Sunday, April 14, 2019

Memorial observance at the Confederate mound, Oakwood cemetery in Chicago.


We embraced the weather, (wind driven snow with 10 degree wind chill) and attended the Memorial observance today held at the Confederate mound at Oakwood cemetery in Chicago.
The experience was as has always been, humbling and enlightening. We gathered together, from near and far to honor those who went before us in their heart felt cause of duty and honor to remain men of morals, ethics, and values.
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Trump admin comes out on top over asylum battle at border

Gab browser extension puts a far-right comments section on every site

Gab, the "free speech" social network that's become a haven for the far-right, has launched a browser extension that creates an alternative comments section for any website. The "Dissenter" plug-in -- which appears as a sidebar once enabled -- allows Gab users to discuss everything from tweets to Wikipedia pages in real-time without the fear of said comment being removed by a site's moderators.

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California Dreaming: The Hippie ‘Flower-Child’ Revolutionaries Who Protested The Vietnam War & Their Ties To The Military Intelligence Community Driving It. A Cautionary Tale.

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american kids 1950s
Typical American kids of the 1950’s. In less than a decade they were spontaneously and organically transformed into…

…The state also could have used the draft to silence its war critics. After all, there was a war going on, and hundreds of thousands of young men were being sent to Vietnam. However, none of the Laurel Canyon stars had their careers interrupted by the Vietnam War. The tricks used unsuccessfully by thousands of young men across the country to avoid the draft always seemed to work for the Laurel Canyon crowd.
California Dreaming       
During the first week of August 1964, warships under the command of U.S. Adm. George Stephen Morrison allegedly came under attack while patrolling Vietnam’s Tonkin Gulf. This attack was later called the Tonkin Gulf Incident. Although *this attack probably never took place, it was used as an excuse to start the Vietnam War.[1

* The consensus of my readings reveal that the first did take place but not the second.

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Long Past Time To Get A Net

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I'm not advocating anything here, just stating clinical facts.
Given two-plus years to adjust to the reality of a Trump presidency, and despite how unpalatable it may be for them to acknowledge that reality, the fact remains that the Left is simply incapable of maintaining a grip on reality.
In my travels, I was in a department store the other day. As I made my way to where what I wanted was located, I could hear someone loudly mother-effing everyone from 50 feet away, over the buzz and throng of shoppers. He proceeded to circle the entire store, shouting, cursing, carrying on, pacing, and slamming items as he passed them. He was clearly and undeniably out of control. And most of the store staff, with the wits of hamsters, wasn't sure if this was a problem. No, jackass, having someone so out of control he's flinging heavy items onto the floor and yelling and cursing at the top of his lungs is everyday behavior, everywhere. Of  COURSE he's a problem, dipshit, so either deal with it or call the cops! Well, dozens of school shootings having taught people nothing, they had to ask an assistant manager if calling the po-po for out-of-control lunatic publicly trashing the store was allowed. I sh*t you not.

The Last Days in Vietnam and More

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I remember Stuart Herrington  well and more power to him as I couldn't have held back. I bought the film when it first came out in 2014 and haven't had the guts to view it yet.

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Near the end.

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The bus makes no sense as I never saw one that wasn't painted Army green.
P.S.  I just thought of something and that is the picture was misidentified and they are refugees getting off a bus at say Camp Pendleton. I visited there many times once I got back.

Vietnam War Memorial (Ranger) - Arlington National Cemetery - Arlington, VA.
Vietnamese Rangers Memorial Dedication PHOTO

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South Vietnam 1967
My favorite beer. I had to leave a grease gun behind.

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