Sunday, August 9, 2015

This n' That

Approaching Ocracoke on the ferry.  $15 for the 2 1/2 hour trip.  Cheap.

Teeter's Campground, the place to stay.  He takes your reservation over the phone with no info required but your name and only takes cash or a check when you arrive or leave.  His grandparents gave the land for the British Cemetery which is at the beginning of the block Southern manners.


Every night the ducks waddle in to sleep.

Fried green tomatoes.

Across the street from the campground above and below.

The best deal going and very friendly also.

Evidently I have the only Sambuca ever made as nothing comes up in a search.  I guess a man decided to start building them and then for whatever reason stopped. A 1995 with 61K and pristine.

Leaving the dock on the ferry back with another injury to my left foot after one last year.  I believe they must be from a bad injury I had sliding into home with steel cleats in high school.  Strange that it has waited this long to reoccur.

Emerald Isle


Our backyard in Cape Carteret

Giving my foot a rest. :)

The summers here remind me of Vietnam, but much cooler and delightful.

...Cause You Said I Can't

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Image 1

In light of the recent demand by the politically correct police to ban the Confederate Flag, we have started carrying a selection of Confederate Flag products.  We have Confederate flag wood signs, Confederate flag bumper stickers, Confederate flag T-Shirts, and more.

We're currently working with several vendors to get actual Confederate Flags in stock.

Check back here often, as we hope to have a supply in stock within the next few weeks!

Resident calls 911 over man walking ‘very deliberately’ with Confederate flag

Via comment by Anonymous on “A Sickness in the Public Mind”: The Battle Flag a...

 arlington confederate walker

 I guess walking “very deliberately” will be a penal code violation next.

Opponents of the Confederate flag will do anything to trample on the rights of supporters of the battle banner.

A “concerned” resident called police on a man walking “very deliberately” down an Arlington, Virginia sidewalk with a hybrid Confederate flag over his shoulder.

The flag had the Gadsden “Don’t Tread On Me” snake in the middle.

According to police scanner traffic, dispatchers determined “the man was exercising his First Amendment rights and not violating the law,” WTOP reports.

Immigration: Ancient Problem, Ancient Solution

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Image result for burned people  hurling them from cliff enemies’ entrails and drank from their skulls.

We are under attack and every single one of us needs to adopt a primitive, survival mindset. Your ancestors burned people in wicker-men to appease the gods. They removed people from their country by hurling them from cliffs. They painted their bodies and fought naked. They divined the future from their enemies’ entrails and drank from their skulls.

Europe prepares for mass deportations

Via Skynet

I've known the Europeans were not going to tolerate American levels of immigration for a long time. Can you even imagine an American politician, let alone a Cabinet member, saying anything like this?

More @ Vox Popoli

Confederate holidays booted from state calendar

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Confederate Memorial Day has been struck from Georgia’s official 2016 state holiday calendar. So has Robert E. Lee’s birthday.

Both have quietly been replaced with the more neutral term “state holiday.”

More @ AJC

Report: Bill Clinton Reassured Jeb Bush: “This Trump Thing Will Be Taken Care of”

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jeb bill clinton

Bill Clinton reportedly told Jeb Bush in July, “this Trump thing will be taken care of.”

Bush was concerned with Trump’s rising popularity that continues to rise despite the best efforts of the liberal media and Republican elites.

An Old Recording Of Megyn Kelly Talking About Penises, Breasts, And How She Has Sex, Proves Trump Was Right Kelly Is Absolute Trash

Via comment by Anonymous on Another Tempest In A Teapot?
Interview of Meghan Kelly when she was climbing up the ladder not minding to get on the Howard Stern Show to gain fame while allowing Stern to discuss with her every sort of smut including her private sex live which is supposed to be sacred. She laughs and is okay with Stern discussing penises, breasts, in a very trashy nonchalant way.

More with video @ Investment Watch

Body found at Confederate monument

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One witness at the scene, who would not give his name to the Pensacola News Journal, said he was doing yard work Sunday morning when he witnessed what he said was an altercation between two men. He said one of the men appeared to be in a rage and chased the other with a brick out of his view, but he can’t confirm that fight was connected to the death.

St. Louis Cab Driver Arrested After Putting Man in Headlock and Threatening to Kill Him “Because He Was White”

Via comment by Shane  on Sandra Bland Protest: All White People Should Be K...

A St. Louis cab driver faces hate crime charges after attacking a man and saying he was going to kill him “because you’re white.”

Mahad Abdinoor Abdi, from Somalia, threatened to decapitate police officers earlier this year.

More with video @ The Gateway Pundit

Sandra Bland Protest: All White People Should Be Killed

Via comment by Shane Bean on Man charged in Birmingham detective's beating; out...

 "I'm a nappy-headed militant non-compliant Negro that's hear because Sandra Bland was murdered..." (Photo: Breitbart Texas/Bob Price)

Breitbart Texas was at the Waller County Sheriff’s Office county jail Saturday evening when a protester told reporters and others present, that all white people should be killed.

She also called white people and reporters, “terrorists.” Her orders – “go back into the cave where you came from.”

As reported by Breitbart Texas, the group Anonymous posted a YouTube video and made threatening demands upon the Waller County Sheriff’s Department and Waller County officials saying, “We all know where you live. No mercy for murderers.”

The group planned protests in 35 cities throughout the U.S. on Saturday, August 8th, and made specific threats against the Waller County Sheriff and other Waller County police officers. They were at the Waller County jail on Saturday evening.

“You see this nappy-ass hair on my head? … That means I am one of those more militant Negroes,” a protester later identified as “Sunshine” said.

She told reporters she was at the protest because “these redneck mother-f**kers murdered Sandra Bland because she had nappy hair like me.”

More with video @ Breitbart

Another Look at the Confederate Battle Flag


I thought I had posted this before, but it didn't come up on a search.

Recently Mr. Donald Fraser wrote a column in my hometown newspaper, the Northeast Georgian, titled “Battle Flag Promotes Hate, Not Heritage.” He opened his article expressing a twinge of fear that he would probably not make many friends. I am glad, however, he is willing to say what he believes even at the expense of offending others, a luxury often denied those who find themselves on the other side of the flag issue. I am also happy for him to have his say because I appreciate one thing the Confederate battle flag stands for: freedom. In that spirit, I offered another perspective (in shorter form—500 words) in the same paper.

St. Andrew’s Cross, the “X” on the battle flag, is a long revered Christian symbol from Scotland—from which many of our forebears in Northeast Georgia immigrated. Just as Wallace of Braveheart fame cried “Freedom!”–the flag was a visible symbol of that same cry. Many soldiers in modern wars (WWII and Vietnam for example) carried this flag as a reminder of liberty. German citizens flew it at the fall of the Berlin wall, and Romanians under communist rule called it the “freedom flag.” More than a piece of cloth came down the pole on South Carolina’s capital grounds. Hundreds of years of rich and revered tradition came down as well.

Why Yankees Won’t (And Can’t) Leave the South Alone


Southerners rarely while away their leisure hours by contemplating Yankees, for there is no point in thinking of unpleasant things if one is not obliged to do so. Yet the practice does have value; to some extent, at least, we are defined by those attributes which set us apart from others, and sometimes we can be made aware of such attributes only by observing people who do not share them. Another virtue of thinking about Yankees, in the long run perhaps a more important one, is that it serves to remind us that they have repeatedly tried to make us over in their own image. Indeed, though it may seem that they have been off our backs since the demise of the civil rights movement, their latest campaign to reform us is actually well under way.

History's Complexity Should Discourage Retroactive Morality

Via Billy

Some Democratic Party groups are renouncing their once-egalitarian idols, the renaissance genius Thomas Jefferson and the populist Andrew Jackson. Both presidents, some two centuries ago, owned slaves. Consequently, the two men have been suddenly deemed unworthy of further liberal reverence.

In Connecticut, for instance, the state Democratic Party has removed the two presidents' names from an annual fundraiser previously known as the Jefferson-Jackson-Bailey Dinner.

There are lots of strange paradoxes in the current frenzied liberal dissection of past sins.

Mali: four hostages freed as deadly hotel siege ends

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“A Sickness in the Public Mind”: The Battle Flag and the Attack on Western Culture
 Confederate Veterans’ Reunion, Washington D.C., 1917.

Back in mid-June, after the Charleston shootings, the frenzied hue and cry went up and any number of accusations and charges were made against historic Confederate symbols, in particular, the Confederate Battle Flag (which is not as some supposedly informed writers called it, “the Stars and Bars.” The Stars and Bars is a different flag with a totally different design). The best way to examine these charges in a short column is point by point, briefly and succinctly.

First, the demand was made that the Battle Flag needs to come down, that images of that flag need to be banned and suppressed, because, whatever its past may have been, it has now become in the current context a “symbol of hate” and “carried by racists,” that it “symbolizes racism.” The problem with this argument is both historical and etiological.

Historically, the Battle Flag, with its familiar Cross of St. Andrew, was a square ensign that was carried by Southern troops during the War Between the States. It was not the national flag of the Confederacy that flew over slavery, but, rather, was carried by soldiers, 90-plus per cent who did not own slaves (roughly comparable to percentages in certain regiments of the Union army with some slave holding soldiers from Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri in its ranks; indeed, General Grant’s wife, Julia Dent Grant, owned slaves).

A Challenger Hellcat that’s on It’s Way to 9-Second Land ( World Record 10.03@140 )

Most of us have seen the female owned 10.67 second Dodge Charger Hellcat video bouncing around. Since then, that has been the fastest Hellcat around; until now. In this video, Ross Kirkendoll’s Challenger SRT Hellcat completes a smoldering pass in just 10.03 seconds at 140 mph. Although Kirkendoll may have wished his kitty had a couple extra bites of breakfast, a 10.03 pass is nothing to scoff at.

The Challenger Hellcat in stock configuration needs 10.8 seconds as well as a pair of drag radials to achieve 140 mph. With 700 horsepower and a price tag of just under $60k, it’s no surprise that more and more of these bang-for-buck showroom dragsters are popping up all around the country. So it’s only a matter of time until on of these Hellcats reach the all mighty 9-second bracket.

Man charged in Birmingham detective's beating; outrage follows support of attack on social media

Via Jeffery result for Man charged in Birmingham detective's beating; outrage follows support of attack on social media

A Center Point man with a violent past is now charged with attempted murder in the pistol-whipping of a Birmingham police detective during a traffic stop Friday morning.

Police today identified the suspect as 34-year-old Janard Shamar Cunningham, also known as Janaris Shavar Cunningham. He has at least a half dozen convictions dating back to 1999, and as many arrests in which charges were dismissed during the same time period.

Cunningham is charged in the beating of a detective who is a six-year veteran of the force.
Authorities said Cunningham stole the detective's gun and then repeatedly hit him in the head until the detective stopped moving.

More @ AL

Rebel Flag: History –v- Hysteria

Via Carl

For the average non-Southerner the continued affection residents of Dixie display toward the controversial Battle Flag can be baffling. If African-Americans are so incensed by the banner, why not just fold it up and put it away? Greta Van Susteren of Fox News called for just that and defined the issue a “no-brainer”. Why indeed? The war has been over for 143 years. Certain unsavory groups of a racist stripe seem unduly attached to the symbol as well. No one in the print or electronic media seems willing to come forward and offer a counterpoint. Is there another point of view after all? 

Newspapers however, have developed the habit of concluding all flag related stories the same way. The throwaway line for the other point of view is usually something like “flag defenders say the banner stands for heritage”. But what does that mean? If such an understanding can be developed is it still not overshadowed by prevailing negative opinions? Can a symbol so emotionally charged ever be mutually understood?

Therein lies the problem.

Kids are inheriting their parents' trauma.

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Lowell, Massachusetts, a former mill town of the red-brick-and-waterfall variety 25 miles north of Boston, has proportionally more Cambodians and Cambodian-Americans than nearly any other city in the country: as many as 30,000, out of a population of slightly more than 100,000. These are largely refugees and the families of refugees from the Khmer Rouge, the Maoist extremists who, from 1975 to 1979, destroyed Cambodia’s economy; shot, tortured, or starved to death nearly two million of its people; and forced millions more into a slave network of unimaginably harsh labor camps. Lowell’s Cambodian neighborhood is lined with dilapidated rowhouses and stores that sell liquor behind bullet-proof glass, although the town’s leaders are trying to rebrand it as a tourist destination: “Little Cambodia.”

More @ New Republic

Another Tempest In A Teapot?

 ... 07-01t011209z_584129643_gf10000145133_rtrmadp_3_usa-election-trump.jpg

Once again the MSM and Republican establishment are reporting the demise of the Trump campaign. This time over his dust up with Megan Kelly and her questions at the debate.

Trump might be crass and certainly has a track record of shooting off his mouth before considering the consequences. None of that changes the fact that FOX news and its stable of talking heads are just as deep in the pockets of the Republican establishment as the NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN cabal is in the pocket of the Democrat party establishment.

Both parties spend a thousand fold more time listening to the Wall Street interests and begging them for cash than they do to any rank and file party member or god forbid public opinion. This has been the standard modis operandi of politics since the turn of the 20th century if not longer.

Well guess what people are sick and tired of it. Their sick and tired of politicians who have for decades told them "I hear you, elect me and we will make some changes," and then as soon as they get to Congress or the Senate they fall right in line with the party establishment and break every promise they made.