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Decline Of The West: VMI Goes Soft

The flag and the emblem of the Four Moors

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" 1096, King Pietro I from Aragona won the fight of Alcoraz against the Saracens (Muslim peoples)....... during the bloody fight a white dressed knight with a red cross on his chest appeared and repulsed the terrified Saracens: only then they understood that the man was St. Giorgio, who left the cut off heads of the four defeated kings in the battlefield."
Brilliant contributions, indeed. VMI's contribution is an attempt to brainwash our future leaders. BT)
"The brilliant contributions"

"Never did a nation molest, degrade, debase, and hate us as much as they."
-- (Rambam) Maimonides

The rest.

“Jews Wait, Army Of Mohammed Is Coming”

Weasel Zippers

"Tunisia being recently freed of a long-time dictator who kept a tight lid on Islamism, Egypt’s Islamists must be feeling equally free to express their true intentions.

Here’s a new video of the event antisemitic Islamists on Friday to the Great Synagogue of Tunis. The demonstrators shouted anti-Semitic slogans: 'Jews Wait army of Mohammed is coming back!', 'We’ll redo the Battle of Khaybar' recalling the victory of the Prophet on the Jews in 628 and the traditional 'ouakbar Allah!'"

No Signs Of Intelligence

"At any given moment there is an orthodoxy, a body of ideas which it is assumed all right-thinking people will accept without question. It is not exactly forbidden to state this or that or the other, but it is 'not done'... Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness."
-- George Orwell
Well, the title ties right in with an old post. BT
Obama's Supposedly IQ Of 116 May Be Too Generous


"After the CIA director began reporting intelligence he obtained from his TV set and the Director of Intelligence claimed the Muslim Brotherhood was a secular organization, it's obvious that there isn't a trace of intelligence in the Obama Administration.

To recap Obama's foreign policy triumphs, he snubbed England, tried and failed to intimidate the little country of Honduras, picked a fight with Israel over some houses in Jerusalem, tried to budge China on its currency and got nowhere, got played by Russia on the START treaty and now helped overthrow a pro-American government in order to replace it with an anti-American government. It seemed impossible that anyone in the White House could ever top Carter-- but Barack Hussein Obama has done it in only 2 years. What he will do in his remaining time doesn't bear thinking about."

Via Western Rifle Shooters Association

Day By Day


These Days Only Cargo Pants & Shorts Suffice

Arpaio May Run For Senate!

“Some may find this hard to believe, but based on these numbers, I’m simply speechless. But I will say that I’m honored and humbled by the outpouring of support. It means a lot to me and that’s putting it lightly.”

Obama's FY2012 Budget: Taxes, Taxes, & More Taxes

Obama tax plan

Americans For Tax Reform
President Obama released his budget this morning. Rather than focusing on Washington’s over-spending problem, the budget calls for higher taxes on families and small businesses to pay for even more government spending. Under the Obama budget, tax revenues will grow from 14.4% of GDP in 2011 to 20% of GDP in 2021. By comparison, the historical average is only 18% of GDP.

Tax hike lowlights include:

  • Raising the top marginal income tax rate (at which a majority of small business profits face taxation) from 35% to 39.6%. This is a $709 billion/10 year tax hike
  • Raising the capital gains and dividends rate from 15% to 20%
  • Raising the death tax rate from 35% to 45% and lowering the death tax exemption amount from $5 million ($10 million for couples) to $3.5 million. This is a $98 billion/ten year tax hike
  • Capping the value of itemized deductions at the 28% bracket rate. This will effectively cut tax deductions for mortgage interest, charitable contributions, property taxes, state and local income or sales taxes, out-of-pocket medical expenses, and unreimbursed employee business expenses. A new means-tested phaseout of itemized deductions limits them even more. This is a $321 billion/ten year tax hike
  • New bank taxes totaling $33 billion over ten years
  • New international corporate tax hikes totaling $129 billion over ten years
  • New life insurance company taxes totaling $14 billion over ten years
  • Massive new taxes on energy, including LIFO repeal, Superfund, domestic energy manufacturing, and many others totaling $120 billion over ten years
  • Increasing unemployment payroll taxes by $15 billion over ten years
  • Taxing management capital gains in an investment partnership (“carried interest”) as ordinary income. This is a tax hike of $15 billion over ten years
  • A giveaway to the trial lawyers—not letting companies deduct the cost of punitive damages from a lawsuit settlement. This is a tax hike of $300 million over ten years
  • Increasing tax penalties, information reporting, and IRS information sharing. This is a ten-year tax hike of $20 billion.

Add it all together, and this budget is a ten-year, $1.5 trillion tax hike over present law. That’s $1.5 trillion taken out of the economy and spent on government instead of being used to create jobs.

The “tax relief” in the budget is mostly just an extension of present law, and also some refundable credit outlay spending in the tax code. There is virtually no new tax relief relative to present law in the President’s budget.

Via Weasel Zippers

Up From Paulism

Rand Paul

"Is there anybody here from the Tea Party? Are we going to let Washington co-opt the Tea Party? Will you help me fight for and defend the Constitution?"

"I will not attempt to discover whether legislation is 'needed' before I have first determined whether it is constitutionally permissible."

"They're talking about cutting $35 billion, we spend $35 billion in five days. We add $35 billion to the debt in nine days. It's not enough, and we will not stop the ruin in our country unless we think more boldly."

Rand Paul led with entitlement reform, asking to applause, "Is there anybody here who would like to opt out of Social Security?" Then he emphasized the significance of national defense, calling it "the one primary and most important constitutional thing our government does." But he also referred to Pentagon cuts as the "one compromise we will have to make as conservatives."

Via Conservative Heritage Times

If You Want To Live Under Sharia Law, Go Back To The Hellhole Country You Came From

"If you want to live under sharia law, go back to the hellhole country you came from, or go to another hellhole country that lives under sharia law," says Mahfooz Kanwar, a member of the Muslim Canadian Congress.

Mahfooz Kanwar, a member of the Muslim Canadian Congress, says he has some better ideas.

"I'd tell them, this is Canada, and in Canada, we teach music and physical education in our schools. If you don't like it, leave. If you want to live under sharia law, go back to the hellhole country you came from or go to another hellhole country that lives under sharia law," said Kanwar, who is a professor emeritus of sociology at Mount Royal University in Calgary.

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Harvard’s Niall Ferguson Schools MSNBC On The Muslim Brotherhood & Obama's Poor Performance

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Updated: Lizard Lick Towing, Lizard Lick, NC

Well, this episode was a good start!

Lizard Lick.Not For Sissies or PC Crowd

With quips like " I'll slap you so hard you'll starve to death before you stop slidin'", it's sometimes hard to remember that they are putting life and limb at risk doing repo work.

Via Rebellion

Former CIA Chief Warns: U.S. 'At War' With Shariah

Robert James Woolsey, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, told a break-out session of the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C., that America needs to stop being so politically correct and realize it is "at war" with those who would spread Islamic, or Shariah, law.

"We have to understand that we are in a war here – certainly with the terrorists; certainly with Al Qaida; certainly with Hamas and Hezbollah," Woolsey said. "We're also at war, with no choice of our own, with those who want to, over the long run, impose Shariah [Islamic law] upon us.

Via Weasel Zippers

Europe Through American Eyes +

Germans, French, Italians, British, Russians and Poles.

Our Civil War (Sic) 150th Anniversary – The Sesquicentennial Begins

If at a certain hour of a certain day everyone who voted for Ron Paul during the 2008 Republican primary withdrew their funds from American banks they might trigger a U.S. Treasury market collapse and end the Fed.

Via Bazz

"Sesquicentennial" "Sons of Confederate Veterans"


"Over the next four years Americans will be able to remember and teach our children the tragic events of the War Between the States, the War of Southern Independence, or Civil War as it is called. Southerners don’t like the term civil war as they were not attempting to take over the country or DC in 1861 any more than George Washington and the Continental Army sought to take over England in the 1770′s. They were seceding, physically, politically, and legally, as I will have Thomas Jefferson kindly review with us in a few minutes."
Our Civil War (Sic)150th Anniversary

VMI Response (Propaganda) To Conference Criticism

From the military school that brought you Dee$ recently and made his speech mandatory. Sure, got anymore Goebbals for us? BT


VMI Response to Conference Criticism
"Blah, blah, blah, blah......."

Via albigensian2007, Belle Grove

Observations Of The History Channels Program On Sherman

" Aren't manners the foundation of all things Southern?"
--Pam Warren

(My G Aunt Bithiah Matilda Pippen.. Saves The Mansion)

"Sherman never encountered any large Confederate Army resistance as the Army of Tennessee had fallen back on Nashville, Tn. after the battle of Atlanta. The next largest standing Confederate Army was in Virginia, thus the door was open for Sherman`s all out campaign of terror which was committed on defenseless widows, orphans & old men. There`s nothing glorious about attacking civilians instead of armed troops who can defend themselves. Slice it & dice anyway they want too but, this is still the bottomline.

According to this program it was acceptable for Sherman`s Army to burn homes, crops & steal every last morsel of food from civilians leaving women, children & entire families to starve to death which, many did. Many were reduced to living in caves & the woods for the entire winter.

The only expression of sympathy shown for anyone in the south during this program was for the slaves Sherman abandoned near Savannah, Ga. after encouraging them to follow his army all the way from Atlanta.

After the Battle of Atlanta, militarily the south was beaten & the U.S. government knew this, yet it condoned & allowed Sherman`s campaign against civilians to continue. The official reason was to 'destroy the Souths war manufacturing capabilities.' The major flaw with this is that it didn't matter at this point how much war materials the south could still produce as there was no one left to use them but, young boys, old men & the depleted armies of Northern Virginia & the Army of Tennessee. THE U.S. GOVERNMENT & ITS MILITARY COMMANDERS KNEW THIS yet the vindictive campaign for revenge on a civilian population was encouraged & permitted to happen.

Militarily the proper thing to be done had the union really wanted to end the war early, would have been to send Sherman to help with a quicker defeat of the Confederate Armies in Virginia or Tennessee, instead he chose revenge against the Southern people instead.

In conclusion, the only thing this program accomplished is to further solidify the fact that Grant was a drunk & butcher & that indeed Sherman was an insane mentally disturbed man."

Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama
Sherman In North Carolina

Sherman's "Gracious" Visit To Columbia, SC

First Hand Account Of Sherman's Rape Of Charleston

Horrible Atrocities In Georgia (The Worst I Have Read. BT)

And many more on NamSouth

Devastating: The Leaked Campaign To Attack WikiLeaks & Its Supporters

"........the real issue highlighted by this episode is just how lawless and unrestrained is the unified axis of government and corporate power."

"........ crimes carried out that serve the Government's agenda and target its opponents are permitted and even encouraged; cyber-attacks are "crimes" only when undertaken by those whom the Government dislikes, but are perfectly permissible when the Government itself or those with a sympathetic agenda unleash them."

"One thing that even the dim bulbs in the media should understand by now is that there is in fact a class war going on, and it is the rich and powerful who are waging it. Anyone who does anything that empowers the little people or that threatens the wealth and power of the plutocracy must be destroyed........

You have to understand the mindset- they are playing for keeps. The vast majority of the wealth isn't enough. They want it all. Anything that gets in their way must be destroyed. . . . And they are well financed, have a strong infrastructure, a sympathetic media, and entire organizations dedicated to running cover for them . . . .

I don't even know why we bother to hold elections any more, to be honest, the game is so rigged. We're a banana republic, and it is just a matter of time before we descend into necklacing and other tribal bullshit."