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How to Get Ivermectin in US


Look for the doctors who offer online appointments.  I haven't checked prices yet but will AM


Until ivermectin’s use as both a preventive and treatment agent are more widely accepted or recommended, many physicians will be reluctant to prescribe.

If your doctor will not prescribe ivermectin for you, please contact one of the providers listed below.

Important Tips When Selecting a Medical Provider:


  • This list of doctors and medical providers is ONLY a collection of information offered as a convenience.
  • It is neither a recommendation of the provider nor a verification of the provider’s qualifications or practices, medical or otherwise.
  • FLCCC has not undertaken any investigation of the medical providers, nor the accuracy of the information provided herein.
  • Your independent investigation and evaluation are therefore strongly advised.
  • Neither the FLCCC, its physicians and principals nor any individual associated with FLCCC is responsible or liable for the use or misuse of the information provided herein, and your use thereof, or of this website, acknowledges and accepts these terms. 
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Popular Pelosi

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"Language Warning ⚠️“Look at this piece of sh!t Piglosi here....
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Economic Interpretation of American History


To turn men away from the “barren” field of political history is one professed object of Professor Charles A. Beard in the two volumes which he has in recent years submitted to the public. Other purposes of these interesting volumes are to call the attention of scholars to a closer consideration of men’s interests as decisive factors in history, to induce a re-examination of the actual conditions upon which the federal Constitution was posited, and to further the study of the programs of whatever democracy there was in the Jeffersonian system of government.

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Charlottesville Untold, Inside Unite the Right

 Charlottesville-Untold-550 66K

IT IS CLEAR from Anne Wilson Smith's thorough, well documented and riveting book, that Charlottesville's inept, disgraceful Democrat leadership is the reason a person died and many were injured at the August 12, 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, home of Thomas Jefferson and the University of Virginia.

If the city of Charlottesville cared about the United States Constitution and free speech, they would have protected everybody's right to it and nobody would have died. But that does not make good headlines for the left, which never lets a tragedy go to waste.

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Sailors who refuse to take the vaccine will be expelled, according to the US Navy.

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 They better get honorable ones.

Sailors who refuse to take the vaccine will be expelled, according to the US Navy.

Personnel who refuse to be vaccinated against Covid-19 will be removed from the US Navy, according to the US Navy, ahead of the November 28 deadline for the injection.

“With Covid-19 immunizations now required for all military members,” the Navy said in a statement, “the Navy has announced preparations to begin processing for discharge those who refuse vaccination without a pending or approved exemption.”

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Creative Vandalism


We are no longer in a world of logic and reason. We are in the grips of communism where neither of those things hold value. Communism requires obedience and offers punishment in its absence. Does that not better reflect America today?

There’s no time to be gentle. The nation, this conglomeration of states, is going to suffer some very hard times and it’s all self-inflicted. There’s no reason to tolerate a stolen election. We don’t need proof, all we ever needed was suspicion. It’s on the elected officials to produce the proof of the election’s integrity. We’ve given them plenty of time to do so and they failed. Despite all of their other failings and acts of treason, denying the people a say in their government is a coup against the republic.

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Walmart to workers: You're racists: Training program claims U.S. a 'white supremacy system'

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"Meantime, their hourly workers, making between $25,000 and $30,000 yearly, are asked to undergo dishonest and humiliating rituals to confront their 'white privilege' and 'white supremacy thinking.' McMillon gets the social justice credit; his workers pay the price."

Walmart has a training program for its employees based on the core principles of Critical Race Theory that asserts whites are inherently racist and the United States is a "white supremacy system" designed by white Europeans "for the purpose of assigning and maintaining white skin access to power and privilege," according to internal documents.

The evidence was obtained from a whistleblower by Christopher Rufo, whose research into the implementation of Critical Race Theory in K-12 schools has fueled protest from parents in school board meetings across the nation.

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Baby aspirin no longer recommended to prevent first heart attack in older adults, US task force says: ) I Got Something Right for a Change:)

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People over the age of 60 should no longer consider taking a daily low-dose or baby aspirin to prevent a first heart attack or stroke, according to a draft recommendation issued by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Tuesday.

The announcement marks a change in the 2016 Task Force guidance that recommended aspirin therapy in certain men and women to lower cardiovascular risk. But more recent evidence suggests it also could cause harm, including *bleeding in the stomach, intestines, and brain – a risk that increases with age and can be life-threatening. *Why I stopped taking it.

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Calling All North Carolina Attorneys

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 Summer Soul Refresher: Army Major & Adoptive Dad Edward Graham on Extending  God's Grace

In July 2021, the State Bar Council adopted a proposed change to the Preamble of the Rules of Professional Conduct that would hinder the ability of many attorneys to practice law in accordance with their faith.

The Supreme Court of North Carolina has the ultimate say in whether or not to change the State Bar Rules, and is now considering whether to adopt this change. 

The proposed change would add the words “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the Preamble of the Rules of Professional Conduct, thus creating a protected status for these controversial behaviors. Unfortunately, this addition would function as a Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) amendment. This means that the State Bar would have the ability to force attorneys to accept policies that conflict with their sincerely held religious and moral beliefs about marriage and sexuality. 

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WATCH — Loudoun County School Board Meeting Erupts After Sex Assault Bombshell: ‘You Buried a Rape’

Parents in Loudoun County, Virginia, were livid Tuesday night over an alleged coverup of sexual assault as debate rages over a transgender policy allowing male students to use female facilities such as restrooms and locker rooms.

Tuesday’s Loudoun County school board meeting, which has been a national hotbed of controversy over the implementation of radical Critical Race Theory and transgender policies, was dominated by parents speaking up about the alleged coverup of a sexual assault by a student who identifies as a transgender woman, according to an explosive report. Many parents called for the resignations of school board members.

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COVID: 8 Prominent Doctors & Scientists Engage in a Remarkable Exchange (Ivermectin)

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