Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Invaders Burn Own Camp in Slovenia

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Ungrateful nonwhite invaders passing through Slovenia have burned down the temporary accommodation provided to them by deluded liberals as part of a “protest” that not enough free things are being given to them.

The invaders—who are overwhelming Slovenia after being prevented from invading Hungary on their way to Germany to take up Angela Merkel’s  “open door” policy—were given temporary accommodation in the town of BreĹžice  on the  Croatian border.

As reported by two German news services—Mopo and N24—the nonwhite invaders set fire to the tents in protest at being given the temporary accommodation rather than the housing benefits they demanded.

Remus's notebook for 21 October 2015

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I wonder whether Americans realize just how closely the United States is coming to resemble a country of the Third World, not just in its corruption and attributes of a police state, but in the incompetence of governmental bureaucracies.

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Dresden: Communists Turn Violent at Rally

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Heavily outnumbered communist gangsters turned violent, attacking police barricades, ripping up street paving to hurl at passersby, and smashing vehicles during the massive anti-invader rally held in Dresden this week.

An estimated 20,000 to 30,000 people attended the rally held to mark the first anniversary of the creation of the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of Europe (PEGIDA) movement in the city. PEGIDA has held a rally nearly every week in the city center since its founding, and its organization has spread to other centers in Germany.

The controlled media attempted to portray the communists as being equal in number to the PEGIDA demonstration, but pictures and video footage distributed on social media quickly disproved those leftist lies, showing once again that the days of media manipulation and distortions have come to an end with the Internet.

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Obama Admin. Releases Guide for Educators To Meet Illegal Alien Needs

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Illegal immigrant students have a right to a quality, taxpayer-funded education that prepares them for college and a career, according to the Department of Education.

In pursuit of that objective, the Obama administration has released a 63-page guide for educators, administrators, and other stakeholders about how best to serve the illegal immigrant student continent across the nation.
The lengthy manual, released Tuesday, focuses on the rights of illegal immigrant students and provides tips and best practice advice about how to be meet their needs.

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The Confederate Flag: Should We Get Rid of It?

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Okay, so what’s wrong with me? If I watch enough news, I should be out there with my black brethren yelling, screaming, and looking to burn every free waving set of Stars and Bars I run across.

So what’s wrong? Shouldn’t I be offended as well?

In a way, yes. I am. And here’s why:

I had ancestors who fought on both sides of that war – which was anything but civil.


Yes, in Northern Mississippi in fact. Cousin against cousin. One man trying to protect what was his, and one who escaped slavery only to be drafted into taking his cousin’s land away. This little fact, along with all the arguments about Southern Heritage, Southern Pride, and Remembering the Gentlemen who died in that war gets lost in all the noise about why it’s so “insensitive.”

And I am just fed up with it.

More than that, I’m fed up with the yellow bellied white guys who don’t have the guts to fight back on the issue.

VIDEO=> #BlackLivesMatter Mob Storms LA Mayor at Town Hall – SURROUND and JUMP ON His Car

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Peaceful Protest–

Black Lives Matter activists stormed Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti during a town hall with black community leaders on Monday night.

The activists followed the Democratic Mayor outside and jumped on his car.

The activists climbed up and stomped on his car.

The activists forced Mayor Garcetti to flee the town hall. reported:

T.L. Davis: We Will Have Our Epoch

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A couple of more mainstream publications are featuring articles discussing a possible revolution in America. They are not visualizing armed conflict, but social revolutions which have occurred in our history several times. The 20’s is one with the response to prohibition and the sudden realization that a law passed by the goodhearted or evil, however you perceive their motives, in contradiction to the general public sentiment unleashed a backlash of a “shove it” attitude and the social fabric of America had changed. True, many stuck to their convictions in their own lives, but moralizing for the general population didn’t work.

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