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Seven Shot at Spring Break House Party; Suspect Faces Attempted Murder Charges

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Image source: WEAR-TV

Seven people were injured, some critically, during an early-morning spray of gunfire Saturday at a spring break party on the Florida Panhandle, police said. An Alabama man was quickly apprehended and charged with attempted murder.

Multiple 911 calls flooded in just before 1 a.m., reporting the shootings at the house party in Panama City Beach, and deputies found a sprawling crime scene with victims inside the home, outside and across the street from it, and in the street’s median, the Bay County Sheriff’s Office said.

Image source: WEAR-TV

Officers set up a perimeter and found a suspect matching witnesses’ description. David Jamichael Daniels, 22, of Mobile, Alabama, was charged with seven counts of attempted murder and jailed awaiting a first court appearance. A .40-caliber handgun believed to have been used was found in the yard of a nearby home.

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The Virginia Flaggers: Memorial Confederate Battle Flag Raised on I-81 in Lexington

This morning, in a small, private ceremony, the Va Flaggers raised a 20' x 30' battle flag on an 80' pole on private land on Interstate I-81/I-64 just north/east of Lexington, Virginia.

 To the Glory of God and in memory and honor of our gallant Confederate heroes. 

The world shall yet decide

In truth's clear far-off light

That the soldiers who wore the grey and died with Lee

Were in the right.

U.S. Citizenship Quiz

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Prize Winning Teacher Trashes Common Core

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Prize Winning Teacher Trashes Common Core

Guaranteed CNN would have never had her on if they knew her view.

A quiet rebellion is taking place in the school system. Many teachers are standing up to the Common Core standards and rebelling against the national standards. No example could be more prominent than the first ever Global Teacher Prize winner trashing Common Core on live television.

Nancy Atwell won the first ever Global Teacher Prize, described by many as the Nobel Prize for teachers, and a million dollars for her work in teaching students. She gave the prize money to the school that she founded in 1990 to update the school and equipment, saying she had everything she needed in her work as a teacher. But what’s even more shocking are the comments she had to say about Common Core.

Christian Slaves of the Moslems
A Medieval painting showing Muslims branding Caucasian girls captured in sex-slave raids into Christian Europe. Muslims who purchased such girls in Islamic slave markets had them branded with red-hot irons.
Muslim geographers of old are known to have created ideological justifications for enslaving sub-Saharan Africans. “By the eighth and ninth centuries Arab literature was already merging blackness of skin with a variety of derogatory physical and characterological traits . . . and presumptions of color prejudice . . . ” (Slavery and Human Progress, Davis, pg. 42).
Bernhard Thuersam,

Christian Slaves of the Moslems

“The rapid extension of Mohammedan conquest brought under Moslem control many thousands of unbelievers. Of these many at once accepted the new faith, many fled, and many were put to death; but many more were reduced to slavery. War was no doubt the chief source of supply for the slave market. It was provided that one in five of the captives should go to the government while the soldiers divided among themselves the remainder.

Later the Caliphs of Egypt and the Sultans of the Turks, finding their thrones in a precarious position, resorted to the use of splendidly trained bands of slaves, bought by traders or acquired by brigands, to maintain their position. This was the origin of an annual tribute of children [as slaves].

Still another source of the slave supply was a result of the misery of the time in which the people were living. Parents sold children, especially girls, to save themselves from starvation. Christians and heathen at war, and heathen at war with heathen, sold their captives into slavery among the Moslems. With the growth in the demand for slaves, avaricious Christian and Jewish merchants also helped to supply the Moslem slave markets.

The slave policy of the Mohammedans is well illustrated in the conquest of North Africa. This began in 647 and was virtually accomplished in 673. Ackbar was the leader of the Moslems. He is said to have taken eighty thousand captives in this invasion, and as the poverty of the country made possible no tribute in gold or silver, “the richest spoil came from the booty of female captives,” some of whom were afterwards sold for a thousand pieces of gold. Captives continued to be collected before and after much persecution and proselytizing, in 743, Abd-el-Rahman reported to the Caliph, that he could send no more Christian slaves because all Africa had become Mohammedan.

The conquerors of the North extended Islam into the interior of Africa. The converted tribes, inspired by the new faith and under tutelage of the Arabs, made war on the heathen African, and the captives of these incessant tribal wars became a most important supply of the northern markets. Jenne on the Niger was a large market. Timbuktu, the capital of Songhay Kano, and Kasena, were other points at which Negro captives were collected to fill the Arab caravans on the march to the north, where they were sold and distributed throughout Moslem territory and into Europe.

Another source of Egyptian slave supply was the country north and south of the Black Sea. The region of the Circassus became a favorite source of supply for the harem and from the far north Slavs and other people of present-day Russia and people living east and south of the Baltic Sea and those living in the valley of rivers flowing into the North Sea, were brought down to the Volga River, and collected on the Black Sea. Still other slaves were obtained by Moslem brigands coming from Spain.

In the Ninth Century the Saracens were quick to take advantage of the helpless condition of Italy. At this time Pope John the VII wrote to Charles the Bald, “If all the trees of the forests became tongues, they could not describe the ravages of the impious pagans; the devoted people of God are destroyed by continuous slaughter: he who escapes the sword is taken into slavery. Cities, castles, and villages are wasted and without a single soul . . . ”

(Journal of Negro History, Carter G. Woodson, editor, Vol. XIII, No. 4, October, 1928, pp. 479-482)

NRO Hit Piece: The Romance of the Confederacy

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 I have this in a frame at Dixieland.  As I remember this was after one of the Winchester battles and the dog wouldn't allow the Yankees to bury his Confederate Master for three days.

It’s time the South dropped it in favor of a better part of its heritage. This week, the Supreme Court heard arguments re Texas’s refusal to allow Confederate flags to be stamped on license plates as part of a “Sons of Confederate Veterans” design. I wouldn’t ask sons of Confederate veterans to disown their ancestry; in fact, my mother’s mother’s family was Southern, and four of my great-great-grandfathers fought in the Confederate army. And I know that lots of Americans sincerely see the Confederate flag as a symbol of states’ rights — particularly because virtually no Confederate soldiers actually owned slaves. But, personally, I see the Confederate flag as the symbol of men who, as Lincoln put it, wrung their bread from the sweat of other men’s faces; who, “to strengthen, perpetuate, and extend” slavery, were willing to “rend the Union, even by war.” And I’m a very reasonable man.

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175 Mile PTSD River Challenge

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River Challenge 2015 

"Made in N.C.": Senators introduce a raft of gun legislation & Bill Would Overrule Gun Rules like Chapel Hill’s


The hilariously named Homeland Security Patriot Act, sponsored by Sen. Jeff Tarte and Sen. Ronald Rabin is actually not funny at all. It would establish a “homeland security unrestricted concealed handgun permit” to allow anyone with a concealed carry permit unrestricted access to anywhere in the state, “including property on which a notice is posted prohibiting the carrying of a concealed handgun.” In true vigilante style, county sheriffs would issue the patriot a badge with their permit. A person would have to have both with them plus a valid ID at all times while carrying a concealed weapon, you know, for security.

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Comment:  "Good to see Jane Porter is not making any attempt at being unbiased." :)


A bill filed in the North Carolina Senate Tuesday would give teeth to a state law that, barring some exemptions, requires counties and municipalities not to pass firearms laws more stringent than state law.

The bill, S394, filed by Sen. Jeff Tarte (R-Mecklenburg), will strengthen the state Preemption Affirmation Act to allow elected and appointed public officials to be personally fined if they are found to be in knowing and willful violation of the law.

According to the bill, the intent of the legislation is to “deter and prevent the violation of this section and the violation of rights protected under the Constitution and laws of this State related to firearms, ammunition, or components thereof, by the abuse of official authority that occurs when enactments are passed in violation of State law or under color of local or State authority.”

A Team of Biohackers Has Figured Out How to Inject Your Eyeballs With Night Vision

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In "people becoming superhuman" news, a small independent research group has figured out how to give humans night vision, allowing them to see over 50 meters in the dark for a short time.

Science for the Masses, a group of biohackers based a couple hours north of Los Angeles in Tehachapi, California, theorized they could enhance healthy eyesight enough that it would induce night vision. To do this, the group used a kind of chlorophyll analog called Chlorin e6 (or Ce6), which is found in some deep-sea fish and is used as an occasional method to treat night blindness.
"Going off that research, we thought this would be something to move ahead with," the lab's medical officer, Jeffrey Tibbetts, told Mic. "There are a fair amount of papers talking about having it injected in models like rats, and it's been used intravenously since the '60s as a treatment for different cancers.

After doing the research, you have to take the next step."

To do so, team biochem researcher Gabriel Licina became a guinea pig.

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"Go Ye Into The World And Accumulate All You Can From Those Who You Preach To"

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Wellington Hotel Annex Implosion Albany, NY - August 23, 2014

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Bundy Ranch Anniversary Celebration For All Who Enjoy Freedom


Date: April 10-12, 2015 (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Location: Bundy Ranch - Bunkerville NV 89007 - Exit 112 off of I-15, follow the American flags

Purpose: To gather in celebration of our liberties, agency and stand with God, for our U.S. Constitution, State sovereignty, Property rights and to enjoy access to our lands.

Who is Invited: All people who enjoy freedom

Activities: Camping, Off Roading, Hiking, Playing in the River, Evening BBQ (Bundy Beef), Shooting- Come camp all weekend if you would like.

Stage Activities: Slide/Video Show, Live Band, Cowboy Poetry, Guest Speakers

Program: Friday & Saturday Evening; Stage activities and BBQ.  Sunday; Testimony meeting, share your feelings for God and county

Special Invitation: Those who express music, poetry, words, documentaries and other arts. Those who hold political office. The cowboys. Those who supported with prayers and finances. The militia who keep us safe. Media outlets both friendly and unfriendly (TV, radio, internet, books, magazines and other). All those who have invited the Bundy family to speak and teach around the world.

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Ancient Bible in Aramaic dialected Syriac rediscovered in Turkey

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 Ancient Bible in Aramaic dialected Syriac rediscovered in Turkey

The relic was ‘rediscovered’ in the depositum of Ankaran Justice Palace, the ancient version of bible is believed to be written in Syriac, a dialect of the native language of Jesus.

Ankara / Turkey – The bible was already in custody of Turkish authorities after having been seized in 2000 in an operation in Mediterranean area in Turkey. The gang of smugglers had been charged with smuggling antiquities, illegal excavations and the possession of explosives and went to trial. Turkish police testified in a court hearing they believe the manuscript in the bible could be about 1500 to 2000 years old.After waiting eight years in Ankara the ancient bible is being transferred to the Ankaran Ethnography Museum with a police escort.

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Former Winston County deputy sentenced to federal prison in meth extortion

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A former Winston County sheriff's deputy has been sentenced to serve three years and nine months in federal prison for his plea to charges he extorted a woman to cook methamphetamine.

Grady Keith Concord, 42, of Nauvoo, was sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge Abdul Kallon during a hearing Thursday in Birmingham. The judge also ordered Concord to serve three years supervised probation once he is released.

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