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Anti-War Protesters to Cop: We Don't Need a Permit

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Citadel CQB AAR

We trained over the weekend at the Citadel PatCom, but as former students who were present know, it was not a typical set of classes.  Holly and I had (and still have) many people to meet locally, tasks to accomplish before our next loop of this beautiful country begins.  As a result, we got started late on Saturday for Fight to your Weapon, and there were breaks forced by events.  The breaks were good things - you know, like Patriots riding around the mountain and buying property.  That is called progress.  That is called building Tribe.  That is called morale and cohesion.  That is called the premise of "The Citadel".  Even without walls we are building a community of Americans who believe in Rightful Liberty, who are choosing to pioneer this modern road back to Independence and Liberty, who are choosing their neighbors, and with whom they will stand.

So you can see, I had ZERO problem with the breaks and the chaotic nature of our Saturday class.  We finished up as the last bits of daylight surrendered to the night.  Then we headed to the fire to talk.

Sunday was more of the same.  Our GroundFighting 101 module is only a few hours, and it is far more physically demanding than Fight to your Weapon.  But we arrived atop the mountain later than we had planned, then Jim took several people down the hill to fire his beautiful 1911 and ARs (Oh, the horrors!!  ;)  sadly, and seriously, two people who had signed up for the GroundFighting course had to leave before the class began, because they had to get on the road and our "schedule" was shot to heck (Hey, that's a funny! Shot...)  Both Patriots refused when I told them I'd hit the refund button at PayPal for their Sunday fee - we parted with the understanding they will join us for a class at some point in the future. 

As all of my students know (though I am only making it public now), you only pay for my courses one time.

Preserving Our Freedoms.........

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U.S. military confirms rebels had sarin: Classified document shows deadly weapon found in home of arrested Islamis


As part of the Obama administration’s repeated insistence – though without offering proof – that the recent sarin gas attack near Damascus was the work of the Assad regime, the administration has downplayed or denied the possibility that al-Qaida-linked Syrian rebels could produce deadly chemical weapons.

However, in a classified document just obtained by WND, the U.S. military confirms that sarin was confiscated earlier this year from members of the Jabhat al-Nusra Front, the most influential of the rebel Islamists fighting in Syria.

The document says sarin from al-Qaida in Iraq made its way into Turkey and that while some was seized, more could have been used in an attack last March on civilians and Syrian military soldiers in Aleppo.

The document, classified Secret/Noforn – “Not for foreign distribution” – came from the U.S. intelligence community’s National Ground Intelligence Center, or NGIC, and was made available to WND Tuesday.

It revealed that AQI had produced a “bench-scale” form of sarin in Iraq and then transferred it to Turkey.

More @ WND

iSpy: How the NSA Accesses Smartphone Data

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 Photo Gallery: Spying on Smartphones

Michael Hayden has an interesting story to tell about the iPhone. He and his wife were in an Apple store in Virginia, Hayden, the former head of the United States National Security Agency (NSA), said at a conference in Washington recently. A salesman approached and raved about the iPhone, saying that there were already "400,000 apps" for the device. Hayden, amused, turned to his wife and quietly asked: "This kid doesn't know who I am, does he? Four-hundred-thousand apps means 400,000 possibilities for attacks."

Hayden was apparently exaggerating only slightly. According to internal NSA documents from the Edward Snowden archive that SPIEGEL has been granted access to, the US intelligence service doesn't just bug embassies and access data from undersea cables to gain information. The NSA is also extremely interested in that new form of communication which has experienced such breathtaking success in recent years: smartphones.

More @ Spiegel

Number of People Who Showed Up For “Million Muslim March” . . . 21

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America the beautiful * Honoring the 35th Anniversary of April 30, 1975 * Celebrating Freedom in America *

MIDWAY CVA 41 * MEMORIAL SERVICE * Honors both the Republic of South Vietnam and the USS Midway sailors who conducted Operation Frequent Wind on April 30, 1975 * 17 nautical miles (31 km) from the Vung Tau.

The Cessna O-1 Bird Dog that Major Buang landed on the USS Midway

At 07:00 on 29 April, Major General Smith advised Ambassador Martin that fixed wing evacuations should cease and that Operation Frequent Wind, the helicopter evacuation of US personnel and at-risk Vietnamese should commence. Ambassador Martin refused to accept General Smith's recommendation and instead insisted on visiting Tan Son Nhut to survey the situation for himself.

At 10:00 Ambassador Martin confirmed General Smith's assessment and at 10:48 he contacted Washington to recommend Option 4, the helicopter evacuation[38]. Finally at 10:51 the order was given by CINCPAC to commence Option 4, however due to confusion in the chain of command General Carey did not receive the execute order until 12:15[39].

Honoring the 35th Anniversary of April 30, 1975 Celebrating Freedom in America.

It is the 35th anniversary of Operation Frequent Wind, the humanitarian mission when USS Midway sailors rescued more than 3,000 Vietnamese refugees fleeing the fall of Saigon.

Override: Missouri House Votes to Nullify Federal Gun Control

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Today, the Missouri State House of Representatives sent more than just a message, they passed would could arguably be the strongest state-level protection of the right to keep and bear arms in modern times. The vote was 109-49

By overriding Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of House Bill 436 (HB436), the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act, the Missouri state legislature gave a resounding “No!” to all federal gun laws, rules, regulations and orders – past, present and future.

In presenting the bill to the house, bill sponsor Douglas Funderburk (R-St. Charles) noted, as both Thomas Jefferson and James Madison did, that it’s not just a good idea to resist such federal acts, but it’s duty.  He cited the Missouri Constitution when he said, “The principle office of government is to secure the citizens’ rights.”  He continued, “This bill is saying we want to protect the protections and freedoms not just in the Missouri Constitution but also in the US Constitution, and that is one of the roles of this body.”

He concluded, “It’s time for the State of Missouri to do our duty to protect the right to keep and bear arms, and to push back the tyranny of an out-of-control and incompetent and federal government.”

After some opposition from Representative Jill Schupp in which she attempted to scare people into believing that passing HB436 would “protect pedophiles…and rapists,” another State Rep chimed in to acknowledge that your right to keep and bear arms exists with or without government, and that the legislature is doing their duty to protect those rights. He said, “Whether you agree with who they are, where they live or how they carry, it’s still their right. We’re not giving people the right to carry, they already have the right to open carry.”


Video: Woman brutally face-planted into pavement during arrest; charged with battering police

 Christina West after being brutalized by Tallahassee Police. (Source: Leon County court records)

Shocking video evidence shows how Tallahassee police officers used an unprovoked act of violence against a woman they were arresting for driving under the influence.  In front of their own dashboard camera, without any legitimate provocation, two officers drilled a woman face-first into the road, then knelt on her head, causing startling physical trauma.

In the early hours of August 10, Tallahassee police arrived at the scene of an alcohol-related accident.  The suspect, 44-year-old Christina West, was put through field-sobriety testing and determined to be intoxicated.

During the arrest, the inebriated woman flailed her arm as the officer attempted to handcuff her.
“DON’T YOU F***ING TOUCH ME,” Officer Chris Ormerod roared.

The officers are then seen forcefully slamming the 5′-6″, 130 pound woman face-first to the hard ground, followed by a giving her a gratuitous knee to the back of her head, exacerbating her facial trauma.

She can be heard screaming in pain as she is being pressed into the road by two male assailants.

Officer Ormerod continued to press her face into the ground with his arm.

West was arrested on a charge of DUI and several counts of battery on a law-enforcement officer, according to

Florida State Attorney Willie Meggs said he was shocked by brutality of the officers, and will not prosecute West for battery on a police officer.

“I am extremely upset,” he said in an interview with the Tallahassee Democrat. “It is very disturbing. This is a very disturbing situation to me, and I’m dealing with it.”

“The video was taken from the police car and shows the road side sobriety test as well as the arrest of the subject,” City Commissioner Scott Maddox wrote to city officials. “It also shows DISTURBING use of force against a completely non aggressive arrestee. It is my belief that the city of Tallahassee will soon face a liability lawsuit based on the content of the video.”


Update: Attorney says TPD subjected woman to 'police brutality' during DUI arrest



John Kerry Stonewalls: Refuses to Make Benghazi Survivors Available to Congress

.......Issa wrote.

The State Department's own hypocrisy was revealed when Issa reminded Kerry that during the ARB investigation, the cited reason for refusal was a non-issue and the claim to "'insulate'" witnesses from "'any perception of political influence or political accountability in fulfilling their responsibilities' actually creates the impression that the Department is exerting its own political influence to prevent survivors from speaking to Congress." 

In conclusion, Issa requested the State Department make available those witnesses who survived the Benghazi attacks to the Committee by Sept. 24, 2013, or he would consider the use of "compulsory process."


 While Congress debates and eventually votes on the possible military action against Syria, it must also continue to deal with the unsolved and unresolved terrorist attack on the American outpost in Benghazi, Libya. It has been previously reported that as many as 21 Americans were working in the CIA annex near the outpost, and Congress has been pushing to interview those survivors. Previous reports also indicated that the CIA was routinely polygraphing its operatives in an effort to keep secret any information surrounding the incidents on Sept. 11, 2012, in Benghazi. 

On Monday, Secretary of State John Kerry, informed Congress he "will not honor the request to make Benghazi survivors available for questioning," according to CBS news reporter Sheryl Attkisson and reported by The Blaze. 

2 men sought in Fairfax home burglary, 1 may have been shot

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 Fairfax City police say that a resident may have shot one of the two burglars who entered a townhouse with weapons and assaulted some of the residents.

Police say two men forced their way into a townhouse in the 3900 block of Bradwater Street in the Comstock community at 10:45 p.m. on Tuesday. According to the residents, the men implied the had weapons, took some items and physically assaulted some of the residents. The residents suffered minor injuries, say police.

According to police, the burglars fled when one resident fired a handgun. Police think one burglar may have been shot.

Police described both burglars as black and in their twenties. One suspect was about 6 feet tall while the other was 5'9" tall. They both had an average build and were wearing gray hooded sweatshirts and blue jeans, say police.

More @ WUSA

Carjacking suspect shot and killed by car owner

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A carjacking suspect was shot and killed in north Houston Tuesday night, and authorities say the alleged victim pulled the trigger.

It happened around 9:30pm at a McDonald's drive-thru off West Little York near Interstate 45 North.
Police say two men got out of a green Honda and pulled a gun on a man in the parking lot.

According to police, the man who was robbed was trying to rent a movie from the Red Box when he was approached by the suspects, who took his keys and phone. But the suspects apparently didn't realize the victim had a license to carry a gun.

The suspects got into his car and started backing out. That's when police say the car's owner pulled his gun and started shooting at the carjackers.

"He shot the passenger possibly two to three times. He was able to get out the passenger side and run away," said Sgt. Robert Torres with the Houston Police Department. "The driver was also shot. He tried to climb out the passenger side door, but he did not survive his injuries."

More with video @  ABC

.45 trumps machete

A pharmacy worker in North Little Rock, Ark., pulls out a .45 Glock pistol when the would-be robber jumps the counter and confronts him with an enormous knife.

 Zoom! The suspect takes off after seeing the Glock pistol pointed at him. 

Zoom! The suspect takes off after seeing the Glock pistol pointed at him. 

A thug who hit up an Arkansas pharmacy with a machete got his just desserts when a brave worker threatened him back with a gun. The terrified crook went running for his life Friday after the clerk whipped out the firearm during the botched robbery at the Medicine Shoppe in North Little Rock.

Astonishing surveillance footage shows the criminal casually walking into the store, leaving a pal outside as lookout, Fox 16 reports.

He hangs around for several minutes, telling staff he is picking up a prescription for his granny, and then pulling the enormous blade from his pants and leaping over the counter..

More with video @ New York Daily News

Townhall: Should we get involved in Syria? Poll

                                           LIVE RESULTS
                                                   92% No   
                                                   8% Yes 
                                           Total Votes: 7975

Bus rider’s face smashed in during ‘hate attack’


An attacker pummeled a bus passenger so hard he smashed the bones in his face after calling the victim a “cracker” in Manhattan – marking the second time in two days that people appeared to be randomly targeted in racial tirades against white people, authorities said.

In the latest incident, the suspect passed a 31-year-old rider on the M60 bus riding through Harlem, on West 127th Street, between Amsterdam Avenue and Morningside Drive, around 2:45 p.m., Friday, when he shouted the racial slur and punched the victim in the face, breaking his nose and eye socket, cops said.

The victim was treated for facial fractures at New York Presbyterian Hospital and released, police said.

Russia Backing Away from Fake Syria Weapons Deal

Obama (AKA Charlie Brown) &  Putin (AKA Lucy) 

How…unexpected. (Not.) John Kerry said it couldn’t be done. Russia is making sure that it won’t, even if it could be.
Russia is not keen at this stage for a binding U.N. Security Council resolution that would provide a framework to control Syria’s chemical weapons’ stocks, France’s foreign minister said after talks with his Russian counterpart on Tuesday.
“As I understood, the Russians at this stage were not necessarily enthusiastic, and I’m using euphemism, to put all that into the framework of a U.N. binding resolution,” Laurent Fabius told French lawmakers after a telephone conversation with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
Obama is being played. The Russian deal forced him to change course and re-write tonight’s speech at the last minute. Now he has to re-write it again, or pretend that the Russians didn’t just drop a flaming bag of something on the White House doorstep. It will be grimly amusing to see what Obama tells the American people about all this now. The words “fiasco” and “clusterf*ck” have been said by others today. He won’t use either word, but that doesn’t mean both don’t apply.

More @ PJ Tatler

Companies lay off thousands, lobby for millions more immigrant workers
Companies are laying off workers and demanding more immigrant labor. We know who they are. Tell others.
The letter to Speaker Boehner and Minority Leader Pelosi, signed by over 100 corporate interests, says corporate America can't afford to wait for more immigrant workers at all skill levels. The companies are listed on the letter.
Jon Feere of The Center for Immigration Studies also lists the companies on his blog, "Cheesecake Factory, Hallmark, Disney, and Others Now Pushing Amnesty." Feere writes: The number of working-age (16 to 65) native-born Americans who are not working -- unemployed or out of the labor market -- stood at 57.5 million in the second quarter of 2013. The unemployed population is spread throughout the labor market and includes 25 million with no more than a high school education, 16 million with some education beyond high school, and nine million with at least a bachelor's degree.
Mark Krikorian is, one by one, tweeting out the twitter handle of each company demanding a doubling of immigration while 20 million Americans who want full-time work can't find full-time jobs.
In "Companies lay off thousands, then demand immigration reform for new labor," Byron York of The Examiner reports the number of workers many of the companies have recently laid off. He writes In all, it's fair to say a large number of the corporate signers of the letter demanding more labor from abroad have actually laid off workers at home in recent years. Together, their actions have a significant effect on the economy. According to a recent Reuters report, U.S. employers announced 50,462 layoffs in August, up 34 percent from the previous month and up 57 percent from August 2012.
The Senate has already caved to corporate demands for an alternative to hiring U.S. workers. Now these companies want the House to finish the job.
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The Story of an Unsung 9/11 Hero

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Twelve years ago today, Benjamin Clark saved hundreds of lives in the South Tower. But he wasn’t a firefighter or a cop. Michael Daly on what we can learn from the courageous chef. 

The son was not a firefighter or a police officer.

He was a chef.

But a morning that began with him preparing meals for the people at the Fiduciary Trust Company suddenly led to him becoming as brave as any first responder. A Fiduciary official would later credit Clark with saving hundreds of lives as he made sure that everyone in his department along with everybody else in the company’s 96th floor offices in the South Tower was safely exiting the building.

He then paused on the 78th floor to assist a woman in a wheelchair.

“He could have gotten out,” his mother says. “Everybody else did.”

The mother would ascribe some of his courage to him having been a Marine for eight years.

Sergey Larenkov: Stalingrad 1942 - 1943

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More @ VK 

Proposed Operation Syria Patch (LANGUAGE)

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Russian chess move stalls US actions as Al-Qaeda Air Force

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FILE - In this Tuesday, May 21, 2013, file photo, citizen journalism image provided by Edlib News Network, ENN, which has been authenticated based on its contents and other AP reporting, a Syrian rebel fires locally made shells made from gas cylinders against the Syrian forces, in Idlib province, northern Syria. For Syria's banned Muslim Brotherhood, the uprising against President Bashar Assad that erupted amid Arab Spring revolts in 2011 provided a long-sought opportunity to stage a comeback after decades spent in exile. (AP Photo/Edlib News Network ENN, File)
“Assad is responsible for the gas attack.” Translation; he did not order it, directly (no one with half a brain, apart from the Return of the Living Dead neo-cons, believes the current White House “evidence” sticks).  But he’s still “responsible”. And even if Al-Nusra Front did it – with ‘kitchen sarin’ imported from Iraq, as I proposed here, Assad is still “responsible”; after all he must protect Syrian citizens.

The frantic spin of the millisecond is that the White House is taking a ‘hard look’ at the Russian proposal for Bashar Assad to place Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal under UN control, thus at least postponing another US war in the Middle East.

Oh, the joys of the geopolitical chessboard; Russia throwing a lifeline to save US President Barack Obama from his self-spun ‘red line’. 
True diplomats are supposed to prevent wars – not pose as warmongers. American exceptionalism is of course exempted. So just as Secretary of State John Kerry had the pedal on the metal selling yet another war in a London presser, his beat up Chevy was overtaken by a diplomatic Maserati: Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

More @ RT

Egypt to charge Muslim Brotherhood leader in murders of seven people during demonstrations

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Badie is being tried with involvement in the attacks that followed his speech in July, when one of the people in the crowd complained about the attackers that "they treated us like infidels."

"Egypt to Charge Muslim Brotherhood Leader in Murder," from Israel National News, September 9 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

More  @ Jihad Watch

Civil War (sic) in Lenoir County, NC

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After the North Carolina coast fell into Union hands, Lenoir County became the Eastern
front for the Confederacy in North Carolina.

Two battles were fought on Lenoir County soil, the Battle of Kinston (Dec. 13-14, 1862)
and the Battle of Wyse Fork (March 7-10, 1865). There are driving tours whereby the
battlefields can be visited today to see where war was fought and live in the experience. Tom
Dooley (Dula) of the song ‘Hang down your Head Tom Dooley’, was in one of the Confederate
units that fought at Wyse Fork as was a future NC Supreme Court Chief Justice. Braxton
Bragg, Robert F. Hoke and D.H. Hill were Confederate Generals at Wyse Fork.

The Confederate ironclad, the CSS Neuse, was built in Seven Springs and outfitted and
moored at the docks on the Neuse River at Kinston. The remains of the boat can be seen in the
recently opened Civil War Interpretive Center downtown along with interpretation of the naval
history of the ironclad.

A raid down the Neuse River from Kinston to New Bern resulted in the sinking of the
USS Underwriter and one of its participants later went to Charleston and was on the H.L.
Hunley when it sank in Charleston harbor after a successful attack on a Union ship.

A full size replica, CSS Neuse II, is located one block away adjacent to where the
original was outfitted and docked. Go aboard her and see the quarters where men lived and

Espionage became a way of life for some slaves as they aided the Union Army at New
Bern with information on Confederate movements.

The hangings in Kinston of 22 alleged deserters, under the directive of General George
Pickett stirred controversy causing a congressional investigation after the war.

An 1860’s era church is located on the site of Harriet’s chapel which was in the center of
Confederate defensive line on Dec, 14 and interpretive signs lead one from the church to some
of the remaining earthworks from the battle and the position of Starr’s battery during the battle.

The Blue & Gray Visitor Center is located at the intersection of Hwy 7 and US 258.

Many artifacts found in local battlefields are on display and a video of the Battle of Kinston can
be viewed in the auditorium. Battlefield driving tour brochures and other information is
available. A series of NC Civil War trails interpretive signs are in various places where events
took place.

McKinley Visits Atlanta


In 1898, 34 years after Sherman’s army burned Atlanta to the ground, a Union veteran visited the city. The veteran addressed the Georgia legislature, praising the valor of the Confederate dead and offering federal aid in the care of their graves. Georgia rose up to welcome him and with Georgia the whole South. It was a magnificent gesture by President William McKinley, who had been a teenager at Sharpsburg. The scene has been recreated by biographer Margaret Leech in her book,  In the Days of McKinley:

"He sprang to his feet when the band played 'Dixie' and waved his hat above his head. He reviewed the marching ranks of gray-clad troops....His voice was fervent as he said that the old disagreements had faded into history and the nation would remain indivisible forever. Gen. Joe Wheeler often stood beside the president, swelling the ovation by his immense popularity."

                                                            More @ Virginia Flaggers

Will Californians Comply With New Civilian Disarmament Bills?

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 California dreamin' (courtesy

Statement from a regular reader on the slate of civilian disarmament legislation just passed by the California’s legislators:

As a native Californian I hold my head in shame. I feel betrayed by those in office and disgusted at their complete lack of support for our liberties and rights. As a clear headed thinker I can easily show them report after report to show that this type of legislation is expensive, and costly. The end result will not make Californians any safer. Yet they pass these bills anyways, because it feels good. They are attacking the good law abiding people of California and no one seems to care. We spend countless hours putting together rallies and informing the public the best way we can and no one cares. We hear just move out of state. Well guess what if it sticks here you will see more Colorado type mishaps on the horizon. I for one am not giving up . . .

Russia’s ‘carrier-killer’ Moskva enters Mediterranean

 Missile cruiser "Moskva" (RIA Novosti/Vitaliy Ankov)

Russia’s Moskva missile cruiser, dubbed a “carrier-killer” by NATO, has passed through the Straits of Gibraltar and is now heading toward the eastern Mediterranean to assume command of the Russian naval force there.

The Russian Navy said in a statement that the Moskva cruiser passed through the Straits of Gibraltar on September 10.

Interfax news agency added that the Moskva cruiser, “commanded by Sergey Tronev, Captain 1st Rank of the Guards… has enough room for maneuver now.”

“The Black Sea flagship entered the Russian Navy's area of responsibility in the Mediterranean at 11:00 pm Moscow time yesterday," the agency reported a military source as saying.

The missile-carrying cruiser is expected to join its final destination in eastern Mediterranean on September 15 or 16.

Upon arrival, the command of the Russian Navy unit in the Mediterranean, currently stationed onboard the Admiral Panteleyev anti-submarine ship, will be relocated to the Moskva.

"The armaments and technical equipment of the missile cruiser are in working condition. The crew is ready to perform combat missions,” the source said.

More @ RT

1200 HP Dyno Disaster

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Mortgage Applications Plunge as Buyers Flee Surging Rates

Applications for U.S. home loans plunged as mortgage rates matched their high of the year, with refinancing activity falling to its lowest in more than four years, data from an industry group showed on Wednesday.

The Mortgage Bankers Association said its seasonally adjusted index of mortgage application activity, which includes both refinancing and home purchase demand, sank 13.5 percent in the week ended Sept. 6, after rising 1.3 percent the prior week.

That puts the index at its lowest since November 2008 and the depths of the financial crisis.

More @ Money News

'2 Million Bikers' roar over Muslims in D.C.


The last picture is Sturgis.

It was originally billed as “The Million Muslim March,” though organizers later revised it to the “Million American March Against Fear.”

But at noon today in the nation’s capital, there weren’t a million Muslims or Americans to be found anywhere – not even close.

In fact, a WND-TV news crew on the scene, preparing to provide live coverage of the event in a webcast, has been unable to locate any of the marchers who were supposed to go from the National Mall to the Supreme Court and the White House.

However, the counter-protest by bikers was in evidence everywhere. Driving in from Canada and all over the United States, the bikers, who were denied a permit for their demonstration, were flooding the capital, with some estimates in the hundreds of thousands.

More @ WND

Great News! Colorado lawmakers ousted in recall election

In a powerful message to lawmakers considering passing gun-control measures advocated by President Obama, voters in Colorado have recalled a pair of Democratic senators who helped  push through a series of gun measures Obama had hoped to use as model legislation.
State Sen. John Morse gave his concession speech after he was trailing by four percentage points with 83 percent of the precincts reporting in.

Morse, along with Sen. Angela Giron, were both targeted for recall following a series of party-line votes over a series of gun-control bills that were among the strictest in the nation.

More @ WND

"If Assad is responsible he deserves death for this," Paul told Fox News Channel

 Image: Rand Paul: Assad Deserves Death, but Obama Will Leave Him in Power

Hey Rand, so just kill him even though there is an "if?" There is no "if" since the Rebels are clearly responsible.  You are on your way to becoming a neocon, when we all held such high hope for you.  Your dad must be ashamed.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky, said President Barack Obama "didn't quite convince me" on the need to launch a military strike on Syria in his Tuesday night speech.

But, Paul said, Obama did make a compelling case that Syrian President Bashar Assad is guilty of killing almost 1,500 civilians with poison gas last month.

"If Assad is responsible he deserves death for this," Paul told Fox News Channel after the Tuesday night speech. "But the president's plan is to leave Assad alone," Paul said on a later CNN appearance.

Moreover, he said, the president is asking Americans to be on the same side as al-Qaida.

More @ Newsmax

Petition: Karl Marx Endorsed by Obama as the Next President: The Oceanside Pier again:)

The best one ever.:)

Citadel PatCom AAR #1

Jim Miller took the above photograph one evening this weekend from the III Arms / Citadel Beachhead.

Please forgive any incoherent writing in this post, I am dead-on-my-feet exhausted, from one of the best weekends of my entire life.  I'll post more AARs and pictures from the weekend, but I wanted to give you all a thumbnail sketch this evening.

First of all: We were blessed to have a group of Patriots who are, to every man and woman, people any Patriot would treasure as a neighbor.  These are solid, smart, thinking, kind Americans, all with mettle.  I do not have the writing skills to convey just how "tight" this group was from the first arrival to the last departure.  We all "clicked".  Some of us knew one another from previous meetings beyond the digital world, some of us "knew" one another from our online community, and a few folks knew none of us, they read about our event in local media and decided to drop in to say "Hi".  Holly and I had a feeling of family through the entire weekend - and good family, not the in-laws you dread seeing at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  ;)

They Came, They Will Honor, They Will Intimidate Jihadis

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Is America’s Militia Movement on the Rise?

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What a joke, but it is The Nation, after all.:)

You may have seen it on The Colbert Report. A proposed walled city of “patriots,” known as The Citadel, received the particular dose of sarcastic humor the show reserves for militiamen and gun nuts. Colbert’s reading of the requirement that all patriot residents must own one AR-15 and 1,000 rounds of ammunition, and periodically prove their weapons’ proficiency, drew the most laughs from the audience. 
Six months later, this past June, when several of the Citadel’s principals appeared on Glenn Beck’s television show, the tone was just the opposite. A measured, serious discussion occurred, and the pros and cons debated of patriots’ settling in mountainous Benewah County, Idaho, and building a city where Thomas Jefferson’s “rightful liberty” would rule, and employment be provided in a weapons-manufacturing facility.

Karl Marx Endorsed by Obama as the Next President

Oceanside Pier as usual.:)