Sunday, November 9, 2014

"These NC and SC boys have got it together"

The wind blew a path through the fallen leaves
And there showed a crack in the old oak tree
The door stood as if it was standing guard
Of the dozen chipmunks in the backyard

Every house not a home but dare do I roam
There's a light on the porch here for someone

Once upon a time in a border town
The war was over, the guns laid down
The women, the men, the children say
Now it's hard to remember it any other way

When the law acts as though there is nothing to show
There is compassion and depth in a neighbor

Now if Bartles & Jaymes didn't need no first names
We could live by our own laws in favor

Every house not a home but dare do I roam
There's a light on the porch here for someone

Now if Bartles & Jaymes didn't need no first names
We could live by our own laws in favor

I've been listening to this band with members compiled from both the Carolinas for a long time. They got famous in Seattle of all places, but have for years been living back home. This song "Neighbors" pretty much says it all from the WBTS to now! I have included the lyrics to make it easier to follow. Hope you enjoy.


Alabama Just Passed an Amendment About Sharia Law That’s Going to Make Muslims FURIOUS

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Sharia law, the legal code for those who adhere to the religion of Islam is a serious threat to America’s way of life, and radicals all over the world have been dying to find ways to infiltrate the country and start forcing their oppressive lifestyle on our nation.

Many states that were not duped by all of the liberal propaganda calling Islam the “religion of peace” have taken steps to ensure that Sharia law will never stand a chance of being implemented on American soil. Some have passed legislation banning any foreign legal code from being used in court cases tried in their respective states, which includes Sharia.

The latest state to create such an amendment to their constitution is Alabama, which voted to pass the legislation on Tuesday by an overwhelming majority.

From Truth Revolt:

Futuristic "Armor-Piercing" (APDS) Shotgun DARTS - Test 5

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What to expect from Loretta Lynch on jihad as next Attorney General


Via comment by Anonymous on Obama AG Nominee Lynch: Voter ID Laws were Passed 
Flashback to this January 2012 Creeping Sharia post, Imam sentenced to life in prison for JFK Airport terror plot:
An Imam has been sentenced to life in prison for joining a failed plot to firebomb John F. Kennedy Airport in 2007 by blowing up jet fuel supplies with the help of a notorious al-Qaida explosives expert.
A federal judge in Brooklyn gave Kareem Ibrahim, the leader of the Shiite Muslim community in Trinidad and Tobago, the life term on Friday after a jury found him guilty last year of conspiracy.
On tape, Ibrahim told Defreitas that the attackers must be ready to ‘fight it out, kill who you could kill and go back to Allah.’
Ibrahim, from Trinidad, ‘abandoned the true tenants [sic] of his religion’ by participating in the plot, U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch said in a statement.

There Is No Such Thing as Race

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Good little Marxist.

In 1950, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) issued a statement asserting that all humans belong to the same species and that “race” is not a biological reality but a myth. This was a summary of the findings of an international panel of anthropologists, geneticists, sociologists, and psychologists.

A great deal of evidence had accumulated by that time to support this conclusion, and the scientists involved were those who were conducting research and were most knowledgeable about the topic of human variation. Since that time similar statements have been published by the American Anthropological Association and the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, and an enormous amount of modern scientific data has been gathered to justify this conclusion.

More @ Newsweek

Religious Community Angered by Video of Little Girl Yelling at Street Preacher in Salem

The religious community is up in arms about a video that shows a young girl yelling “shut up” to a Christian preacher on the streets of Salem during this year’s Halloween celebrations. The person who captured the interaction and sold it for distribution on the site claims the family of the girl is threatening the website with a lawsuit if they don’t remove it from their page.

Robert Goss-Kennedy, the Salem resident who filmed the unidentified girl repeatedly telling an on-street evangelist to stop talking by shouting over him, saying “blah, blah, blah,” sold the video to ViralHog LLC, which licensed it to Live Leak, after he posted it on Facebook and YouTube just days after the holiday.

Once it hit Live Leak’s site, the footage was shared more than 60,000 times, racked up 350,000 views, and garnered thousands of comments—most of which were negative.

Merry Christmas: UN Declares Arms Trade Treaty to Go Into Effect Dec. 24

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Merry Christmas: UN Declares Arms Trade Treaty to Go Into Effect Dec. 24

On its official website, the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (yes, that’s really a thing and yes, it is housed right here in the United States) announced that the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) “will enter into force on 24 December 2014.”

Merry Christmas!

It is ironical that on the day before the world’s 2.18 billion Christians commemorate the coming of Jesus Christ to the Earth, the United Nations will officially put into motion a plan to deny them of a right given to them by the very God whose birth they celebrate.

More @ New American

Black man says: Bring back Apartheid

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Liberal Irish reporter Fergal Keane of the BBC is told from the horses mouth (a Black South African) that Blacks were better off under Apartheid and that their lives would only get better if the Apartheid government came back to power.

Fergal: Do you ever think your life is going to get better Josef?

Josef: Maybe my life would change if the Nationalist Party came back, not the ANC.

Fergal: I don't believe you. Come on. That was a White government that put you down, that treated you terribly, you cant really believe that?

Josef: But in terms of work they didn't oppress us. We didnt struggle for work then.

It appears that even when confronted with overwhelming evidence that he supported the wrong people in South Africa, liberal Irish reporter Fergal Keane still refuses to accept that he was wrong and then proceeds to tell a Black South African, living in South Africa that he, Irishman Fergal Keane who lives in Ireland knows better.