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NC: Cooper picks unwise political fights

During the 2016 gubernatorial campaign, Democratic politicians, progressive activists, and left-leaning media outlets excoriated Pat McCrory and other North Carolina Republicans for elevating divisive social disputes above the issues that most voters care most about, such as creating jobs and improving education.

Their main example was House Bill 2. Their claim wasn’t exactly that the public disapproved of the legislation in all its particulars — indeed, North Carolinians generally agree that people on public property, and most especially students in schools, have a reasonable and enforceable expectation of privacy when they use bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms.

Rather, critics of McCrory and GOP lawmakers argued that they had overreacted, that they had swept too many other issues up into their legislative response to an anti-discrimination ordinance in Charlotte that was itself unpopular. (Not coincidentally, the ordinance’s main champion, Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts, has just lost her re-election bid.)

Back last fall, Democratic candidate Roy Cooper was singing the same tune about avoiding distractions and sticking to fundamentals. If you listen to him now, however, he sure sounds distracted.

Several weeks ago, it was the issue of Confederate monuments and memorials.

Kelly said he'd prefer to admit between zero and one refugees into the US each year

 Kelly said he'd prefer to admit between zero and one refugees into the US each year: report

White House chief of staff John Kelly reportedly told other members of the Trump administration that he would ideally admit between zero and one refugees into the US each year if the decision was up to him.

The New York Times reported Wednesday that Kelly made the comment while the administration debated lowering the cap on the number of refugees allowed into the country.

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The Invention of the Appalachian Hillbilly

 Roosevelt went on to imply that the government had the right to take the lands of the Tennessee Valley because their owners had failed to use the land for its highest good.  (Can't make this crap up.)

In our politically correct culture where even the mildest criticism of a societal group can earn someone the label of racist, it remains open season on rural America.  When Barack Obama famously spoke of rural Pennyslvanians in 2008 as “bitter” people who “cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them” and are prone to “anti-immigrant sentiment”, he was simply describing the stereotype that Americans have come to accept about that segment of our population that makes its home in the region known as Appalachia.

The Appalachian Regional Commission identifies the Appalachian Region as “a 205,000-square-mile region that follows the spine of the Appalachian Mountains from southern New York to northern Mississippi. It includes all of West Virginia and parts of 12 other states: Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.  Forty-two percent of the Region’s population is rural, compared with 20 percent of the national population.”

602nd Anniversary: Agincourt 25th October 1415

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282nd Assault Helicopter Company

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The only information I can find about this picture is that it was from the 282nd Assault Helicopter Company



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Arterial spray from a high speed projectile hitting someone on the skid. You can see the outline of the door gunner and the passenger in the blood. There is also blood UNDER the seat indicating it (the blood spray) came from out side. The blood stripes on the post and seat back are from severed Arteries. Bullet holes in the coke cans and ammo box indicate an AK type weapon. Blood spray shows very high retained bullet velocity. Poor guy probably never knew he was hit. With that kind of blood loss he would have died at once or gone into hypovolemic shock within moments even If the round hadn't taken his head off. (like a .50 would have.) Sad day for that boys mother. I hope they brought him home. --Ray

Establishment Republicans Fall Like Dominoes: Luther Strange, Bob Corker, Jeff Flake Gone


Establishment Republicans standing in the way of President Donald Trump’s agenda are falling like dominoes heading into the midterm elections in 2018, as Breitbart News Executive Chairman and former White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon ramps up his “season of war” on the political class.

The latest failed Republican to tap out is Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, who announced on Tuesday he will not seek re-election after originally planning to. Flake’s decision to avoid what would have been a bruising and likely unsuccessful battle to win renomination by Arizona Republican voters for the U.S. Senate seat he currently holds comes as Bannon and nationally-syndicated radio host Laura Ingraham campaigned for his primary challenger, Dr. Kelli Ward, in Arizona last week.

All three appeared in Washington, D.C., at the “Breitbart Embassy” on Capitol Hill, where they were attending a book party for Ingraham’s new book. It also comes on the heels of the pro-Trump Super PAC Great America PAC endorsing Ward for the U.S. Senate as part of a new slate of candidates to refresh the Republican Party nationally.

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Mueller Has Been ‘Absolutely, Indisputably’ Compromised by Latest Clinton-Russia Collusion Revelations

Center for Security Policy President Frank Gaffney joined SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam on Wednesday’s Breitbart News Daily to talk about the latest revelations regarding the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee, the politicized Obama Justice Department, and actual collusion with Russia in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Gaffney said the current news environment provided a “target-rich environment” for punditry, but was regrettably “hard on the country.”

“I particularly am thinking of this dossier business and the attacks on Donald Trump that have been relentlessly pursued,” he said. “Interestingly enough, with the help – in some cases more than just help, the active participation – of some people who have prominently featured in an actual case of Russian collusion at the highest levels of the United States government.”

“You can’t make this stuff up,” he exclaimed. “It’s an extraordinary tale. It’s worth exploring.”

“There now seems to be, at long last, a willingness on the part of congressional Republicans – amazingly! – to conduct the kinds of investigations into this actual saga of collusion by Hillary Clinton, by Bill Clinton, apparently by the Democratic National Committee – and, by the way, by people like Robert Mueller, and James Comey, and Andrew McCabe, and Rod Rosenstein, and Eric Holder.” 

“These are people who have been prominently featured, either in condemning Donald Trump for the putative collusion of members of his campaign with the Russians, or are actively involved in the investigation thereof,” Gaffney explained. “The trouble is, I don’t see how a one of these people, if they’re not actually going to be subject to criminal prosecution – and I say that advisedly – at the very least are now completely incapable of performing an independent and honest investigation into these so-called allegations against Donald Trump.”

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Trump Presidency Is Shifting Finally Into High Gear As Scandal Engulfs Clintons

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The pattern of the Trump administration is evolving, despite many perturbations, toward a more conventional relationship with the press and the country. I was taken gently to task last week by my colleague Jonah Goldberg for applying “Never Trumper” as an umbrella for all those who would rather endure horrible personal fates than suffer the president to complete his term — rather than, as it apparently means, just Republicans of that view. I was merely being fashionably inclusive, but I repent my heresy and will henceforth refer to vehemently anti-Trump Democrats as the Resistance (though I consider the demarcation otiose).

Both groups seem to have given up finally on any serious allegation against the president arising from his relations with Russia, and their flirtation with the 25th Amendment (removal by vote of the cabinet and two-thirds of the Congress for mental or physical incapacity) seems also to have flickered away to the dustbin for hair-raisingly absurd ideas, such as the national television campaign in November to persuade a handful of members of the Electoral College to break their pledges to vote for Trump after he had won the election.

Speaker Paul Ryan backs House subpoena on Trump dossier, slams FBI 'stonewalling'

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House Speaker Paul Ryan said he stands by the House subpoena to the FBI on the Trump dossier.

Speaker Paul Ryan said Wednesday morning that he stands behind a House Intelligence Committee subpoena to the FBI seeking information on the bureau's handling of the Trump dossier.

Ryan's move is important because Rep. Devin Nunes, chair of the committee, has been weakened by unproven allegations from left-leaning activist groups that he leaked classified information. Last April, Nunes announced he would step aside from playing a public, leading role in the investigation.

But he remains chairman, and he signed subpoenas to the FBI, the Justice Department, the opposition research firm Fusion GPS, and Fusion's bank concerning the Trump dossier.

HISTORY Dodge Viper 1992-2017

GOP Rep's Awesome Response to CNN's 'Facts First' Campaign

You may have seen (or at least laughed at) CNN's new #FactsFirst campaign, an odd video starring apples and bananas in which the network pledged to report the truth.

 “Some people might try to tell you that it’s a banana.”

 Republican Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) knew exactly what to do with CNN's campaign. He turned it into a beautiful pro-life video.

Videos @ Townhall

Richmond Editorial Board: Virginia Dems Attempting to Link Gillespie to White Nationalists Is ‘Practically Libel’


The Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial board on Wednesday slammed Virginia Democrats for attempting to link Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie to white nationalist "hate" in a new mailer, calling their effort "practically libel."

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam's campaign has castigated Gillespie in the weeks leading up to Election Day for his ads painting Northam as soft on the MS-13 street gang and sex offenders. Now, Northam is taking his response a step further.

All three campaigns on Virginia's Democratic ticket approved a new mailer ad that was released Tuesday showing Gillespie and President Donald Trump superimposed above a photo of white nationalists holding tiki torches.

"That isn't merely a reach. It's practically libel," the editorial board wrote.

After Trump dossier revelation, FBI is next

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Sometime in October 2016 — that is, at the height of the presidential campaign — Christopher Steele, the foreign agent hired by Fusion GPS to compile the Trump dossier, approached the FBI with information he had gleaned during the project. According to a February report in the Washington Post, Steele "reached an agreement with the FBI a few weeks before the election for the bureau to pay him to continue his work."

It was an astonishing turn: the nation's top federal law enforcement agency agreeing to fund an ongoing opposition research project being conducted by one of the candidates in the midst of a presidential election. "The idea that the FBI and associates of the Clinton campaign would pay Mr. Steele to investigate the Republican nominee for president in the run-up to the election raises further questions about the FBI's independence from politics, as well as the Obama administration's use of law enforcement and intelligence agencies for political ends," wrote Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa.

Entire piece @ Washington Examiner

Chuck Grassley Calls For Special Council to Investigate Hillary Uranium One Deal

It’s no wonder Hillary Clinton never shuts up about Russian collusion – nobody knows more about it than her, after all.

As we reported last week“the Obama administration was well aware that the Russians used bribery, kickbacks, and extortion to get a stake in the U.S. atomic energy industry, but still approved the 2010 deal giving Moscow control of one-fifth of America’s uranium. And not only did the Obama administration know about the crimes – they actively covered them up.”

Russian collusion with Democrats? Say it ain’t so!

And because we apparently live in The Twilight Zone, would you believe that the Clintons were involved? Federal officials learned that Russian nuclear officials had sent millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation at the same time that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sat on a committee that OK’d the relevant deals.

Spain has given us no choice but to declare independence, says Catalonia’s vice president

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Rajoy argues direct rule is necessary to stop the Catalan government from acting on the results of an outlawed October 1 referendum that Puigdemont said gave him the mandate to declare independence. Pictured: Catalan nationalists wave the region's flag on Saturday

Catalonia's vice president has today said Spain has given the region's separatists no option but to proclaim a new republic.

Oriol Junqueras said his party - one of two in the ruling separatist Catalan coalition - is 'going to work toward building a republic, because we understand that there is a democratic mandate to establish such a republic.'

But Junqueras insisted he was speaking on behalf of his Republican Left party and not for the regional government of President Carles Puigdemont. 

He said the Spanish government 'is giving us no other option.'

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A YEAR of Clinton lies about the 'golden showers' dossier exposed as Hillary's lawyer is under fire for falsely denying paying for it

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 Hillary Clinton's campaign lawyer Marc E. Elias hired opposition research firm Fusion GPS in April 2016 to dig up dirt about Donald Trump, but falsely denied involvement to reporters

A Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer who launched what would become known as the anti-Trump 'dirty dossier' denied involvement in the project for a year as reporters pressed him for information.

Marc Elias brokered a deal between the Clinton camp, the Democratic National Committee and opposition research firm Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on the president while he was running for office.

But a pair of New York Times reporters said Tuesday night on Twitter that Elias and others involved had lied about their ties to the arrangement.

'Folks involved in funding this lied about it, and with sanctimony, for a year,' Times reporter Maggie Haberman tweeted after The Washington Post linked the dossier to Elias and his law firm Perkins Coie.

Kennth Vogel, another Times journalist, tweeted: 'When I tried to report this story, Clinton campaign lawyer @marceelias pushed back vigorously, saying "You (or your sources) are wrong".'

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The Cost of Free Speech: Antifa and other social justice warriors are the real fascists as the seek to silence the free speech rights of others.

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One of the hottest topics on college and university campuses in America today is the right to freedom of speech. Over the past couple years, schools have witnessed a growing problem of violent protests aimed against speakers, usually conservatives, under the excuse of stopping “fascists” and “racists” from spreading their hate. Schools have seen security costs skyrocket as violent protests have been threatened in order to shut down a speaker. Recently, UC Berkeley spent over $600,000 in security cost when it hosted conservative commentator Ben Shapiro for an evening speaking engagement. In April, the university spent a similar amount when Ann Coulter spoke at the school.

NC: Jimmy Buffet's new boat design ready for the water

Via Cousin Colby "In case you are not aware, Washington boat builders have built many boats over the years for various big names, including Ross Perot, George H.W. Bush, including high speed boats for the government going after drug traffickers and now Jimmy Buffet."

Jimmy Buffett's newest boat is a cruiser created by a designer known for classic lines and inspired by paddleboarding and surfing.

Buffett is expected to take delivery of Surfari 44, hull No. 1, in November, according to the Friendship Yacht Company. The boat is a modified version of the Surfari 58 announced last year, and will be built by Pacific Seacraft in North Carolina.

Designer Ted Fontaine said the boat incorporates specific modifications, including optimization for short-handed sailing, that will allow Buffett to use the boat as a "home away from home."

“It’s the perfect extension for living the life he enjoys, whether it’s in Sag Harbor for the summer or the Keys and the Caribbean in the winter,” Fontaine said. “A high performance auxiliary powered sailing yacht, it has as strong an emphasis on speed under sail as it does speed under power, which means…it goes places. And once it’s where it needs to be, it becomes a luxury indoor/outdoor living platform that allows its user to enjoy the destination as much as the journey.”

Trump Restarts Refugee Resettlement With ‘Enhanced Screening Measures’ 11 high-risk countries still under review

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President Donald Trump

The Trump administration announced Tuesday evening that it is restarting the resettlement of refugees in America following a months-long freeze that saw U.S. law enforcement and intelligence officials crafting a stricter vetting process to stop the flow of criminals and terrorists into America, according to senior administration officials.

The Department of Homeland Security, in conjunction with the State Department and Director of National Intelligence, announced a strict new set of vetting tools aimed at stopping refugees with criminal and terrorist histories from entering the United States, according to the officials.

Hillary, DNC Bankrolled Anti-Trump ‘Piss-Gate’ Dossier: Congressional investigators also zeroing in on the suspicious Uranium One deal.

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee bankrolled the explosive, far-fetched dossier that attempted to smear President Trump by falsely linking him to Russia, according to new reports.

The news came days after President Trump suggested Democrats, Russia, or the FBI may have helped fund research that Democrat communications firm Fusion GPS used to compile the infamous dossier.

“Workers of firm involved with the discredited and Fake Dossier take the 5th[,]” the president tweeted Oct. 19. “Who paid for it, Russia, the FBI or the Dems (or all)?” In Oct. 21, he followed up, tweeting “Justice Department and/or FBI should immediately release who paid for it.”

A Private Military

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A Private Military

We've fought in Afghanistan for 16 years now. Are we making progress?

After 9/11, we invaded, overthrew the Taliban, killed Osama Bin Laden and -- stayed. Afghanistan is now America's longest war, ever.

President Trump's solution? He'll send several thousand more soldiers.

Erik Prince says he has a better idea -- fight terrorists with only 2,000 American Special Operations personnel, plus "a contractor force" of 6,000.

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14 New Confederate Memorials to Be Dedicated Saturday in Richmond to Victims of Browns Island Munitions Explosion

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"Though their hands were small and not hardened in battle, their service to the Confederacy looms large."

On Friday March 13th, 1863, eighteen-year-old Mary Ryan was at work at the Confederate States Laboratory on Brown’s Island. The small ammunition factory had several hundred employees, most of whom were young women between the ages of twelve and twenty. The work, which often required small hands, was vitally important to the Confederate war effort, which suffered often from shortages in the supply of ammunition.