Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Will Californians Comply With New Civilian Disarmament Bills?

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Statement from a regular reader on the slate of civilian disarmament legislation just passed by the California’s legislators:

As a native Californian I hold my head in shame. I feel betrayed by those in office and disgusted at their complete lack of support for our liberties and rights. As a clear headed thinker I can easily show them report after report to show that this type of legislation is expensive, and costly. The end result will not make Californians any safer. Yet they pass these bills anyways, because it feels good. They are attacking the good law abiding people of California and no one seems to care. We spend countless hours putting together rallies and informing the public the best way we can and no one cares. We hear just move out of state. Well guess what if it sticks here you will see more Colorado type mishaps on the horizon. I for one am not giving up . . .


  1. Secession in N. Cal: