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No Need for Flower Girls

There will be no need today
for customs of the bereaved,
no need for lovely flower girls

to dress in angelic white,
or carry comforting bouquets.
There will be no need to walk

across fields for flowers
growing wild, perchance like
ones growing in the battlefield

whereupon they say he fell.
Carolina Lilies bow solemnly
as Featherbells slowly knell,

today they will remain where
Snow on the Mountain gently nod,
and Mourning Doves coo and cry out.

There will be no need for them
to arch a slow processional way,
his casket will not be coming by.

Page 42, The Thorny Truth and Their Civil War (The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina)
--Karen Kay Knauss (A gift from Tom at the 9th NC PATCON )

NC: Check out Chipmunk Road This Summer

 Map of Heintooga Ridge Rd, North Carolina
Chipmunk Road. That’s what I call it.  If you are one of the lucky adventurers to traverse Heintooga Ridge Road within the Great Smoky Mountains, you might agree with my name for the road!

Chipmunks are everywhere, emerging from and disappearing into expansive burrows, complete with chambers and tunnels, built into the roadbed itself.

How could it be?

First of all, if you are on a waterfall hunt or prefer fast drives along paved backroads, don’t take this route.  Chipmunk Road is for folks who appreciate driving slower than they can walk in order to take in all that nature has to offer from the comfort and safety of their vehicle.  So, open the car windows or put the top down, shift into the lowest gear, and enjoy the drive at 5 - 10 mph—max!  Without the windows down, most of the sounds, smells, and sights are missed.  Don’t worry about oncoming traffic — it is a 13-mile, one-way, unimproved, backcountry road, Subaru and dog approved.  Silence is mandatory, so consider leaving the kids and talkative friends and relatives at home.

Even during the height of tourist season, several days may go by without wildlife being disturbed at all except by occasional hikers making connections to Cataloochee and Mount Sterling.  On the average only a few drivers a day choose this route, and it is seasonally closed from November to late May.

Wikipedia Book Burning by Philip Leigh

Editor’s note: Mr. Leigh has published a new book titled The Confederacy at Flood Tide.  A sample chapter is available here.

I once attempted to correct a Wikipedia article by citing Robert Selph Henry’s 1938 The Story of Reconstruction. The change was automatically rejected by software explaining the book was an unacceptable source. Next, I changed the article’s mistake by citing Eric Foner’s Reconstruction: The Unfinished Revolution, which was published fifty years later.  Not surprisingly, it was accepted.

Born in 1889, Henry grew up in Nashville. His parents lived through Reconstruction. He graduated from Vanderbilt in 1911 where his professors knew people who had lived through the Civil War and Reconstruction. Henry added graduate work at Queens College in Cambridge. He was a lawyer until becoming a leading railroad industry executive. He wrote at least four American history books and a similar number on other topics.Three are still in print.

Modern critics accuse Henry of being ill informed about Reconstruction’s impact on African Americans. Nonetheless, his sources include a good representation of what was available in the 1930s including:

Repost: "Somebody need to pay for my 15 kids"

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It’s Time for the Elites to Rise Up Against the Ignorant Masses

Via Ryan "Look at these headlines in Foreign Policy. They're almost absurd coming from this supposedly level-headed rational intelligentsia for the Western elite and diplomatic corps. One advocates the secession of London from the UK to Europe, which will NEVER happen nor should it. The other says the elites need to rise up against the ignorant masses. It seems to parallel with the reality of how aloof Establishment Republican elites are, so called cuckservatives, in their denunciation of Trump, which is best exemplified by George Will and Irving Kristol who would seemingly rather have Hillary Clinton in the White House."


No, it’s Time for the Elites to be tarred and feathered for starters

I was born in 1954, and until now I would have said that the late 1960s was the greatest period of political convulsion I have lived through. Yet for all that the Vietnam War and the civil rights struggle changed American culture and reshaped political parties, in retrospect those wild storms look like the normal oscillations of a relatively stable political system. The present moment is different. Today’s citizen revolt — in the United States, Britain, and Europe — may upend politics as nothing else has in my lifetime. (That is the plan, big boy.)


Kerry says ISIS attacked Istanbul airport because they are 'desperate' and 'know they are losing'

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*If we knew he wasn't lying, we'd think he was an idiot.

Secretary Of State John Kerry said ISIS had begun targeting airports as *an act of despair in the face of defeat, hours after the attack that left up to 50 dead in Istanbul, Turkey.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the shootings and bombings at Ataturk airport but Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said all initial indications pointed to ISIS.

Kerry spoke about the attack Tuesday evening while at the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado, referring to ISIS as Daesh, CBS News reported.

'It has been more than one year since Daesh ISIS has actually launched a full scale military offensive, and that's because our coalition is moving relentlessly on every front,' he said.

More @ Daily Mail

NC: Lake Gaston Yields Third Blue Catfish State Record in Six Months

 Lake Gaston Yields Third Blue Catfish State Record in Six Months 
Benson angler Landon Evans, 15, holds the new state record for blue catfish - a 117-pound, 8 ounce fish, caught from Lake Gaston on June 11.
*LITTLETON, N.C. (June 21, 2016) — For the third time in six months, Lake Gaston has produced another blue catfish state record. The holder this time is 15-year-old Landon Evans, of Benson, who landed a 117-pound, 8-ounce whopper on June 11.
Evans caught the fish, which measured 55 inches in length and 40½ inches in girth, using cut shad as bait.
The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission confirmed the new state record after the fish was weighed on certified scales at Ace Hardware in Littleton and examined and identified by District 3 Assistant Fisheries Biologist Evan Cartabiano.
 More @ NC Wildlife

More Secession Theology: Thomas Smyth of Charleston


“The parties in this conflict are not merely Atheists, Socialists, Communists, Red Republicans, Jacobins on the one side, and the friends of order and regulated freedom on the other. In one word, the world is a battle-ground, Christianity and atheism the combatants, and the progress of humanity the stake.”
-- James Henley Thornwell


Lately there has been mention of Dr. Thomas Smyth in two Abbeville Institute blog and review posts, namely, “The Theology of Secession” by M. E. Bradford, and “What Lincoln’s Election Meant to the South” by Bradley J. Birzer. Having written about this Charleston clergyman in an upcoming book, I thought our readers might be interested in learning a little more about him.

Thomas Smyth (1808-1873), a native of Ireland, came to America as a young man and attended Princeton Theological Seminary. In 1831 he accepted a call from Second Presbyterian Church in Charleston, South Carolina, where he would serve as pastor for several decades. Upon his arrival in the city he was befriended by James Adger, a wealthy Charleston businessman and a fellow native of Belfast. Smyth soon developed an attachment to Adger’s daughter Margaret and married her in 1832.

The Adgers were a devout family, and when Smyth’s brother-in-law James B. Adger returned to Charleston from foreign mission work in 1847, he dedicated his life to “the religious instruction of the negroes in Charleston.” Lamenting an inadequacy in “church accommodations” for them, as well as “a want of suitable instruction,” Adger, Dr. Smyth, and others advocated the establishment of a “separate colored church.” The Episcopalians had already had organized Calvary Church in Charleston for this purpose, and though it initially met with opposition by some of the white citizens, the congregation (which included white members) flourished.

Multiculturalism: A Failed Concept By Walter E. Williams

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared that multiculturalism has “utterly failed,” adding that it was an illusion to think Germans and foreign workers could “live happily side by side.” The failure of multiculturalism is also seen in Denmark, Sweden, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium and other European countries. Immigrants coming from Africa and the Middle East refuse to assimilate and instead seek to import the failed cultures they fled.

Leftist diversity advocates and multiculturalists are right to argue that people of all races, religions and cultures should be equal in the eyes of the law. But their argument borders on idiocy when they argue that one set of cultural values cannot be judged superior to another and that to do so is Eurocentrism.
That’s unbridled nonsense.

More @ LRC

Pro-Hillary group takes $200K in banned donations

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A super-PAC backing Hillary Clinton has accepted $200,000 in donations from a company holding multiple contracts with the federal government — despite a ban on such contributions.

According to a review of contributions by The Hill, Boston-based Suffolk Construction made two contributions of $100,000 to Priorities USA, which is backing the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

At the time it made the contributions, Suffolk held multiple contracts worth $976,560 with the Department of Defense for maintenance and construction projects at a Naval base in Newport, R.I., and the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, N.Y., according to the government website

More @ The Hill

"An interesting take on Chief Squaw Warren and Crooked Hillary"

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Mark "Oz" Geist: Stop Clinton, Vote Trump

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Mark 'Oz' Geist Recounts Harrowing Night in Benghazi |

Police Interrogate Third Grader For Brownie Comment at School Party

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A third grader had made a comment about the brownies being served to the class. After another student exclaimed that the remark was "racist," the school called the Collingswood Police Department, according to the mother of the boy who made the comment.

The police officer spoke to the student, who is 9, said the boy's mother, Stacy dos Santos, and local authorities.

Dos Santos said that the school overreacted and that her son made a comment about snacks, not skin color.

"He said they were talking about brownies. . . . Who exactly did he offend?" dos Santos said.

The boy's father was contacted by Collingswood police later in the day. Police said the incident had been referred to the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency. The student stayed home for his last day of third grade

More @ The Inquirer

Marines, Never Deployed, Changed Clothes 4 Times During Benghazi Attack

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................... one commander told the committee that as they were readying themselves to deploy they kept having to change in and out of their uniforms four times.
They ended up not deploying at all. Four Americans were murdered in a coordinated terrorist attack that had nothing to do with any stupid YouTube video, but at least the Obama administration didn’t have to deal with an embarrassing fashion faux pas.

It’s not the Marines’ fault, of course. I’m sure they wanted to go save our people. They actually care about America and Americans more than their own skins, unlike the people giving them their orders.
Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and everyone else who lied about Benghazi have disgraced themselves every step of the way.

Article @ The Daily Caller

We're Putting It Back: 11 AM July 10th 2016 South Carolina State House

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BREXIT and Southern Nationalism

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BREXIT’s triumph fans the flames of secession
BREXIT triumphed at the polls.

The fact that the United Kingdom has voted to peacefully secede from the European Union, which brings with it the possibility that Scotland might hold a second vote on seceding from the UK, has changed overnight the political landscape of secessionist movements all over the world.

It just so happened that the result of the BREXIT vote came in late at night on the eve of the 2016 League of the South National Conference. I’ve been wrapped up for days now and haven’t had the chance to fully digest the news. The BREXIT vote couldn’t have come at a better time in light of the renewed debate we have been having over violence and vanguardists. After this, it is safe to say that for now the mainstreamers, or “the moderates” as we are derisively called, have decisively won the argument.


  • Brexit is a true black swan.  Nobody in the mainstream, including the Leave camp, saw it coming.  Even now, based on the analysis being written, few people understand why it won.  Why did it win?  The cosmopolitan, financialized elites saw their incomes grow with globalization, but the deals they struck to "earn" those gains required throwing the bottom 60-70% of the country under the economic bus.  In fact, nearly all of the fast rise out of poverty seen globally was achieved by economically damaging the working populations of the developed world (particularly in the US and the UK).  That lopsided deal is a bomb of anger that has been growing for years.  A bomb that is now going off in the US and the UK.  Strangely, nobody in the establishment is willing to do what is necessary to defuse this bomb.  This means it will get much worse before it gets better.
  • The response to Brexit will damage nation-state legitimacy.  Efforts to ignore the vote, delay the effects of the vote, and water down the effects of the vote will achieve only one thing:  it will show that the remote technocrats have more legitimacy than the vestiges of democracy that are left.

New Documents Suggest IRS’s Lerner Likely Broke the Law

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Recently obtained documents raise new questions about Lois Lerner’s role in sending confidential tax returns to the Justice Department. It is likely the largest unauthorized disclosure of tax-return information in history: the transfer of some 1.25 million pages of confidential tax returns from the IRS to the Department of Justice in October of 2010. And it was almost certainly illegal.

Revenge Of The Rubes——Why They Days Of The Financial Elite’s Rule Are Numbered

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Talk about not waiting for the body to get cold. The establishment oracles are out in force today proclaiming that Brexit has already been cancelled. Apparently, like in the case of the first negative vote on TARP, two days of currency and stock market turmoil have taught the rubes who voted for it the errors of their ways.

The argument is that the unwashed masses outside of Greater London have shot themselves in the foot economically based on some atavistic fears of immigrants and cultural globalization.

Racism even. But right soon they will demanding a second referendum in order to get back on the EU’s purported economic gravy train.

Thus, Gideon Rachman, one of the Financial Times’ numerous globalist scolds, professed that his depression about the Brexit vote has already given way to a worldly vision of relief:

Bernie Sanders: Democrats Need to Wake Up

Via Peter
The notion that Donald Trump could benefit from the same forces that gave the Leave proponents a majority in Britain should sound an alarm for the Democratic Party in the United States. Millions of American voters, like the Leave supporters, are understandably angry and frustrated by the economic forces that are destroying the middle class.

EU to Britain: No access to single market without migration

European Union leaders spelled out stark conditions for a new relationship with a departing Britain on Wednesday, warning that if British business wants to keep access to Europe's single market, the country must accept European workers, too.

The leaders produced no clear rehaul for their shaken union after an unusual and emotionally charged summit, but agreed they must make it more relevant to citizens and keep it from disintegrating after Britain's unprecedented vote to leave. The 27 remaining presidents, chancellors and prime ministers said they're "absolutely determined to remain united," EU Council President Donald Tusk said.

More @ Yahoo

Lost and Lonely Graves

 black sad his name is unknown.
Confederate cemetery. Chattanooga, Tennessee.:
Emily Morton 

"Black sad his name is unknown. Confederate Cemetery. Chattanooga, Tennessee."


He will not be coming home
from war, like those soldier boys
who belonged to the higher class.

He will not be laid to rest in
a fenced and flowery place with
loved ones who shared his name,

-the one he signed with a
young and trembling hand, then
pinned upon his pounding chest.

He will not be coming home
from war, like those soldier boys
who lie in lost and lonely graves.

Page 41, The Thorny Truth and Their Civil War (The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina)
--Karen Kay Knauss (A gift from Tom at the 9th NC PATCON

The Virginia Flaggers Kick It Up A Notch!

The Va Flaggers are on the Boulevard in Richmond at the ‪#‎VMFA‬, and testing out the latest weapon in the Flagger arsenal and are proud to introduce ...


This vehicle was a news station satellite truck in its former life. Now it's been outfitted to extend a 70' pole and fly a 10x15 flag!

Still some body, paint and detail work to be completed, but we wanted to give her a test run. What do y'all think?

RETURN the flags!
RESTORE the honor!