Thursday, April 12, 2012

Man allegedly commits 10 felonies in 9 hours

One of a kind, that's for sure.:)

One man traveling through Tennessee allegedly completed a crime spree with such urgency that even local police say they'd never seen anything like it.

William Todd, 24, is accused of committing 10 felonies in just nine hours while going on a "terror" through Nashville.

"He was just on a terror. I've never seen anything like this before," Sgt. Tony Blackburn, told WSMV.

Todd is not even a native of Nashville. Police say he traveled there on a Greyhound bus from Kentucky before beginning his unprecedented crime spree. Upon arriving in Nashville, he allegedly broke into a local business called The Slaughterhouse, where he stole a Taser, revolver and shotgun. He then proceeded to steal a T-shirt from the Slaughterhouse before burning the business to the ground.

Todd then moved on to a local bar, where he held four patrons at gunpoint. He robbed all four individuals but not before using the Taser on one and pistol-whipping another.

Just five minutes later, Todd moved onto his next alleged felony, carjacking a taxi driver at gunpoint. After leaving the cab, he used the credit cards he had stolen from the bar patrons to buy food.

"He was able to find the Walmart on Nolensville. He goes there and purchased $199 worth of items," Sgt. Blackburn said.

And that was only the beginning.

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Marines fight to protect crosses at Camp Pendleton as atheist groups seek removal

Believe you me, this is way up there in the area the Basque shepherds are/were. Once a Lt. missed his ride to the field, called a cab and I took him all the way up there which was kinda tricky, but I was used to driving on our farms, so no big deal. It was beautiful with the sheep/shepherds in the fog. There are also Buffalo on Camp Pendleton and one time I came around a curve, had to stop, and honk to get them off the road.:)


Planted atop a remote hill in the middle of California's Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base rests two 13-foot crosses.

Originally erected back in 2003 by seven Marines grieving over lives lost in the war on terror, this site originally established for reflection has now become grounds for controversy.

“It's not a religious spot at all, it's a place for the Marines to grieve and to grow to let go of their burdens of what they had in their soul, so they can go back down that hill and back into battle and put their own lives on the line,” says Marine widow Karen Mendoza.

Her husband Ray was one of those original seven who climbed the hill that day, three of whom have since been killed in action, including Ray.

“It's a symbol of sacrifice regardless of what you think, pray, like or don't like,” says Karen.

Over time the site has become a bit more permanent. A wildfire destroyed the original cross a few years back, so Marines and widows carried these two new versions up the hill.

Now two symbols are at the end of a brutal 3,000-foot hike that begins at an area of the base called Camp Horno and ends at the top of a ridge line that overlooks vast openness in one direction and the glistening Pacific Ocean in the other.

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La Raza’s War in North Carolina

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........these crazed insurgents have breached the line in North Carolina…and YOU are surrounded. Forsyth County has SURRENDERED to these groups.

In fact…we are in CODE RED. Forsyth County Board of Elections has been infiltrated by a radical group called Democracy Winston Salem Voting Rights Coalition an affiliate of Democracy North Carolina, which is affiliated with La Raza. This coalition is registered with the IRS under false pretenses as non-profit non-partisan 501(c)3 status (translates to tax exempted).

This group is known to engage in partisan pro-illegal immigration political activity including questionable voter registration, partisan get out the vote initiatives, and illegal partisan activity through state supported institutions. Their most recent documented illegal partisan activity centered around 6000 emails transmitted via Winston Salem State University during the 2010 elections.

Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz: Zimmerman Affidavit will not suffice

Won't make it pass the judge. Trail will result in acquittal. Irresponsible and unethical.

Witness the Power of an Idea

Rasmussen today: Paul 44%, Obama 43%,

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Drafts and Bounty-Enriched Mercenaries

After plunging Americans into an easily avoidable war, Lincoln’s insatiable requests for troops resulted in threats of conscription, in reality a whip to aid in forcing men to volunteer and usually accompanied by generous bounty monies. It would not take long before bounty-jumping and trainloads of Northern dead from Sharpsburg and Fredericksburg virtually ended enlistments – and Lincoln would turn to captured slaves and immigrants for cannon-fodder.
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Drafts and Bounty-Enriched Mercenaries:

“The declining power of the States received further illustration as the [Northern] governors faced the necessity of drafting their men into the State militia. Lincoln’s call of July 2 [1862] for 300,000 men for three years had been based on a spurious “request” extracted from the governors….on August 4, the President, without warning, called on them to furnish an additional 300,000 militiamen for a period of nine months.

None of the [Northern] governors wanted to draft their constituents – though a number of them, seeing the 1862 elections approaching, wished they could find a way to draft Democrats. The next best thing to drafting Democrats was to use the threat of the draft to discourage political opponents. Each governor sought and obtained permission to postpone the draft until after the elections, but in the meantime the enrollment for the draft went on.

Citizens who obstructed enrollment officers were arrested and held without benefit of habeas corpus until after election day. In some places enrollment officers went to the polls to write down the names of the voters. Democrats were sure that these fraudulent activities were designed to suppress popular liberties.

To avoid a draft, the governors tried hard to raise their quotas by volunteering. States, cities, counties, and townships offered bounties for enlistment, while every form of social pressure induced men to enter the ranks.

[Massachusetts Governor John] Andrew faced the necessity of raising 4,000 men by a draft. Expecting a riot in Boston, he held troops in readiness and asked Secretary Stanton to institute courts martial for dissatisfied citizens. In Ohio, the State’s provost marshal used troops to break up one encampment of a thousand men who had assembled to resist the enrollment officers. Still, Governor Todd found that the draft went off harmoniously and that by offering bounties to the militia draftees he could get four-fifths of them to enlist in the three-year regiments. He avoided further trouble by permitting conscientious objectors to pay $300 commutation, and with the $50,000 he collected from them he hired substitutes and provided care for the sick and wounded.

In Schuykill County, Pennsylvania, the enrollment officers met such resistance that Governor Curtin begged Stanton to call off the draft. The Governor feared the Molly Maguires, a secret Irish miners’ society, which was well-organized and strongly opposed conscription. Enrollment officers had attempted to get lists of workers from the mine-owners, but the employers, fearing retaliation from the workers, refused to cooperate. Stanton…had no sympathy with Curtin’s difficulties…and he sent two regiments to aid the work.

(Lincoln and the War Governors, William B. Hesseltine, Alfred A. Knopf, 1955, pp. 277-280)

Drafts and Bounty-Enriched Mercenaries

Who is ‘White’ in Touré’s race war?

Southern Nationalist Network

Are both of these men (one of whom is a Cherokee Indian) 'White'? Black nationalist writer Touré thinks so.

MSNBC commentator and Black nationalist writer Touré has a article out for Time called ‘The Racial Cold War is Heating Up.’ Many things could be written about the apparently paranoid state of Mr Touré’s thinking and his penchant for finding White ‘racist’ plots against Black people any and everywhere. Indeed, Mr Touré seems to focus on little else other than race. Like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, he is a professional at this game. One interesting thing about this particular article though is that it could be seen as part of a broader trend in the anti-White media. When the Hispanic man George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin in Florida it was widely reported that a Black ‘youth’ had been killed by a White man. Al Sharpton and other ‘civil rights’ leaders have also promoted the idea the Zimmerman was White. Even mainstream media sources have noticed this and are asking why Zimmerman, who is clearly of mestizo ancestry, was portrayed in the media as a White man. The answer to this question, of course, is because it fit the narrative and played into the biases of reporters, writers, editors and publishers. Returning to Mr Touré’s article, we find the writer doing exactly the same thing about a completely different interracial killing. Recently in Tulsa, Oklahoma two men went on a shooting spree and killed three Black people. Mr Touré describes the event as follows:

A pair of white men, one of them angry about the murder of his father by a black man two years ago, drove through the Tulsa night early on Friday, shooting blacks at random. Two were injured, three are dead. This is hate crime serial killing.

Notice that the killers are described as ‘a pair of white men.’ However, one of the suspected killers, as can be seen from the picture below, is clearly not White. In fact, he is a Cherokee Indian. But in Mr Touré’s world apparently anyone who is not Black is ‘White.’ Given the militant rhetoric from the Black Panthers and now Mr Touré as well about a coming race war, this sort of intentional mis-characterisation of people’s race could have important and potentially even life-and-death consequences for many non-Whites who are also non-Blacks. Beyond such concerns, what exactly does this classification of mestizo Hispanics and American Indians as ‘White’ say about the mentality of folks like Sharpton and Touré?