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A suggestion for the NRA . . .

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. . . and for Gun Owners of America, and the Second Amendment Foundation, and Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, and the Pink Pistols, and any and all other pro-Second-Amendment and pro-gun-rights groups.

It appears certain that the Administration is going to take action to restrict or take away some or all of our Second Amendment rights and freedoms.  Vice-President Biden made that clear today.  As I pointed out on Monday:

I believe there is enough enmity stored up in Washington against the NRA, gun-owners in general, and those whom President Obama once accused of 'clinging to guns and religion', that those now in power are acting out of a sense of vengefulness.  They appear to actively want to provoke a conflict with gun-owners and their political representatives, because they believe that the Newtown massacre has given them sufficient political capital and popular momentum to force such measures down the throats of the American people - even if they're blatantly un-Constitutional.

Very well.  The Administration is going to fight on our turf . . . so why don't we, the firearm owners and Second Amendment supporters of America, fight on theirs?  If they want a fight, let's give them one!

My proposal is this.  Last month I noted that certain states with Republican-controlled legislatures and/or governors were considering changes to how they appointed their representatives to the Electoral College every four years, to elect the President.  Instead of giving all their electors to the presidential candidate who gained the majority of votes in their State, they're thinking of allocating them on the basis of each congressional district.  The candidate who gets the most votes in each congressional district would get that district's electoral vote.  The two electors per state who represent its Senate seats could go to either the presidential candidate winning the popular vote in that state, or the candidate winning the majority of its congressional districts.

The National Journal observed:

Any changes to the allocation of Electoral College votes would have a major impact on each party's path to the White House. Eighteen states and the District of Columbia have given Democrats their collective 246 electoral votes in each of the last six elections. That virtually forces Republicans to run the swing-state table.

But rewriting the rules would dramatically shrink or eliminate the Democratic advantage, because of the way House districts are drawn. The decennial redistricting process has dumped huge percentages of Democratic voters into some urban districts, while Republican voters are spread over a wider number of districts, giving the party an advantage. This year, Democratic House candidates won more than 1 million more votes than Republican candidates, but Republicans won 33 more seats.

And if Republicans go ahead with their plan, Democrats don't have the option of pushing back. After the 2010 wave, Democrats control all levers of government in only one state -- West Virginia -- that Romney won this year. Some consistently blue presidential states have Republican legislatures; the reverse is not true.

There's more at the link.  If this plan had been in force last year, Hot Air produced this graphical representation of Congressional districts to illustrate how it would have affected the 2012 Presidential race:

If that plan had been in effect across the country last year, we would now be preparing for the inauguration of President Romney.

I propose that the NRA, GOA, SAF, JPFO, PP and every other pro-gun organization out there put all their political clout, influence, fund-raising abilities, and grass-roots support behind persuading the legislatures of as many states as possible to adopt this change.  According to Wikipedia, the Republican Party currently controls 27 out of the 50 states, and shares control of a number more.  I'm sure there are conservative, Second-Amendment-supporting Democrats in some of the latter states who could be persuaded to support such a measure.

If we all work together, and work hard, I see no reason why, by the next Presidential election in 2016, more than 30 states could not have adopted this approach.  I think this would so drastically reduce the collective strength of the 'blue vote' that it would dramatically alter the US political landscape . . . and suitably punish President Obama and the Democratic Party for their current slash-and-burn drive to demonize Second Amendment supporters, and limit or minimize their constitutional rights.

I, for one, am not prepared to tolerate such action on the part of the Administration;  and if they want to play rough, I think the firearms owners of America are numerous enough, and angry enough, to take the fight to them.  This is one way we can do so which is entirely legal, doesn't involve any violence or criminal action at all, but can nevertheless deal a stunning, perhaps crippling blow to our enemies' political aspirations.

How about it?

I'd like to ask all my blogger friends who read this to please publicize the idea, and my readers who are supporters of the Second Amendment to get hold of their political representatives and gun rights organizations to which they belong, and ask them to support it.  Let's see what we can do.


PANIC: One Million AR-15 Magazines On Backorder

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According to the gun review site, "Haus of Guns," backorders for the Magpul AR-15 30-round magazine ("PMAG") have surpassed one million.

In a Facebook post dated today, January 9, Haus of Guns writes the following:

"Had breakfast with a buddy who has reasonably close ties to the Magpul family.  Word is the great PMAG panic backorder of 2012/13 has topped 1 million at Magpul HQ."

Magpul is a designer and manufacturer of firearms accessories.  The PMAG is one of their most popular products.  It is a 30-round magazine designed for the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.

Sales of firearms, ammunition and firearms accessories have surged in recent weeks over fears that the Obama administration will soon implement stricter gun laws.

Dianne Fenstien (D-Calif.) plans on introducing legislation that would ban military-style weapons and high-capacity magazines.

Because the PMAG holds 30 rounds, it would fall under the definition of "high-capacity" in the Feinstein bill.

But, before any such legislation occurs, gun enthusiasts are scouring the nation to get their hands on what could be some of the last manufactured PMAGs.


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Two for dinner, please

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Police And Military , It's Time To Choose Which Side YOU Will Stand With

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High Crimes


Springfield Armory M1A Bush Rifle, 308, 18'' Barrel, Used. $2,179.95


Batch of police-trade-ins now available. Springfield Armory M1A Bush Rifles, semi auto, in 308 Caliber. They feature an 18'' chrome moly barrel with muzzle brake/stabilizer, military front sight, aperture rear sight, and 2 stage military trigger. Includes one 20rd magazine. These rifles are police trade-ins in solid condition with very good bores and very good mechanical condition. They have black synthetic stocks that will show scratches and finish wear from patrol use, with various styles of buttpad, swivels, and accessory mounting options. Your chance to own one of the great American rifles!


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Software installation

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The 2nd and Real Feminists

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3 Types of AKs in stock but expensive: $999.99

Yugo M70 AB2 Underfold AK-47 Rifle - 7.62x39 caliber

Yugo M70 AB2 Underfold AK-47 Rifle  - 7.62x39 caliber

AK Rifle Model GP1975 , Semi-Auto, 7.62x39 with 30 Round Mag

AK Rifle Model GP1975 , Semi-Auto, 7.62x39 with 30 Round Mag

Romanian AK-47 Rifle w/ Wood Stock and Wood Forearm, 45 Degree Compensator, Bayonet Lug

Romanian AK-47 Rifle w/ Wood Stock and Wood Forearm, 45 Degree Compensator, Bayonet Lug 


 PPS-43C Pistol

PPS-43C Pistol

 two- 35rd mags

  MSRP: $449.99  |  Your Price: $399.99

Last Line of Defense - Trailer

Printed AR-15 Magazine data now free for all

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Defense Distributed has created a website that is the "island of misfit (firearms) objects" that others have censored from the web. Chief among these are the data to print a complete, functional AR15 magazine, including the spring.

The current data is limited to a five round design, but it appears that it could easily be altered to a 10, 20, or 30 round design, especially if the maker is willing to add cheap and reliable steel springs.

The necessary springs can be hand made from wire, if desired.

Defcad AR-15 Magazine Link
Dean Weingarten

Biden: Executive action can be taken on guns

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 Kiss my ruddy, red rectum.

Vice President Joe Biden indicated Wednesday that the president will be able to take executive action to combat gun violence as he kicked off one of several meetings this week in response to the Newtown shooting.

"We're here today to deal with a problem that requires immediate action, urgent action," Biden said at the start of a meeting with leaders from gun control groups and several victims of gun violence.
"The president is going to act. There are executive orders, executive action that can be taken. We haven't decided what that is yet, but we're compiling it all ... as well as legislative action, we believe, is required," he said.

Among the attendees at Wednesday's meeting, Biden said, "There is a pretty wide consensus on three or four or five things in the gun safety area that could and should be done."

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Grab Yer Muskets!

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I’ve been hearing much blathering in the media, as well in personal discussion, that the “arms” referred to in the Constitution’s second amendment apply only to flintlocks and muskets. That our current “weapons of war” are just to darn powerful for we mere serfs to handle, and should be left to the “professionals”. Well, though I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here, let’s look at that idea;

Maybe we should go back to using ye olde English longbow- due to the speed at which your average longbowman could shoot, this weapon is widely considered the “machine gun” of the middle ages. Hell, that thing was capable of shooting “armor piercing” rounds as well! It was powerful enough to punch through some pretty darn thick plate and kill the guy underneath it.  I’m sure they capped their quiver capacity at ten arrows, just to be safe though.

And what about the lever action- that damn Yankee gun you load on Sunday and shoot all week? The weapon the Indians used to absolutely massacre Custer. Up to a 15 round magazine with those. Oh right, those are acceptable because you have to re-charge the gun for each shot, and they just shoot a pistol cartridge anyway. Silly me.

And then we come to the musket, flintlock, or whatever the hell you feel like calling it. The height of technology of it’s time, launching a .68 caliber ball of lead at a serious velocity, and dear God, is that a bayonet lug? Sure it only fired one round every minute or two, but there’s a good reason why every major army in the world at the time dumped their bows in favor of these. Why?


                                                 More @ The Chickens Have Had Enough 

The Resistance Rises


I have published and the book is currently available on the CreateSpace estore HERE and it has just appeared on HERE

The Kindle version is on AVAILABLE HERE.
For my blog readers, I am offering a discount code for 15% off the book list price for a limited time. Apply the following code to your CreateSpace or purchase to redeem the discount: N9AXEJJQ
'Patriot Dawn' is my first novel and the writing was emotionally draining. I hope it achieves what it was intended to achieve. Like 'Contact!' and 'Rapid Fire!' the intent of the book is to get tactical information out there. As a novel, Patriot Dawn tried to do this in a different way by telling a story and using that story as a vehicle for tactical descriptions and information, as part of the action.
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Obama EPA regulations kill 15 power plants, 480 jobs in Georgia


Georgia Power asked state regulators for permission to shut down 15 power plants yesterday, claiming new regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) make the plants too expensive to run.

The 15 coal-, oil- and natural gas-fired power plants currently produce 2,061 megawatts (MW) for Georgia energy consumers. Georgia Power plans to close 11 of the plants on the exact day the EPA’s new mercury regulations are set to take effect, April 16, 2015. Georgia Power will seek waivers from the EPA to keep four of the other plants open for a single year, and then shut those down too on April 16, 2016. It is unclear how the Georgia energy sector will make the 2 gigawatts up.

The EPA claims its new mercury regulation will produce $140 billion in annual benefits, but only $6 million of the benefits come from actual mercury reductions. According to Dr. Anne Smith, Senior Vice President of NERA Economic Consulting’s Global Environment Group, effectively all of the EPA’s estimated benefits come from “coincidental reductions” of fine particulate matter. But fine particulate matter is already regulated by a separate section of the Clean Air Act.

The plant closures will cause at least 480 fewer power plant jobs and higher electricity rates for all Georgia energy consumers.

Burlington VT, City Council approves gun ban


A passionate crowd - many in blaze orange - packed City Hall Monday night. Most of whom were there to voice concern and contest the proposed change to the city charter.

"It's not really good to pass feel good legislations," said one gun rights advocate to the city council.
The proposed amendment banning semi-automatic assault weapons and multiple ammunition clips came from Norm Blais, (D-Burlington City Council) in the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

"To those people who say we don't need this legislation in Burlington because nothing like this has ever happened here before, well the people of Newtown, Conn. could have said that before Dec. 15th," Blais said.

But at least one crowd member says emotions shouldn't cloud lawmaking judgment.

"I think it's a dangerous course to let emotions get into the driver's seat when writing legislation that could potentially infringe on constitutional rights," said Matt Storer, a member of the public in attendance.
And he wasn't the only one concerned with the Constitution. Applause echoed almost every speaker who mentioned the 2nd amendment.

More @ WCAX

AIG considers suing government for bailing it out

AIG Bailout 

Fresh from launching a branding campaign to try to rechristen itself as a paragon of patriotism, the giant insurer American International Group is reportedly weighing a step that would remind America just why everyone got so darn mad in the first place.

The board of AIG, according to the New York Times, is weighing whether to join a $25 billion lawsuit against the U.S. government for forcing unacceptably high losses on shareholders in its bailout. The argument is that this violated the Fifth Amendment’s prohibition on the government seizing private property without just compensation.

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How home schooling threatens monopoly education

Couldn't make me happier.:)

"What about home schooling? You know, it's not just for scary religious people any more." That's a line from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and it should strike fear into the hearts, not of vampires, but of public-school administrators everywhere.

The fact is, Americans across the country -- but especially in large, urban school systems -- are voting with their feet and abandoning traditional public schools, to the point that teachers are facing layoffs. Some are going to charter schools, which are still public but are run more flexibly. Some are leaving for private schools. But many others are going another step beyond traditional education, and switching to online school or even pure home schooling.

And, as Buffy so accurately noted, it's not just "scary religious people." In fact, rather than scary, those religious people are looking more like trendsetters. A recent piece in The Atlantic told of purely secular parents' decision to take their kids out of New York public schools and home school instead:

More @ USA Today

A Sellout, A Panic, or A War?


We began our annual hiatus with the distribution of the Outdoor Wire Digital Network with our Friday, December 14 edition. Only a few hours later, a disturbed kid and his stolen guns rampaging at Sandy Hook Elementary School in suburban Connecticut may have single-handedly reversed the political landscape for gun owners.

Trying to put the happenings, hysteria and hype of the past few days in perspective isn’t going to happen in a single column. Only time will put this in perspective.

Since the shooting the market for guns in an already hot marketplace has superheated. Literally anything that attaches to, feeds, or otherwise supports the function of the modern sporting rifle has been snapped up by gun owners concerned that big changes are ahead. Ditto ammunition and many handguns like those carried by the military and police officers.

Barring our changing the way we deal with a crisis like this one, those changes are more than a possibility.

Today, Senator Dianne Feinstein will introduce proposed legislation that would impact every gun owner. If you’ve not already read her bill, I’d direct you to Feinstein’s Senate website for her identification of the bill’s key elements:

Passed – in any form – Senator Feinstein’s bill would permanently change our world. Having seen a ten year ban on “assault rifles” expire, Feinstein’s learned her lesson. She’s taken considerable pains to address subtle points unaddressed in the previous ban. If you own a modern sporting rifle or any other firearm capable of accepting more than a ten-round fuel supply, her bill assures that you’ll be one step closer to being required to either a) register or, b) surrender that firearm or be declared a criminal.

Not for something you did illegally, but for owning something you believe is your inalienable right to own.

The fact you’ve done nothing wrong does not matter.

 More @ DRTV

Surrender Is Never an Option


The first phase of surrender is failing to be armed, trained and committed to fight. We are prepared to surrender when we are unprepared to resist. The second phase of surrender is failing to be alert. You must see trouble coming in order to have time to respond. The warning may be less than one second but it will be there and it must be recognized and acted upon immediately.

The Third phase of surrender is giving up your weapons.

The last phase of surrender is up to the monsters who have taken control of your life and perhaps the lives of your loved ones. The last phase of surrender is out of your hands.

Surrender during war

During the American Revolution 12,000 Colonists captured by the British died in captivity on prison ships, while only 8,000 died in battle. Had the 12,000 who surrendered continued to fight, many would have survived and they could have done great damage to the British and likely shortened the war.
Civil War prisoners were treated so badly that some 50,000 died in captivity. More Americans have been killed by Americans than by any foreign army in any war. Six hundred and eighteen thousand Americans died in the Civil War.

As many as 18,000 captured American and Pilipino prisoners died or were murdered at the hands of the Japanese during the six days of the “Bataan Death March.” Had most of these soldiers slipped into the jungle and fought as guerrillas they could have tied up elements of the Japanese Army for months or years and perhaps more of them would have survived the war.

Of the Americans who actually reached Japanese prison camps during the war, nearly 50,000 died in captivity. That is  more than 10 percent of all the American military deaths in the entire war in both the Pacific and European theaters combined.

In addition to the 50,000 captured Americans who died in Japanese prison camps an additional 20,000 were murdered before reaching a prison camp. If those 70,000 Americans had continued to fight, they could have provided time for the United States to build and maneuver its forces, perhaps shortening the war and saving even more lives. Some of them would have likely survived the war. If they had all died in battle their fate would have been no worse.

During the early stages of the “Battle of the Bulge” American soldiers were massacred by the German troops who captured them.

During the Vietnam conflict many American Prisoners Of War were tortured daily for years by the Communist North Vietnamese. Many Americans died during the process. Only Officers (Airmen) held in North Vietnam were ever repatriated. Enlisted Americans captured in South Viet Nam were routinely tortured, mutilated and murdered by the Communists. As a combat soldier and knowing my fate should I be captured, I was committed to fighting to the death. I made specific plans to force the enemy to kill me rather than allow myself to be captured.

In recent years, American troops captured by Islamic terrorists groups have virtually all been tortured and murdered in gruesome fashion. If I were fighting in the Middle East, I would make a similar vow and plan to fight to the death. Under no circumstances would I allow myself to be captured by our Islamic enemies.

Death by Government

More @ DRTV

NC: Glen Bradley and Nathaniel Macon


 Glen Bradley came to our first PATCON.  A gentleman. Too bad he lost.

“McCrory offered voters an appealing resume combining public service and business experience, along with an optimistic vision for the State. He was an attractive candidate with ideas that met the times, showing that it takes more than money or campaign staff to win an election. Sometimes, a candidate highlights issues that aren’t relevant to the office he is seeking. Outgoing State Rep. Glen Bradley, R-Franklin, tried to bring a Ron Paul agenda to the General Assembly, supporting bills that would ban the enforcement of some federal regulations within North Carolina’s borders, and expressing support for a State-based currency.  

The GOP’s nominee for State Treasurer, Steve Royal, spoke of a “regional” currency backed by North Carolina and neighboring States. These ideas were not high priorities for voters looking for effective representation in Raleigh from Bradley or competent investment management from Royal.  Bradley ran for a Senate seat and finished a distant third in a three-way primary. Royal lost to incumbent Treasurer Janet Cowell.  Liberals might say these unsuccessful candidates shared one characteristic: They were backed by the Tea Party and the conservative grassroots.”

(Ideas Matter, and So Do Candidates, Rick Henderson, Carolina Journal, December 

[Editor’s Note: Royal ran as a Republican but the State party all but endorsed his Democratic opponent, and refused him campaign funding.]  


North Carolina’s Very Prescient Nathaniel Macon:

Nathaniel Macon on Government Power:

“We go on deciding [on political issues] without looking at the Constitution; and I suppose we will, in a few years, do as was done in England – we shall appoint a committee to hunt for precedents.  My heart is full when I think of all this; and what is to become of us I cannot say. This government was intended to be a limited one….

Mr. Macon said he would beg leave to call the attention of the Senate to a celebrated report [by Thomas Jefferson], made in Virginia in 1799, for a true exposition of the constitutional powers of this government.  If there was reason to be alarmed at the growing power of the general government, how much more has taken place since?  Congress now stopped at nothing, which it deemed expedient, and the Constitution was construed to give power to any grand scheme.  This change was brought about little by little….The end of them all would be in the vulgar tongue, taxation.”

Brass vs. Steel Cased Ammo - An Epic Torture Test

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 A table indicating the reliability of each manufacturer's rounds.

There are two major types of centerfire rifle cartridges available on the market today:
  • Those which are loaded with steel, and
  • Those which are loaded with brass
This seemingly simple variation has caused a never ending stream of argument, discussion, speculation, and questioning from new and seasoned shooters alike. Complicating the conversation are other variables that typically get lumped into the argument without proper segmentation, such as:
  • The different coating options available on the steel-cased ammo (lacquer or polymer)
  • The different projectile loadings available (copper jacketed lead, the bi-metal coating that most Russian manufacturers use, etc)
  • The different propellant (gunpowder) burn rates
Our team decided to try something ambitious and daunting: to provide the best resource and data available to answer these questions once and for all through objective experimentation and observation.
We realize this is a lofty and borderline arrogant goal. We've done our best. Please keep reading to see if you agree.
Here's what we did:          

                                                            More @ Lucky Gunner 

GRNC Alert 1-9-13: Obama plans gun registration; the necessary prelude to confiscation

"White House weighs broad gun-control agenda ..."

So read a recent headline to a “Washington Post” article which dispels any remaining doubt that current administrative proposals are limited to semi-automatic firearms. Noting that Obama is trying to recruit large gun retailers such as Wal Mart, the piece goes on to say:
“The White House is weighing a far broader and more comprehensive approach to curbing the nation’s gun violence than simply reinstating an expired ban on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition, according to multiple people involved in the administration’s discussions.

“A working group led by Vice President Biden is seriously considering measures backed by key law enforcement leaders that would require
universal background checks for firearm buyers, track the movement and sale of weapons through a national database, strengthen mental health checks, and stiffen penalties for carrying guns near schools or giving them to minors, the sources said.”


Hunters, concealed handgun permit-holders, and others who think this is just about so-called “assault weapons” can now wake up and smell the coffee: Obama is proposing nothing less than universal gun registration. And as we have seen in Britain, Australia and even the City of New York, registration is the necessary prelude to confiscation.


You need to tell friends and neighbors that this is no longer about ugly-looking black guns, but rather about the intent of federal police agencies to track and monitor the 40+% of the American public who have the audacity to own guns.

It isn’t about “assault weapons,” it isn’t even about gun control: This is now about preserving the very freedoms guaranteed you by the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

As reward for your efforts to preserve freedom, incidentally, USA TODAY just branded you a “special interest” which is on the “ideological fringe.” Will you let them define freedom as “extremism?


It is time to demonstrate to legislators that you are serious about defending your rights. GRNC will give you the opportunity to just that: On Wednesday, January 23 at 12:00 PM, we are holding the Second Amendment Freedom Rally at the General Assembly in Raleigh. Yes, it is during the week, when you work. But it is the only time when we can be sure legislators will see you and get your message, namely that “COMPROMISE” ON GUN RIGHTS IS NOT AN OPTION.

Speakers and agenda will be announced in coming days, but first we need to know whether you are coming and how many you will bring, so respond by sending a message to:

This address is not for information. Use the subject line: “__ people will attend”, indicating the number of people, including yourself, that you are bringing. Do not put anything into the body of the message.

Where: Halifax Mall between the Legislative Building and Legislative Office Building in Raleigh. The General Assembly is at: 16 West Jones Street, Raleigh, NC 27601

When: Wednesday, January 23 at 12:00 PM

Why: Because your rights depend on it

The coalition organized by GRNC and others continues to grow, and now includes 34 participating gun rights organizations, including 6 national organizations and 34 state groups. Most recently, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership signed on. For a full list, go to: 

                                                                          More @ GRNC



Richmond Must Fall to a Republican General


General George B. McClellan believed that the War against the American South should be “conducted according to the established usage of civilized nations,” not against civilians, and with an intent to minimize destruction and casualties. 

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Richmond Must Fall to a Republican General:

“McClellan’s troubles began when some Democratic papers in early 1862 began touting him as a presidential candidate in 1864. This was not his doing, but it sealed his fate. The Republicans in Congress and the White House realized that they had a problem: Were McClellan to capture Richmond, he would pose a serious threat to Lincoln’s reelection. In other words, military victory in 1862 meant political defeat in 1864. 

[The Republicans] could not demote McClellan, however: He was too popular and respected, and they had no reason they could give for doing so. Their only was out  of this dilemma was for McClellan and the Army of the Potomac to fail.  And it appears that Lincoln and his new Secretary of War, Edwin M. Stanton, deliberately sabotaged McClellan’s peninsular campaign.

….McClellan was right to advance on Richmond from the east, via the peninsula between the James and York Rivers, as opposed to the overland route favored by the [Lincoln] administration. It was shorter, had fewer natural obstacles, and could be supplied and reinforced easily by sea, but it was McClellan’s plan, and that doomed it. 

At the outset of the campaign, the President, after assuring McClellan otherwise, transferred [General Louis] Blenker’s division to General [John] Fremont in the Shenandoah Valley; then he withheld [General Irvin] McDowell’s Corps (for the defense of Washington, he claimed).  That was 50,000 troops. A member of his staff told him: “General, the authorities at Washington are painfully afraid that you will succeed in taking Richmond, and therefore are stripping your army in the beginning.”

So, when the Seven Days battles commenced in late June [1862], McClellan, on the offensive, was outnumbered (101,000 to 112,000).  

These engagements hardly amounted to the decisive repulse they are sometimes described as. McClellan’s command suffered fewer casualties than did the Confederates (15,849 to 20,614), little equipment or supplies were lost, and his new position on the James River was secure; with reinforcements, he could had resumed the offensive in August. 

The President’s decision to terminate the campaign and withdraw McClellan’s army was not a military one. Gen. John Pope’s Army of Virginia was ready to march south. Richmond would be taken by a Republican general, or not at all.  Pope issued orders that essentially authorized the plundering of civilians and the destruction of property. The reign of arson and theft had begun.

When McClellan heard of the new policy, he was appalled and vowed never to carry it out: “I will not permit this army to degenerate into a mob of thieves.” He later sent a letter of rebuke to Lincoln: The war “should be conducted according to the highest principles known to Christian civilization. It should not be….a War upon population; but against armed forces and political organizations.”

(The Path Not Taken, H.A. Scott Trask, Chronicles Magazine, February 2006, (excerpt) page 33)