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Flying Confederate Flag Deemed a ‘Hate-Related’ Offence by British Police

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 COLUMBIA, SC - JUNE 23: The Confederate flag is seen flying on the Capitol grounds a day after South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley announced that she will call for the Confederate flag to be removed on June 23, 2015 in Columbia, South Carolina. Debate over the flag flying on the …

Police officers in Norwich, England have recorded a “hate-related public order offence” against a local resident who flew the Confederate flag to mark the anniversary of the death of Civil War General Stonewall Jackson.

Last week, Emily Robinson, a 34-year-old teacher — who recently moved back to the small English city from the left-progressive enclave of Brighton — made a complaint to the police about the house flying the Confederate flag.

The house reportedly has a longstanding tradition of flying different world flags on days associated with them, with a note posted explaining the history of the flag for the public to read.

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Report: Man with Hunting Rifle Foils Attempted Mass Shooting at Apartment Complex


A man armed with a hunting rifle shot and killed an alleged mass shooter at a Fort Smith, Arkansas, apartment complex Saturday morning.

5 News Online reports the incident occurred just before 7:30 a.m. when 26-year-old Zachary Arnold allegedly tried to lure residents out of their apartments in order to shoot them.

One apartment resident claimed Arnold was screaming, “You guys get out here, come out here, everyone get out of this building right now.”

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Monday, May 17, 2021

The Professor and the Proposition


As the “Exceptional Nation” totters and pratfalls further toward perdition, some on what is commonly, if not entirely accurately, known as the “Right” are calling for the various factions to unite beneath a single banner – a band of brothers, as it were – to battle shoulder-to-shoulder against the Bolshevik plague-beast.

Several such tocsins have resounded from the San Bernardino Mountains west of Los Angeles, where stand the halls of the Claremont Institute, a think tank with whose precepts you  are excruciatingly familiar, even if not so the name.

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Marxist Persecution of Christianity: Russian History that Americans Must Learn

 Mound covering one of the mass graves at Butovo. 

 Mound covering one of the mass graves at Butovo.

Marxism is anti-Christian at its very core.  Following the failure of Marxism to sweep Europe after World War I and the Russian Revolution, Marxist leadership concluded that Marxism could never dominate and flourish where Christian churches were strong.  Hence they have doubled down on undermining, uprooting, and destroying Christianity. The trend toward social Marxism versus the older more purely economic Marxism was thus born. In its strategic path to power, social Marxism undermines every aspect of a target culture, usually leading with control of the media and education establishments, and then government, but ultimately targeting all free speech and even free thought. The ultimate Marxist enemy is truth and especially the spiritual truth of Christianity and divine universal reality.

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Sergeant William T. Biedler 16 years old, of Company C, 43rd Virginia Cavalry Battalion, Mosby’s Rangers

Supreme Court rules warrantless home gun confiscation is unconstitutional in 9-0 vote

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Supreme Court rules warrantless home gun confiscation is unconstitutional  in 9-0 vote - Flipboard

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that warrantless gun confiscation from Americans’ homes is unconstitutional, voting unanimously on the side of a Rhode Island man whose firearms were taken by law enforcement without a warrant after his wife expressed concerns that he might hurt himself.

According to Caniglia v Strom, a lower court had previously determined that police confiscating the guns without a warrant fell under the Fourth Amendment’s “community caretaking” exception, but a 9-0 vote from the nation’s top court struck down that ruling. 

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Thomas Jefferson wrote to Benjamin Rush in 1800: "I view great cities as pestilential to the morals, the health and the liberties of man."

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Image 1 of Thomas Jefferson to Benjamin Rush, September 23, 1800, with Copy  | Library of Congress


 To Dr. Benjamin Rush.
Monticello, September 23, 1800.

Dear Sir

I have to acknowledge the receipt of your favor of August the 22d, and to congratulate you on the healthiness of your city.  Still Baltimore, Norfolk and Providence admonish us that we are not clear of our new scourge.  When great evils happen, I am in the habit of looking out for what good may arise from them as consolations to us, and Providence has in fact so established the order of things, as that most evils are the means of producing some good.  The yellow fever will discourage the growth of great cities in our nation, and I view great cities as pestilential to the morals, the health and the liberties of man.  True, they nourish some of the elegant arts, but the useful ones can thrive elsewhere, and less perfection in the others, with more health, virtue and freedom, would be my choice.

I agree with you entirely, in condemning the mania of giving names to objects of any kind after persons still living.  Death alone can seal the title of any man to this honor, by putting it out of his power to forfeit it.  There is one other mode of recording merit, which I have often thought might be introduced, so as to gratify the living by praising the dead.  In giving, for instance, a commission of Chief Justice to Bushrod Washington, it should be in consideration of his integrity, and science in the laws, and of the services rendered to our country by his illustrious relation, &c.  A commission to a descendant of Dr. Franklin, besides being in consideration of the proper qualifications of the person, should add that of the great services rendered by his illustrious ancestor, Benjamin Franklin, by the advancement of science, by inventions useful to man, &c.  I am not sure that we ought to change all our names.  And during the regal government, sometimes, indeed, they were given through adulation;  but often also as the reward of the merit of the times, sometimes for services rendered the colony.  Perhaps, too, a name when given, should be deemed a sacred property.

I promised you a letter on Christianity, which I have not forgotten.  On the contrary, it is because I have reflected on it, that I find much more time necessary for it than I can at present dispose of.  I have a view of the subject which ought to displease neither the rational Christian nor Deists, and would reconcile many to a character they have too hastily rejected.  I do not know that it would reconcile the genus irritabile vatum who are all in arms against me.  Their hostility is on too interesting ground to be softened.  The delusion into which the X.Y.Z. plot showed it possible to push the people;  the successful experiment made under the prevalence of that delusion on the clause of the Constitution, which, while it secured the freedom of the press, covered also the freedom of religion, had given to the clergy a very favorite hope of obtaining an establishment of a particular form of Christianity through the United States;  and as every sect believes its own form the true one, every one perhaps hoped for his own, but especially the Episcopalians and Congregationalists.  The returning good sense of our country threatens abortion to their hopes, and they believe that any portion of power confided to me, will be exerted in opposition to their schemes.  And they believe rightly:  for I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.  But this is all they have to fear from me:  and enough too in their opinion.  And this is the cause of their printing lying pamphlets against me, forging conversations for me with Mazzei, Bishop Madison, &c., which are absolute falsehoods without a circumstance of truth to rest on;  falsehoods, too, of which I acquit Mazzei and Bishop Madison, for they are men of truth.

But enough of this :  it is more than I have before committed to paper on the subject of all the lies that has been preached and printed against me.  I have not seen the work of Sonnoni which you mention, but I have seen another work on Africa, (Parke’s,) which I fear will throw cold water on the hopes of the friends of freedom.  You will hear an account of an attempt at insurrection in this State.  I am looking with anxiety to see what will be its effect on our State.  We are truly to be pitied.  I fear we have little chance to see you at the federal city or in Virginia, and as little at Philadelphia.  It would be a great treat to receive you here.  But nothing but sickness could effect that;  so I do not wish it.  For I wish you health and happiness, and think of you with affection.  Adieu.


Michigan Voter Fraud Atty. Matt DePerno’s Office Broken Into!





All of the above?

It looks like the Deep State is becoming more and more like a rabid dog backed into a corner each day.

With their options diminishing and the walls closing in, they are lashing out and becoming more and more brazen.

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Silence is Consent

The Four Boxes of Liberty : Libertarian

Back in those horrible days when the State of Florida's Education establishment was attempting to
educate me . I was sent to a lovely lady to teach me French. They said it would make me a more
rounded person. In this class after teaching me to sit still, and listen they wrote upon the Chalk board
the following words:

le silence est un consentement.

I dutifully wrote these words into my notebook with careful attention, and dread. We then spent days
learning to say them with correct inference, and lip position. Then that lovely lady looked me in the
eye, and smiling over her fantastic cleavage , and asked me what it meant in English. I shrugged and

She exploded in a torrent of non-English words that I took to mean I was not all there.
That evening I wrote 100 times that “le silence est un consentement” means silence is consent. The
next day when I was called upon again to speak correctly the term, and then translate I responded with


In twenty minutes I was on my way to the office with a card bearing the words

"Next try elsewhere!

However it seems that this exact phrase in one of our most important lessons to learn if this nation is to
continue as a bastion of freedom.

Back a few years a lady with a Latin derived name visited us at the NC PATCON at Dixieland. In her
desertion she explained to us that what we were overcoming was of our own avoidance.

She showed how in 1871 the others, I will label globalist, had switched punctuation in our
Constitution, and given power where they could abuse it. Because we had never really read our
Constitution we just murmured, and went about our personal affairs. Today patriots are gleefully
handing out small cards with the modified Constitution because we silently gave our consent.
In the early days of our Nation the people of western Pennsylvania failed to pay their assigned taxes.

Mainly because in those farther out provinces they bartered every thing with the Whiskey they
manufactured. Our past President, and Father of our Republic, General George Washington took an
army unit there, killed, and wounded many, and burned, and returned to Washington DC with his stolen
goods. We murmured, spoke among ourselves and Silently consented to his violation of our rights and
murder of our fellow citizens.

In early 1900s those elite Congressional representatives made hard drink illegal, in violation of our
Constitution, and we silently sneaked down to a speakeasy to drink illegal liquor.

Now in 2020 our unelected bureaucrats decided we must all wear masks, stand 6 feet apart, not attend
our churches, while opening tattoo parlors and Bars, and now must receive what is correctly labeled
trial vaccines. While we the people silently grumble, a few refuse, and some speak up, but most
consent to the vacating of our rights to life liberty and a pursuit of happiness given to us by our creator.

To quote the great hunchbacked Ring Master of Thunder-dome.

"Ladies and Gentilemen, boys and girls"


We have come to that place in our nations existence where we are not only about to watch our planet do
strange things, but our friends and neighbors are about to look at us,
those crazy conspiracy theorists and racists,

and see not us but the enemies to their wealth, their possessions, and their way of life.
It is time for us to stop giving our silent consent.

In Fayetteville NC, like many cities, our Mayor does ZOOM presentations on You-tube from a seat in
the $51 billion dollar stadium we the taxpayers built, but are forbidden to go to while his city
employees do walks, and runs behind him. Our Police and other city employees park in the $7 Million dollar parking garage while we park on the street blocks away.

We the people stand silent in our consent.

It is time to stop consenting!

It is time to begin to begin to submit recall petitions like confetti in a wind storm.

Probably not though since they will stand behind “Robert’s Rules” and tell us we are out of order
before having an officer lead us from their presence.

No Ballot box + No Jury Box = one Ammo Box

~~Ron Newman

Texas Reports Day of Zero Coronavirus-Related Deaths After Biden Called Ending Mask Mandate ‘Neanderthal Thinking’


Texas has reported zero deaths from the coronavirus for the first time in nearly 14 months, according to ABC 13.

In a social media post on Sunday, Gov. Greg Abbott (R) announced the news, writing, “0 Covid related deaths–the only time that’s happened since data was tracked in March, 2020”:

In March, the governor announced the end of the statewide mask mandate during an event in Lubbock, Breitbart News reported at the time:

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Prince Harry Calls First Amendment ‘Bonkers,’ Slams Royal Family For ‘Genetic Pain And Suffering’

 Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex joins a Botswana Defence Force anti-poaching patrol on the Chobe river on day four of the royal tour of Africa on September 26, 2019 in Kasane, Botswana.

“Hey, go home! We fought a war to get rid of Royals on our soil. No need to understand anything we do. Bye!!,” said one commenter on the podcast site, per the Spectator US. “You can always leave if you don’t like our constitution and please find a country where you don’t have to deal with those bonker[s] rights.”

Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw (TX) struck a final blow, telling Prince Harry he’d just “doubled the size of my Independence Day party” in response to the Prince’s complaints.

Prince Harry, who, along with his wife, Meghan Markle, separated from the British royal family a year ago, blasted his relatives in a podcast interview with actor Dax Shepard, calling the royal family a repository of “genetic pain and suffering” — an apparent criticism of his father, Prince Charles — and excoriated his new homeland, the United States, for preserving the freedom of speech in its Constitution.

Speaking to the Armchair Expert podcast, Prince Harry, fresh off another tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, which featured his wife accusing an unnamed member of the royal family of abject racism and suggesting that the British royals had no interest in assisting a pregnant woman suffering from depression, said he moved to the U.S. to break a cycle of “genetic pain and suffering” in his own family.

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Being Ousted by GOP, Says Trump Supporters Are ‘Misled,’ Calls Trump a ‘Real Danger’



2 Frenchmen assaulted by the crowd in Saigon after they climbed on top of the south VN marines statue and flew the VC flag.

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                                         Not a smart idea.


Memo for the Record

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                   May be an image of text that says '3d Robert R. @TearGasBreakfast Just a friendly reminder. There are no blue states, just 15-20 big blue cities trying to tell the rest of us how to live.'

University of California Ends ACT, SAT Testing For Admissions And Scholarships

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                       University of California Ends ACT, SAT Testing For Admissions And Scholarships

The University of California announced a legal decision Friday that said its system will stop considering SAT and ACT scores in decisions for admissions and scholarships.

As reported by The New York Times, the decision brings a long dispute to a conclusion. In 2019, a group of students, advocacy groups and the Compton Unified School District brought a lawsuit against the University of California system seeking to end its use of the tests to determine admissions.

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Newt Gingrich blasts Biden's economy, compares to Jimmy Carter

MilitaryPorn: Porn that gets your barrel hot.


German infantrymen ride a StuG III B during a breakthrough at the Stalin Line, Soviet Union, 1941 [1024x801]

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The Coming Festivities

 r/MilitaryPorn - A Boer commando during the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902 in South Africa [1837x1266] 

 A Boer commando during the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902 in South Africa.

America is our birthright.  We are native born Americans, not any mongrel mix or hyphen that.  No one has any right or authority to steal that birthright.

The present enemy is also mostly native born americans, small 'a' americans in name only.  They gave up their birthright for thirty shiny coins from the  Communists.  They do not believe in America, they believe in Communism.  Communism is stateless, it has no allegiance to anything but power.

Our enemies want that power, unlimited, unrestricted power.  'They' want to be the ones to tell you how many kids you can have, and to decide what sex they can be, and what food they can have and what job they might get, and what they may watch, read, sing, or say.  They want to kill them if they decide to.  You may not travel without their permiso, you may not buy without their permiso,  You may not hold your momma's hand as she dies. You may not own that dog, on your own property.  You must not have a gun because a gun gives YOU power, and that can never be. You know and understand, I hope, the Branch Davidians were completely innocent. And are completely dead.  YOUR federal power in the hands of the Democrats.  FBI and ATF murdered those people, including children and burnt them to ash.  Nobody did shit.                                                 

Our enemies, you see are very nearly there . . . this summer should put them over the top.  More Wacos.  Unless  .  .  .    The enemy is very clever and has taken almost two hundred years to arrive at this point.  He is 'd e e s' close. Do not imagine he will stop on his own. He has shown us plain, elections mean nothing.  You can vote, it means nothing; they'll just make up five for every vote we do.  Communismo, simple, no?  The millions wearing the useless kotex on their chin have already chosen surrender, thier rag is their flag.  Stupidly sold their soles in fear of aspring cold.  Too stupid or lazy, perhaps both, to do twenty minutes' research to find out the truth.  So be it, welcome to your slavery, peasants.

We cannot 'Make America Great Again' that train has left the station; we cannot 'take back' America, too many brain dead sheep wearing masks in the shower.  We can only take and hold our ground where we stand.  The enemy have convinced the sheep that Militia is a 'Bad Word'!  Spank Spank if yousay that word.  Motherfucker is OK in public, but don't ever say Militia.  OK, if they're scanning for that word, we won't use it. 

Texas offers small hope, Austin, Dallas, Houston, and every college town in between are already lost.  College and University are the beachheads the commies take first, the professors and admins their Marines.  High Schools are DZ's, Teachers their Airborne.  They are all trained in the same school.

Antifa is not some 'pop up' casually organized mob, it is organized, trained and equipped for a destabilization campaign, using your kids bodies for bullet catchers.  Antifa has Regulars and Reserves, and Volunteers are recruited.  It's a Paramilitary organization and they get paid.  Antifa has roots and history, going back a hundred years.  Back then they had Storm Battalions and used military weapons, artillery, mortars, machine guns, armored cars. Don't dismiss the freaks out front.  They have hard core troops, veterans trained in Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Iraq, remember ISIS?  One more thing, Antifa has the Democrat Commies' blessing. Fedgov knows who they are, what they are, and what they plan, and they're OK with it.

This may get me shot.  Lexington Green.

We need a counter organization 
Civilian Irregular Defense Groups is what's wanted.  Radio comms will be jammed, so field phones and runners will be necessary.  Lacking major sponsors will make it necessary to use what means are available.  Leviathin has spent decades ensuring those means will be extremely limited and the current shortage of ammunition is very helpful in that effort.  They don't care what you have, if you have no staples for stapler.  They don't have to kick in your doors to take away empty staplers.  Remember, NO ONE is gonna drop ship supplies to you.  The Soviets went broke supplying every rebel outfit in the world . . . you have no Soviets.

Bloods and Crips established ammunition factories in LA and put their women to work loading using regular home set ups.  Neither ever ran out of 9mm or 5.56.  Other gangs followed suit.  China shipped in 40,000 AK rifles to their 'clients' in California, through Long Beach in containers.  Those have disappeared into the swamp.  Customs caught a few, and their CI's told them about the rest.  Rumor has it that RPG's also made it in.  MS 13 does the same kind of crap.  Obama's Fast and Furious program lost thousands of guns in Mexico - nobody tracked them, on purpose.  Those guns are coming back in.

FedGov forbids the Guard to have any ammunition in their armories, and requires the weapons be stored without their bolts.  They have a Regular Army NCO on site to make sure there'll never be another 'Bull Run'.  They have also eliminated most Combat Arms units from the Guard and Reserve.

You should expect them to employ chemical weapons to eliminate resistance.  Non-presistant nerve agents and the like.  Nobody cares if we die.

N O B O D Y. 

Only three percent of the population of the American colonies supported the American Revolution.  Farmers sold food to the Brits while the Army starved at Valley Forge.  It won't be any better.  68% of Southern men of military age died or were wounded during their war for independence, which they lost to an Immigrant Army.  Dwell on that for a second.  Demos want to bring back the draft . . . why?  To raise an Immigrant Army?  Ya think?

What's actually possible?  Do-able?  Desirable?  

Fauci Facing Backlash For Lying About Support of ‘Gain-of-Function’ Research & COVER UP? Wuhan Lab DELETES Connections To Fauci And N.I.H. From Website


If it looks like a coverup then it just may be.

According to a new investigative report which appeared in The National Pulse, it appears as if The Wuhan Virology Lab is attempting to hide its connections to The N.I.H. and Fauci.

This of course comes at a time when Senators like Rand Paul have been pressing Fauci as to whether or not he supported funding on “gain on function” research.

We should all be paying very close attention to this because there have been a number of reports alleging that Fauci and Daszak are essentially responsible for the virus.

More @ WLT

COVER UP? Wuhan Lab DELETES Connections To Fauci And N.I.H. From Website

France Bans Use Of Woke Gender-Neutral Language In Schools: ‘Is A Danger For Our Country’

 France's President Emmanuel Macron gives a press conference during the European Social Summit hosted by the Portuguese presidency of the Council of the European Union at the Palacio de Cristal in Porto on May 8, 2021.

In France but not here?

 France is continuing to crackdown on far-left attempts to make the country woke by banning the use of gender-neutral language in schools, saying that the push was a threat to the French language altogether and could push people to learn English instead.

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Foxy Treed a Raccoon and is Going Nuts - Tried to Climb the Tree :)

Young, but  not young enough to keep as a pet, unfortunately

Space Force officer relieved of post after denouncing Marxist ideology and critical race theory in military

"The radical left will not tolerate any deviation from their racist and Marxist orthodoxy. The article below cites just one more 'cancellation is tsunami of such stories.  The political left is becoming the world's most dangerous religion.  Much like Islam, it will destroy, or attempt to destroy, anyone who stands in their way. Free speech is being silenced, which makes it all the more important for us, we who value free speech, to SPEAK OUT. Speaking out against these Marxist (aka "Democrat") petty tyrants is the best way to avoid a bloody end to the Republic and almost everyone who lives here (regardless of race, creed, color, ethnicity or political persuasion) ALL Americans, without exception, have an existential stake in ending a catastrophic  cancel culture caused apocalypse - before it ends THEM, and everyone else they know."! ~~John


A commander in the United States Space Force was apparently relieved from his post after appearing on a podcast to promote his book, which asserts a neo-Marxist agenda is transforming military culture and policy.

"Lt. Gen. Stephen Whiting, Space Operations Command commander, relieved Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier of command of the 11th Space Warning Squadron, Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado, May 14, due to loss of trust and confidence in his ability to lead," the Space Force said in a statement to the Washington Examiner.

More @ Washington Examiner

‘Extinct’ Fossil Fish Thought To Have Lived 420 Million Year Ago Found Alive

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                      'Extinct' Fossil Fish Thought To Have Lived 420 Million Year Ago Found Alive

A fossil fish predating dinosaurs has been found alive, despite scientists previously believing that it was extinct. 

The fish, named the coelacanth, was accidentally discovered by a group of South African shark hunters in the West Indian Ocean off the coast of Madagascar.

Coelacanths were first resurfaced from extinction in 1938 and, in the wake of them being found alive and well again, marine scientists are calling for reinforcement of conservation measures to protect the fish that dates back 420 million years.

Upon the fish being found again 1938, marine biologists were apparently ‘agog’, according to Mongabay News, and said that the ‘four-legged, living fossil fish’ had returned from the dead. 


In My House.......

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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Calgary judge refuses to overturn anti-free speech restraining order

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William Marshal, a Knight’s Tale

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   knight at tourney HUK

The story of how the fourth son of a minor 12th century baron rose to be one of the richest men of his day, Regent of England and governing the country on behalf of the boy-king Henry III, is most certainly a true knight’s tale!

The remarkable story of the life of William Marshall is chronicled in the Histoire de Guillaume le Maréchal, the only known written biography of a non-royal to survive from the Middle Ages. The poem, composed after his death by an unknown author called John, extols William as being ‘the best knight in the world’, and offers a unique window into courtly life of the time.

William was born around 1146. As the younger son of a minor noble he would have understood from a very early age that he could expect no lands or riches to come knocking at his door, and that he would have to make his own way in life. When he was about 12, William was packed off to his mother’s cousin William de Tancarville in Normandy in France, to begin his training as a knight.

More @ Historic UK

Golden retriever stops and hugs everyone she sees on her daily walk

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Thҽ majority of dσgs pr𝚘vide unconditional love and affection to humans – with lots and lots of licks and huɠs!

Louboutina (or Loubie for short), is an αdorαble Golden Retriever who displays hᴇʀ love tɦrough cuddles – which shҽ is not short of giving out!

Whenever Loubie goes on α wαlk with hᴇʀ owner, Cesar Fernandez-Chavez, ɨt’s never α normal wαlk. Thҽ iпcrҽdᎥbly frᎥeпdly Loubie demands on stopping to greet strαngers within minutes of һιttιпɡ thҽ streets!

More @ Pet Is To Love

WATCH: Patriot Gas Station Owner Trolls Hunter Biden with Hilarious Meme on Their Sign


Props to this creative patriot.

Lewis Country Store in Nashville, Tennessee is trending for trolling the Biden family and the sharp rise in gas prices during the first 100 days of Sleepy Joe taking office.

Just beneath the gas prices at their store, a series of memes blasts Biden.

The real kicker is the picture of Hunter Biden smoking crack with a message beside it saying “Hope Gas Prices Don’t Get Too High.”

More @ WLT

Mike Lindell: “This Is Worse Than What Twitter Did To Me And My Company”

Mike Lindell responds to having his Vimeo account deleted, and points out this this effects his business in a big way.

More @ WLT

Wisconsin Authorizes Audit of 2020 Election

 Wisconsin Authorizes Audit of 2020 Election: Report

Wisconsin is officially auditing the results of the 2020 Election, with the official announcement coming today according to Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson.

Robinson announced on Twitter, “The state of Wisconsin authorized an audit of the 2020 election!”

More @ RTM

Donald Trump Issues New Statement Targeting Mitch McConnell, Mike Pence

                                                                                            Read It: Donald Trump Issues New Statement Targeting Mitch McConnell, Mike Pence

“Had Mike Pence had the courage to send the Electoral College vote back to states for recertification and had Mitch McConnell fought for us instead of being the weak and pathetic leader he is,” he wrote, adding, “we would right now have a Republican President who would be VETOING the horrific Socialistic Bills that are rapidly going through Congress, including Open Borders, High Taxes, Massive Regulations, and so much else!”

45th President Donald Trump targeted Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in a new statement released today that focused, on the surface, on the admission from the Wall Street Journal that virtually every poll was wildly separate from reality in 2020, but also poked at McConnell’s lack of support.

More @ RTM

The Censored

 Via John

 & from yesterday: A Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment

In the U.S., people should be able to access all information they wish to see except that which is illegal.

However, the heavy hand of censorship is quickly becoming a sledgehammer, guided by political and corporate interests eager to manipulate the information landscape for their own goals.

As such, this page intends to highlight and give access to people, ideas and scientific studies that have been controversialized or censored by some in the media. Click the links to see the censored material and background.

The presence of an idea, study or person here should not be taken as advocacy or verification of any particular position. It is simply a recognition that you have the right to see all material and make up your own mind.

"The Censored" are presented in alphabetical order below:

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, non-partisan professional association of physicians since 1943

More @ Sharyl Attkisson 

The Statues Should Stay Up


During the ongoing debate regarding the removal of the monuments honoring Confederate Generals, those in support of the statues often say in defense, “The statues are part of America’s history; we need to learn from history.”

While this statement is of course true, I do not believe it is appropriate in this context, as “learning from history” is synonymous with “learning from our mistakes.” A more accurate (though accidental) translation would be, “We need to keep Robert E Lee’s statues up because he was a bigot who fought to keep Blacks enslaved… and we need to learn from our mistakes.”

General Lee’s life was not a “mistake to learn from.” The lives of the vast majority of the Confederate Generals were not a “mistake to learn from.” The statues commemorating their lives are a positive thing.

Why would I make such a claim?

More @ The Abbeville Institute

Soviet Cultural Revolution in Education, 1928-1931


The long American descent into Marxism is reminiscent of the 1920’s Soviet Union as the Bolsheviks consolidated their revolution and restructured culture and society.  In the late 1920s the term “cultural revolution” was redefined to mean aggressive class war, considering it anti-revolutionary to accept cultural change as a peaceful, evolutionary process. Stalinists adopted this class warfare, as opposed to class conciliation, official Party policy.

Further, in education, “credentialism” became official policy as non-Party indoctrinated faculty were purged, library shelves examined for books by anti-revolutionary authors, and research grants awarded only for ideologically pure scholarship.

The Fifteenth [Communist] Party Congress held in December 1927 had called for the mobilization of economic resources on behalf of industrialization . . . and a greater share of resources for educational programs.

The new political climate affected educational institutions and policies  . . . [as it] touched off a vast wave of purges at all levels of the educational system, which [conservatives] tried in vain to halt. At institutions of higher learning widespread purges of faculty and students were accompanied by drives to enhance ideological purity.

At Smolensk State University the Cultural Revolution was launched in the spring of 1929. Party organs forced the replacement of key administrators with trusted Party figures and ordered the new leadership to improve the social composition of the student body, to communize the leading organs and scientific workers of the university, and to create conditions “which would aid to the maximum the task of training cadres of real builders of socialism.”

Party members now dominated the governing board of the university as well as the faculty of social sciences . . . [and were encouraged] to press forward with expulsions of “socially alien and hostile students and reactionary scientific workers.” Further purges of “reactionary” faculty followed.

Massive expulsions of students of intelligentsia and bourgeois origins took place . . . to increase the representation of students with proletarian background. The extension of rabfaks [worker’s faculty] designed to prepare poorly educated workers for entrance into the university and the effort to recruit students of designated social background or political affiliation to fill assigned quotas began to have a dramatic impact on educational statistics.”

(Cultural Revolution in Russia, 1928-1931, Sheila Fitzpatrick, editor, Indiana University Press, 1984, excerpts pp. 89-92)

A Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment

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Video Shows Woke Teacher Going Ballistic On Student Who Refuses To Wear Mask

A teacher at Poynette High School is on administrative leave while the district investigates an incident that occurred with a student on Tuesday.

The teacher is heard telling the student, “people don’t like you, I don’t like you,” and “you should hear about how everybody talks about you”. The teacher also calls the student a “jerk, “dink” and “dummy.”

More @ WLT

Judicial Watch Sues for Records of Pentagon Communications about Tucker Carlson and Fox News


 Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz sent a letter to Defense Secretary Austin

Cruz wrote:

I am deeply troubled that the comments you made, and the military’s broader obligation to avoid political endorsements and controversy, are being systematically undermined for the sake of leftwing ideology and political expediency. The last week has witnessed the Pentagon mobilize systematic, public attacks against television host Tucker Carlson that in substance, tone, and political resonance are inexplicably inappropriate.

Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Department of Defense seeking records of communications between Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and other top military officials regarding Fox News and its host Tucker Carlson, whose recent commentary on the U.S. military was attacked by top Pentagon officials (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Department of Defense (No. 1:21-cv-01225)).

Judicial Watch filed the lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia after the Department of Defense failed to reply to a March 16, 2021, FOIA for:

More @ Judicial Watch

Talk About the Blind Leading the Blind


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Paging Biden Voters, You Must Be Happy. But, But..... I Didn't Know...... AMA Embraces Critical Race Theory, Rejects Meritocracy

Via John "This is quite disturbing. I shudder to think of future racist doctors who lack of competency treating you and your family. If you're white, the  according to critical race theory you're a white supremacist - you will have to go to the end of the line and wait longer for medical care.  It's gonna be great; you'll love it! It’s still a mystery how this lunacy has taken hold so quickly. Not over decades, but almost a few months. What will the next months bring in this new USSA?"

 Doctors and nurses confer in a hospital in Leonardtown, Md., on April 8, 2020. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

The Epoch Times

The American Medical Association (AMA), the largest national organization representing physicians and medical students in the United States, says it will set aside its long-held concept of meritocracy in favor of “racial justice” and “health equity.”  

In an 86-page strategic plan released May 11, the AMA set out a three-year road map detailing how the advocacy group will use its influence to dismantle “structural and institutional racism” and advance “social and racial justice” in America’s health care system.  

According to its plan, the AMA will be following a host of strategies, including implementing “racial and social justice” throughout the AMA enterprise culture, systems, policies, and practices; expanding medical education to include critical race theory; and pushing toward “racial healing, reconciliation, and transformation” regarding the organization’s own “racially discriminatory” past.  

The AMA also makes clear that it now rejects the concepts of “equality” and “meritocracy,” which have been goals in the fields of medical science and medical care.  

“Equality as a process means providing the same amounts and types of resources across populations,” the association said. “Seeking to treat everyone the ‘same,’ ignores the historical legacy of disinvestment and deprivation through historical policy and practice of marginalizing and minoritizing communities.”  

While the AMA doesn’t run America’s health care system, it holds tremendous influence over medical schools and teaching hospitals that train physicians and other health professionals. Those institutes, the AMA says, must reject meritocracy, which it describes as a harmful narrative that “ignores the inequitably distributed social, structural and political resources.”  

“The commonly held narrative of meritocracy is the idea that people are successful purely because of their individual effort,” it states. “Medical education has largely been based on such flawed meritocratic ideals, and it will take intentional focus and effort to recognize, review and revise this deeply flawed interpretation.”  

Instead, the AMA suggests, medical schools should incorporate into their programs critical race theory, an offshoot of Marxism that views society through the lens of a power struggle between the race of oppressors and that of the oppressed. As a result, according to the theory, all long-established institutions of Western society are considered to be tools of racial oppression.  

“Expand medical school and physician education to include equity, anti-racism, structural competency, public health and social sciences, critical race theory and historical basis of disease,” reads the document, which is loaded with critical race theory vocabulary.  

In a statement that accompanied the plan, AMA President Gerald Harmon said he is “fully committed to this cause” and called on the medical community to join the effort.  

“We believe that by leveraging the power of our membership, our influence, and our reach we can help bring real and lasting change to medicine,” he said.  

The controversy around critical race theory in U.S. institutions gained more attention in 2020, when President Donald Trump banned the use of training materials based on “divisive and harmful sex and race-based ideologies” in federal workplaces. President Joe Biden rescinded the order, instead issuing an order stating that his administration would pursue “a comprehensive approach to advancing equity for all.”

Angers Away

Over half a century before the Imperial German Navy launched its new and deadly method of undersea warfare against the Allied navies and merchant shipping in World War One, the Confederate Army was making history’s first successful submarine attack on an enemy warship.  On the night of February 17, 1864, First Lieutenant George E. Dixon, a former steamboat engineer before enlisting in the Confederate Army, and a crew of seven volunteers propelled their submersible vessel, the “H. L. Hunley,” toward its target.   Their prey was the Union’s powerful new sloop-of-war, the “USS Housatonic,” the primary warship then blockading Charleston Harbor. 

More @ The Abbeville Institute

How to Quickly Tell if You're a White Supremacist

 Via John


Virginia Parents Blast School Board Over Pornographic Books Assigned to Ninth Graders


“I grab her by the neck and start punching her,” the mother continues to read. Later, the narrator describes keeping the female “in a closet for a couple of days” where “she kept on screaming, begging to be let out. Begging for water.”

“Jasper wasn’t even my boyfriend, just this dude I did some hacking with once in a while,” the second mother reads. “He was pretty basic…but he had a big d***. And sometimes a girl just needs a big d***.

The fourth mother reads an excerpt where the narrator declares, “she sucked my d***. I didn’t really want it to happen, it just kinda did.” Another character in the book replies, “Wait a minute, is that what was really going on? She did your homework and you ate her c******!”
More @ WLT

Dominion And Maricopa County Board REFUSE To Hand Over Passwords

After the audit uncovered a deleted database, The Arizona State Senate has asked for passwords in order to investigate. Both Dominion and Maricopa co refused.

If something appears to be a blatant lie or a coverup to you, then it more than likely is. After all, look who we are dealing with here? Not exactly a group of people known for their honesty.

Here are the latest developments:

 More @ WLT