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Bill O'Reilly: How Trump will win his war against the media

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OPINION | Bill O'Reilly: How Trump will win his war against the media

The lords of the press can dish it out, but when it comes to taking criticism, well, they have a major problem with that equation, don't they?

Over the Independence Day weekend, there were dozens of press displays lamenting President Trump’s attacks on media people who he believes don't treat him fairly.

While there is no question that Trump is hammering his detractors in very personal ways, why is anyone surprised? As a presidential candidate, he routinely denigrated his opposition by using schoolyard descriptions, and ultimately he vanquished them.
So why would he change his maverick style now?

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Repost: CNN Destroyed By Weather Channel Founder Over Climate Change

Southern Identity and the Southern Tradition

On the cultural front, a great compromise was forged whereby the South was allowed to praise and honor her war heroes as long as they conceded that the war’s outcome was for the best and part of the higher destiny to which the United States was called. (I've never heard this before and is erroneous.)

In the popular imagination the South is viewed as a region typified by racism, poverty, and ignorance save a few special islands, such as Chapel Hill and Charlotte, which lay in the archipelago of enlightenment.  There are some cracks in this edifice of Yankee bigotry, but when political and cultural wars become heated, the edifice is trotted out once more to remind the American people as to who wears the white hats and who wears black. None of this, of course, conforms to the far more complex reality from which Southern culture and identity emerged.

Before examining the commonalities that give coherence to the South, it is crucial to understand the important realities of ethnic and cultural diversity that have always been a hallmark of the region.  Of the eleven American nations scholars have identified, five are located in the South: the Tidewater, Greater Appalachia, the Deep South, New France, El Norte, and the Spanish Caribbean.  There is not one Southern accent, but at least eleven different regional dialects.  The South is also home to at least five major culinary traditions.  There is no doubt that the peoples of the British Isles have left the deepest cultural imprint upon the South, but crucial contributions to Southern culture and tradition have also been made by people of African, German, French, and Spanish descent.  Here is true diversity, not the current pretend variety where a community celebrates differences, as long as everyone thinks and acts within a rigid ideological template.

Dem Fla. Senator Helps Pass Bill to Give Her Charity $1.5 Mil, GOP Gov. Approves it

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A Democrat Florida state lawmaker helped pass a bill that allocated $1.5 million to a nonprofit that she founded and pays her a six-figure salary, $135,000, and the state’s Republican governor approved it. The legislator, state Senator Lauren Book, represents south Florida’s Broward county and in 2007 she founded a charity called Lauren’s Kids to educate adults and children about sexual abuse prevention through school curricula, awareness campaigns and speaking engagements.

Book launched the south Florida-based group because her female nanny sexually abused her for years and she wants to prevent sexual abuse through education and awareness. The politician also wants to help survivors heal with guidance and support. “Armed with the knowledge that 95 percent of sexual abuse is preventable through education and awareness, Lauren has worked to turn her horrific personal experience into a vehicle to prevent childhood sexual abuse and help other survivors heal,” according to the charity’s website. Lauren’s Kids has helped advocate for the passage of nearly two dozen laws to support survivors and protect children from predators, the group’s website further claims.

"France is no longer France" - Refugee crisis in EU

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At only 10-12 percent of the population, Muslim immigration and political infiltration in France is beginning to look like a terminal phase of Western Civilization.  It helps to have a "moderate" (liberal) EU-compliant [wimp] like Emmanuel Macron as the new French President. 

The  10 minute video below shows incredible attacks on French police by mobs of young Muslim men, some masked, others not.  Molotov cocktails thrown at them, into the police cars, beserk rushes with pipes and clubs smashing into the cars, on and on.  And the cops just run, leaving victory to the mob.

The Islamic Fifth Column may dominate French politics altogether by the next French Presidential election. Beyond that, Sharia Law may be the only enforced law in France.

In Europe, the "middle road" now leads to Left-Green (Marxist-Islamic) tyranny. Germany and Sweden may be next to taste the bitter fruit of accomodationist political folly and politically correct compliant (wimp) leadership. Unless they change quickly and forcefully, they will never see peace and freedom again.

Trump’s First Quarter Salary Donated to Sharpsburg Battlefield

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Trump’s Park Service salary donation goes to Civil War battlefield

President Trump’s donation of his first-quarter salary will go toward a pair of projects at a preserved Civil War battlefield in Maryland.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke traveled Wednesday to the Antietam National Battlefield in Maryland, 70 miles northwest of Washington, D.C., to announce his choice of where to direct the $78,333.32 check Trump gave to the National Park Service (NPS) in April.

“I can find no better investment in our country than our battlefields,” Zinke told NPS employees, philanthropists and reporters as he stood among the hills and cornfields where thousands of Union and Confederate soldiers died on a single day in 1862.

“As a former Navy SEAL … it’s about preserving our heritage of why we fight,” he said. “We fight for our family, we fight for our friends, we fight for our country, and we fight for our freedom.

An anonymous donor and three nonprofit organizations added to Trump’s donation to bring it up to $264,213, the NPS said.

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MORE FAKE NEWS: CNN Reported 44 States Refused To Provide Trump With Voter Information — It Was Only 14!

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Just when you thought CNN couldn’t push anymore fake news, they prove everyone wrong.

Wednesday, CNN reported that 44 states rejected President Trump’s request to obtain voter information. Kris Kobach, Vice Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, blasted the report as “patently false” and confirmed it was only 14 states.

CNN reported:

Scarborough: Russia Had Nothing To Do With Trump Win, Calls Hillary A Terrible Candidate

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Morning Joe 7-5-17/Screenshot/TVEyes/MSNBC

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough said Wednesday that Russia did not tip the scales in the 2016 presidential election, and added former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has no one to blame but herself for the shocking defeat.

“We don’t think the Russians had anything to do with Donald trump winning the election,” said Scarborough.

“I think Hillary Clinton not going to Wisconsin and not listening to Bill Clinton, and not listening to Joe Biden, and not listening to a lot of other people who were telling her back in August. And Robby Mook deciding he’s not going to poll but instead he’s going to look at analytics.”

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Republicans ask Dems: Where's your healthcare plan?

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U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke: Activists Shouldn’t ‘Rewrite History’ by Removing Confederate Monuments

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 Ryan Zinke: Activists Shouldn't 'Rewrite History' by Removing Confederate Monuments - Breitbart

SHARPSBURG, Maryland – U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke told Breitbart News that “history is important” and it should not be rewritten when asked about those attempting to destroy or remove Confederate monuments while touring Antietam National Battlefield on Wednesday in western Maryland.

Zinke explained the significance of history, gesturing to the area around him, “As an example, what did the battle of Antietam bring us? One is that it was the deadliest battle in the history of our country. But also, one could argue successfully, it also brought the Emancipation Proclamation.”

“So there is goodness that came out of this battlefield,” he continued. “Recognizing that two sides fought, recognizing [the] historical significance of a change in our country… so I’m an advocate for recognizing history as it is. Don’t rewrite history. Understand it for what it is and teach our kids the importance of looking at our magnificent history as a country and why we are who we are.”

Zinke was at Antietam to announce that President Donald Trump’s first quarter salary will help restore the historic battlefield.

Zinke heads the Department of Interior, which oversees the National Park Service, as well as many other bureaus dedicated “to manag[ing] America’s vast natural and cultural resources.”

New York Times Falls for Parody North Korea Twitter Account

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Image result for New York Times fake

The New York Times reported Tuesday that a statement from a parody North Korea Twitter account was an actual statement from the North Korean government.

The Times story on a joint military exercise between the United States and South Korea noted that "the North Korean government belittled the joint exercise as ‘demonstrating near total ignorance of ballistic science.'"

But that statement came from the parody @DPRK_News account, in what was evidently a satirical tweet.

Project Veritas: CNN Producer Doubles Down on "Stupid as Sh*t" Comments About Voters and more

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Invalid Macon Boy's diary 1861 - 1865 will be published in 2018

Comment by TPS  on Invalid Macon boy's diary 1861 - 1865

 (Michael Ruane/ THE WASHINGTON POST ) - A little-known diary of invalid teenager, LeRoy Wiley Gresham, who chronicled the Civil War, and his own ailments, from his home in Macon, Ga. He wrote seven volumes that cover from June 1860 to June 9, 1865. He died June 18, 1865 at age 17. The library said the diary apparently never been published.

 We are proud to announce that Savas Beatie will be publishing these journals in their entirety, edited and annotated, soon. It is not up on our website yet because it is a 2018 title.

They are utterly remarkable, and we believe will be one of the most important firsthand accounts of the Civil War ever published.

President Obama May be Breaking the Logan Act by Conniving with Foreign Governments Behind President Trump’s Back

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President Obama is engaged in acts that may go against the Logan Act which prohibits Americans from committing treason by acting with other governments against the US.

A summary of the Logan Act follows:
The Logan Act (18 U.S.C.A. § 953 [1948]) is a single federal statute making it a crime for a citizen to confer with foreign governments against the interests of the United States. Specifically, it prohibits citizens from negotiating with other nations on behalf of the United States without authorization.
Congress established the Logan Act in 1799, less than one year after passage of the Alien and Sedition Acts, which authorized the arrest and deportation of Aliens and prohibited written communication defamatory to the U.S. government. The 1799 act was named after Dr. George Logan.

CNN May Have Committed FEDERAL FELONY By Threatening Reddit User

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Multi-billion dollar corporation CNN is Extorting a Private Citizen over a Joke Tweet!

CNN reported today that they declined to publicly identify the Reddit user who created the Trump CNN wrestling video because he promised not to do it again.
CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski then went on to say, “CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.”

That is extortion.
They threatened to dox him.

When reforming healthcare, remember, markets work

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President Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are not going to replace the American healthcare system with a free market. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

President Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are not going to replace the American healthcare system with a free market. There are just too many obstacles, political, moral and economic.

But the Republican Party does have a chance to create small experiments in market-based healthcare amidst the tangle of safety net programs, and outside the reach of Byzantine insurance regulations. If they write a bill that allows these experiments by either states, individuals, or organizations, they might transform the industry in the long run and perhaps beat back the Left's hitherto relentless march toward socialized healthcare.

Creating room for such market forces would make a Republican bill worth supporting.

Britain’s economy to outperform France, Germany and Eurozone, says bombshell report

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Britain's economy will outperform Germany and other Eurozone members according to a new report

BRITAIN is in line to outperform France, Germany and the entire Eurozone post-Brexit, according to new figures.

A report from Oxford Economics predicts the UK will strive ahead of its Eurozone peers over the next five years.

The UK’s economy is forecast to grow 1.8 per cent between 2017-2021 as Britain leaves the .
By comparison the ’s economy is expected to grow 1.5 per cent with the EU’s economic powerhouse to increase by just 1.3 per cent.

According to the Oxford Economics’ forecasts ’s economy will grow 1.4 per cent with crisis-ridden expected to go up 1.1 per cent.

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Neil Gorsuch's first few months begin to reveal how nine-justice Supreme Court will develop

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The conclusion of Justice Neil Gorsuch's abbreviated first term on the Supreme Court in April already has begun to reveal how the nine-justice court will develop.

Conservatives have roundly praised Gorsuch's first two months on the high court, while liberals appear to fear that the worst is yet to come.

Leah Litman, a University of California, Irvine law professor and former law clerk to Justice Anthony Kennedy, said Gorsuch is exactly as the president billed him: "a firm adherent to originalism and textualism."

"I think he's competent. I think he is assertive," Litman told the Washington Examiner. "He is likely to stake out his own position when he has them, which is as he has shown to be frequently, unlike some other justices who are willing to go along with the majority or find some compromise positions for common ground."


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Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr.: The Wallace Crusade

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