Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Carjacking suspect shot and killed by car owner

Via Equal Force

A carjacking suspect was shot and killed in north Houston Tuesday night, and authorities say the alleged victim pulled the trigger.

It happened around 9:30pm at a McDonald's drive-thru off West Little York near Interstate 45 North.
Police say two men got out of a green Honda and pulled a gun on a man in the parking lot.

According to police, the man who was robbed was trying to rent a movie from the Red Box when he was approached by the suspects, who took his keys and phone. But the suspects apparently didn't realize the victim had a license to carry a gun.

The suspects got into his car and started backing out. That's when police say the car's owner pulled his gun and started shooting at the carjackers.

"He shot the passenger possibly two to three times. He was able to get out the passenger side and run away," said Sgt. Robert Torres with the Houston Police Department. "The driver was also shot. He tried to climb out the passenger side door, but he did not survive his injuries."

More with video @  ABC

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