lightning hit one of the fuel tanks and tore the right wing off. Lansa Flight 508 went into a nosedive and all 92 of its passengers and crew were killed, except for one.

One minute Juliane Koepcke, 17, was sitting in the window seat next to her mother; the next she was falling through the air, still strapped to her seat, and her mother had vanished. The filmmaker Werner Herzog, who some 30 years later was to make a documentary about Koepcke’s extraordinary survival, said, 'She did not leave the airplane, the airplane left her.’

Koepcke remembers falling head first with the seatbelt digging into her stomach and a canopy of trees spiralling towards her. Then she lost consciousness. She came to the next morning on the floor of the rainforest.

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'Bad bush tucker man' Malcolm Naden captured after seven years

The 38-year-old outlaw, whose ability to evade a massive police manhunt and live off his bushcraft skills earned him an almost mythic status in Australia, was captured in a midnight police raid in northern New South Wales. The Government claimed the bounty over his head – A$250,000 (£163,000) – was the largest since the days of Ned Kelly in the 19th century.

Naden, 38, a former abattoir worker, appeared briefly in court with no shoes, a shaved head and a thick bushy beard to face charges over the murder of a 24-year-old, Kristy Scholes, who was found strangled in his locked bedroom in Dubbo in 2005. He also faced two counts of sexual assault against a 15-year-old-girl and the shooting of a police officer who closed in on one of his makeshifts camp last December. He did not apply for bail.

Despite the horrific crimes for which he was wanted, Naden earned a grudging respect for his survival skills. But his years on the run were a constant embarrassment for the state's police and prompted constant reminders that he is "no Robin Hood".

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How to Choose a Camp Stove

The question of how to choose a camp stove sometimes ends up being a discussion with the rancor of a religious debate. Ultralighters, basecampers, and everyone in-between has an opinion. So let’s explore the different options, and maybe we can come to an ecumenical agreement.

There are many stoves on the market, and almost all have unique features that give them their niche. Ultra-light, ultra-small, ultra-blowtorch: they all have functions that serve a certain kind of purpose on a certain kind of trip. The “best” stove is the one that’s best for you, when it’s best for you.

Stoves are usually divided up into two main categories: liquid fuel stoves and canister stoves. They are often further divided into basecamp and portable stoves. Let’s take a look at some of the features and drawbacks of the various stoves in each grouping.

Basecamp Liquid Stoves and Canister Stoves

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Dem: “It’s a bad omen”

The too-close-to-call state Senate race in southern Brooklyn was down to the wire Wednesday, with Republican David Storobin holding a slim lead over Democrat Lew Fidler.

Final results in the race to replace disgraced Sen. Carl Kruger hinge on hundreds of absentee and paper ballots that will be counted next week, and both camps claimed victory. As of 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Storobin held a lead of 143 votes.

The close tally reflected a strong showing by Storobin, a lawyer, against Fidler, a City Councilman who had been considered the favorite. It capped an all out effort by Republican activists to repeat the upset scored by Rep. Bob Turner on much of the same southern Brooklyn turf.

Many Fidler supporters may have assumed he was a shoo-in, but the race grew tighter as Storobin, who immigrated as a child from the Soviet Union , gained support in Russian neighborhoods and among socially conservative Orthodox Jews who were inundated with attacks against Fidler.

“We had an overwhelming outpouring of support in the district from rabbis in the Orthodox community to Russian immigrants who identify very strongly with David,” said Storobin spokesman David Simpson.

The unexpected tight race in a district that is heavily Democratic is the latest bad news for Senate Democrats in their efforts to reclaim the majority this fall.

“It’s a bad omen,” said Sen. Diane Savino (D-Staten Island) “We should not be having to compete for races in Brooklyn. It’s the most Democratic county in the state.”

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Spring break beachgoers on Obama: 'I give him a D'

Support National Right-to-Work Act

Many Americans are very thankful to have a job in these critical economic times -- a job that puts food on the table, keeps the house warm in winter, puts gas in the car to get to work, and leaves a little left over to purchase some geraniums to plant along the front porch. But many Americans lose these jobs or face a stressful work environment that includes discrimination and persecution because they don’t want to be coerced into joining a union and paying union dues -- dues that end up being used by union bosses for political spending and advocacy. It's hard to believe that in the United States laws have been passed that actually prohibit people from being able to choose whether they want to participate in something they often don’t support or believe in, as a condition of employment.

Then of course, there are businesses that suffer monetary setbacks and losses because of the cost of implementing union rules and that see the workplace turned into a battleground for union expansion through strong-arm tactics and intimidation. Some unions have become so powerful that their style of union promotion and rules enforcement mimics Mafia protection rackets.

In order to reverse these unfair practices and hindrances for employers and employees, there is a newly introduced bill in the U.S. Senate, S. 2173, that would right the wrongs of forced union membership and closed shops. The National Right-to-Work Act would legally protect the free choice of individuals to join, or not join, labor organizations.

“Forced-unionism allows union bosses to forcibly take dues from a politically diverse group of workers and then give hundreds of millions every year almost exclusively to one political party. Workers should have the right to provide for their families without having to pay for political activity they strongly disagree with,” said Sen. Jim DeMint, (R-SC), the Senator who introduced this bill.

Rank and file union members themselves oppose their union bosses political spending, viewing it as wasteful, an October 2010 poll indicated. In fact, 59 percent of union members would vote to replace their own union leadership if given a secret ballot election, over 50 percent view ObamaCare as a failure, 80 percent support the Right-to-Work principle, while a whopping 90 percent favor more union disclosure and accountability.

A Winter 2010 Cato Journal analysis of right-to-work laws by Richard Vedder from Ohio University shows that in states unencumbered by heavy-handed union rules and intimidation, worker well-being outperforms forced-union states. An article posted on The Hill states: “From 2000 to 2008, about 4.7 million Americans moved from forced-union to right-to-work states and a recent study found that there is ‘a very strong and highly statistically significant relationship between right-to-work laws and economic growth,’ and that from 1977 to 2007, right-to-work states experienced a 23 percent faster growth in per capita income than states with forced unionization.”

And, “Contrary to much union rhetoric, right-to-work laws don't ban or bust unions. They simply grant individual workers the right to join or not to join, even once a workplace is organized by a union,” declares a Wall Street Journal February 2010 article.

Help workers keep more of what they earn, protect the workplace environment from monopolistic labor union tactics, end the stifling of competition by keeping industries at home in America, and stop the further erosion of employment liberty by restoring complete freedom for workers and employers with S. 2173, the National Right-to-Work Act.

This proposed legislation has already been placed on the Senate calendar, contact your Senators and Representative and ask them to promote and pass this bill that would positively affect millions of hard-working, tax-paying Americans, and that would decrease the stranglehold activist and political-agenda-driven union bosses currently have on employers and employees.


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Marker honoring slaves in Confederate Army moves closer to reality

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MONROE Mattie Rice’s father rarely spoke of his service in the Civil War, with one exception: the time he saved the life of his master’s son.

Her father, Wary Clyburn, was a slave in the Confederate Army. And this week, the 89-year-old Archdale woman asked Union County commissioners to support a public marker honoring 10 local men, including her father, eight other slaves and a free black man, who served the Confederacy and much later received small state pensions.

“This would be a great honor for us,” she quietly but firmly told the board.

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Virtually no black men fought for the South, historians have said.

A lie.

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Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest had slaves and freemen serving in units under his command. After the war, Forrest said of the black men who served under him, "These boys stayed with me.. - and better Confederates did not live." Articles in "Black Southerners in Gray," edited by Richard Rollins, gives numerous accounts of blacks serving as fighting men or servants in every battle from Gettysburg to Vicksburg.

Professor Ed Smith, director of American Studies at American University, says Stonewall Jackson had 3,000 fully equipped black troops scattered throughout his corps at Antietam - the war's bloodiest battle. Mr. Smith calculates that between 60,000 and 93,000 blacks served the Confederacy in some capacity. They fought for the same reason they fought in previous wars and wars afterward: "to position themselves. They had to prove they were patriots in the hope the future would be better ... they hoped to be rewarded."

--The Truth About The Yankee War, Walter E. Williams

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